Braathens Regional (SAS) ✈ Saab 2000 [SE-LTX] ✈ Aalborg - Stockholm ✈ 20 DEC 2013

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Braathens Regional (SAS) ✈ Saab 2000 [SE-LTU] ✈ Aalborg - Stockholm ✈ 19 OCT 2014 /> Chronology 02:35 • Take-off 09:12 • Landing ======== Flight Information ======== • Braathens Regional (operating for SAS) • SK 880 • 20 DEC 2013 1435 Aalborg (AAL) • 20 DEC 2013 1550 Stockholm (ARN) • Seat • Saab 2000 • SE-LTX • Year 1995 ======== Video Information ======== • Camera: Nikon 1 J2 • Editor: Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 • Music: "Merry Go" - by Kevin MacLeod

Phantastic aircraft - one of the very best turboprops ever! What a pity Saab does not build this aircraft any longer!
Wonderful plane! I wish more local flights would use that...
Nice that you got the flight on video :). I also had flown with that one from Turku to Stockholm. I think you know what is it powered by :P
Al Bee
very nice video, and very detailed document on a Saab 2000 cabin interior. Thanks for sharing! Just a question: wasn't the cabin crew concerned for the fact that you were filming so thoroughly the cabin?
Elevate Bothnia
Det tar nästan lika långt tid från Ålborg till Arlanda som från Umeå till Arlanda. Undra just om det tar 6h med tåg Stockholm-Köpenhamn-Ålborg också xD Har faktiskt inte räknat på det...
Was there only one flight attendant on your flight? I really enjoyed the cabin interior detail!  Thank you for sharing :-)
I wish there were more aircraft like this. Too bad the ERJ's did a number on the SAAB 2000, nothing like the sound of a turbo prop.
The takeoff is like driving a dragrace car.... I was supprised! But there is 9200 total HP!!!
Don't know why, but always thought the Saab 2000 has 2 aisle 2 seat configuration. But however very nice vid.
The Aviation
Haha, i like the wheelchair in the begining, it walks like a robot
Josh Turner
Where is the flight attendant on this flight when you film the cabin tour
Lamar Boy
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Commander Russels
5:36 Women laughing at the autistic guy filming the airplane interior