Digimon Tri - All Warp Shinka + Omegamon [HD]

Hi everyone! Thanks for watching this video. I hope you enjoy it. I decided to make the evolution sequences for Omegamon and Omegamon Mercyfull Mode so I hope you like them. My FB: />My Twitter: /> I do not own the material used in this video, but the edition. All rights reserved to its respective owners.

We lost another one this year boys, at the end of the year as well Toshiko, Taichis actor, passed on
José Luis Mireles Espinoza
I'm not crying, you are...
Johnny Schriber
Beautiful, simply beautiful. Those who grew up watching digimon had the best childhood.
isaac gomez
4:03 thats why you are here
Mauricio Contreras
Quedo excelente como siempre 😃😃
Hey guys, if you watched the first season on cable , guess what......we are old af
Aztarothh Blabla
Que van a saber de digimons la generación de ahora. Los de la vieja escuela entenderán.
ahri bae
this song makes me cry everytime. good memories. I will never forget digimon
Agumons voice is the same as goku! In portuguese is tottaly differente though
Capitán Capri
Rosemon and Angewomon look good n' all But those bounces and movements were on purpose
Oh my you made my day !!! Rosemon petals ;) Gomamon's charm when evolving :D That thumb :0 And I couldn't stop singing Thanks so much !!!
Joseph Daniel Pardo
Felicidades te quedo muy hermoso comparado como nos lo dio TOE animation muchas gracias 💙
Glamorous Doe
Wait, YOU MADE THIS ON YOUR OWN. I thought this was cannon, omg!. You are very good at what you do, this is incredible, beautiful even!.
Alpha Jay 3.0
_The Animation is Gorgeous_
Chromium Ranger
The Omegamon and Merciful Mode ones look fantastic!
draconath Firesoul
the editing was good for this
Sean P
Although I like Magnadramon, i kinda wish Angewomon digivolved into Ophanimon.
Eden Entite
Outro dia aqui em casa fui abrir a garrafa de extrato de tomate, ela estourou igualzinho a essa transformação do Wargreymon.
Justine Reyes
digimon adventure is the best than others ❤️
ammar bajri
never vanish from my mine😭😭...ohhhh,this feeling 🤧
dainel seve denile
Such An Amazing Show!
..... are you a god?
Tyene1218 91701
Holydramon is my GODDESS!
Tyene1218 91701
This is what should’ve been. I genuinely hope after the release of the new game there would be more marketing for this amazing franchise and I hope for newer games to come and perhaps a new show. Thank you for making this. You rock!
Thx Charles :’)
Azazel Husky
What is the song that plays in this? I need it
Dafi Hale
After beautiful angel.... comes ugly catfish
ホーリードラモンが ポケモンみたい
felix Justian
holydramon or orphanimon ????
R .R
Why do people imply that they think the person who made this video also made the animations, when all he did was edit things slightly, I mean I like what he did here but people are acting like the animations here are better than the movie when they're the same thing
Fê Lipe
Até os fãs fazem melhor que os produtores de Tri, incrível.
ScioniChaoz GTR
Love the Video .. Been a fan since childhood. .. still am to this day .. I cant wait to see the TRI movies , I have not seem them yet. I saw the first 3 , know where I could watch them online at, like and kissanime.com sites ? I also hear they are making yet another season with the original 8 Digimon kids a lot older, past high school. As long as there are fans , there will always be more Digimon 😃 😎 😍
結果大家合體了 我也想跟天女獸 還是花仙獸合體
khevin flores olivares
4:25 -¡¡War-Greymon!! -¡¡Metal-Garurumon!! -DNA Digivolves aaaaaaaaa!!!! -¡¡¡OMEGAMON!!! 4:55 Omegamon cambio de modo... MERCIFUL MOOOOODE!!!!
Zephyr No XI
Que alguien contrate a este sujeto por el amor de omegamon
I cant image how was the reaction when fans saw this for first TIME MY CHILDHOOD RETURNS LIKE A METEOR OMFG
oh come on!!!! Toei you can learn a few things of how to make a digivolution from this guy.
old skool
Chris M
Excellently done! I legit thought this was a sequence in the Tri series, maybe in the final chapter where all the megas finally fight together. Nonetheless, well done!
David Xatsialeξandrou
Λατρεύουμε τα digimon 💕💕💕💕💕
Omni The Leader
El Rocky Raccoon
I get chills on my spine whenever the guitar string followed by the heart bump happens before every digi-evolution. DAMN. THE FEELS.
... Why is holydramon??? Opanimon falldown mode changed mode is holydramon? Why not opanimon?
Farley Calu Bomfa
I get really pissed when I see the Digivolution of Tailmon for Holydramon she was to turn Alphanimon into her Mega form, Toei Animation coaxed with the fans doing it
Isaac Ghw cba
wow!!!! you made it better than the original, is amazing, congratulations from Spain :)
I'm so glad tri fixed the one consistent problem since original: everyone gets an Ultimate form that isn't hinted or alluded to
I love this method of depicting warp shinka. The old way worked for the time, but it was of the time. I love that we get that 'elevation' between each stage that makes it look like (in most cases) the warp shinka is one continuous process and each stage almost 'throws upwards' to their next stage. Mostly.
