Happy Birthday Aaron Kaufman!!

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Heehee. Just a shout out to A-ron on his b-day- I'm so happy to have been there for half of 27, all of 28..and into your 29th year on this planet. Here's to many more moons ol' man! -- Originally set to Otis Redding's "That's How Strong My Love is," alas, the tube forbids copyright infringement...so this version is set to my friend's music (buck!). :) Ha.

lwj w
he is one of the great fabricator's and car builder's, and he seems like a cool guy to hang out with or work with. I can see why he keeps a beard now. he looks like "the crimson chin" without it...
Anon Amous
Aaron hello from London England fella. Happy birthday! If that's ur mrs congrats she's for homez. Don't blame you for leaving Gas Monkey. Think Tricky Dicky needs you more than you need him. See you having your own show and smashing it!! Sad though you've built some SMOKIN' RIDES homez!!!! End of an era. Probably won't watch Gas Monkey anymore. Hope to see you on your OWN show. Peace and good luck mate. You've earned a break from GM and a break as in making it for yourself own show ect. You tha man! Peace
Aaron shaved = Thats not Arron Then came the beard pics and I was like OOOOOOOOOH It is Arron. Great Mechanic. Love Fast N Loud for both him and Richard. But I have to say mostly Arron. Some people you can read what kind of person they are from seeing them on TV. He comes off like a very nice guy. He is truly an asset for the show and to be honest I'm a huge fan of his. P.S. If he's ever signing anything I'd love an autograph. lol. I almost was gonna find a way to send a intake manifold to see if both him and Richard would sign it lol.
Por españa te seguimos AAron...!!! Dile a Richard que deje de tomar tantas cervezas que va explotar...
Dee Zet
Aaron I know this is an old clip, but I admire your skills man! Good luck to you from Rotterdam, The Netherlands (if you can find it on the map, LOL)
hotrodpinup all things cool
Aron you look like a young Bruce cambel without the beard
Ted Knur
I almost didn't believe it was him with out the beaird.
Don Stump
Happy Blessed Birthday.
Crist Jesus
 are a lucky asher basterd
David Kea
Not cheezy at all in my humble opinion.
Behind every great man is a great woman.
Shawn M
Wow she is smoking hot!!! Lucky man.... You better hold on to her tight.... Happy birthday bro..
debbie x
Love the Gas Monkey show we get it in the UK and we are big fans. What a gorgeous vid for your boyfriend :) The black and white pic is amazing. such a good pic of him - yup agree Aaron doesn't look like him beardless!  lol deb Manchester uk. 
Man he looks better without that bird nest on his face, great builder though, if he doesn't make six digits a year at Gas Monkey he is underpaid.
Do not have recognized Arona without a beard !!! A completely different person. But the girl is beautiful
• •
Great Builder 👍
You're lucky to have a woman like that, Aaron. Cherish her, man.
lovely song... & also thanks for introducing me to this artist.
Omar Jesid
Sound track name?
Simon W
the man behind the beard
Soldado de Juan José Torres
aaron scored himself a hottie
Love this song
holy shit there's a chin under that beard
Fantastic builder. I watched him TIG a set of  headers together once ,it should have gone to an art exhibition , it looked so complex.   That's a great shot where you spin round with your hair flying outwards, one for the album ! Perhaps he could do one with his beard flying outwards  : )
Cheesy but, it came from the heart. That is what counts the most. That is one cool sounding car.
Don Calaveras
Aaron Kaufman the boss
canadian voice
they got rid of all the great characters! i dont watch anymoe.
Victor Nazzari
papper airplane- Buck 65
Michal Okodoj
Arona good mechanic greet from Slovakia
Pedro Portalatin
Aaron we are going to miss you
Bud D
Doesn't even look like the dorky doofus we know as aaron without the beard ..........shave it .......shave it...........shave it ...........he shaves his beard il shave my eyebrows ....oct 2016 ......glad he will never ever see this Lol
Velho Narrador
I love this song
Alkapow Portstar
he was definitely punching above his weight when he got you lol.
Versace Copyrighted
I wanna punch Arron in the face
2bad hes a jew
Chris Craft
this is beautiful..
