Digimon Tri - All Warp Shinka + Omegamon [HD]

Hi everyone! Thanks for watching this video. I hope you enjoy it. I decided to make the evolution sequences for Omegamon and Omegamon Mercyfull Mode so I hope you like them. My FB: />My Twitter: /> I do not own the material used in this video, but the edition. All rights reserved to its respective owners.

We lost another one this year boys, at the end of the year as well Toshiko, Taichis actor, passed on
Jiju Paul
I will say one thing... Gatomon has the weirdest evolution chain!!! Dog > Cat > Angel > Dragon...
Hey guys, if you watched the first season on cable , guess what......we are old af
zero cloud
My cat evolved into a lion while watching this
José Luis Mireles Espinoza
I'm not crying, you are...
Capitán Capri
Rosemon and Angewomon look good n' all But those bounces and movements were on purpose
Johnny Schriber
Beautiful, simply beautiful. Those who grew up watching digimon had the best childhood.
Kizito Umunakwe
Anyone else very disappointed that Angewomon didn't evolve into Ophanimon?
isaac gomez
4:03 thats why you are here
João Bruno
O Brasil adora Digimon saudades da minha infância!!! Bons tempos. ,😢😢
khevin flores olivares
4:25 -¡¡War-Greymon!! -¡¡Metal-Garurumon!! -DNA Digivolves aaaaaaaaa!!!! -¡¡¡OMEGAMON!!! 4:55 Omegamon cambio de modo... MERCIFUL MOOOOODE!!!!
ahri bae
this song makes me cry everytime. good memories. I will never forget digimon
Manh-Hai Müller
Oh yeah baby 😎! So iconic! The best digimon ever! The Animation is Epic!
Eden Entite
Outro dia aqui em casa fui abrir a garrafa de extrato de tomate, ela estourou igualzinho a essa transformação do Wargreymon.
Joseph Daniel Pardo
Felicidades te quedo muy hermoso comparado como nos lo dio TOE animation muchas gracias 💙
Melissa ka
Que lindooo me Enamoré!!! 😍😍 Pero nunca vi sus capítulos subtitulado en castellano 😭😭😭😭😭
3 words. Better than Bandai.
Oh my you made my day !!! Rosemon petals ;) Gomamon's charm when evolving :D That thumb :0 And I couldn't stop singing Thanks so much !!!
I may like Pokemon, but Digimon will forever be my favorite...always liked those designs better.
Mauricio Contreras
Quedo excelente como siempre 😃😃
Aztarothh Blabla
Que van a saber de digimons la generación de ahora. Los de la vieja escuela entenderán.
ammar bajri
never vanish from my mine😭😭...ohhhh,this feeling 🤧
Thx Charles :’)
꧁Talking Shit꧂
So, they are blinded become as one. Insane.
これもこれで良いと思う。 けどやっぱり初代の進化の時のクルクルとワープ進化の仕方が好き!思い出補正たっぷり。
Tyene1218 91701
This is what should’ve been. I genuinely hope after the release of the new game there would be more marketing for this amazing franchise and I hope for newer games to come and perhaps a new show. Thank you for making this. You rock!
Santi Taweesamarn
Getting chills from looking at all these warp shinka lol...haven't watch digimon probably in the past 15 years...
in the off the video was that onimon hybrid form ??
オファニモンだー! と思ったらホーリードラモン… なんでや…セラフィモンときたらオファニモンやと思うやん…
Jonathan Guerrero
The other members of the gang should’ve had warp digivolves too
Amsyar Upgrade
I heard a sound of Fang Memory from Kamen Rider W
Magali Germano
Porque não colocá o nome dos Digimon em baixo na tela para todo mundo ver fica melhor
Bernat Vilardebó Cervera
Los mejores son herkules kabuterimon y seraphimon sin duda
I cant image how was the reaction when fans saw this for first TIME MY CHILDHOOD RETURNS LIKE A METEOR OMFG
Tyene1218 91701
Holydramon is my GODDESS!
Chris Ridgeway
oh god the nostalgia
Grisel Paiz
So, the more I evolve the thinner my waist?
tri.はまだ、観ていませんが、このワープ進化だけ見たのに、何故か泣きました。無印の頃から観てたのでそれを思い出して。 もちろん、ストーリーは良いですが、この進化の過程もストーリー並みに素晴らしいので、曲とあってるし、とにかく一度は無印から観ると良いかな。近々、tri.もみようと思います。
Glamorous Doe
Wait, YOU MADE THIS ON YOUR OWN. I thought this was cannon, omg!. You are very good at what you do, this is incredible, beautiful even!.
Shubham Gupta
I watched English version and loved it now I watch Japanese version and fall in love all over again
Rodrigo Apaza Jurado
Me dio un orgasmo al ver semejantes digievoluciones:0 cuando sale al latino esta serie
nick larkin
they need to put that last form in a digimon game I grinded hackers memory till I got all the digivolutions i wanted
..... are you a god?
