10 Fragrances that Women LOVE

Men's Fragrance Recommendations 1:09 Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua 2018 2:37 Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP 4:01 Prada L'homme L'eau 4:57 /> 6:55 Valentino Uomo Noire Absolu 7:36 /> 9:17 Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum 10:44 Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu 11:12 Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum WINNER: /> My Product Recommendations: /> Top 5 Fragrances for Men: /> Top 5 Perfumes for Women: /> Add me on Social Media: „Jeremy Fragrance“ My Website: /> Jeremy Fragrance is a participant in the Amazon Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon Affiliate Links.

Either shes crazy nervous or on coke shes rattling like crazy
EraXo Bekiroglu
Zarep Zarif
I think she like the smell of weed too😂
Upvote this if you think she should be a regular!
Ruthless Bone
I'm not a fan of blonde's but this one was exceptional!
Her reaction at 7:59 😂 a really lovely, funny and direct girl 👍🏻
Despite the fact that she rated Prada L’Homme (one of my fav perfumme) as 5 /10, I rate her cleavage as 10 out of 10
Damn that girl is stoned :D
she is high bro
Joseph Bermudez
I bought 6 colognes referred by Jeremy here and all I wanna say is, THANK YOU! Dude, everyone recognizes me as the best smelling guy around, always fresh and masculine. I bought Dior Sauvage EDT, Bleu de Chanel EDP, Aventus Creed, Carolina Herrera Prive, Dolce Gabanna The One EDP, and Versace Euros. Guys, I HIGHLY recommend these colognes, they make you smell like a man. Some guy told me I smelled like sex. Some woman MOANED in the elevator and said, "Oh my gosh, you smell amazing!" The next cologne on my list recommended from Jeremy is Chanel Allure Homme Sport. Thank you, Jeremy, for your help!
Rahul Singh Yadav
Ok, so is it just me that she is a bit high?
Stevo Atkin
Beautiful Sophie ..who definitely looks drunk. Good review Jeremy. D&G The One Rocks.
Universum Ich
Ich feier Dich echt!!!! Genial, wenn man an seine Träume glaubt und sich diese dann wirklich in die Realtät übergehen. Ich finde Du bist nen echt cooler Typ!!! Weiter so und immer ehrlich bleiben!! Gordon Gere
Was she high?
Waqar Khan
Beautiful girl but looking unhappy
Leví Ozymandias
100% real no fake? PD: gracias por los subtitulos en español
Aditya Ghosh
Says " I like fresh fragrance." Rejects dior sauvage?!🤔
Lars 87
Faltó Ultra Male (Jean Paul Gaultier)... I like! 👍🏼
I would rate this between 4 and 6, but not 5 :D makes sense! She has great "personalities" ;)
Alvaro Pérez Alvarez
By the way, congratulations over the video, this is the kínd of video that I like in your channel
f lewis
Jeremy , can we please swap lives , you can come and live here in Australia , I'll be more than happy to go and live in Germany , as long as I can marry that girl.
Mohd Rizuan Mohd Rashlin
Jeremy... you so handsome.
Supergirl and Tom Cruise
Eren Saglam
Totale geiles Video musste manchmal lachen
Joshua Cook
Jeremy, great review as always and also your guest is simply, Wow!! Looking forward to see her adorable self in future videos!
Top 10 best underused/unique fragrances for men please. So for example no Dior Sauvage because everyone wears it now
Mionsz ;DD
Lara plz come back
Thea Wiggins
Jeremy I recently purchased 4 fragrances based on your recommendation! :) keep up the good work! Your guest host is so nervous and shy......
13:39 : heil führer, one second later became peace :D :D
curious what you think of the new ADG... damn.. dunhill ... I gotta try that one.. This girl is very beautiful.. You are lucky to always be in the company of such beautiful women... she did look a little bit like... How do i put this... Like if she was at a party all night drinking and you brought her home.. Did 500 pushups on her.. and then she took too much xanax... but you said no no u can't sleep.. and you made her put her dress back on and do a video..