Muchas gracias, chocho.............CHOCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Magic Rat
Nicely done, the perfect match. Seeing Aaron clean shaven is a little strange but not as disturbing as the thong picture with Richard... I'm still having therapy :)
Kelvin Dejesus
Saludo a Aron y a Richard Desde la Republica Dominicana
Abdullah z
Gas monkey garage ran because of him
Alex Doktor
Que Grande Aaron kaufman, un saludo desde España.
it sounds a little bit like than aaron is singing?!....
erez hagag
Very nice present, looks like you have. Found your soul mate don't let him go . Love Aaron from israel
Dog Wood
Very talented guy. Oh, yes, very lucky too.
haha i'd never seen him without a beard
Francisco Javier Alchivet
Que tema mas bonito alguien sabe cual es
twisted spine motorcycles
very cool
Mladen Turčić
cool monkey aaron
felipercuta Peralta
Very Cut! Cheers from Barcelona Spain
Martin Allan
Are you then person who made this ???
He looks so funny w/o a beard haha
Ricky Nazario
Shave please !!!!
Alameda Jon
cool chick
Javirock 73
1:46 ¿Leo Mayer eres tu? XD
AA Ron looks like T.Reznor.
Great Aaron !!!
felipercuta Peralta
Buck 65
jonathon herron
what a great vid :)
Steven Ederer
Good shit.. test of time. Only the smoke fades, but love lasts.
Søren Guldbjerg
man, man :D u seem like me for 4-5 years ago a'ron :) i love building everything, and/or make it work :) and then... a bit tune-up offcourse :PP
John Nada
Gas monkey is nothing without Aaron! Oh... it was nice to finally see AK without the waterfall of pubes on his face
Aaron kinda looks like Bruce Campell without the beard!
Boz 61
A man that builds cool bikes and cool cars....and even resembles Johnny Cash when he.s holdin a guitar...
What a great dude! You made the right choice leaving Richard Rawlings. Good luck!!!!
XlxFLIPxlX #
i wish i could have him fix up my bike. but i cant make it to texas. or afford his workmanship lol. he seems like a real down to earth dude.
HAPPY BDAY ARON good luck with what ever you do you were the real star in gas monkey
MartinHunter Nemisis
looks better with a beard, this from a guy who has had one for many years,.. Think Phil Robertson 😎
AC boys racing
I figured there was a wrench under his beard... ha
Michael Edwards
Happy birthday from Australia to a brilliant car builder
Sandmann Miller
wish you many more years together and.... wow, respect to be so kind, honest and human...
Sam P
Wow you really should shave off that beard!
Kengo 1974
This was uploaded before Fast n' Loud!
joey jenks
with or without the beard he is cool ...
The name for the song please
Tom Eckert
That was very cool one word. Priceless you are to be honored bro for that
Anon Amous
Sorry damn corrective text. If that's your mrs she fit as fella
Andy Nixon
26th January is my birthday too . . . .
yojo mojo
Looks so different w/out the beard but not sure if it makes him look older or younger. It sounds alot lime Aaron doin the male lyrics on this track?!?!
Laurent Houdy
juste de l'amour !!
Kenneth Frady
very cool
LeandRocha 182
Agora eu sei comi ele é sem a barba..kkkkjkjkjk
Jimmy Roberts
that was soooo sweet of her
Willie Chestnut
Aron is my dude humble cool guy treat him right
Jefferson Ristitsch
whhat is the sound track:
I worship this man ..happy for you bro .
Manuel Fierro
hey aaron you are the men saludos desde sonora
Rich Holloway
Most Awesome
A lovely couple
Danny Standish
awesome vid
tio dano
Aaron kaufman é o cara
Can't keep a car original and built nothing but shit
shawn c
Cameron Cameron
you the man
Hector Restrepo
que lastima que sacaron el programa de la tv
eu sou a lenda
alguem pode me diser quem cantou esta musica do video agradeco
Buzz Light year
What’s the song? Shazam couldn’t pick it up
Fred Garvin
He looks 15yrs younger without that beard.
Crimar G
saludos desde ARGENTINA!!!!! lindo video
Maria Eduarda Frasson Duda
hei vc ai estao bem um abraso ja estamos quase la o uerom e a bmw ficou bem veloz um abraso