Review: 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR

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I review the 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR! Would you rather have this over a Subaru WRX STI? Many thanks to South Park Mitsubishi for allowing me to review this car. It's currently for sale through their dealership and if you're interested, contact here or on the Subaruwrxfan Facebook page: />Song is 'Lightness' by Tobu Tobu YouTube: />Tobu SoundCloud: />Royalty-Free Music ツ /> Business inquires can be directed to [email protected]

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Plastic is hard? I'll be damned
George Mahfood
Cars like this are the reason I go to school to get a great job so I can get beast tuners help me God
The padding is hard, the plastic is hard, im hard ;)
Ace Campano
The smile on his face when he hits boost is priceless.
lol he's smiling the whole time and trying to tell himself the sti is better :D
Emre Eldelek
little does he know that the stock evo is so much faster than a stock sti
Joshua Lee Chee
Because a review on an evo from a guy named subaruwrxfan would not be biased 
electric feel
you don't buy an Evo for a comfortable ride. wow you had to mention it so many times... That's like buying a sports car and expecting it to have good gas mileage. i had to thumbs down.
Taylor Chapman
Changing spark plugs on an Evo > Changing spark plugs on an STi
 I am and have been a suby guy sense the gen 1 legacy turbo days . I had 2 of them my buddy had a Galant VR4 . The Vr4 was a better car then (in the us market) I loved my suby though .I bought a brand new 06 STI in late 05. me and my buddy traded cars for the weekend he had a 06 evo 9. Man that car made me want to buy a evo. That 4g63 is a fucking monster. It was on a mild map when I had it 430whp something like that. This was years ago. But the evo dose so many things well. The cornering was unreal. Even if u over power a turn the awd system sorts everything out for u. A monkey could drive tease cars quick. Even as a suby guy if I was to buy a late model sports car again I really think I would buy a Evo this time. But I am looking for a CLEAN 91-94 1st Gen Subaru Legacy Turbo Sport sedan . Must be a sedan and a 5sp trans . PM ME IF ANYONE CAN HELP
I understand he reviews cars so he has to critique them, but he seemed a little heavy on the complaints. Just my opinion.
You should consider multiple camera views so we can see the road aswell.
Frank Davis Jr
Evo guys, quit getting butt hurt. The majority of what he said is absolutely true. I have a IX and it isn't my daily driver nor would it ever be. It is not a comfortable car to be in and has the turning radius of a battleship, which can be a pain sometime. But it puts a huge smile on my face when its time to have fun. He's right, the Evo is a no nonsense track car for the street. The STI has a better balance of performance and comfort. Both are awesome! Besides, its his review, if you want your opinions to be heard, make your own. Nice vid.
lol i just want a stock evo...hard to find lol
leutrim topalli
heavy? youre just weak lol
First time I drove an Evo was the day I bought it. And it has 600whp. 1000 smiles per gallon!
Vincent Nguyen
Evo owner here - I totally agree with this review. The STI is a bit more "well rounded" and is better as a daily. My Evo is sometimes a pain in the ass but when I want to have fun, it is VERY fun.
Jesus Moreno
Make a review of the dodge neon SRT-4
Jake Six
The always classic line "let's take it on this back road..."
André Barrett
This man talks a lot about Subaru, what the hell is wrong with you???? Everybody knows evo is better than a Subaru I think this man is trying to find ways to dislike some minor things about the evo. The car is rough because it's made for real epic driving not for sports so get that
If a car sucks in an area, don't give it so many damn excuses. That's all he does in his reviews. If the radio sucks and looks like it was made in the 90's, SAY IT DOES. If the seats are uncomfortable to the point that you wouldn't want to daily drive it, SAY SO. I understand stuff like the suspension is firm, that's what can be forgivin in a performance car. Not basic shit, and definatly not for what the cars were priced at new. I love EVO's, but if something sucks awknowledge it.
