KoRn - Everything i've Known

4th single of "Take a Look in the Mirror" from KoRn

Dude bro
It's a real official korn video, I remember when it came out back in 04, korn was having a fan video contest where fans submitted home made videos and korn chose this one
Daddy June Bug
Back when MTV didnt suck
Josh Boyer
Reminds me of a Tool Video
This video has quite a tool vibe about it....not that I'm complaining :)
Seriously, one of the best Korn songs ever made, period.
Ddk Ccl
Para los que se lo preguntan, si es un vídeo oficial de korn y apareció en mtv un par de veces
Nino Falletta
This video brings back such awesome memories.
F7 Freaky
Man this was the good years of korn 1998 to 2010
Aguante Korn Carajo CTM.
That video is pretty badass for fanmade
Is this official Korn video, or not?
james matthews
Obviously the depths of hell breaking apart.
I have not heard this song and seen this video in years, but I still remembered it as if it was yesterday.
Ryan Santer
People who ask for thumbs up are losers
My favorite top comment.
Капитан Капитан
Yea veryy underrated. glad to know im not the only one thinks so
Sounds like you were listening to it loud enough
Masta Grenadine
Even back in 03 it was crazy to see Metal videos on at three in the afternoon on MTV2 or fuse like this shit or a full 30 minute block of Slayer vids.
Jubair Onik
The video luks gud as hell and te song is fucking badass,,i
It took me nine years to find this video I couldn't remember it i had every song i could think of until now holy shit fuck butt talk about a brain fart this takes me back good times with korn
Julian David Muñoz Ramirez
now the korn videos looks like the tool videos
Daniel Mihaylov
dat bass
I love korn, i own 3 of their albums, is it a testament to their skill and creativity that i can't find any other songs similar to this one?
dan drmm
el video es una mierda, hay que reconocerlo jaja
@lovindaron4ever Dude I love korn's bass! It just sounds sooo badass!
Bass Box
q mierda d video
Derek Brehm
This was so epic that I didnt take a arrow to a knee
Rodri Castellini
q delirio por Dios! aguante KoRn
I was obsessed with this song when I was little and I finally found it mwahahaha
good song but... the movie was..... unusaul but kinda cool
John and Sandra
Korn's cathartic alternative metal sound positioned the group among the most popular and provocative to emerge during the post-grunge era.
@TheLaughingMan0603 actually there's one type of aminita that's hallucinogenic but it's nearly impossible to tell apart from the deadly kind but I hear it's an insane trip
Uno de esos videoclips de mi adolescencia, hacia muchos años que no la veía. Por cierto le encuentro un montón de de referencias (o simbolismos mas o menos), como ese demonio esqueletico que hace referencia a un pseudo Satanas en pena que vive con el mal augurio de vivir en el infierno y que dios lo expulsara del cielo. Otra cosa serian los que caen (pecadores), el del ojo (un alma en pena que desea el perdon) y esos bichos esos en el paraíso (el juicio del señor cuando vamos a morir)
19 doesn't know music
I don't like korn, but I think their videos are cool and well produced...
Korn + Gregory Ecklund= Pure uncut WIN.
Connor Peachy
@superbowser888 what the hell are you smokin in that crack pipe
spore meets korn
Patrick Sutton
@superbowser888 what the hell are you smoking this is an awesome video.
St alc
I'm going to call it a Skeletrops. HEAR IT ROAR.
Angie Nivens
@IronKdv With all due respect my good sir, FUCK YOU!
Kevin Aponte
@lovindaron4ever bitch
i could do a better video using Halo's 'Forge and theatre' lol
Angie Nivens
The bass was so heavy my rubix cube fell off my desk and completed itself, neighbors called the police and they got arrested, my windows broke and had to buy a mac, my cat barked ʇxǝʇ ʎɯ oʇ sıɥʇ pıp doɹp ssɐq ǝɥʇ I have to change my pants, made -- people miss the like button, mom walked in and I switched to porn, it became my neighbors favorite song, hitler got his gas bill , my water turned into wine, and I want M0:00RE. is this good enough to be thumbed up? You Fuckers
Jocelyn Levy
@PunkRocka25 HAHAHA! Good one!
