Final Fantasy X / Gregorian - Join me

Gregorian (Amelia Brightman) - Join Me I made this movie to my ex-girlfriend Ps every1 else alway's like high tempo for Final fantasy. I just brought it 2 a tempo where u can really look at the graphics and the story behind it well thanks for watching cya later. plz comment and rate.

Edwin Paris
Where is this movie from??? which Final Fantasy?
thanks for made my heart skipped a beat in 4:08 ;T
Diesilvaa Diego
HIM - Join me in the death
Simon Elijah Bergström
@FaytGodsend2 THanks m8 =)
Great song, Great cover, and awesome editing!!! XD Bravo B T W WTF Fuck you one dislike!!!!! LOL
Simon Elijah Bergström
@ashleywazhere2350 Not quite sure Maybe ^^
Simon Elijah Bergström
@YoukaiNoAkatsuki Thanks man =) I'm glad u liked it
Bon Iza
I never realised how much this Version of Join Me fits to Yuna and Tidus... Now I get it ;) Well Done ^^
Any O.V.
She is calling the dead!
Simon Elijah Bergström
I really don't know :P
Simon Elijah Bergström
Ty Yea she loved it
Simon Elijah Bergström
I just found it somewhere
The Audio Of "Join Me" Is So Clear Where Did U Get The mp3 For That Song ? Cuz Before Seeing Ur Video I've Searched For That Song (Amelia Brightman's Version) And Didn't Find It Anywhere
5 Stars For U Man Hope Ur GF Was Happy With That Video Too ;)
Simon Elijah Bergström
I'm glad u liked it =)
Simon Elijah Bergström
Ty =)
Cool =}
Simon Elijah Bergström
Ty =)
Rebecka Vilagos
very beautiful!!:)^^
Ya very nice 5 stars, great music
Juhani Kari