soren iverson
owned 3 evo 9's all different power outputs (stock, 400, 450) he is pretty spot on with them being "raw" however it all depends on what your buying the car for, imo you don't buy a evo to daily drive it....they're amazing base for a race car that can easily put you into the 400s with minor mods, exhaust, fuel pump & injectors of course with E85, however I have a few sti buddies struggling to keep up, under steer on the sti are terrible, as well as the tiny turbos they put on them. But its all preference in what you want out of these types of cars. But for you idiots mitsu still makes the evo x, the 2015 model is on the show room floor as we speak, lets not get into the evo vs sti debate bc we all know evos have been winning that battle since 03......
if you want a suby or evo and your thinking of cranking up the horsepower with mods buy the evo.. their motor is strong with a weak transmission.. the sti motor is weak with a strong transmission and it's much cheaper to modify a transmission to handle power over an engine.. food for thought. plus with the suby every time you wanna put new engine parts in the whole motor has to be yanked out
I daily drive my 2003 Evo VIII. It has 100k miles and has been tracked multiple times. The car is pretty damn reliable even on E85 and 25 psi. One thing to note is that running snow tires severely cuts down on the stability and handling of the car. When I run snow tires the handling feels sloppy and the sidewalls on the tires flex giving poor feedback on grip. Proper summer tires are the only way to truly experience the Evo's razor sharp handling.
The evo steering rack slow?? pfff ok buddy
Psycho Blue
Hey Subaruwrxfan can you try and review a 2001 Integra Type R.
james smith
I think it depends on a person. For me the evo uncomfortable area gives me the feed back of the car. I feel like its an extension of my body. Softer cars makes me very sleepy.
evo mr's are definitely race cars for the street and normal evo 9 is more drivable
Clutch is heavy? Are you kidding? LOL BTW, the power figures are waaaay underrated.
Kazim Bailey
the evo is simply a real mans car not some jerk mobile
Cant put a subie guy in a evo lol
Ronnie Weedon
You just mad because Evos the shit. Lol
Talon Td
Difference between a wrx and an evo is that the wrx is more like your average driving car and evos are raw. its a raw driving experience. IMO
Christopher Carreon
This guy doesn't even sound like a car enthusiasts he should take his channel down because of boring commentary
Luke Brunner
Have owned an STI and currently own an Evo 9, the cars aren't even in the same ball park when it comes to performance. The Evo is much better at everything and the gap only gets bigger when you start to mod them. I find his critique of the Recaro seats comical when the USDM STI/WRX seats are probably some of the worst seats I have ever sat in when it comes to a "sports" car. I had to do the seat spring mod on my STI just to make them somewhat acceptable.  I have daily driven my 9 for almost 6 years now so I guess the reviewer either has a crazy long commute in mind or just doesn't appreciate a raw car because I love driving it every day. I will say I won't take the 9 on road trips over 500 miles, it does become brutal at that point. I'm currently trying to Justify an Audi S3 as a daily driver so I can make the Evo a garage queen but it's just so much fun to drive I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger.  TLDR; Evo 9 > STI ringland eater and it isn't even close. Also the Lotus you mentioned is not quick and does not take to mods like a 4G63, that's why you wouldn't get a Lotus...
theres a turbo gauge. *few moments later* this car is turbo in case you didnt knew
After owning both an Evo and STI: Evo IX = easy power, more power for same mods as STI, driver's car, better steering feel, larger turbo, more noisy, seats less confortable, closed-deck iron block.   STI = better DD, a bit quieter, insane off-boost torque, smaller stock turbo, bulletproof 6-speed, stock engine can't handle high boost.
classic subaru fan comments 😒😒😒
Jose Martinez
I THOUGHT he was legit but at the end of the day he's another fanboy
yeah they both do the same thing. but the evo does it better
he knows nothing 
A friend of my brother had a yellow Evo this body style and he had a Ford Lightning before it. He didn't have the Evo very long because he couldn't ever get used to how crazy the car was (and the cops loved it lol). It had a bigger turbo and intercooler, plus methanol injection I think. And this coming from a guy who also owns an early 2000s Corvette Z06. Good review.
