10 Fragrances that Women LOVE

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Men's Fragrance Recommendations 1:09 Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua 2018 2:37 Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP 4:01 Prada L'homme L'eau 4:57 /> 6:55 Valentino Uomo Noire Absolu 7:36 /> 9:17 Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum 10:44 Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu 11:12 Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum WINNER: /> My Product Recommendations: /> Top 5 Fragrances for Men: /> Top 5 Perfumes for Women: /> Add me on Social Media: „Jeremy Fragrance“ My Website: /> Jeremy Fragrance is a participant in the Amazon Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon Affiliate Links.

Martin Kuhn
Lol. "I give it something between 4 and 6 but not 5."
Upvote this if you think she should be a regular!
Lay off the cocaine, girl!
Was she high?
Either shes crazy nervous or on coke shes rattling like crazy
Joseph Bermudez
I bought 6 colognes referred by Jeremy here and all I wanna say is, THANK YOU! Dude, everyone recognizes me as the best smelling guy around, always fresh and masculine. I bought Dior Sauvage EDT, Bleu de Chanel EDP, Aventus Creed, Carolina Herrera Prive, Dolce Gabanna The One EDP, and Versace Euros. Guys, I HIGHLY recommend these colognes, they make you smell like a man. Some guy told me I smelled like sex. Some woman MOANED in the elevator and said, "Oh my gosh, you smell amazing!" The next cologne on my list recommended from Jeremy is Chanel Allure Homme Sport. Thank you, Jeremy, for your help!
Despite the fact that she rated Prada L’Homme (one of my fav perfumme) as 5 /10, I rate her cleavage as 10 out of 10
Ruthless Bone
I'm not a fan of blonde's but this one was exceptional!
she is high bro
Her reaction at 7:59 😂 a really lovely, funny and direct girl 👍🏻
Zarep Zarif
I think she like the smell of weed too😂
Can’t wait for the top spring fragrances 2018. Video
Cocaine or meth?
Fatih Albayrak
I think she is the most beautiful girl in your videos Jeremy :)
Stevo Atkin
Beautiful Sophie ..who definitely looks drunk. Good review Jeremy. D&G The One Rocks.
Yasmine Saih
You look really disturbed by her Jeremy (haha). She knows nothing about perfumes unfortunately, she says she doesn't like sweet perfumes but she always pick the sweetest (in this and the last video) but she's cute and funny to watch, it's like she drank too much energy drinks. The part that made me laugh the most was about Sauvage, "it smells like a pretty flower... I could imagine this on a girl too" LOL.
Ankit Kapadia
She seems to be high. Must be an after effect of the last nights party. Wow good she didn't forget to put her cloths on.
She is absolutely adorable, however she should probably lay off the opioids.
curious what you think of the new ADG... damn.. dunhill ... I gotta try that one.. This girl is very beautiful.. You are lucky to always be in the company of such beautiful women... she did look a little bit like... How do i put this... Like if she was at a party all night drinking and you brought her home.. Did 500 pushups on her.. and then she took too much xanax... but you said no no u can't sleep.. and you made her put her dress back on and do a video..
Rahul Singh Yadav
Ok, so is it just me that she is a bit high?
Canon Wildz
Love your channel... I watch religiously now lol always great picks
Nikhil Govind
Jeremy, I feel quality of your videos are comming down Were is your magical touch? All your recent videos concentrates more on girls and less on perfumes. D&G The One EDP smells fresh out of shower 😱😱😱 Please improve quality of your videos. You are a legend among reviewers.Pls maintain the high standards that you have set for the fragrance community Very humble request from one of your channel follower from India
Damn that girl is stoned :D
I love ur channel Jeremy. Even tough I wasn‘t overly into Fragrences before I know have gotten Versace Dylan Blue and Dior Sauvage because of you. Keep up the great work dude! Grüße aus Bayern ;)
bello dalhat
Next time try sober personalities, this is a serious issue, her judgement could have bearing on purchase pendulum of alot of people!
Jose Velazquez
And Now I gotta go get Dunhill Icon Racing...
Alvaro Pérez Alvarez
By the way, congratulations over the video, this is the kínd of video that I like in your channel
Anas fahim
She is too cute n innocent😁
Germany has the most beautiful women on earth.
jimmy matho
You need to make the video after you .....please them....not before where she can't even concentrate in anticipation of your German wiener.
Henry M.
she gets a 10...they get a 20. (how come Jeremy has a thing about zooming in from time to time?).  valentino noire got a kick in the nads! Nothing like the original Uomo for me.  does anyone know if dunhill racing is already available in the States?
Your girl, is she highy?
Great personality =boobs 🤣😂
PK Blondie
She thinks sweet is fresh because she's either inebriated or hung over.....wow...ditzy
Banana Joe
I miss Lara on this Channel,when so you upload the next viedeo with her Bro?
Patrick Echevarria
I’m not surprised with the winner. Love Dunhill Icon and although I have not smelled Dunhil Racing yet, I kinda have a feeling it’s great too👌🏻
Shes unsophisticated by virtue of being young, it doesn't suit or complement your image well.
and you compare the 2018 version of invictus aqua to the 2016 version. theres other comparison videos out there. but im want the opinion of the best.
