Joker: Hello! Batman!

(Animated superhero film: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. The legal owner: MC for Warner Bros.).

Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Watching Bruce get overpowered by the Joker makes _me_ feel old.
the harley twins actually look good without the crap on them
Terry must be ripped to high hell if he was able to push that giant lava lamp over the way he did.
The dog is Alfred reborn.
Joker must have been infuriated when he learned that Terry was able to beat those Jokerz without the suit, and he wasn't even prepared for that fight.
2:55 and that is why you never skip leg day.
oh thank god Ace is ok
(Joker) Hello Batman (laughing evilly)
The Louster
Damn the Harley twins are hot.
Its a good thing this isn't Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, that dog would have been mutilated, burned, or dismembered somehow.
The twins are so sexy.
Donald Wagner
Mark hamill is the best actor to play the joker Kevin Conroy Awesome batman voice
Miles Bradshaw
01:07, Mask of the Phantasm
Sorry, but I'm calling BS. That stuff is hot water and molten wax, they ain't getting up from that.
Paul Borri
I guess Terry beat up Ghoul for severely injuring Dana.
Prince the Guy
Terry fights better as himself rather than wearing the Bat-suit
Rice MenaRQ
*PLOT TWIST:* *Dana drowned when Terry kicked the giant lava lamp.*
Teddy Oshirak
3:36. Fell on a lamp and is out cold. Terry doesn’t even have a scratch on him.
Vincent Ly
"Careful, I'm contagious."
Bangtan Army
Ok so now we know that Delia and Dedrick actually have blonde hair like harley
That Joker Laugh face is very similar to his face in Mask of the Phantasm. In fact there's some similarities or at least possible nods to that film in general in this one.
TheGamingHydra TGH
I bet he wishes he had the Lazarus pit to be young as that would have came in handy
FM Chico
2:37 When you use knockout smash instead of silent takedown
Skip Alexander
That club would not be to Heath and safety standards, far too many unprotected drops.
Alex Harwell
The Joker went T O O F A R in hurting Ace. Poor lil doggy.
Saqlain Alvi
Why dc is better than marvel u ask? Yeah.
Bruce deserved this! He finally learned to let go of his arrogance, the hard way.
Jamie Olberding
Somebody really needs to teach the Jokerz gang some manners!
Ganda Gandara
2:13 that warp core better be shielded.
Amax with the Facts [AWF]
1:07 - A face only a mother could love.
we gonna acknowledge that Dana and her friends where thots... or are we gonna act like Terry wasn't bout to get finessed ?
alfonzo mendoza
Keaton and Nicholson 🤔😏
Well, I'll be seeing that thumbnail in my nightmares
Juan C
Ok if the Joker and Batman are roughly similar ages. Why is Batman so weak and decrepit? I know people who keep training that are still in great shape even at an old age.
James Michael Harding
1:08 Another classic Mark Hamill Joker shot. Too bad they cut the scene before he could do the "high note" laugh
Ramune Raven
Pause at 2:49 Woof is carrying ghoul. Love it
Luca Rodríguez
The Dee Dees' secret weakness is crash each other XD
Luca Rodríguez
I think I don't remember but... How the Joker and his gang discovered Terry's identity?
Deoxys 386
1:09 that is the scariest face I ever scene 😱. I’m always freaked out by it 😖.
home come joker is immune to the gas?
Carol Smith
This party is Schway
swarnak Ray
Mark Hamill???
DragonGod Aaron
1:08 That face can scar a child for life
Jamie Olberding
0:49 Joker: "Don't get up Bruce. It's just an old friend coming by to say hello. [slams Bruce Wayne against his chair] Hello......Batman!"
Ha, at 1:13, she magically switches which leg she's using to kick Terry with. As she begins the turn, it's her right leg that raises. Just before the hit, it's drawn to be her left leg that's hitting him. After the hit, it's her right leg again.
Cory Soto
Those twin are hot
I would have liked to have seen Dana able to kick butt. maybe in an unrefined manor, or at least something more than the damsel in distress thing she did which is a bit played out, even in a kids cartoon.
Stream of Consciousness
Oh nice, I heckin' LOVE payday2 bois
JL member
Young Justice>this
AV Steve
Heres a fun little anecdote for you. So recently I've been watching the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon and everytime the Hobgoblin was there I always thought "this guy is trying way to hard to he the Joker. I mean he sounds like a Joker I've seen before." And after listening to his voice and his laughter I put two Nd two together and figured out the guy who voiced the Hobgoblin also did the Joker in this movie