Stephen Joas
Off point on boost evo 9 turbo spools up at 3500 Evo 8 turbo spools up at 3200 Stock boost is 18psi, mitsubishi made it this way due to a law regarding advertise horsepower. Once you mod the evo vs a modded subaru the evo just dominates. If you want a daily car get a civic for comfort and mpg Yes im an evo guy I got your quote earlier about rolling eyes lol
lol IX( US Deliver'd is the (206 kW; 276 hp),  However the IX MR Japanese JDM model is (226 kW; 306 hp). with increased boost pressure over the normal IX with slightly better spool an different rear bar    Also the Sti USA Delivered Model is 2.5L but the JDM Model is 2L. :)  
rough ride? cant stop smiling
Bone Chillen
does all the eve 9s comes stock with a turbo ?
David Ratkay
Where can I buy this exact model??
Anthony Mcqueen
God I want that car but I cant find it here where I live none of the dealerships have it used or any of the top car websites. what should I do I know that most of the people who have these vehicles beat the crap out of them on a daily basis and wont sell them unless there is a major problem. And they are still pricey after 8 years since thier launch. So if anyone out there has any leads of where I can find these rare cars now I would appreciate it thanks.
Smiles per gallon
"If you're daily driving one of these you don't wanna have a rough ride all the time." You are obviously NOT a car guy. You're young and able, if you can't handle a few bounces every once in awhile buy a mini van.
Mihajlo m
Beautiful car ,even better in white like a rally car ,only better thing on EU spec cars is rear bumper :)
Chris Ciantar
as they say you want the subaru on the way to the track but u want the evo for the track day and the subaru to go back home...dunno if u agree :)
j-cast c
No mention of the shifter? MR has one of the best shifter on earth.
:/ your not supposed to full throttle... thats why theres "Lag" in the turbine. just fyi subaruwrxfan :)
Would this be a good first car??
Odalis Rodriguez
I think the evo 9 is a great car better then Subaru, the body is gorgeous, one thing that I have to say about this review is, this guy agrees and disagrees on everything he says makes no sense. Plus he doesn't put the car to the test to see how it really handles, I personally watched best motoring videos from Japan and I have to tell you that all the reviews about this car are awesome, this car handles really good and the value stays the same, in fact I like this one better then the newest model... Odak20🔰
Robert Young
Can't compare steering feel or initial steering angle with snow tires! The rack on the evo is faster than the STI. Not sure about the FRS but it's probably similar to the EVO. I'm not sure if many cars have a faster rack. Also, The Elise doesn't have 4 doors :)
phil mcrevis
the stock rear bar covers look shit  on the us versions
idiot review. there's a reason why the steering rack is a tad heavy. have you ever tried driving the car in the track? compare it side by side with all sti's you can find. even the newer ones. maybe then you'll change your name to mitsubishievofan.
ProX Empire
about to get one either a 8 or 9
You wouldnt take an Evo on a trip because of the lack of cushion on the seats.... yes i'm really interested in what else you have to say about cars.
Azuki and Friends
Should have reviewed the 5-speed EVO 9 RS or the GSR... The 6-speed on the EVO 9 MR is as strong as tofu, even Sheptrans don't mod them.
ZeroPie HD
This is like the only Asian car I like.
omg my dream car. the only problem is that its is llegal here in canada because of rumors saying that it fail on the front bumper crash test at 5mph? and another rumor about emissions?? i really would love to have on 😢
Where do u buy a car like this?
You're right I was rolling my eyes the whole time I disagree with you on a lot of stuff and u not comparing an older evo to a new STI or even a lotus come on
I can tell you hate the car lol.
Trenton Kelly
This kinda proves that subaru fans just aren't race-oriented LOL. Heavy clutch??
