우리 결혼했어요 - We got Married, Jeong Yong-hwa, Seohyun(35) #01, 정용화-서현(35) 20101211

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Maya Dizon
Everyone here, please agree with me, after Yonghwa's enlistment, they should be together on a drama, or movie. Many are waiting for them together. Hoping they will end up together... Just like Song-Song couple...
2018 and I'm still here rewatching this!!
I miss them so bad! can we have something like "we got re-married" haha... I love you YongSeo, from the very beginning until now <3
너무잘어울려 사겨라그냥ㅠㅜ
Still here at 2018. Yongseo fighting!
정희 안
진짜 뒷북인거 아는데 둘이진짜잘어울린다 천생연분이다
yoojung lee
뒤늦게 본 영상이지만 달달하네요. 비록 설정이라해도 두사람 바라보는 눈빛을 보면 순수하고 진심으로도 느껴져요. 정용화씨 힘든상황에서 군대가서 아쉽지만 2년뒤 다시 멋진 음반 기대해요. 서현씨 홀로서기도 축하축하. 자기관리 철저한 두사람 다시 멋지게 만나길 팬으로써 조심스럽게 기대합니다.
2019년에봐도 이건 찐주식이다 과몰입해버려
The way she tries to hold his hand again... the song he sings to her.... Wow...i don't now if they are a real couple now (i hope they are) but it was a adorable couple in we got married, they transmit the feeling of first love, so pure.
Leona Jenn Jose
This is one of my favorite episode because this were like yonghwa indirectly confesses his feeling to seohyun
OMG more than half a decade later I'm still here! is this even normal?? i miss you YongSeo! alwaYS!
Karen Branzuela
And now here I am watching and hoping that these two would date ❤❤❤ #2019
10secs V
this is where all couple songs of wgm began!!! Still watching 2019
happy yepey
still hoping that they will be a real couple in God's perfect timing!🙏😍yongseo💑
Nisrina Hanifah
I wonder how many songs has yonghwa wrote for her/about her
RyujinPinkhair Midzy
2018 anyone?? and still cant get enough of this two couple.
아진짜ㅠㅠ 보는내내엄마웃음.. 진짜 잘어울린다ㅠㅠㅠ
florennyjace rosli
Ohhh myy i still watching them.. 2018 guyss it's already 2018 hahaha
pinkrose _fy
i dont know why i watching this over and over....even 2017 i still watching it❤❤❤i really hope yongseo become real couple
dasgute iou
정말 1주일을 손꼽아 기다려서 본 용서 손잡는데 ...미치겠네
bilidad Sensi
서현 개웃기넼ㅋㅋㅋ
Riza Atraje
2018 Dispatch please! 😭
Snsd NaNa
I'm spending my Valentine's day watching yongseo and I'm not mad😂
jocelyn lopez
still watching yongseo couple 2019..!
Plangskie Clemente
2017 still miss this couple❤️❤️❤️
Norlia Ismail
2017 still watching and praying for Goguma couple
Sun Ny
i still feel the same way for the 6years. uri yongseo. special episode for them plsss
JYH89 gleemz249
lol. .i find myself warchin it again. .its july 7,2018. .i still lol when yong scardy of the shrimp. .good to watch all over again when your bored to watch any videos. .just watch yongseo to smile and lol without knowing it. .
Sandy Zarela Panta Mendoza
It's 2018....why am I like this? 🙇💗💗💗 I don't regret it one bit!!!
merve mutlu
Seohyun also becoming choding lol she is soooooo cute~~
seohyun is so playful.. so cute..
in sook moon
oh~~~yongseo forever~~ very very beautiful couples
iz sm
Yongseo!!!!i still wish that they'll end up together in real life...
Aim High
omg!!! it feels the same after so many years!
goguma yongseo
makes me smile always.. waiting and fighting for yongseo...
