Hard Neurofunk Drum & Bass Mix (N422)

♪Hard Neurofunk DnB Mix (N481) /> ♪Hard Neurofunk DnB Mix (N461) /> ♪High Quality Version /> Release Date : 2015-2016 Tracklist : 01 0:00:00 Lore - Get Up 02 0:02:34 Neonlight - Microbots 03 0:04:47 Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Until The World Ends Ft. PNC 04 0:06:59 Symplex - Desert 05 0:09:11 Mole - Force of Will 06 0:11:02 Modestep - Mianite Ft. Tom Syndicate 07 0:13:59 Mark Instinct & Rekoil - Nightmare Ft. Whiskey Pete 08 0:15:27 Fatloaf - Pushy Party 09 0:17:50 Exit Ride - Room 22 Flooding 10 0:19:52 Borderline - 6 AM Ft. Coppa 11 0:21:42 Chris.Su - Underground Culture VIP Ft. Kryptomedic 12 0:23:54 Badey Xsider - Robot Cheetah 13 0:26:06 Audio - Make It Happen 14 0:27:57 oneBYone - Kill At Will 15 0:29:47 Prophet - Iceberg 16 0:31:15 The Prototypes - Pop It Off Ft. Mad Hed City 17 0:33:28 Chaser - Dark Territory 18 0:35:40 Scrapper - Cognitive Map Ft. DJ Trap 19 0:37:09 L 33 - Zealot 20 0:39:23 Icicle & Safire - Suction Cap 21 0:41:14 June Miller & Mefjus - Saus 22 0:43:17 James Marvel - Trump Ft. MC Mota 23 0:45:31 Misanthrop - Rock'n'Roll 24 0:47:37 Merikan - Hell's Fury 25 0:49:15 Code: Pandorum - Lunatic 26 0:51:06 Zombie Cats & L33 - Zombots 27 0:53:20 Phace - Shape The Random 28 0:55:35 Bowsar - Hemisphere 29 0:57:47 Finalfix - Control 30 1:00:19 Sniper FX - Trouble 31 1:02:18 Salaryman - Unstoppable 32 1:04:08 Bl4ck Owlz - Boogie Balls 33 1:06:19 Current Value - Footwork 34 1:08:09 Samy Nicks & Rekwest - Slummin' It 35 1:10:42 Freqax - Shokin' with Neks 36 1:12:32 Forbidden Society - NYC Punk 37 1:14:11 RAV - Restricted Area 38 1:16:25 Klone - Oblivion 39 1:18:37 Absurd - The Passage Of Time 40 1:21:11 Machine Code - Airlock

I'm happy you like it. I want to make new neurofunk mix next year.
JebuNaTo xD
česko 2k17? :D like! (y)
T'khota Tia
Listening to this while on psilocybin mushrooms, this is next level shit, I am having a great trip. Microbots is killing me in a good way.
LCN 1985
Great mix but overkill on the ads. No need.
This is the music you destroy your legs with at 4am at a shady rave under influence of a few lines of speed and half a gram of mdma. Keep it up!
Moo Noo
Слушал на максимум звука...норм так соседей травить
This is so amazing. I can't supress my head going with the beat in my office...
Максим Булка
Ukraine with you bro!!! Cool!!!
57:59 this is sick 😈😈
Když Myslíš
Best mix I've heard in ages !
Car + panasonic system + mac audio subwoofer + hard neurofunk drum and bass = excellent!
Rasta Fourien
27:55 The guitar riff
слава ковальчук
super man
15:25 - best of best !
big big thanks on THAT
Сан Саныч
ОГОНЬ....Кукушка отлетает напрочь!!!С 1:08:08 особенно)))
one of the BEST mixes i've heard so far and i hear 24/7 neurofunk really good job man!!!!
Very likely my favorite DnB mix of all time. That is all.
Rupert Mason
Love that mix dude. You're making awesome!
High quality mix, thank you!!! more of the same please
EphEmer MRG
De la bonne D'n'B qui tourne bien, ça fait du bien aux oreilles !!! :)
BanG Bro
как скачать?
Best dnb mix ever. But never listen to it anymore because of the trillion ads. I mean some adds ok, to support your work. But this is just crazy.
stfu & gtfo
0930am working in the office. perfect.
