The Poet And The Pendulum - Nightwish. HQ with lyrics. Live @ Wembley 2016.

Dejo aqui otro gran tema del esta banda de origen finlandés: The Poet And The Pendulum. Live @ Wembley 2016. Lyrics subtitles by Pia Vásquez

John Abbott
This woman is a gift to humanity.
Robert Brouwers
Floor shows why she is the best metal singer an Tuomas is simply a genius. How can he write som many imcredible songs?
Sandcaster of Veeshan
Notice how it's written like a piece of Classical music? Written in several movements, the parts are in different tempos. I grew up on both rock and classical music, played piano and keyboard. I can assure you that Tuomas is a modern day genius musically. Floor is a great singer whose vocal range and delivery is on point. The musicians? Outstanding.
Harley Quinn
One of the best songs ever made!
El Villano De La Pelicula
Everybody talking about floors Voice But How could you ignore Marcos Voice, who has been through all three singers and made a great job
Mike Goyette
Is it terrible that I don't listen to the studio releases anymore? I prefer Floor to even Tarja... and I love Tarja...
Andreas Pirdas
Tuomas is a freakin Mastermind.
3:16 Emppu: Floor is kicking ass 3:19 Tuomas: Oh yeah.
Ae Norist
Floor has a daughter with the Drummer from Sabaton. I can´t even fathom the epicness this girl will be able to unleash.
Artur Zathas
god damn it this woman is something else isnt she
Jesus Guerra
Hard to go back to any studio version from Annette or Tarja after watching Floor live nailing their songs. Floor's power is ethereal a force to be recognized.
It took me 57 years to find Nightwish. Im so glad i did. I tear up eveytime i listen to this. Its so good.
Wiley E. Coyote
Floors is always so good, but her delivery in the pacific part is just out of this world good. I'm so happy Nightwish and Floor found each other. Tuomas is a genius composer and they are all such great musicians. I was sad when Jukka Nevalainen had to quit, but Kai Hahto is just amazing! Gives just that lovely intensitity to the drumming. I wish Nightwish all the best!
I think Tarja is a great singer and Annette was a really good singer. I also give props to Annette for being the original singer of this masterpiece of a song. But damn it just seems like Floor descended from heaven specifically just to sing this song. I don't think I've ever heard anything so beautiful in all my years listening to Heavy Metal music.
I believe Tuomas Holopainen is our Beethoven or Mozart. The man makes absolutely beautiful music.
This is beautiful. This is art. This is music. This is life.
Prz Cmp
When u sing that good even your bandmates are amazed
Chico Ramal Jr
Those songs performed by Floor are just kicking me out of depression so fast! It's unbelievable. This girl and her voice are magical! Tks God for sending this girl to us.
Wesker Projects
The tears...can't hold them back when the final part starts at 10.16. Damn this is out of this world. Tuomas my man you are the god of all music and all emotions!! RESPECT! Floor...RESPECT!!!
Viagens e Vistos
Floor is everything that nightwish ever needed!
I loved Anettes version but Floor just nails everything.
El Rojales
When it's better than the original... you know you have a great singer.
Dominique Roux
I'm a Tarja Lover as well, but Floor do a very GREAT JOB, and look more powerful, great great signer, different of Tarja, but GREAT anyway.
Vladimir T.
Tuomas is a genius indeed. Write such beatiful lyrics and music. Father and Mother part is so beatiful that makes me want to cry. Floor sings perfectly
Chapter 93:
MASTERPIECE !!! 14 minutes of perfection. I feel out of this world.
Adrien SGB
The Mother and Father part will never be the same again :/
Xtyn Xtyn
This is dramatic play,once again Tuomas shows his mastery,and Floor...o my god,amazing,is kind of a life journey this play,with end and reborn,such an ocean of feelings,such is the scenery of the Poet's soul...
Mika Jalonen
Now that's a rock opera😀
Damn you Tuomas..!! I've been a faithful Nightwish fan from 1998 to 2005.. I was pissed that you fired Tarja the way you did but after listening to this i could'nt hold my personnal grudge upon you anymore.. You made me f* ckin cry and i thought that Ghost love score was one of your masterpieces but you've arrived with this Greater than Greater Masterpiece..!!! I'm now back a Greater fan of Nightwish that i've Ever been before.. Damn you Tuomas but also Thank you..!!!! 🤘🤘🤘
Luis Gervásio
This is just beatifull... what a voice Floor!
Davi Doom
"You have such oceans within". Let's analyze just this part of the song, shall we? The soul compared to oceans. Simply beautiful. The sea can be calm or stormy, just like the soul could be calm or angry. Saying that you have more than one, means that you're not comparable to another person on the way you feel pain, joy, sorrow, anger... every ocean is different and beautiful like all the rest of your oceans. To you to embrace all of them like a normal human being makes you feel more vulnerable to others, and imperfect. Which ocean you will show to another human being the next time? All of this, just pure poetry. Tuomas, you're simply a genius. Oh, and obviously Floor's voice on this part is like it should be. Very haunting, yet beautiful. My god.
