HOW I GOT PAIN ULTIMATE IN 1 DAY | *New* Pain Raid | Naruto Blazing

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Dang respect for getting him "red" ultimate hehe
well, a pain is a pain, even though he's a bad character you do you Nagato
Naruto Uzumaki
Summary:u have no life that's why u have so much time on ur hands. *Hope u ain't offended* Nagato sama
Tobi Or Not To Be
You sir, make it hard for me to not love you
Vincent Martinus
Dang.. u really like pain huh? :v
Nice video dude
Its pain ! Ofc we max him
nice video i will farm itachi and pain hehe
Naruto Uzumaki
Bro why u wasting yo speed pills on pain,like I am struggling to speedpill ma units and u throwing away pearls like there ain't no tomorrow
Hatake Kakashi
Pain huh ? What type should we give to them ? *Bamco thinking* Wisdom and Heart cause it's a Pain
Keith Campbell
If u join your discord could u plz not ruin Naruto for me plz I'm begging
Opening 3❤
Prodigy Blazing
Dragon Ball Addiction
New to the channel and I gotta say, loving it here so far!
Ashutosh Gupta
The reason y u max lbed him in a day is not cuz u hv god like units ots cuz u r a die hard fan of pain and it led u farm the bad out of it
Rikudou X
Bruh wut...are you hacking?
:v :v
bro i dont know what you do but for me isnt same xD
Jason Anguished
Bandai: Now we'll make Nagato know even stronger pain
The Lion
you brooo how you get that fast ultimate an limit brake character maaaaaan
man you are crazy😂
Coquise Davenport
Damn are you in school??
Neki SdoppiaMEME
xd dx
jiraya ultimate on pvp now
Legend Gannicus
Sorry your fav character keeps getting shafted. Kakashi’s my fav and all of his units in the game are at least decent lol
Super God Fist
When I get one drop for Chino you get the new pain ultimate 😂
02 is overrated
Will you do ninja road with all the Pains?
Theo Iakovidis
pain so bad man
Did you just say to ultimate itachi? Which Itachi???
Well done for you man but this pain is big trash..
Should I ultimate heart Chino or wait for this pain 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Sasuke Uchiha
What's the intro song?
Lip 01
Bro I wish to live the day u see you gather all 6 of the Pain!
Wave Papi
You have far too much free time i still like your vudeo tho
I got Chino ultimate last night XD all these raids feel so easy with the broken ass units we have now
oSo Sypherz
Mind explaining whats good about enchanting the limit break crystals
Shadow Gibson
I'm sad
Rikudo Sennin Uchiha Madara Uchiha
Well of course you will in 1 day you are the biggest pain/nagato fan in the world
Moetarunokai Gaming
Trash to ultimate*
Derick Brown
Wish me luck. My first pull on the jiraiya banner was a no 5 star😭😭😭
Boltorami kitaro
I got 99 luck in one day
Broken X
*seesNagatosVid* *HasAlmostAlltheUnitsExceptForJiraiya* (΄◉◞౪◟◉`) there goes my wallet