Icon Racing Alfred Dunhill topples Sauvage? No way, this girl is amazing!!! 😉
Simply Me
Anybody know her full name? She's really beautiful 😍
cradle bc
Should be multiple react not just one... to say its wowens top 10.
Abu Yaseen
I give it 5 or 6 or something between 5 and 6 but not 5 😂 10:58
Stronger With You as fresh?!? lol
Re al
Coke no Coke she is amazing..
Mateusz Ślusarski
New Invictus Aqua 2018? :D
Erick Rodriguez
Ho my God This Girl is the must GORGEOUS GIRL I HAVE SEEN GOD BLESS YOU GIRL HOLA I SPEAK SPANISH TOO Jeremy you are very lucky men whit that girl
Johmathan .B. Swift
She's adorable. Good for her and you. Will sample Dunhil Racing
Alda João Rodrigues
You are gourgeous!! I just found your channel and felt in love ♡ xD Can you please review Marc jacobs devine decadence and eau so decadent and compare it with the original?
Jeremy....Your asst. is a KEEPER!!!!
I been wearing dunhill since the early 2000s. The desire blue and red are both amazing. Both have an exotic smell. I will have to get me a bottle of the icon.
Jason Ngan
Jeremy,great description for Dunhill Icon Racing. I find DIR has Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme vibe though. In particularly, the freshness and the powdery note
Matija S
J my man, what do you think about CK All ? Im not sure if im going to buy it or not :) Cheers mate.
Clayton Stacey
Please do a full review of the new invictus Aqua
Petar Jurcevic
Jeremy you should make your own fragrance that would be amazing.
Can’t wait for the top spring fragrances 2018. Video
Kenneth Kessler
Video idea : what to wear for each fragance With clothes examples 👌👋
Bob Bob
Please don't blind buy Icon Racing. I think you'll be disappointed.
William Sundqvist
I started to Watch Jeremy recently and he made me buy a new Cologne. It was three different that I chose between, it was Dior Sauvage, Versace Eros and Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male. I ended up buying ultra male👌🏽👍🏽
miles 178
yeah i love the frank reaction about new dunhill racing !!!!! perfekt, perfekt, perfekt ...... wanted to buy this but need to try it first
Oh god she is gorgeous
William Farley
Jeremy could you please talk more about DunHill Racing? I tried to buy some today but my place never received shipment. I have seen most of your videos but not sure what you think about it.
I have been using Stronger with you during the winter. It is really good, warmy fragrance. It kinda reminds me of 1 million but in a much better way. It's not as annoying as 1 million. So it's def a good fragrance.
Slices of SIB
Love your channel mate subbed :), can you do a Top 5 Boozy fragrances, much appreciated
Shashank S
Love the fragrance of Sauvage and Dolce & Gabanna thank you
Corpus Mentis
stop the video at 13.39 ....... damn Germans ;)
Dale Cooper
Songauswahl 10/10 :D x Drunken sailor
Svet Divljine
9:17 Are you ready? I am so wet-(y) for it hah
MMA Poland
5:40 wtf hahaha
Jonathan Jones
I was in Dillard’s today and I went crazy as if I’m Jeremy Fragrance and sprayed 5 fragrances on me 😳. I saw the Dunhill Icon first and was shocked. Dunhill Icon Racing- right hand. La Nuit De L’homme Intense - left hand Dior Sauvage EDT - Left Forearm Jean Paul Gaultier - Left Elbow Dior Sauvage EDP - right elbow I was most curious about Dunhill after this plus figuring it wouldn’t be as common. I really like this scent. I will be getting it in the future !
persie PRINCE
The amazing Jeremy I have Dunhill icon I love it but the performance sucks I will check this Dunhill
Gabriel Montoro
Jeremy, a video for this summer's fragrances, please!
