Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You Live

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Three Days Grace performing I Hate Everything About You Live in Augusta GA in 2003

three days grace hate everything about you live tdg 3dg augusta 2003

the best song ever by the best band ever made
Rachel Reynolds
his voice is amazing OMG! his voice got different because of drugs :'( I wish he didnt start he sounds so good this sounds like the recorded version!
Perry David
@dontmesswithray nah hes probably been using drugs since before he even recorded this. his voice has gotten worn out imagine singing this evryday. listen to axl rose or mick jagger now and see bruh
kuroko akashi
Omg i was 3 when this happened
Gio Trapani
It's weird seeing Barry with a telecaster
dalton mckinzie
1:46 Voice Crack
Holy shit, such energy!
@dontmesswithray nah his voice got different cause he smokes so much and because of his singing style. pills don't change your voice.
Yasmin Thames
His voice echoes.. pretty cool!
@RudiRoss1 lol
Linda Schaffer
lol, look at barry at 3:08 :D
Davy Kogan
WTF? when it was?