F1 Austria 2003 - M.Schumacher fire pitstop

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F1 austria österreich 2003 formula one michael schumacher feuer fire boxenstopp pitsop

Jesse Pinkman
and he still won that race...what a beast
Tanvir Ahmad
If it was Lewis, he would probably blame Nico Rosberg and then retire.
Fernando Rojas
foia! foia!
loooooool this man he just sat there, wish there was team radio for it, he's probably asking if the fire is out cause he's losing time
He was so on fire that day the car caught it too.
IF it was another driver, he would freaked out and immediately get out of the car ! HAHA What a legend Shumacher. Calm The Fuck Down
Tja und wer hat am Ende gewonnen? :D
Nicholas Evans
Can see how the guys who's job it is to deal with an issue like this were all over it in a second!
Altimis Nuel
How they even restrain fire to ignite explosion? that hell thing can boom without you notice
so glad re fueling is gone from f1 so dangerous and ruined so many races with screwups in the hoses etc. 
over 350.000 views ..... crazy shit :D
Schumi: Scheisse, what the efffs going on guys. Lollipop man lifts the thing Schumi: Uhhh ok shall i go?
And he won the race! LOL
Cool as a cucumber, no chance of Schumi getting out of the car, he just wanted to get some more hot laps in...
Felix Dodd
Greatest driver of all time -
Cool reaction from a real champion!!!
Traitor Red
Wow, you actually need a lot of trust in cases such as these. The driver just sat there while they put the fire out and drove away.
Ken Grand
he never exited the car...this guy had balls of steel
Robert DiGirolamo
He still won the race if I remember correctly
Photis Wizard
he didnt even blink :P
Mpamphs Kangourosaurous
Sebby Haughton
He still won the race.. Because Montoya stopped.
The turbo engines and 3.5 litre engine didn't have problems making one tank last so your point is invalid.
They are working on it to get the Red Bull ring (A1 ring) back on the calendar
so i heard.
more good news, it will be raced once again ^^ i've heard news that it was either 2014 or 2015 we will see A1 ring back in calender.
My point is, when you can fuel the lighter, the strategies would be more diverse since the driver would have a lighter car at the start. Which is what Schumi used to do.. fuel lightly, open up a 20 sec+ gap and refuel, maintain position. And of course it wouldn't work if the safety car comes out before the scheduled stop. So it would be a gamble. Get it? Of course it has nothing to do with skill, it's just that strategies would be more diverse.
There's no refueling (since 2010) so drivers must carry race fuel and enough for the car to make it back to the pits for post-race checks. No max, but must have minimum. Anyways when the cars could refuel back then, it was up to the teams how much fuel they wanted during the race (less fuel meant faster car but more frequent pit stops). So the strategies were more broad. About what causes refueling fires, it can be anything from sparks or heat just like in IndyCar.
FIA should reintroduce refueling. Yeah it's dangerous but it makes pitstops more spectacular to watch. Isn't this what the FIA wants in the first place.. viewers satisfaction?
haha OK obviously different people have different opinions. So let's just enjoy it.
'oh i'm on fire, that's a bit inconvenient'
Yeah, you are right. I hate this new tracks. Old Hockenheimring, A1-Ring, fantastic circuits. And V10-engine were much better. I miss the old Formula One :(
the a1 ring is not the same anymore. Red Bull bought it and now its the Red Bull ring. They shorted the track and cut out many good turns. Now its just a boring track like abu dhabi etc. But I think it wont take long until F1 is going to drive there again, maybe 1 year or 2
Ashley Blake-Hood
He also went on to set fastest lap.
Why would they reintroduce it? I was skeptical about the decision to remove it at first but I have to say that I love it the way it is now. The cars get faster and easier on the tires as the race progresses and the fuel load gets lighter. That way the driver can have a direct impact on the strategy too by driving in an economic way. Fuel strategies didn't involve any skill whatsoever from the drivers.
One argument I find for reintroducing pitstops is that it would be nice to see the cars driving closer to the limit pacewise for a bigger part of the races. At the very least they could make the engines just a teeny bit more powerful to make up for that or something. I know it won't happen but still.
Again, why would they reintroduce it? It's great the way it is now. There's plenty of room for gambling now with 'the cliff', a much more dramatic gamble (assuming that the teams aren't stupid enough to completely run out of fuel). I prefer it the way it is now. More diversity isn't always a good thing.
what its so spectacular about it
Donald J. Trump
Didn't even phase him.
nono you dont get it, the car is a cigarette, thats why it caught fire
I was at the track =)
Dima Florin
like a german
mega xtrime
you can actally see you looks at the fire though his mirrors then put his head to one side, he ant bothered about it infact it almost seems he was laughing about it
Casper Larsen
Didn't know that but that's really great that they have made that precaution. He is really up to his job then
Casper Larsen
Shit the firefighter guy is fast.
ze fire? lol
Drew Griffith
They had to use a fire extinguisher, hell Felipe Massa just drove off while half his car was engulfed in flames and he had a decent race lol
Rins K
that shit has so much octane, that it catches fire if it comes in contact with air...
