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Sebastian Berger
Welcome to Orthodox Christianity :)
Orthodoxy'' is the Greek word ''Ορθοδοξία''. It means ''right faith''. Orthodoxy is the last path a true seeker of God shall take, when one is deeply religious. Your journey is sincere and we embrace you from Greece
Who am I
It is tempting to become frustrated with the lack of Orthodox churches in one of the largest cities in the world(London) that are linguistically within reach of The English people. We have Greek, Romanian. Russian, Coptic and more, but I think only one Orthodox community that have a Sunday liturgy in an Anglican church building which they rent, I am aware that compared to the Catholics The Orthodox have little resource for mission and church planting and we will certainly need the grace of God if the situation is to improve. In writing this, I have become aware that there is maybe something I should be doing, A pause for thought and much prayer and then maybe a call to action for this hopeless sinner, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us, and the whole world.
QUESTION FOR THE ORTHODOX If a person believes Jesus was and is fully God, and fully man, yet without sin, and that he had two natures, divine and human, yet was one person, can he be a member of the Orthodox church if ..... he refuses to confess either that he is Monophysite or "miaphysite" in doctrine and just wants to say "I don't know". This is just one of MANY nuances of doctrine that show the super massive difference between Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism on what being "born again" means. I say a person is born again between himself and God by simply Faith, however if a so called Orthodox priest refuses the rites of triple baptism and chrismation to a person refusing point blank to say he is Monophysite in doctrine, he withholds from him by so doing being part of the church by rebirth (at least that is their junk belief) as to them you are born again through rites performed by priestcraft.
Translated in english : the mission of an orthodox priest :