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Darius Boyd
It's Evans house not a teachers like if you agree
Macey Howard
If I was the “teacher” I would just stay behind the door so that when the person knocked again I could open the door and catch him!! Like if you agree 👍🏻
octoling Scuba Steve
Kid what are you doing
Miguel Flores
How the hell did the guy not see the camera
Miguel Flores
Soldier. Ryan.
Fake, Fake, Fake, And Also Fake. That Is Your Dad. Oh Wait Just Read The Description, So I Guess Its A Skit. Sorry.
Yahir Hernandez
You run slow and that's like your uncle or dad and I won't enjoy this video
Funny Patrick
You copied dom Tracy
Makayla Treantafellow
LOL this is funny😆😅😂🤣
Logan The blue nose
Clickbait it's his dad because he's too *scared*
anime fan fest the rich gang of jhonson
I do that to Mr boyer at school he's just like him
#think positive OR
Not cool BOII btw I'm Irish and ohhh seriously never do that ever ever again ok👌
zombie9 BOSS
fake how would u know ur teachers house?!!!!
Dylan Minear
LOL nice
Bryan Castellanos
this vide is faker than your whole ouffit
the outros from filmora wow such an idiot i know that cause i have it to edit family videos i dont upload thats just not my thing!!
Creating And Gaming Billy
Why did he knock again I would have did it once then leave
LyricalGamer Aa
Godddddd leeeeee booiiiii you run slow as hell and this fake
deborah Ore
My friends made that game my friend banged on the door we almost got caught 😥
Lion Squad
Your house your relative your lying but...that’s my theory
the saveg sisters every day bro
Modz Squadz
This is his dads house he had this like setup or something like that
Jake maran
LoL he carnt see you
Anh Nguyen
it's so fake
Kenner Morales
And how do you know we're your teacher lives.i feel sad for you.can Burley make a good video
Michael Rego
A&A gaming gb L
It's not real that's his house and that's his dad how did he not see him he was rite thar
Aya Khan
OMG he,s strict 😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😧
Olivia Leader Charge
You look cute
Nathaniel Montez
Great video
Michael Fireball
This is so fake he says that it looks just like his place and how does he know where he lives. Soooooo fake
Its always fake when thet say it looks like my house
Alex Vlogs
Maybe you he was getting himself in trouble?
Jaemyne Fun
Read the description its a skit so yeah
jr so lit gang gang
It's fake by the third time you were already gone mad
Chadrick Doddema
thats his teacher
Its your dad
Melissa Coffey
They is your dad house
Kid Polar
Good job bro
Lola Puoma
The way he runes doe
William Joyce
Plus, a teacher would have a better house than that peice of junk
devin rochelle
That is his dad it is fake
Logan Williams Vlogs
Caden Mackay
Bro you are savij😎😎
amy Schott
Maria Jimenez
Shout me out I subbed and liked the video!!$$
don’t subscribe to me
it's a skit read the description
Kellen Peiffer
Gladis Hernandez
michael Goodwin
He's not a bad teacher, your a bad kid.
Alex Santana
Triple S
Addison Ward
That was the worst video ever you should not do that yeah
michael Goodwin
Your a brat that needs a punch in the face.
Naya lyn Lujan
This house looks exactly like his this video is fake
Fahim Khan
Rosa Aguilera Silva
You ran like a little baby and screamed like a little girl
Grayson Unsworth
Let us see his face
Sarah Millican
2cattter catlover
I Love you visit me at ohio
Crystal Eichorn
Elizabeth R
it's his house guys
iheushw gegshhs
U said it looks the same as yours so u can try to make people think its ur old teachers house but really its your house
Alejandro js21
Fake fake fake fake fake fake that's his dad
tj spears
Ur old teacher is bald intestine lol😅😆😆😅😆
marie speakman
Was it really dessert to shoot the teacher the shooters kid could of got over it
jazmin B
that house is exacly urs
Angela Evans
Poor black chocolate male
caiden cordova
Its a dumb idea but fumny at the same time
Ojb Doge
Hold up that looks like my 3rd grade teacher
Janine Salina
Fake fake fake fake fake
Shayne Wagstaff
GamingWithAmmar Boi
'mr instine' 😂 I cant spell instine
Michael Davies
Jeff mandy Goforth
That is your dad stop lying to us 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Sport City
I’m pretty sure that was probably his house because first of all the guy didn’t notice the camera and he said it looks exact same which is a pretty big coincidence
Karan Pydiah
That's his dad
Jasmine Head
That is so fake it's probably his dad cas he said that the teachers house was the same a his fakkkkeee like if U agree
Michaelda Retard
Do you know why it looks exactly like his house because it is his house and that’s his Dad, because the thumbnail was not in the video.
Jack Davis
it is nobody
Sosossosososoososososososososososososososo fakkkkkikkkkkkkkkkke
Sophie Hart
debbie linden
Your teacher will get your parents and they be mad at you
Rubymarie Campbell
If I was you I wouldn't show the house
Keliesha Harris
I feel sorry for u
What did we do to deserve this?
laila safi
Click bait
anthoelsanto GOD
Lmao i did the something similar, me it was a lunch lady from my school and we did it at midnight then we went back at 2 am then at 4am then 7am we did it one last time until she got sick of our shit and chased us in the car and recognized us and called our parents
jason ko
it's a nock nock dich not a ding dong dich!
1.0 gaming
The Daily Zamilia
Uhh, it said skit in the description! can people not read!
dude I do ding dong ditch with my friends all the time I got cased in the dark with them by this guy dude good job and somebody looked through the window and we did YouTube videos but we will show a ding dong ditch video if some body's comes out this time keep up the good worck
Cameron Young
Why would you make this video and it wasn't even real and why would you say it was your teacher but really it was your dad.....
Luis Hernandez
it's a skit
Space Bros
Why is he wearing a red hoodie thats soo obvious
Gregory Bouldin
Why does he sound like a girl