Sebastian Arrazola
i use a pillow for lumbar support 
I hate the 2008 evo's. 2006 one is my favourite japanese car of all time.
Renato Pequeno
subaru warswaxrrxrx fan . . . lol gets me every time.
dont buy an evo if u dont know how to drive it u gotta push that car!!!
Christian Badillo
It would be great were doing a review of dodge caliber SRT4.
Mar Dale Moore
i love these cars i currently have a 2003 lancer es but hopefully can get this over time
I love the evo.. that dude is a homo.. lol
Alvin Rohani
The Evo IX RS is possibly in my opinion the best Evo ever made. Why? Because the 5 spd is better than the 6 (because it can handle more power) and the RS is the lightest of the bunch.
Luke Lueder
I want an Evo so bad...
Snow this review is invalid.
edgar miranda
You should review a toyota supra
RJ Bandsma #68
I actually own this car in Mdnight Club: Los Angeles on my PS3!!!!! Same year and model and I love it.
Manny Advan
What year STI is he comparing it too? Because it should be the same year if he is,not a newer model !!
Timothy Helchowski
Tokyo drift
nd k
He has a girly ass voice and he's complaining about the clutch ? Sti has has more horse but EVO is way lighter and smokes the sti BIAS AF review
Brendan Neuman
Do an srt4
Scott JJ Soren
you keep saying how laggy this evo is.. is it cause it is Bone stock an not stage 2 cobb tuned like nearly every sti you have reviewed! last time i checked evo comes onto full boost earlier then Wrx sti's ;)
Dave K
Best car I ever owned....
Flusx Online
Why Evo 9 are way more expensives than M3 e46? make no sense to me.
Janek Laser
This guy is basic
Is this a V6?
why plastic everywhere and ball's sucking up into your gut drivability? because race car 
evo 9 > evo 10
Owned and EVO-IX for a year (new) back in 2006~07. Sold it in 07 for exactly the reasons the reviewer points out.  1) Got tired of driving a $35K car with a $15K interior, 2) Turbo lag, while fun initially, gives the car only a 2K rpm power band, 3) The overall unpleasant noise while cruising.  Also had no cruise control. One additional clarification to the review... The car is not "stiffly sprung", it's overdamped by the shocks.  In order to keep the rally-car suspension travel they had to use soft springs, so to compensate the shocks are overly stiff.   For comparison, my Miata in the sig photo is running 500lb-in springs (4 times stiffer than stock), but when the adjustable shocks are set to the softest setting the ride is more compliant than it was in the EVO.  I doubt there is a new car you can buy that is "too stiffly sprung"... if the ride is rough, it's the shocks/struts.
Aaron Whitmore
I plan on buying an Evo 9 next year and the lancer filler "guage" is one thing I really don't like. I do plan on replacing it with a boost guage though. thanks for the review!!
Lowkey here are some flaws with this video The clutch is not heavy at all you're just weak The seats are comfy as hell leather seats is trash.
Ralfyboy 1k
Whats a good price for a evo
I see id change the seats well the passenger seat for my wife but id say changing the front seats to something mor comfortable would make it better for long trips and such. I really want one cuz i have a son so the fam could ride and still have the performance i want
Like your review but want to do some notes here. Not all of the interior is made from hard plastic, second the clutch is hard because is on its way or the hydraulic pumps are bad, when new the clutch has been light, steering is very precise and the right weight, noises are there because there is very little sound proofing in this cars.
Pharaoh on LFS
I was always dreaming over getting a nice evo 8 or 9, don't know shit about them but I figured I'd fall in love with either or and pursue one one day, until I saw the interior is there anyway to improve the interior? I'm a miata guy so I'm used to having a cozy cockpit
lonely soul
nice intro
Alex Zevallos
I just bought a 2011 Ralliart and I love it. But damn. This will be my next car hopefully by late 2014.