Parasitic (2010) Trailer

After a strange meteor destroys a communications satellite and crashes into Tampa Bay, A sickly looking fish finds itself the meal of a beautiful nightclub bartender named Val. Moments later as the bar is closed and locked tight, the infected Val quickly becomes ill and all Hell breaks loose. Hidden from the others, the parasite she has unknowingly eaten rapidly grows and violently bursts from her throat and becomes the puppet master for the chaos ahead. With no possible way to reach help or escape, the trapped club-goers must fight to survive and plan to destroy the creature before it is let loose into the world.

Filmed at The Castle in Ybor City.  LOL
The only thing I learned about this movie was that you should never buy sushi from white people... ever.
Off Beat
I dont even know how you ppl are like, it was bad, didnt see it, the trailer is digusting as fuck, don't wanna see it. wtf are you guys.. humanity is going towards idk waht kind of shit!
mokawha mokawha
google earth jejeje
Mar Be
Fucking netflix with the.low budget shit
Ignacio Granda Ordóñez
My God. What a piece of......
Emily Munchkinz
i got this movie at red box.............. stupidest movie i have ever seen thoses actors suck
Thats all that matters Try halloween haunt, evil eyball 2011 terrible movie but the women are amazing.
cheap copy of from dusk till dawn. it starts with looking interesting but slow progression and lack of contents really dragged me into boredom i couldnt finish watching it to end
Daniel McKenzie
What sick shit you into...?
The only good thing about this was the monster effects and that's literally it. No iconic music, cultural value, or even good memorable dialogue. It's so so very bad. So bad it's not even funny. Would make a great prank gift though.
Got it from RedBox... Glad people say they wasted their dollars to see this movie so that Redbox would supply it to me :D
Bjorn Jiskoot Jr. from Parasitic also starts in the Thriller Web-Cam. Trailers at Webcamthemovie1
And tentacles!
Brendan Corsi
Acting sucks butthole
Literally the worst piece of shit I've ever watched. Save yourself the suffering and just get Goon if you want to laugh
Exotic Thug
I just got it from RedBox 2-hours ago havent watched it yet ! People have their opinions on what they think about the movie
Violet Ortiz
Me siento tan mal de haber perdido 15 min de mi vida viendo parte de esta basura extrema de "pelicula", jamas habia visto actores tan malos, escenas tan pesima y guiones mas horrorosos, me arrepiento mil veces del tiempo perdido en esto. Es mejor ir al dentista q esto grrr
Worst movie i've ever seen
Ruth Zeleke
what the heck did i just watch
0:41 Cumshot?
Lol xD
ɹ ǝ ɟ ı u u ǝ ſ
yeah so did I!!!! GAY f** movie Forreal >:/
got tits in this movie?
You are joking right ?
Teo Tofte
If u aint got time for this shitt here. Watch it at the speed of 2,00x on vlc player. You can still here the voices... im just saying......
nae johnson
Got it from redbox and wasted my dollar..this movie sucks
this looks like a great movie... to whack off to
thatsthe true
i know its weird but i already know im gonna jerk it on this movie
LBZ 24
What the Fuck!
Hollywood movies are made for brainless
Couple of friends...and all clear
Brian Bradley
at 41 was that a penus
Looks ......shity..sorry.
reminds me of slither
Those dam lemons again.
Hold on a second, is that a penis on that chicks chest!? 0:37
Steven Sparks
looking fucking discusting =(
@bschoe2 Im not sure theres much of a line to blur.
Oh Noes! Penis monsters from outer space!!
Deloris Rosales
you can't escape whats inside you... my shit!!! i know i can't!
@Quionic7 idk, slither was really awesome, but just as james gunn, tim martin is a first time, so, how bout givin it a chance. besides, the trailer looks good...u never know. ...although i doubt it will be better than slither LMAO!
looks like a porno for some seriously messed up people
that was clearly a dick
This looks like a ripoff of Slither (which was awesome, but I doubt this is).
Lol, am i supposed to shit and jack off at the same time?
yo, does anyone have any websites where I can watch this? Cuz I searched the shit outta google and bing, and only found crappy links.
fucking stupid :(
when does this come out?
horror porn
0:40 Alien Penis XDD
Jose Rodriguez
this looks more like a horror porno
it's craaaaaptastic
Dan G
is this out yet? i want to see it XD
sleeper free fall
@HandzntheCookieJar hahahaha guess most of us horrorfans will.
Phantasmal Forerunner
ripe off of aliens
Giorgio P.
Genius and HOT!!
Tiantian Chen
another shit from hollywood...........
Joe Smith
I'd like to see this! and without a doubt, this could be true if it isn't already?... Parasites are already attacking us. I study Parasitology and it would blow your minds what's inside you and over 70% of the World!! Get Wormwood and Walnut extract and take it daily. The Parasite thing is for real!!!!!!!!