Happy Kiddo
Dec 26 2016 still watching these.. I miss them so much!! YONGSEO!!!
korean lovers
Love this couple ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Glez Pace
Aisah Sufian
yongseo we got married i like . 😍 . yongseo is mine !! from malaysia 😄 . Annahaseyo ?
둘이 만나조,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,
Ruby Su
Still here 2019!!!! ❤
Jihyun Ay
yongseo forever 😍 😍
Mary Catherine Pimental
i miss them i keep watching them over and over
patza Patza
i miss yongseo
lovely girl
sweet !
patza Patza
i miss yongseo
Do In
YongSeo forever :)
Hifzul Fariqoh Ulfin
I miss them together.. please make them be one again^^ yongseo couple jjang.. really really want them be real couple.
August 24,2017 its been 7years .please make a drama of them together 😣
still love you both so much <33333
refina melati
Tyneeism Tynee
Rewatching this. I looooove YongSeo!
yeongwonhi girls generation
2019 but I'm still watching this and still im in love with them., goguma couple., 💗💙
Jan 2017 missing them
Jihyun Ay
miss yongseo couple
2017~ still a goguma~
Lalrinpuii Chhakchhuak
Still giving me the feels. Yongseo goguma couple forever❤
Tess Martin
Hipon lang yan yong hwa ano kb
Dhedhe Tika
okay, re watch this at 2017
watching with me drinking  so many times
It's still the same like the very good old day. Really miss them.
nurfathiauni auni
they are so sweet...
Norlia Ismail
they look good together
aevi chytee zhuzuleha
Please yongseo performance BANMAL SONG again,I really really miss them.. 😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞
aghh i am so jealous 
Tri Fandi Yulia Rizqi
aaaaa meltiingggg...yongseo you're the best <3
Maixue Xiong
Awwww I'm still blushing after watching this for the 10000th time!!!;)
khun KSN
jirachaya meepan
Yanti Sukur
Yongseo love. .. ...love...
요옹♥혀언 널 사랑해~~~
진짜 보고 또 보고 넘 재밌어!!ㅋㅋㅋ
널 사랑해~~~
용화<3서현 잘어울린당ㅋㅋ
야 진짜 태민 나은커플이 요커플이랑 비슷해서 계속 눈길이 가는거였어
Ami Siltya
I miss them so much
Memo Meme
Iwant eng sub :(
Shirlin Tan
who have the full episode
Guess they're not saliva conscious..... : DDDD
Oh!! same goguma???
Bùi Thị Lan Anh
Marcela Ucan
Definitivamente se nota que empezaron a gustarse de verdad, lástima que el programa nos les permita enamorarse, pero se ve que realmente hay química y hacen bonita pareja
Lyn VSone
yongseo 5ting
Lyn VSone
iu 2 nguoi qua
근디 용화가 장난기가마나서 서현이랑 쪼끔 안맞는 느낌이...?ㅎㅎ 개인적생각임ㅠ
둘다 너무 귀엽다ㅠㅠ
Marika Ivana
what episode was this??
Mary Eddy
Even..i not really understand korean language..but..it keep make me smile
으아어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ정용화 미치겟다진짜
뀨 뀨
용서커플 다시했으면 좋겠다..ㅠㅠ
Hina Chan
This couple never fails to make me smile. :D YONGSEO FOREVER. <333
I ever had a question to someone that how can knew it about that which person who will have true love with us? But many replys but not the right point! And I told my friend that he or she give us a first bite. ^ ^ Ofcause Yongwha always did it for her wife ^ ^ I touched it,good job our Mr.Yong.
Natasha liyana
I really really really really really miss GOGUMA COUPLE!!! Hope this year there will be surprise from them ..
I think they will
hi anyone know when WGM international of the pair of the 2pm guy & the tawian girl going to air?
Kirsten Jin
서현 머리 좀 답답하다 ㅋ 예쁘지만.
Dina dinasaur
when seohyun felt comfortable with someone she became so talkative! teasing yonghwa all the way.. so cute!