Luxury Sadness
Started From The Bottom now you here
Azzedine Mili
Stronger with you a fresh sexy haha she is drunk she just party last night and jeremy brought her
Alex Link
Prada L homme, had a co worker tell me if she smelled me wearing that at a bar she would have a one night stand!
Mionsz ;DD
Lara plz come back
Love her make up! I'm getting some prada girl I don't care... :P
Sugirthan Christy
Bro try dunhill icon. U never talk abt that.
Oh god she is gorgeous
Aleck Ng
she's a little flustered....I'd say there's something under the table there Jeremy :D
Aditya Ghosh
Says " I like fresh fragrance." Rejects dior sauvage?!🤔
It is 1:15 AM, I am drinking a beer and see Jeremy' sunday video, like it was the premier of a pretty god movie ✌🤣✌ Cheers King of Fragances.
Jorge Melchor
Hey Jeremy why you don't try be more neutral with your gestures. Because probably that influence the answer of the girls. Saludos from México...
I would rate this between 4 and 6, but not 5 :D makes sense! She has great "personalities" ;)
5:42 a little tease of what was bound to happen after this vid was shot. Damn I love this guy and the hosts he brings.
Kosmo Kramer
hope she never fixes her accent.
D&G The One might just be the safest fragrance of all time. It seems like every girl loves it.
John Klonaris
Great episode excellent recommendations
kh Sajib
she is highhh
Martin Kuhn
She is great, but Lara is still the best.
The Bopper
Looks to me that she's had a few pre vid cocktails!! lol
khashvir persad
Hey jeremy, what are your thoughts on the new re-release of invictus aqua and its performance as compared to the older formulation, because i do not own the old formulation but i want to try aqua
That's My Channel [89]
omg she’s so sweet, her little accent... awwww 😍😍😍
L. Szabó
total süß und sehr natürlich die junge Dame <3
You should do a blind test, and get people to guess if its a male or female fragrance.
Robert Oporto
She’s super hot,but she’s killing the review
f lewis
Jeremy , can we please swap lives , you can come and live here in Australia , I'll be more than happy to go and live in Germany , as long as I can marry that girl.
How dare you flash the Acqua Di Gio Absolu and not say anything about it!!
Waqar Khan
Beautiful girl but looking unhappy
fitz 90
During breaktime from my work , again, jeremy had just uploaded new videos, Like it!! #Fragrancearmy
Lars 87
Faltó Ultra Male (Jean Paul Gaultier)... I like! 👍🏼
Where is la nuit de l'homme ?😢
S Sing
She calls the bottle a package..ok
William Sundqvist
I started to Watch Jeremy recently and he made me buy a new Cologne. It was three different that I chose between, it was Dior Sauvage, Versace Eros and Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male. I ended up buying ultra male👌🏽👍🏽
Non Ego Lifting Natty
5:42 😏
Dream Music
Which is a safer blind buy? Prada Amber Pour Homme or Amber Intense?
Chuck Bass
Sophie is the best
Lion Queen
The way she describes the fragrances shows how clueless she is. She seems very shallow, she fulfills every stereotype of a blonde girl lol
Michael Sans
Don’t ask chicks what they like tell them what they like
Radu Gabriel
Great video as usual, Jeremy. I really like her and her choices. Definitely the best girl so far. And oh my God, her accent is AMAZING. ❤️
Top 10 best underused/unique fragrances for men please. So for example no Dior Sauvage because everyone wears it now
I have been using Stronger with you during the winter. It is really good, warmy fragrance. It kinda reminds me of 1 million but in a much better way. It's not as annoying as 1 million. So it's def a good fragrance.
Eren Saglam
Totale geiles Video musste manchmal lachen
Mason Park
Creed Aventus anyone?
Snsndmdmleledm Siwlme
Gutes Video.. I like to watch ur english Videos more than ur German Videos ^^.
Kareem Taleb
Jeremy your the greatest and give all the information needed ! Keep it up please
noah stump
Yall know why im here For an excellent fragrence reveiw by jermey of course
BeBeast Vlogs
Hell yes. Notification gang.
Cem Cemonyaque
I love this girl! She can be one of the best 😉
Stronger With You as fresh?!? lol
Clayton Stacey
Please do a full review of the new invictus Aqua
Good Morning Beautiful world
Ricky bee
Is she drunk or something 🤣
Tiege Hanley
She's gotta be high or drunk.
Chris Anthony
thank you for bringing good stuff bCk!
2018 Mafia
Awsome Video Jeremy ! Don't stop.
She's cute
Mr Sillage
WOW... WHAT A SHOCKING WINNER! I WASN'T EXPECTING THAT! Great job to guys. Shes really cool to have in the show Jeremy! #Fragrancearmy #Sacrifice #Power
Tomasz Pisarek
Dear Jeremy I just got back from one of the craziest parties in my life. Just as I've ever told you about this PR one-million memory, I've only experienced flashbacks from you. I used Stronger with you. The girl can not stop and hang the braided games. Something amazing. Peace fragrance army✌🏻
Shovit O Saga
This man is so real.
Jeremy....Your asst. is a KEEPER!!!!
Mateusz Ślusarski
New Invictus Aqua 2018? :D
S. Julien Höck
Diese Brüste...!
pav_s2003 pavan
Jeremy . You are a super 🌟.