Kings Of Leon - Closer (Live on Letterman)

Music video by Kings Of Leon performing Closer (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc. #KingsOfLeon #Closer #Vevo #Alternative #LiveOnLetterman

Jolëne C.
the thing i love about them is that they sound the same way live as they do on a recorded album track.
Vale Soto
i wanna have sex everytime i hear that song... something is really wrong with me.
Michael Balvin
keyboard guy plays the bassline, bassist plays a modulated loop, guitarist blows his guitar, drummer is half asleep and the singer hits every single note the album version contains and it all sounds phenomenal. Great soundboard mix too.
drummer looks like hes played this song 10000 times too many.
ZildjianGuy Man
My favorite Kings song. So fucking good.
Julia Pilecka
The sexiest song I've ever heard. I shiver every time I hear it...
Nathan Merry
Had no idea that sound came from his mouth on the guitar
SeeEych EiDee
So any ideas for an awesome intro? Meh ill just make out with my guitar and it will be fine
Never in my life did I think I would ever be jealous of an electric guitar...
Singer: so any intro ideas? Drummer: I dunno... Guitarist: ILL MAKE OUT WITH MY GUITAR! Singer: ... Drummer: ... Guitarist: so that's a yes?
holly shit, i didn't know that was the bass. thought it was some synthesizer or something.
Jared's pitch-shifted bass line sounds like something that would come out of a keyboard, meanwhile the actual keyboardist is playing a bass line that sounds like it should be coming out of a bass guitar. I find that really funny.
J-Sun Guess
8 women in the front row instantly became pregnant after this performance lol : )~
i tried to do that to my guitar, it electrocuted me... haha
may i be that guitar please?
Brandon kopel
These gentlemen are pure gods. Guitar played by mouth, keyboardist with a beer. Unreal live sound.
Thomas Papoulakis
If I were the bass player I would have looped the phrase and went for a coffee :-P
Floyd ish
The best voice in the world that's singing nowaday.
Adam Cornish
That audience man... if i was was there i would be going mental
Chuckles Lovefist
They sound amazing live. I love it when a band can sound as good live as they do in the studio. Chevelle also sounds amazing live.
Marta Hellerowa
There is something in this song which makes it specific, different, it moves me to another place and that's why I can't be cured of this sound and I don't want to, even if I have completely different music taste.
This song makes me feel like im brokenhearted and walking alone in a dark spooky town...anyone else feels like that ?
Vedant Agarwal
I like this better than the studio version. Especially the solo
27 people can't play guitar with their mouth.
Stranded in this spooky town Stoplight is swaying and the phone lines are down Floor is crackling cold She took my heart, I think she took my soul With the moon I run Far from the carnage of the fiery sun Driven by the strangle of vein Showing no mercy I'd do it again Open up your eyes You keep on crying Baby I'll bleed you dry Skies are blinking at me I see a storm bubbling up from the sea And it's coming closer... You shimmy-shook my boat Leaving me stranded all in love on my own Do you think of me Where am I now Baby where do I sleep Feels so good but I'm old Two thousand years of chasing taking its toll And it's coming closer...
Hannah Martinez :D
this song gives me the chills every time I listen to it
kudos to the sound engineer/s . amazing band.
I'd be the keyboardist in the band.  Chillin in the back with a smile on my face, beer in one hand.
Insidious Jazz
I love how that bass sounds like it's in pain.
Patient Zero
hauntingly beautiful 
James Freddis
such a good voice live!
Shout-out to Rick Grimes on the keys there
Red John
man this guy has such an orgasmic voice.. Kings of Leon u guys are mesmerising !!
french kiss my clenched fist
My favourite live performance of any song... The bass guitar plays the lead which I find awesome. Made cooler by the fact the keyboard plays the bass. That cool as fuck sound in the intro? Thats a guy singing into his guitar ofc. The drummer may aswell be a metronome, timing is perfect the whole way through. And well, the lead singer, I needn’t even say anything.... Truly incredible
A_Son_ Of_The_Socrates
KOL play studio quality live. That is very rare in present music. They are one of ten all time rock music.
Gemini Gamer
his voice God damn
david mowers
Stranded at this town, (Ikla) Pegasus...she takes your heart and soul, the moon, 2,160 years on the wheel of blackness and she takes you away in a, "storm" (the tumbling of the stars of heaven is the flood) of pole-star drift which moves the planetary wobble backwards bringing you to what is, "coming closer;" Aquarius....reading is so awesome. Mythology is so awesome...this song is awesome.