MVMS play
Bom, mas foram Muito rápidas as imagens
Geovani Ariel
Esta Super Mega Excelente / Te felicito! 👏🏻🤩
That jogress sequence was just... Muah!😘
Chromium Ranger
The Omegamon and Merciful Mode ones look fantastic!
Cesar Famer
Tremendo!!! La piel se me eriza, el sonido y la gráfica son espectaculares y la música me traslada al living de mi casa en mi niñez a ese día que vi a los niños elegidos por primera vez en el digimundo EMOCIONNN!!!
michael Tan
Omg. Mega forms, I only saw wargremon, metal garurumon when I was a child. I love this!
David Xatsialeξandrou
Λατρεύουμε τα digimon 💕💕💕💕💕
Agumons voice is the same as goku! In portuguese is tottaly differente though
Dinesh Ong
Damn Fucking Nice!!! Thank You for doing the best edition!! ^^
Chris M
Excellently done! I legit thought this was a sequence in the Tri series, maybe in the final chapter where all the megas finally fight together. Nonetheless, well done!
Lou Benedict Tungol II
Epic! This brings tears, chills and a smile. The editing is seamless.
I love this method of depicting warp shinka. The old way worked for the time, but it was of the time. I love that we get that 'elevation' between each stage that makes it look like (in most cases) the warp shinka is one continuous process and each stage almost 'throws upwards' to their next stage. Mostly.
MetalGarurumon. Finally, it was long waiting. Holydramon is fine, but I am Ophanimon's fan. And, why Takeru and Hikari never used digi-eggs to armor evolve Patamon and Tailmon to Pegasusmon and Nefertimon?
Barun Gamer
Old memories my favourite
Dude, this looks official af. Your editing is top notch!
You've got talent. At first I thought this was real until I remember that they never warp shinka in the movies. Awesome job.
Oh, wait a minute, you did that? I was thinking this is a official video lol, this is awesome man, congrats!!.
Sean P
Although I like Magnadramon, i kinda wish Angewomon digivolved into Ophanimon.
クレーン クレーン
Anne Angels
De tanto assistir gravei s música na memória! Kkkkkk!,nostálgia!
Laura Capobasso
Wow! Amazing!
Zephyr Nro XI
Que alguien contrate a este sujeto por el amor de omegamon
Fê Lipe
Até os fãs fazem melhor que os produtores de Tri, incrível.
Aubrun M
Gives me goosebumps every darn time😯😯😯😯
Shinka means Evolution, that´s why in Pokemon it is named Mega - Shinka
Cyka Blyat
4:03 Wow Angewoman never be this so sexy.
Justine Reyes
digimon adventure is the best than others ❤️
Omni The Leader
Succ The hedgehog
Im dying of awsomes and NOSTALGIA
я так перевозбудился, что обляпал весь экран (Слава, 22 годика)
1:00 como olvidar cuando Diego de la era de hielo se convirtió en Metalgarurumon :v
Matrix Teknologies Inc
the original warp digimon sequency still the best
Brody D. Haptism
Thank you for the upload, I am crying because I just remembered myself that I have to have more courage, believe more in friendship, be more lovely and became again in an extraordinary person. Thank you so much.
Isaac Ghw cba
wow!!!! you made it better than the original, is amazing, congratulations from Spain :)
Kennedy Raphael Rodrigues Coelho
Ficou melhor esse esquema de digevoluções do que o oficial
DAMN !!!!! THOSE TATAS AT ROSE DIGIMON ! All giggly and stuff lol
tangsang limbu
Thanks. Brought back memories
wort Bowther
Omg...thanks for doing this!! Merciful Mode too!!! Best one yet!! ^^
Abner Cortes Bravo
Solo puedo decir excelente trabajo... imposible no disfrutar este vídeo...
Jing Wang
My life is now complete !! Thank you
sandy kulchyski
Lillymon cutesy anime character during the day then she turns into Rosemon(don't remember if that actual name) the suductive anime character at night in like 2.5 secs lol
dainel seve denile
Such An Amazing Show!
fefe xd
The best editing is history 😍
Sajaa Elyaman
You glorious bastard! There are literal tears in my eyes after watching this! My childhood just got 100% more badass than it was! Thank you so much for making this!
nada mal, aun que el dragon de Kari nunca pense que siempre fuese canon ademas de que nunca comprendi la tabla de evolucion de digimon
Hyunyae Kim
Go pikachu!
sora's bird went to looking like a bird at mega. lol
Jed Orlando Silva Ret
Why the most power digievolution looks like sailor Moon make Up
Shin RA
After all these years... Angewomon is still nr 1 bae for me 😎👍
Gleidison Rocha
OMG You're an editing god