Zac Efron is Still Living with His Brother

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Ebony Puru
He's so shy it's really sweet
Sudeep Ghosh
Who loved 17 again?
Amberli Hammond
Why does he get hotter with age?
Lucy Yan
Is that Troy Bolton?
he is so handsome i cant deal with it oh my god
Lilia .Nguyen
Sometimes I forget about his breakthrough which was High School Musical, childhood vibes man
taylor swifty
i feel like he doesn't like how everyone is just talking about him being hot , his sexy body .. i mean c'mon talk about he's work , his personality .
David Smith
He clearly suffers with a bit of anxiety but is dealing with it quite well
I think the title should say "Zac Efron's Brother Still Lives With Him"
"Still" living with his brother? Live with who you want whenever you want.
Alain Bruno
Zac is so cool and down to earth 👍
Title is a misleading, makes it sounds like he is living with his older brother and its somehow weird. But his younger bro is living with him. Hate misleading titles for clickbait
I'm glad he gave a small shout out to his cleaning lady, Theresa. Good on him
Alejandro Ramos
Is it just me or does kimmel interrupt Zac waayy too much? Like chill man, he's the guest, he's the one that's supposed to be talking
How can someone be this gorgeous??? Just how?
Eddie R
zack was soo funny in dirty grandpa
"The cleaning Lady that i love so much" - dont you pull an Arni on us^^
Beauty Tube123
Who else thinks it's so adorable that he lives with his little brother?! I know I do!!!😍
0:24 you can feel he's tried of these jokes but he got to laugh!
Kat Perse
Yeah... I've had a crush on him since HSM days. Legit he's the only crush that hasn't died for me. And it's solely because he haven't changed as a person at all, just grew up :) And he's grown as an actor. Really looking forward to see his next role.
Hazel chavez
Can I be Teresa the cleaning lady 😂💜
Sam Miller
He looks good! His hair looks much better this way, glad it's back to this color.
Alain Smith
I want him to become a part of MCU
Girls' Generation
I love Zac, but I find it sad that he has to stoop so low and take his shirt off to get roles and to stay relevant. I used to be a fan, but lately he's been being cast in sucky movies just because he has a nice body and it's obvious.
Hayley Will
Why is he so cute. 🙄
New Message
Zac didn't slap your hand away and cringe at the touch of your clammy flesh.
Andrea Nicole Villa
When you don't know what to comment because you're first
he's hot but seems like a boring guy to talk to
I would worship every inch of Zac and would lick him all over from head to feet 👅
Stereotype steeds
How can someone be so handsome OMG I'm dying
Phasika Inthachot
After watching interviews with him I can now see he’s just a normal shy guy who just happens to be extremely hot
calm your tits
when you wanted to be teresa
I've never seen him in anything but his hair is A+
I'm lost I'm found
I love Zac but man i don't think he realizes he's sort of being 'used' in a way.If he's not shirtless in a movie then it's sort of not worth watching according to the audience 'standards'.Which really isn't the case to me.He's a capable actor but his roles aren't doing him justice😕
Angely Nicole
Everytime I see him I feel like i'm 8 again and seeing my 3rd grade crush Troy Bolton lol
Zac is shy, obviously he has anxiety, I mean a lot of people are so attracted to him and that’s surely a lot of pressure.
.....More like his brother lives with him
mar ia
hes gorgeous
Matt Murdock001
Risky Business what a epic movie,And remember people sometimes you just gotta say what the fu*k
Chase Me Down the street
Big fan. Like everyone of his movies.
Lazir Diordna
Everyone's talking about Zac but I really don't want the invisible hamster to die. Should I subscribe?
Is it just me who thinks he had a nose job
Dude I grew up "getting my head in the game" lol high school musical reference
Reedlyn Siméon
Omg his smile at 0:10 i'm dyingg😍😍
Lee Daniel Aying
Hey Zac! Getcha head in the game and reunite with the Dasovich's! You're missing alot!