Canon Wildz
Love your channel... I watch religiously now lol always great picks
John Wen
Tks for this,could u make a moncera house compliment top list
Very good vid. Glad you've found Kya to join you, she's a beauty and interesting. I'm curious is she'd like Prada's LR Carbon (one of my favorites) and Armaf's Italiano Nero. I've been choosing many colognes after listening to your reviews. Keep up the efforts!
Dunhill Icon Racing Vs JPG Ultramale?
Donald Duck
Guitar background song please
Lloyd Ko
Hi Jeremy Please do a review of the 2018 Invictus Aqua. i'll like to know ladies reaction. Thanks and more power.
Gabriel Montoro
Please include this woman in every single video. She's gorgeous! Great vid as usual, good work, Jeremy!
Huzaifa Ahmed
Hey Jeremy which one is the best: Hugo boss bottled intense EPP Or Hugo boss bottled intense EDT
Gunnar Karlsson
It's funny how she looks super young and still regarded as a beautiful blonde and he looks very mature and really well dressed. The differences are like day and night!
Jose Velazquez
And Now I gotta go get Dunhill Icon Racing...
Jonathan De La Rosa
I wish Jeremy could review the Australian fragrances Goldfield & Banks. Especially Pacific Moss Rock! A little pricey but I heard it’s an amazing summer fragrance! Please review it Jeremy!
You have a great personality!! Lol! Don't know why that made me laugh
murat murattt
Package? Looool is she russian? I assume that she needs an english course immediately!
Dany #gotaworldtosee
german accents 😊😅
Gaming King
Man am from a video to another on your channel, subscribed and shooting likes. Just can't stop watching! I already have tons of perfumes and yeah I'll never stop buying! Keep it up man, thanks for the amazing videos
bello dalhat
Next time try sober personalities, this is a serious issue, her judgement could have bearing on purchase pendulum of alot of people!
Serial Killer
She is so beautiful.. damn!
Radu Gabriel
Great video as usual, Jeremy. I really like her and her choices. Definitely the best girl so far. And oh my God, her accent is AMAZING. ❤️
You have a great personality... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hey Jeremy, do a comparison for Dunhill icon and racing. Let us know which is the best one! Appreciate it
Alex Gumbrell
Great video as always Jeremy! I loved your guest! She is absolutely gorgeous! I loved when she gave her rating "something between 4 and 6, but not 5" Very cute. You always find beautiful girls man! Now I will have to go out and get some Dunhill Icon Racing!
Ameer Top
عطور باللغة العربية. 1- أيسنتريك 01 2- الور سبورت شانيل 3- ون مليون انتنس 4- دافيدوف جيم انتنس 5- بلاك اكس اس 6- لاكوست الأبيض . 🌹❤ عطور
Cem Cemonyaque
I love this girl! She can be one of the best 😉
Benjamin Gilley
This is the first I am hearing about Dunhill. Jeromy could you do a seperate video covering this fragrance exclusively? Thanks for another awesome video!
jeff smallwood
Nice job on the video Jeremy! These are the types of reviews we love to view especially with the sexy young lady! 10 out of 10!!
Guillermo Bruzzone
She's beauty, funny, sweet and definitely... adorable!!
Enrico Pertichini
This girl.... WOW! And good Job for the video and all!
Fatih Albayrak
I think she is the most beautiful girl in your videos Jeremy :)
Jeremy Nice video 😂👍, deberías hacer reseñas en español 🙂👍
Francisco Delgado
Send a link for that suit Jeremy
Mr. Fat
Should've used Coffee beans in between test, to neutralize her senses . That's the best way to test fragrances.
VT 24
Yo where you keep finding these girls 🔥👌💚???
Boss The Scent. I always get compliments with that one. But a lot!
omar ramos
Jeremy, please review Dunhill Icon Racing and Dunhill Icon thank much love from NYC!!
ufo Luis
I feel like am watching a tv series every time I watch your videos ,unscripted and honest 👍👍
Ahsan Ali
Drunk..... and beautiful girl❤
Sead Biberovic
Jeremy congratulations for you very nice taste for girl. This blonde is irresistible. 10 points for Germany girl :)