Ricky Sousa
Meu desenho favorito😍❤❤❤
Deimos Van Vasten
Brave heart the best digimon soundtrack by far, this remastered version is good but the first one is another level
Antonio Kralj
Why they changed dramon claws on wargreymon is beyond logic, what was wrong with old version, it was fine before :/
katana on omegamon? srsly? that is just.... no.... Though those wings and slender design looks fine. But tbh Omegamon X looks 100 times better than merciful mode.....
Ramon Casilla
My digimons Omegamon Metal lighgarurudramon Mail HouHoumon Rosewomon Vikemarimon Silphyseraphimon Holysilphydramon Ligh omegadramon Ligh omegadramon miserycor mode
KH_ Obsessed
Ok so image if digimon was real and you were a digidestin witch one fits your personality mine is T.K I am just like him and I also love patamon so 2 for 2!
Jowy Ng
they should really hired you for the movie , what a wonderful works. you are just incredible.
MetalGarurumon. Finally, it was long waiting. Holydramon is fine, but I am Ophanimon's fan. And, why Takeru and Hikari never used digi-eggs to armor evolve Patamon and Tailmon to Pegasusmon and Nefertimon?
Ashley Lightheart
So I'm currently taking a class in after effects so I have a semblance of an idea on how these are done but damn, aside from 5:11 onwards, these look crazy real and I would believe was made by the actual crew if they used it in the show. Omegamon's digivolution is crazy amazing.
akashdeep jadhav
woho thanks buddy was waiting too see wargreymon.weregarurumon. 👍👍👍
Angewomon WTH was that form from turn on to turn off my childhood NOOOOOOO (>QAQ)>
Honestly the 'your powers combined' Omegaman was really disappointing. In the movie it really serves no purpose since the digimon were winning the fight anyway, and the idea of just giving Omegamon wings seems really cheap and lazy. I'd have rather the other 6 get fusions as well.
Xuw The Pirate
The Most Amazing The Most Beautiful Thing I Have EVER Seen In My Life...Gorgeous Work
Sean Acedera
I like it... the way they evolve and the evolution to agumon and gabumon into omegamon was awesome 😍😍😍
Guilherme Correia
Procurei algum comentário em br (Brasil) e sinceramente esse e o melhor vídeo das evoluções dos digimons do mundo 😍😍😍😍
Dinesh Ong
Damn Fucking Nice!!! Thank You for doing the best edition!! ^^
Magali Germano
Porque não colocá o nome dos Digimon em baixo na tela para todo mundo ver fica melhor
Dude, this looks official af. Your editing is top notch!
Fallen Moon
I got a question, did the season 2 (Digimon adventure season 2) main characters die from Alphamon? Cuz that's what it showed in the first episode in digimon tri
Rolo Dwayne
Omnimon merciful mode vs imperialdramon paladin mode 🤔
Inrglctc O
Wooooooow so Omegamon's new mode is the new skinny legend 🤔
Oh, wait a minute, you did that? I was thinking this is a official video lol, this is awesome man, congrats!!.
Asraf Latif
Better than the awful digimon tri. most of the time wasted because they did not do the warp shinka sequences.
Xyphril Silentium
Why does Agumon's voice sound so familiar?? Childhood memories aaaack
This guy deserves more subs im speechless..
maka bebe
angewomon's so sexy, i wish her final form isn't a cat dragon but another sexy angel
awesome job sir. love that you added in holydramon and omegamon mm
Angelus Marcarita
Just one word, "Amazing" the dream is complete now. All of them in mega version
Miguel Faican
Ty for this
biyomon and gomamon's warp evolution doesn't look so special. while the others became robotic and humanoid looking, they still remain looking like fluffy animal.
Geovani Ariel
Esta Super Mega Excelente / Te felicito! 👏🏻🤩
Fatwa Suryaman
My childhood 😭😭😭
右 乳 首 皆のアイドル
Really??? Angewomans final form is Spyro the Dragon...
Connor Scott
So I always thought that the ultimate level Digimon would have a super burly voice, as the only basis I had was the dub.. and then I heard seraphimon
Omg...thanks for doing this!! Merciful Mode too!!! Best one yet!! ^^
Baemax 14
I don't know how this got on my recommended but im sure glad I saw it :') so much nostalgia! 5:40 well spent
Izact Aztmera
the editing was so Awesome!!! woah!! i nailed it dude!!!
Marcos Carvalho
Another opinion, the end poses and even some digievolutions were really rushed. Even if the quality was nowhere near the actual one, most of the original digievolutions gave the feeling of a real tranformation.
Small cirtique You dont need plotmon in her sequence Tailmon at least in the psp reboot can warp evolve even from adult stage
Cesar Famer
Tremendo!!! La piel se me eriza, el sonido y la gráfica son espectaculares y la música me traslada al living de mi casa en mi niñez a ese día que vi a los niños elegidos por primera vez en el digimundo EMOCIONNN!!!
michael Tan
Omg. Mega forms, I only saw wargremon, metal garurumon when I was a child. I love this!
Dark Justice
While watching this I am also digivolving in my head. Am I going crazy? Don't care, it's worth it though. 😂
That was amazing! The only thing I'd change, is have each individual Mega call out their names at the end, when combining for Omnimon Mercyful Mode