Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Roger Waters - MusiCorps' Wounded Warrior Band 10/16/2015

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Roger Waters and MusiCorps' Wounded Warrior Band at Music Heals Concert DAR Constiution Hall Friday 16th October 2015 G.E. Smith Tom Morello Jake Clemons

Pink Floyd Roger Waters (Musical Artist) Shine On You Crazy Diamond Wounded Warrior Band Pink Floyd (Musical Group) DC 2015 G. E. Smith (Guitarist) Tom Morello (Composer)

Childish Wisdom
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Sluff Adlin
The bass player looks like the guy from Pink Floyd....I think his name is Pink
Cesar Cuevas
Roger Waters puts the soul in every song he writes. His music touches me more than Gilmour. However, I agree that if Rothery or Gilmour play that solo would be fantastic .....
alex G.
Roger Waters, simply the Best !
mark lee
Roger to me is a poet.
Brian Olson
Richard Wright is gone. Life is short. Band together you stubborn geniuses and capture the crowd again.
Viktor Reznov
Roger Waters is God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why does this band need 3 guitar players to cover David Gilmour's guitar parts?
lennon beatle
roger waters never been against jews , he is against the israeli government and its brutal acts against the palestinians.
I consider Roger to be the heart of Pink Floyd, and David was the soul. Gilmour is a phenomenal guitar player, but he turned the band from classic rock into literally elevator music. At the same time, it's kinda devastating though when you listen to earlier stuff like "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" and learn that it was David playing that fretless bass on the album. Roger can add Comfortably Numb to his setlist, but it's not the same if David's not singing. The two dudes together was some of the greatest music ever created. Both of them apart is two guys that fail to achieve what they're trying to achieve separately on their own. Since then, I've only really enjoyed the rare moments when they pair up, if only for a moment.
Sun King
Mi favorita de Floyd. Por siempre y para siempre S hine on Y ou crazy D iamond
Moo Man
Now thats what you call a rock sax..
Monica Hernandez
Listening to this song gave me the most awesome feelings in my whole life!
Dr Mohd Fauzi Hassan
pink floyd ialah kumpulan muzik rock terbaik selamanya! dari malaysia
Ben Culture
I think they only way to keep "Shine On" interesting as a live performance is to switch a few things around. The studio version was perfect, so why bother trying to re-create it?
Joshua Bridge
Just amazing! By the wounded troops, for the wounded troops. Unbelievable how good they are with Rogers guidance.
Abimael Martínez
Thanks uncle Roger
Norma Tible
Michae hayes Nobody can steal roger's legacy. They can only duplicate but never steal or be roger
Mike Noname
After Sydney's breakdown, Waters was Pink Floyd.
SadSquatch 87
this has me fighting tears... Truly beautiful.
syd, roger and david... no matter what happends, they will always be the only pink floyd to me... together
Hitashi son
Real music in the year 2016 ! now i've seen everything!
Mario Guerra
está versión está de lujo!!!!!!
The Gilmour touch is gold. But this not bad.
Roger Waters
Oh yea! Mr Waters ! Siempre eres sorprendente en todo lo que haces! tú eres un verdadero héroe de nuestros tiempos!! live forever Waters!
Just amazing! Pink Floyd music will live forever.
Dennis Arlan
Mannnn...just need to get..away..get lost in the music for a night...old school.Relax-reflect-chill-coming to Houston..July Floyd..&all who do-&understand--
Andrew Abate
This was amazing.
billy murph
Brazilian Atlantis
It's Official, Dave Gilmour Thinks We're Stupid: in a 2008 interview with Larry Getlen, Dave let us know that Nick Mason was "as vital" to Pink Floyd as Roger Waters was.
mud man
I'm not a Gilmour fan but the Pink Floyd without Gilmour is nothing
Chennit Boualem
This is not a perfect version, the Gilmour versions are more perfect musically...
Leonardo Mirenda
as much ae i love rage against the machine... tom morello, at least you could have learned what the dorian mode is before playing a solo in such a legendary song. i mean come on, what are those terribly out of tune bends??
Julie Fleck
Monica Stocco
Maestro de maestros!! Love you Roger ❤❤❤❤❤❤. No pudiste resistirte a verlo , jajaja...
