Ronaldo - 58 goals in Serie A (part 1/3): 1-25 (Inter 1997-1998)

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Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, simply known as Ronaldo, born 18 September 1976 in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil). 88 games and 58 goals in Serie A, playing with FC Internazionale and AC Milan. From 1997 to 2008 he played 6 Serie A seasons, winning 1 UEFA Cup in 1998 with Inter. Before an injury series, his first season in Italy was the best. In 1997/98 he scored 25 goals in 32 matches (runner-up in Serie A Topscorers List behind Oliver Bierhoff) and he won Serie A Footballer of the Year, UEFA Most Valuable Player, Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player. From 2002 to 2006 he played with Real Madrid in Spain. With Brazil he scored 62 goals in 98 international games, winning 2 FIFA World Cup (1994 and 2002), 2 Copa America (1997 and 1999) and 1 FIFA Confederations Cup (1997). MUSIC: 1) "Moving To New York" by The Wombats (2007) 2) "Dr Suzanne Mattox PhD" by The Wombats (2007)

interesting that Ronaldo wasnt a hat trick kinda player
Kaique Pereira
make a video with all corinthians goals
4 juan rodriguez
" great video,love ronaldo at inter,forza inter forever,thanks for upload the video"
always thrasher
thanks for upload :D
UEFA would remove it from Youtube XD
please making a video from all his Champions League goals.
Campionato Italiano 1997. Rimasto Nella Storia Come Il Primo A Tesserare Un Extraterrestre In Un Club Di Calcio...
il più forte di tutti, altro che messi, questo da solo - anzi, con mezze pippe come moriero, sforza, galante, anglomà...- ha vinto uno scudetto nell'inter che solo il fallo di iuliano non fischiato ha impedito che fosse celebrato ufficialmente. pensare che in carriera ha fatto se va bene solo 4 stagioni da "sano" (psv, barca, la prima all'inter e la prima al real) è quasi crudele. fenomeno.
il fenomeno!
Zayn Shaikh
It's interesting to see how goals are scored now a days compared to this. Today you need your teammates more than ever to score e.g. sweaty goals. Teams win with teamwork. Looking at this, alot of these where in one and ones. But we all know he was fantastic in one on one's.
Volk dem Volke
24€ ??? if you gonna pay in 1997 with EURO then you are the next Chuck norris my bro!
chris hayate
These free kick goals with inter are the only free kick goals in his whole career. That's fascinating. He never got the chance to take free kicks again. In brazil there was ronaldinho and with real madrid there was beckham or roberto carlos to take them.
KING B.H.Y. says that he's scored 59 goals in all 99 competitive matches. Other sources say 71 goals in 115 games, whereas you say that he's hit 58 goals in 88. I really don't know who to believe anymore...
Momo Juve
abdiano ahmeldo
never won Champions League
Saswata Roy
Ronaldo is the 5th greatest player of all time alongside Pele, Maradona, Zidane and Messi. Only the injuries and lack of form prevented him for higher rank
Andrea Banfi
Tutto sto cinema per 4 gol del cazzo,10 rigori e gol belli ma contro squadrette. Cmq contro la Juve O gol......PAGLIACCI RAVANELLI HA VINTO PIÙ DI LUI ANCORA UN PO.......