Nightcore I Love The Way She Moves (Zion ft. Akon)

I hope you enjoyed it! Sub if you want more!! Created by VideoShow: /> Hi i'm Nightcore Music and i'm 12 years old (full name is Luna Laureys Todts call me Luna) I make vids in 360p. If you have a question, leave it in the comments or send my a mail: [email protected] Thanks for watching!!!!😜✌

Goth's Lyrics
Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!😜✌ I know that i'm late but i was busy. I'm gonna try to by earlier.
Lui Valdez
I really like this nightcore!!the song is good^^
Zaine Demon
ik this is kinda late but can u plz tell me the name of the anime in the pic ? and thank u :D