With Mark Zuckerberg on vocals !
Alan Barroso
Roger Waltes é muito bom, principalmente como compositor; Mas pra mim, o David Gilmour, com sua voz, dá uma expressão única à cada música; Sua guitarra e sua voz jamais será superadas...
Mark Leffler
It's nice to see Jake getting to play something besides Clarence solos.
Marcus Lovelace
Like the flat notes as well as the changes of tempo. Excellent version.
Nahuel Velazquez
Mukesh Unnikrishnan
Ph ioo
Pnk Floyd Master Mind believe me !
Timothy Cole
That guy on lead guitar sounds better than David Kilminster
fadli aldjufri
No dislike
Raul Medina
The best production on this song I have ever seen- realy good
Bolivian prince
Sir Roger Waters
Good performance but it really does miss Gilmour
Nicolas Gonzalez
nada se compara a la sicodelia de David gilmour
This is the tightest version, or performance I saw, Im sure the do not know who Syd Barrett is, but its a cool, v expression, v nice
Igor Viktorovich
С роджером я бы пошел в разведку.
Pat Frederickson
This is absolutely amazing. I have chills. These musicians... the lead singer... AMAZING talent. All good things to these people. All good things.
Jorge Rodriguez
Who can dislike this video?
Pincher Voice
Roger, take these boys on tour, one helluva band.
J. Cheek
This gave me chills!
Emil Berbakov
Whole band is great, but that dude with the Tele though! Wow! Nailed it!
Don Vito Corleone
sorry Roger but NOBODY can do the guitar of that song and sing it like David Gilmour.
Tooomm morello!!!! playing shine on you crazy diamond with roger waters. fucking awesome. and the voice guy... great... somebody knows who is he ...? greats from México.
Ajay Kuikel
Remember when you were young
LotsofGods on this planet
Great 1st and 2nd solo, 1st one is amazing , what a lecture!!!  2nd solo is unique,  showing us Tom Morello's input which is exquisit.
That was fantastic, why did nobody show me this? That's bad news you lot. Am off to watch the full concert now. Don't try and disturb me for two and a half hours.
Krish Raghuram
quite extraordinary. The most beautiful version of SOYCD I've listened to in years.
Guilherme T
Mr. Rogers, where is the fantastic original bass line of this song? Did you forget it or someone else recorded it for you?
Clark Adams
OMG, awesome...the first album I purchased as a kid was The Wall, PF fan forever, and this was great.
Roger Waters takes a lot of shit for many things but,for this, he deserves a huge pat on the back. It helps tremendously, that the guys singing and playing guitar are stunning.
I was very reluctant to click on this video due to the " shitty" waters voice Only to find a huge amount of respect for the disabled musicians. and thanks Mr. Waters for not singing
Kaleb Persons
Nobody is going to mention how Tom Morello Destroyed his part.
Ed Snow
Tom Morello!
De A
Спасибо!!! Great performance! Thank you!
Absolutely awesome!! I could listen all day!!!
Peter Ireland
that is really good,the kid that plays the first guitar solo is awesome. people say Roger Waters is miserable but its just his snarl and attitude.
Timothy Burch
David Gilmore!
steff serpent
are they the injured soldiers on there to
Gerson Pilotzi
His voice was awesome!!!
Pablo Astudillo
someone kill morello
Zidders Roofurry
Great playing though it's weird to hear it played on a tele. Not quite the right sound for it.
oui quoi
Beto Hernandez
cabron esto esta bien loco!! pinches tan brillantes de rosa los floyd y el rogelio aguas tiene los mejores cuates k ese morello esta enfermo el cabron!! y brilla Syd.
Enrico Alibardi
Jake Clemmons....
gumma uma
roger waters is great on This "shine on you crazy diamond ".
Kevin Hernandez
Morello!!!!!!! rock live
Andrew Styles
Edad Martin
WWB, you are heros. How woderful it is to see you playing God Bless you All
Vitaly Artemov
помню !
Alta plancha cantando!!!
Miguel Baptista
This was awesome
Saverio D Alonzo
Roger Waters GOOOOO.....!
Chris Island
mark lee
tears me up... beautifully done!
diana brown
Mariana Cera
Cósmico! Ohh toda una obra de arte!
Rick wub
pulse version was better
La Bruja Rock Band
Someone please tell me the name of the wheelchair guitarist accompanying Roger...
Volkan Aytuğ
Dave! where are you??
The Knight
impossible to replace Gilmour, but Ilike this version.
This was fantastic.
Lo mejor del mundo.
Jacek wodzyński