Tim Kuster
listening while dropping 2 tabs/ lovely
Дмитрий Великий
Tereza Baranaiova
ja wam howorim ze riadna petelica
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
DjuzZ Ju
Greeeeeat mix! Thank's a lot to share it, seeeeeee yaaaaaaaah! ;)
[ 眨眨眼睛,失去了 ]Cristof24mx
Jan Dostal
tooooooop :3
Andrew De Jesus
This is the type of drum and bass I have been looking for! Thank you for the post and I hope you post other mixes similar to this one. Keep it up!
darran leo King
Dj hype back from tour need to get into fabric if not we all move on . Loving the hard swing skate board ride with you .BLOOMING lovely
Mikhail Korvin
Beeeest mix!!!!
The Dangleberries
This carries you through seated rows
Ricardo Fabbri
I thought hard neurofunk was harder, good job though
Electronic Wizard
Also thank you for discovering me few good tracks that I'll immediately put in my set!
One of the few good neurofunk mixes out there. Will you be making another one soon? (:
Absolute best mix I've heard in a while.
Loris Maggiolo
A lot of compliments😎great music
kusacek CZ
When I listening this song I cant stop STEPING :D
Omg that mix !! Perfect ! +1
Badblackcat 87
Respect dude! Thumbs UP!
Andres Castillo
Sugoi yamara-sama :v it´s a nice mix, and the songs are aweasome. Ya dejé mi like
Evan st. mars
is this the highest Quality at Current ?
Great Tracks - So slow :(
Monalisa Hirsch
super Mix is the shit i go up to Galaxie perfect
Gaming 4you
OMG :O :O :O <3 <3 I love this channel <3
[ 眨眨眼睛,失去了 ]Cristof24mx
Tomáš Veverka
Any chance to get donwload link or reupload with better quality ? :) sick mix btw :)
drum bass
to je ono NEURO DNB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Godlike DnB Mix. So many great tunes, very hard to tell which would be my favorite part... I´m a teacher and this makes correcting my tests very efficient :D
Datura Oo
Well played. Some really dope tracks in there. Very very cool!
Ivan Kondratjev
I LOVE DNB!!!!!!!
Rob Dewick
09 0:17:50 Exit Ride - Room 22 Flooding << NOICE
Evan st. mars
Tracklist is great on the screen
Marek Jonathan
3rd OMG Bang Bang !!!!! :D 😎
DayLii Officiál
česko 20k17 winner show music retardathors jumping free :D
Andrew Hayes
Prodigy esc and finally a f,kin tune fast and stops the voices😁🇬🇧👍
Roland Der Boss
best remix for years!!! keep on, grtz frm ger
James Tweedhope
Wicked mix Bruv. Thanks for sharing
Amazing mix, I love it!
Adam Starkpsyd
Holy hell! This mix is SICK!!!
Dries Van de Kauter
BIG! Keep up the good work, i like your mixtapes!
Jason Welsh
Awesome to lift to. Thanks!
romal rajtnau
#keepitreal Yo ..nice mix d(^~^)b
Waltl Johannes
Yeah thats a Beauty nice 👌🏼
Ina Marinova
Whaaaaattt??? 😲😱😵😨 this is trully insAnee 😆👊❤
JD Vlogs
This mix is epic
Alexandra Moya Ojero
Me estaba gustando la sesión hasta que me he comido dos anuncios en menos de 10 min... Ni que fuese esto antena 3...
Michael Osborne
Before drop (*—*) after drop (0…0)
Alison Hanford
Really times a thousand LOVE IT.
Evan st. mars
found it its great thx much
the_Bad Acid_dj
big ups bro. can't get enough neurofunk.
Thumpert the Fascist Cotton-tail
I listened to this a few times today. Nice mix.
listen to the ♪High Quality Version on mixcloud !!! definetly worth it !
14:00 <3
Danielle Pennoyer
thanks for this in my earholes...so good
Sigve Pigve
Fantastic mix, love it!
9 dB 100 Hz Windows 7 headsets 20:10
Qwerty Def
Виталий Мишин
Качь невье..нный!респект автору!!!!!!!
Сергей Любишкин
number #24 - time error in Tracklist !
Lukas Hogan
One of the best mixes iv herd in ages cant stop playing it in the car.
Eric Jeffries
from start to finish this mix is energy
Evan st. mars
Do it u rock bud
Alex Chao
Like this music
chris caruana
yes yes lad heavy set ,,,,,,,,just put a mix up any feed bk wud be nice safeee
Aleksandrs Golovcanskis
like and subscribe.keep move it ,you do well!
download link? i want this in my car :)
Aiden Wallis
Best mix ever especially the trump ft. Mc mota song
РАзрушитель мифoff.
22:42 49:30 multi hevy hard
STS Group
Unreal keep it up
Skin Itch
really good mix. a lot of great tunes i never heard before. thank you
Thinker Bang rubio
badass mix