Could anybody tell me how this happened?
@Alexander Tretz monaco is a great track, marinas is boring
he crossed the white line
alter wie die den feiern obwohl die net deutsch sind
Вентилятор На Присоске
Alexander van der Woude
the man´s thinking: oh, i'm on fire, nevermind, carry on
Alexander van der Woude
i love the way MSC just not his head like: Damnit, well, lets try again
Swiss Land
Schumacher, the modern superman =D
Yasin Ahmad
Lol, Schumacher just sat there calmly while they put out the fire
Chris Schmidt
Im American and its hard to follow F1 here yet Ive recently become a diehard fan so tell me more about refueling !! Does F1 limit the amount of fuel that a driver can take in each race ?? What caused the fire here ? ... Just trying to learn everything I can !!
Il bello è che non fa una piega! "Tho, del fuoco, ma guarda un po'"
Zack H
Oh, I was on fire? No problem. Going to go win a race now.
And he still won the race!!!
hast du feuerschweif am heck, spült das Wasser alles weg, Mittelitalienische Bauernweisheit. ;-)
He was as cool as Darth Vader, he barely nodded his head. Schumi - the red Darth Vader of F1 :D
the era when cars looked awesome
john hayter
Rip scumamaster
What a professional team
thats why i love michael
Lorenzo Zabala
Steel balls... They guy even did not try to get out of the car
Braden Boehmer
Can't understand him
Voin Radu Cristian
and he fucking won this race.
Ryan Playfair
that malboro sponsored car is smokin
Tom Bernacki
He did a good job at staying calm about it.
Maximus Gaming
When will they bring back turbo chargers?I think they stopped them because ayrtons crash:/
Alex Gibb
well have i got news for you :)
achtung baby!
Remo Rey
uhm guys was there a fire?? or did you have some fun?
schumacher: "oh yea bit of a fire"
lol and he continues racing :D like nothing happened
@ekmad korea and abu dhabi are terrible tracks, china and malaysia are great compared to em
Ivan Bekish
He was like da fag
:/ well the f1 game shud of stoped :/
Master Pain
since the 1994 Jos Verstappen pit fire there is a dedicated fire man always at the rear of the car (the Mcleren guys wear all chrome one piece helmets) and normally one at the front of the car. - rules_and_regulations/sporting_regulations/8714/
Schumacher was always 'ON FIRE' that's why he kept winning :). I'm almost sure he will win again this season...!!
He's like "Fucking fire wasting my time..."
fucking boss
fast team
Back in 2014 i like !
Andi Albi
Diese Kommentatoren... Eine Katastrophe seit ich denken kann!
I'm not sure u quite get the idae of sarcasm then. :b It's usually supposed to be obvious, sarcasm is usually just that ,by tone. U cant do tone in writing so. :P Just if u get others thinking ur serious, u know why. :b But yeah I definetely get you now. Though I still dont really see the purpose in it. But thats my problem I guess. Ty for explaining tho'.
not really? lol.. U havent much F1 the last many years have u?
Yeah.. What a bad ass.. A little petrol burning on the outisde of the car.. like woah, he's a heeero.. Didnt even know what was going on, and it was over before it probably even properly knew what was going on.. Schumacher is an amazing driver, and amazing at taking acar to the limits .But dont try to make him "like a boss". Cus of something quite ordinary.. What.. U never played the good old game of "zippo petrol burning on shoe while kicking ur m8's?" game?
Matteo Prezioso
As cool as ice. Clearly, Schumacher extinguished the fire with sheer will power. Badass.
Raphael Crespo
Not just air but any hot surface.
Pigs Can Fly
That happened because they removed the flow restrictor from the fuel nozzle for faster flow, resulting in remaining fuel dripping out. IIRC FIA addressed that with the Ferrari team. And 0:39 did someone fall in that pit crew?
Alexander Trefz
Are you kidding me? Yas Marinas is an awesome track, with many great full throttle corners, even one with 3 apex points, and many possibilities to overtake, what else do you want from a track? You probably think Monaco is a great track…
fathead adolf barry
he wud of got out but his balls are so big it takes to long !
Won the race Headlines were "Schumi is on fire"