Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker | First 10 Minutes | DC Kids

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Fairmount Taekwon Do Academy
Greatest animated movie intro ever! Like a James Bond opening. Awkward that this is posted on DC kids page though. This movie was kinda adult even with the edited version.
We need this series to come back
sylvia thimba
The nightmares I got from what happened to Timmy
This is why batman is my favorite. Even when he can't don the suit, there will always be a batman. I wish they would continue the show. I mean the comics are done well n the new suit he gets is amazing. But I love my animations
Escoteiro Arthur
This movie is one of the best animated movies from Dc.
Lil’ Ghost
Holy the music is amazing
Batman beyond is so underrated!! Loved it as a kid and still love it!!!
Bring this show #Back. #New Episodes
Randall Hedgehog
Beat Batman beyond movie ever
Can you Do the first 10 minutes of Trouble in Tokyo?
Lil’ Ghost
We need this live action tv series asap!
Vivek Kumar
I first saw it on cartoon network and it was awesome.I want old CN back😭😭
Danny Dangles09
The nostalgia is real dude I had this on DVD and I’d play it like 3 times a day😂😂
Beast Mode
When are you going to make a video when Jett and anaei are In there
Vinicius Karp Zboroviski
Batman lavas grappling hook
باتمان بيوند ليش تكتب لي اسمك
gamimg droid
Infancia 😭
شكرا باتمان بيوند اني احب قناة ك كلش
اني احبك واحب قناتك
Rebekah Lee
Batman beyond! I love the show, but I'm a little uneasy about this movie because Tim is my favorite Robin. Anyhow, this is great animation quality! Almost as good as Justice League Action.
Lil’ Ghost
Wait hold that Batman? Cuz his voice should sound deeper ;-;
Bronos X
this guy's upload is recent and new and people find it easily. I post a batman beyond video of my top batman beyond villains that is also new and nobody finds it and nobody cares.