Fabio Ottolini
I have a theory. Floor does not exist. She is an angel and a demon. A light breeze and a tornado. Yes... It does not make any sense. And like in the Dark Ages, what I can't understand, does not exist.
Erick Muñoz
Nightwish is fuckin' awesome, Tuomas is a genius, Floor hits my soul with her singing. #floorgasm
Mick Evans
Fantastic performance. I've like all three of the female lead singers with Nightwish and they all brought their own personal touch but Floor just nails it. The combination of Floors voice, her statuesque (almost Amazon woman) beauty and her powerful stage presence just amazes me. Nightwish have finally found their ultimate lead and Floor and the guys deserve all the accolades. My interest in Nightwish waned a little but watching and listening to Floor has re-invigorated my interest.
Jim Harris
Utterly brilliant, Floor is amazing, NightWish are amazing - those lyrics, what can I say 🤘🤘🤘
B&B inc.
The range and power in her voice is inxredible
Bouzid Hamza
I don't know why there is always people disliking such beautiful videos are those peoples deaf or what?
swarup mahapatra
10:10 This section gives me a lot solace. I imagine my mother saying those words to me . My state of mind is similar. The girl whom I loved is marrying to someone else due to her family pressure. I am shattered but this section of the song helps me a lot. If I translate those into simple words , it mean to me: "Calm down son, you are now with us now" "What happened to you, you look pale and sad" "Look around, we are there for you" "You will find another girl who will love you a lot" "You have such a big heart, don't be sad" "Remember, we always love you" These are my interpretation , This gives me solace
tony mingo
what a song, what a band, what a perfomance, utterly amazing
Oz Osgood
I have all of Nightwish's albums and have been listening to them since the 90's but only recently started watching them live and it's an entirely new level of awesome seeing them perform. Floor has the most spectacular stage presence I have ever seen.
Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater
This is one of the very few bands that their live stuff surpasses their studio stuff... I've got well over two hundred shows and forty-five years of being a music fan under my belt and I can count such bands on one hand....great stuff.
Hamster Munchies
Seeing Tuomas smile after such a dark period in his mind almost brings a tear to my eye
Erwin Amesz
Why am I crying....... damn, it is amazing how emotions can pop-up in 1-2 seconds in parts of this song. I will so much enjoy Nightwish on November 26 in Amsterdam!
Matlena M
This makes me so emotional. So beautiful ❤️
Schmali _GER
From 10:17 till end pure goosebumps! This is a masterpiece.
If Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath had a baby... it would be Nightwish.
Diego Álvarez
7:14 My head explode 😍😍😍😍😍 What a power guys!!! Floor you know you’re amazing ❤️!
The last part I just start thinking of my mother. Kinda hits me hard emotionally. Makes me wish I was a better person for her.
Angel DvA
4 people don't have souls.
Volker Lietsch
The best Quality ever i see from wembley thanks
Josh Cavaradossi
I'm in love with the way of her to sings this song! Amazing 😍
Luu Lee
This song makes me sob. Is beautiful! And Floor's voice is incredible
She sounds damn angelic
thomassin bruno
amazing Floor, you're the best!!!
Carta aos evangélicos
FloorWish NightJansen 😍
Abel Osoreo
I think that for Tuomas, the most precious possesions are his parents. Mother and Father is an extraordinary composition.
Thx for this quality. we are not worthy.
Douglas Fox
What a Beautiful song...Its like an outer body experience !! Nightwish, Loving you all..Keep it up and Floor..OMG !
Rainer Wahnsinn
If this is not art what it is? 05:48 singing opera 05:53 singing "normal"
Damn goosebumps three times in one song..
Stanisław Pietrzyk
Caution ! Wet Floor. She made my eyes wet
Han Vroman
Aggelos whocares
And thats how you get an eargasm!
Joel B. G. Dorian
21 years old guy, can't help crying. What is happening? Try to listen to this show and not become a huge Nightwish's crazy fan.
Iara Annechini
This song as well as ghost love score is a masterpiece! And with Floor singing both songs, it's amazing!! Her voice combines so good with old and new songs
Han Vroman
Reading the text at 09:40 must have been kind of reality for Tuomas.
19 dislikes?? What??!!! Can't u just appreciate this amazing song? That beautiful melodies, that soothing voice??
Nalini Metal
It is so much better to hear this song in Floor's voice!!!
Pat Roscher
Tuomas is a genius and master musician along with all the other members and Floor is great. Their songs make you feel as if you have been placed in some epic story and you feel so many emotions. Great band and would love to see them live.