Jerry Springer 1
sexiest music on the planet right now...
J.J. Madrid
“She took my heart, I think she took my soul” will always be my favorite part of this song!
Onyi noyi
I think someone made a super good joke just before they started singing. Their smiles are so mischievous
anyone hear that goddamit at 15 seconds in?? hahaha
eye of the dragon
his voice touched my heart :')
What a sexy band! His voice is made for music..this song hits me for some reason! I love it..& I'm pretty sure it's about drug abuse..which is even crazier as to why it's so beautiful
Daniela Jativa
Oh my God , Wayne Ronney singing!!
Alfredo Vigo
thank GOD for these guys parents..
Joshua Inez Galvez
This song is for my babe Joshua G.😘😍😍😍😍
Nathan Bowie
He sounds like Phil Collins
Yaroslav Hudkov
Oh, that hot drummer...
Vesna Dudeva
Love the sound he's making with the bass ... so mystical!
Evil Brainz Angel Heart
this song is fucking awesome.
sam john
the drummer did cocaine at 0:53
Faty MarQuié
When I listen this song I feel sexy
Vivien Petróczki
so sexual...
Paweł Zawadzki
The amount of the talent in this band is ridicoulosly high.
I just had the best eargasm ever.
Ugene The Creator
first you make out with her and then finger her.
Robin Schenk
great version, perfect sound!!
Joselin Veramendi
Closer is my fav from the whole albm <3
Anita Adams
this is my alarm clock tone
Loreal Madonna
Oh the pain how burns when I hear this song.
Abdul Rashid
goosebumps every time Mat screams into the humbucker!!!!!!!
Georgia Greece_9
youu shimmy shook my bones, leaving me stranded all in love on my own...
Aimee F
this song is pure magic
Gives me the chills 🌹
How is that audience so calm???? Damn I'd be going crazy
Holy shit. That performance; this song; amazing.
Andrew Wolf
Damn. How can you go wrong when your singer sounds like this. What a ridiculous god-given gift to have that Voice. Their sound is super cool, I love Euro-alt Rock for sure. But without Caleb's voice, these guys are just another struggling band.
Colleen Fackler
jesus on the drums
Wayfaring Stranger
I've been trying to figure out the guitar on this song for a while. Had I have just used my mouth on the humbuckers I'd have saved a whole lotta time lol Amazing song btw...
Jennifer Acton
goose- fucking- bumps. I love this song!!!!!!!!!
Maïté D-S
i swear I've watched this a hundred time ,
PearlIn Chains
Hottest band ever!
william baillargeon
#1 stripper song
Gökhan Yalçın
genius guitar sound , genius bassline , pure genius song
Didn't know the intro was done on bass
man......that riff
If you ever take acid be sure to listen to this song. It’s an amazing time.
Krazy Koala kid
they all look a bit drunk
Cloaked Kloak
Wow. The sound he produces from his mouth on the guitar is one of the most beautifully haunting sounds I've ever heard in my life.
The guy on the keyboards is even hotter that the Followills
kris outland
Best band ever!!
well done chaps, that was marvellous.
Gemini Girl
omg. he sounds even better live. just wow.
Boxing Fisherman
Only one word to describe this performance. Phenomenal.
Cockney John
Quality music...
Scott Norman
How good are those vocals? Wow
Emanuel Gomez
To viciado nessa musica ! I Love Kings Of Leon <3
Fernando Figueira
joanna ryan
Everyone commenting about the sound and drummer but what about that voice he and Chris Cornell have the best voices I've ever heard
Ed Jackson
Cool lyrics and vocals, cool sounds from the guitars, cool beat, cool keyboards. What I'm trying to say is this song is so cool,.... its ice cold! One of my favorite KOL songs, it never gets old.
Nick Shillito
'Closer' Guitar tab Scream into pickup
Jorge Andres Q.
espectacular tema, pero ese mk público parece ruso ... que horror!
May 2018 anyone?
Rodrigo Cerqueira
She took my heart, I think she took my soul .... well ........ deep
Maria Mitropoulou
oh man it's like the guitar is screamin in agony and the bass is crying! It gives me chills every time!
this song is everything.
Number 1 on my list! After so many years still getting chills every single time i hear it! <3
Zoe Vaatstra
4 gorgeous guys !
Christian Cifuentes
They're awesome, but I miss their old rocknroll-look