Lottie Lees
Jimmy:And if you don’t this invisible hamster will die Me: subs straight away..
Kavya Walia
Zac's twinkling eyes😍✨
Rebellious Lost Alien
That shirt collar is kinda tight for him..he's lowkey chocking/struggling with it
I will gladly be Zac’s maid if I get the chance.
I will gladly be Zac’s maid if I get the chance.
Ryan Platts
He'd make a cool Nightwing
That is nice of Zach to have his brother live with him :)
Alexis ascencio
Zac's haircut. 🙌🏼🙌🏼
"Men can touch men" -Robin Williams
mike devaney
To be fair as a man around the same age I'm normally a mad jealous hater when it comes to guys like Zach but he seems like a genuinely nice dude.......bastard!
Hercules DelCB
Lucky brother....
Alana Clark
I love Troy Bolton! High School Musical fan forever!
Fleur van der Bijl
that pc protein ixtfgr vs wow protein extraordinary beauty.
Disgraced Ape
Because they didn't have cleaning ladies back then? I'm pretty sure they've been around for a while. You just have to have enough money to hire them.
Salvatore Brothers
Love how zac dodged the question of the intese attraction
Ryan Rodriguez
Don't objectify women! Do objectify men! Whatever society.
He gets shy because when he comes on shows people treat him SO STRANGELY, theyre like ahhh your so attractive isnt it great when every screams at you with equal desire, let me bait the audience and you with comments about sexual desire for you ... that is like so weird. It CLEARLY is uncomfortable for him, I cringe for him soooo much during interviews. Like the way people talk to him on shows is so different than other people.
Abood W
0:45 OH MY GOD, the awkwardness
Mr Ed
Why not? These people are almost not home all the time. His brother is the care taker of the home lol
ItBe MeJorge
Now I wanna watch " 17 again" Lol that movie introduced me to him
Mary Rose Aque
He is still hot eventhough he is now in his 30's. One of the very first actors that got me introduced to english films...
Tor Guy
I think Jimmy wants to bang him, just sayin.
They call me Wonder Woman
Michael Solares
I think Jimmy Kimmel has one of the best late night shows! His interaction with guests is smooth, organic, and refreshing to hear! ...did anyone else think that he seemed a bit more aggressive or forward in this interview with Zac tho?? O.o
johan jacobsen
0 views 50 likes?
Pdiddy10lit Bruh
Now ain't that something
nadia yusuf
urghhh i can't why is he so hot. wth 😭😻😻❤️
Courtney Henry
My goodness.. he is scrumptious
when your early but u dunno what to write
He can live inside my heart💯
Andreas Calusa
First half of the interview felt so awkward. It is kinda obvious Jimmy was jealous of Zach, hence why he asked those random questions
Xavier Barker
i wonder who pays
Justin Earl
I'm so early 😂😂😂
I’m so glad to know that Zac and Dylan Efron knows Wil Dasovich! Hope they get together
Chance Diggle
Bako cringe better
1130 yes
his hype is over
Steven B
Jimmy Kimmel literally asks 1 question per second
james flowers
So I guess Zac Effron has never seen risky buisness then!
Skylar Dawson
I have killed so many invisible hamsters
You see what i did there
it's like he's made in a laboratory. I am a straight man btw.
mike hunt
jimmy cried when cecil the lion was killed, lol
cendy ahumada
his cleaning lady is names teresa ...of course
This video has 666K views and 6K likes
He's a playgirl for sure.
Kathleen Vasquez
Can't believe this guys almost 30
Sameera Faizy
My love 😍
Aaron Dugger
whos here before 1 million
Jeremiah Dotson
I guess hammy's gotta go.
Yousra ER-RAI
Why does he have a british accent ?
He's humble kid.  He could be Justin Bieber.
Akanimo Eyo
That looks like zac efron.
listen how quickly the laughter dies out at 1:05
I want him to be Nova 😩😩😩