Bálint Tóth
That was a powerful and magical show from Nightwish. The Vehicle Of Spirit DVD/Blu-ray Editions so beautiful (especially the Earbook Edition with so many photos). The Wembley Arena and the Tampere Show so awesome and pure magic. Great songs from the Endless Forms Most Beautiful Tour and some golden oldie Nightwish songs with many-many extras. Floor rules the full stage with full of energy, with dancing moves, small theatrical gestures and communication with the audience. This woman is a pure magic and gift for humanity. Floor have a beautiful heart and soul! I love this woman. Her voice, performance, femininity, presence, style... all of them. I really hope Floor will singing for so many years for us (and Nightwish too). Floor deserve every support, love, appreciation and respect! I hope one day I meet with her and we can talk a little bit (and thank her for everything includes the After Forever/ReVamp era). Really can't wait the new Nightwish DVD/Blu-ray (Decades Live) release this year! :)
A. Esteban A
Tuomas is a true Genius totally connected with the universe, and Florr is a human channel for his inspiration in her own unique way!
I tried to watch the live version with Annette, but I was unable to finish it; I needed it to switch to this version. Annette is a good singer, but Floor is a goddess.
Toni Wind
This song is too much for me,, every time that i lissen hte emotion is so big, that I CRY...I love that song
Rainer Wahnsinn
The Poet and the Pendulum is for Tuomas Holopainen a very personal song.In an interview he explained,that this song defines what the album is about. It´s the soundstrack of his life .The title of this song was inspired by the shortstory"the pit and the pendulum" of Edgar Allan Poe . At the end of the song Holopainen is cut in twice by the pendulum.For him this has a therapeutical meaning If someone can translate this to hispanic it would be great
alberta santagà
I'm speechless... Really awesome!!! This song is wonderful and floor did one of her best performance ever
Phil Morley
I was lucky enough to be at this concert, before going I was equally excited to be seeing Arch Enemy in support. (I'd seen AA before and love them) AA did not let me down, Amazing set. Then,... Nightwish,.... Oh My God. AMAZING. Floor is my fantasy wife, she killed it, the old NW classics that I loved with Tarja on vocals, well, Floor made them her own and then some. SHE IS NIGTHWISH. SHE IS PERFECT, SHE IS A GODDESS.
Varun Warrier
This song made me cry
Wow, this song is deep. This could never be as good with Tarja, Floor gives much more emotion. She fits better in the band, and made them bigger then they ever could be with Tarja. I can understand the feeling of the "poet", they lost a great singer... but got a better one back in return. I am glad he did not end his life, and wrote this song. This is his master piece, it costed almost his own life... Just because he thought he betrayed Tarja...
Carla Santinhos
Tarja never did sing this song...tuomas wrote about all the fellings he had about tarja living the band...
Luis Rosa
Floor tiene una voz que enamora...
Frauke Hammer
I think Tomas never forget the last concert with Tarja, but with this song he closed the End of an Era and Floor helped him with her voice and her power. Thats my mind.
Philip Ketchum
the 11.50 mark. Those eyes, I'm melting.
Claudia Cominu
Best female voice all around the world!
Andres F Vanegas Alvarez
Oh heavens long time without listening this piece of arte ( Since Annete) Amazing job done Miss Jansen way to take us to heaven
Lorenzo Ricotti
I think it is pointless to compare singers or indeed the whole band with what it was in the past. Music, like any other form of art, is a journey. Would you compare a Picasso cubist painting with a later sculpture? We are lucky enough that a talented musician and composer like Tuomas has found other musicians and voices to give form to a collective musical endeavor. Nightwish has the uncanny characteristic of not being a one-person-project with collaborators. It is more than the sum of its parts, and everyone in the band is aware of that. Some contributions are subtler but not less important: for instance, listen to Marco and his voice solo in "The islander". We are lucky, just lucky, to be able to be part this journey and bask in the knowledge that we can enjoy any moment of it.
I tried to get into Nightwish a decade ago, couldn't do it. But my God, Floor is amazing....she can bring me to tears.
Cesar Ribeiro de Aguiar
Impossible to hold back the tears ... how beautiful a song can be ... Nigthwish is one of the best bands of all time! ...
Chase Freedom
This band is in sync, tight, vocals are off the charts. Musical scores are very advanced.
Where Is My Cat
no one : me listening to this song : *crying- don't touch me leave me alone!
Toni Wind
Toumas wrote a perfect song for Floor, so I have not words to describe
Weibs Volken
10 years after it was written, this song comes to its conclusion. Thank you, Floor!
There are always those that insist on saying 'Tarja's better' when Floor is able to completely nail operatic songs that were written for Tarja's vocal capabilities. But just once I want to see Tarja try and nail some After Forever or Revamp songs with Floor's grasps, growls, and heavy projections.
Karen Collante
Masterpiece! This song is perfect.
Dominik Myszka
Floor is perfect, bye Tarja 😝
Paweł Siwek
OMG, this is soo beautiful!
Максим Стукалин
Pure talented Floor, I've got shivers every note she sings, so beautiful
Omar Terol
I never realized this was a song about Tuomas dying. Holy shit, it's a sad one.
Bobby Tide Pod 1
An absolute privilege to play with my band and open for Nightwish in Auckland in 2013.
Rick Six
Miss Floor and Nightwish, You Guys are The Greatest, Made me Cry.
Dang .Please figure out how to make copies of that lady .