@jocelynlevy Ask Mario and Luigi they eat so many of them...mad experience haha
Jocelyn Levy
@PunkRocka25 HAHA! Then where do you find the good ones LOL
@pein999000 good point...i still say bad cause if i saw this i would drop a nugget in my pants...
@d3m0nspwn haha well happy trippin to you sir
Jesse James
I googled 'em, they grow in the state right next to me also so imma keep my peepers open ~.o
@d3m0nspwn found some growing in the aldo leopald wilderness in new mexico, you can find em all over the place, theyre red with white spots, but be careful lol nothing like psylicybin ones. instead of laughing at everything i just felt angry and yelled at my friends for telling me where my shoes were LOL "i know where my fucking shoes are what do you think i thought theyre on the ceiling!!" they still laugh at me for that one >.<
Jesse James
@AcidBugler Guess I'll have to check 'em out for myself .. I'll get back to ya on it ~.o
@PunkRocka25 Bad Shrooms or damn good shrooms?
@d3m0nspwn there are, amanita mushrooms LOL ate some and thought people were talking shit to me lmao
Jesse James
@punkrocka25 -- there is NO such thing as Bad Mushrooms!
@Truntur Than*
i like the flying raptor
brynjar karl
@PunkRocka25 Lol that's funny :-)
Dani Carn
Jonathon, and his amazing voice. <3
Nate Roberts
@Wannabcommedian nah im just phsycopathic... so fuck off and i will... okay?
Nate Roberts
@PsychoticMetalHeadXD well obviously your a little fucking kid b/c only children say "ROFLMAOCOPTER"
Megan Seybolt
i want that fuckin bird thing as a stuffed animal or a gaint blow up thing....
Jessie Gomez
@1700korn Me grow up? I just told you to leave me alone, and you keep aging it on, so maybe you should take your own advice and GROW UP yourself.
I Eat Shit
@homies1505 calm down, dont get so butt-hurt, k kiddo??
@MeXiCaNrEVa7x yes
is this the official video for this song??
i dont like korns twisted ass fucking vids(theyre depressing) but the music kicks ass
@homies1505 YES SIR!!!!!
@fiercdeity3 xD
Jessie Gomez
You say Justin Bieber-I say ACDC You say Miley Cyrus-I say Led Zepplin You say T-Pain-I say Slipknot You say Flowers-I say Metallica You say Pink-I say Iron Maiden You say Hip Hop-i say shut the fuck up You say Pop-I scream Heavy Metal! You say Hannah Montana-i fucking punch you in the face 92% of teenagers have turned to Hip Hop and Pop.If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music,copy and paste this message to another 5 videos.DONT LET THE SPIRIT OF ROCK DIE
@Sega1544 LOL IT DOES!!!!
At 1:07 sounds like he says Penguin Fart
this is what you see when you eat bad shrooms
its like a prequel to liar's vid
thoes red things look like the lil gray clay figures in tool schisims i think is how u spell it
@nosmoker8 hahaha, greatest platformer to have ever been created, fkin rare as all hell too
Connor S
reminds me of that horrible decision to do mushrooms before going to the mall
Alessa Auditore
no wonder i cant find this song cause of the " i've '' goddamnt it i finally found it...
Alessa Auditore
i don't know why but it reminds me of Psychonauts
17 dislikes this are justin bieber fans!
Anthony Hidalgo
this song is insane
Misphit Phreak
believe it or not but i kinda like this vid
reminds me of tools videos weird but badass!
@ramofusang390 The red dude at 1:01 is exactly the same as a clay dude in Tool's Parabola video. The fuck... xx
@streetsolider4 im NEVER doing acid then O.O
Leandro Da Costa Borges
fera de mais esse clip Araçatuba sP brasil
Boris Anđelić
look at the vid, and look more and more, ull realise, that is whats happening actually :D
Richard Plender
I love the grooves in this song. It's like a volcano erupting.
raul rivera
@betoajbr yea i love the invigurating feeling it gives me as soon as these sort of songs start because i can truely relate to their meaning
Dani Carn
at first i didnt really get into this song... NOW I LOVE IT, like i love everything else from korn..... and metallica.... my two fave bands. :)
presure running into my veins:p
Alex Shypula
It ain't the best vid, but its fuggin awesome
WTF ? O_o
nicholas denny
yes it is
nicholas denny
i know i like this video lol