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Click The Link Below For An Audible 30 Day Trial Membership: or text "boho" to 500-500. * This Video Has Been Sponsored and Approved By Audible* ------This video is a repost for technical reasons----- /> /> This 15 min easy yoga class for beginners is intended to stretch and relax your entire body. Moving through gentle postures, this class is intended for anyone that is looking for a peaceful and relaxing way to end or start their day. If you're new to yoga, looking for a gentle yoga class for beginners or feel too intimidated by fast paced flow yoga classes, then this class is perfect for you. This class is also great for anyone that is feeling over worked, tired or physically/emotionally drained, as it this gentle yoga class will move at a slow pace, focusing on achieving the deepest stretch possible in each yoga posture. If you enjoy this easy flow, feel free to check out some of our other beginner easy flow classes to help you get into that super relaxed and calm state of mind: Easy Morning Yoga ♥ /> Morning Yoga Perfection ♥ /> Sore Back Relief ♥ /> Stress Relief Yoga ♥ /> #BohoBeautiful #BeginnerYoga #Yoga ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boho Beautiful is a travel yoga lifestyle channel that is creating positive content for your body, mind, and the earth. Yoga, Wanderlust, Fitness, Vegan food, Conscious Living, and Meditation! Thank you so much for watching and subscribing to our channel! Connect With Us! Patreon: />Facebook: />Instagram- /> /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. By using our videos, you understand and agree that neither Boho Beautiful Ltd. nor any persons associated with it have any liability to you for any injury or loss you may suffer in connection with any content we may post.

Boho Beautiful
Hi guys! Just wanted to clear up any confusion. We had to repost this video from our last week due to some technical issues we were experiencing. Our apologies! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for all the amazing comments on the first version of this video. We truly appreciate all the love, support, and the fact that so many of you have enjoyed this class! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ XOXO Juliana and Mark
Bumble Bee
Holy MOLEY MOLEY...I guess I need a beginner BEGINNER'S vid! LOL I'm tempted to do a side-by-side comparison of how I do this vs. you! Between having Dupuytren's Contracture in BOTH hands, torn meniscus in R knee, and a dog that's dropping toys on and around me the whole time while I'm trying not to pop a joint out of socket - I pretty much look like Lucille Ball and Ethel all rolled up into one person. But, dammit, gonna do it every day to get it perfected! Love you, Juliana!
Kathleen Black
Thank you ♡ Please make some more Yoga for Beginners videos!! ♡
Annie Pickford
You are seriously the best! I do an hour a day of at least 2 of your yoga videos along w one of your workout’s. My mom even took up your yoga videos bc she workouts but never stretches! I told her about you and she loves your yoga as well. I’m happy to finally have something in common with her now:)
Joan Parker
So peaceful & beautiful ☺️The German Shepherd stole my heart 💜
😇 Happiness is watching boho beauty's new video 😇
Claudia Varanski Reacts
This was wonderful! I just did this practice on my garden and Im floating 😍 you have new pasionated subcriber 💛 thank you
Joany Chula
I do a bit of yoga everyday thanks to u😘❤️🏖🇵🇷
Flowered Sentiments
I want this to become a habit. For some reason I'm unable to change. I feel so lazy yet so bored. I really want to wake up earlier and do yoga every day.
So I stopped doing your exercise for a while because I started going to the gym a lot more. But I really missed it and I incorporated it to my daily routine again, i'm currently doing pilates 21 day challenge. and man oh man did i lose all my powers. honestly, your workouts require more from me than lifting weights. I'm forever grateful for all your hard work and incredible workouts xoxo
Matt Joslin
Great yoga video 😊😊
First! Love your content :D you're so inspiring and sweet!
Jenny Adores everything
You're body goals and you and your husband make a perfect couple!😍 If you visit Asia again, hopefully you could come visit Angkor Wat too! Have you tried walking on the floating bridge by the way? :)
Danielle Starwater
Love you both💜💙❤️
Edw Edw
Hello boho! 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Ellen Turner-Catalano
Thank you Boho Beautiful! I have just been given the okay to exercise after recovering from a broken arm, and was really nervous to start up again. It was so reassuring when you said this was perfect if your recovering from injury, and it really is. Many thanks :)
Susanna Zoni
I just had a look at who is Eckhart Tolle as he is coming to my town soon. Right after I see a quote from him in this video. A sign? Shall I read the book New Earth? :)
fat cabbage
This channel has been growing so fast you will be at a million before august
karina peters
Boho Beautiful i got anxitey can you do anxitey meditation and sleep with shhh shushing
Stephanie LaVack
Yes!!!!!!!! Love new boho video days!! Thank you
Small Thyme Bites
Excited to be catching up with you on DY!!!
candy floss
Another challenge please ?
fat cabbage
Didi M
I started practising yoga over 40 years, taught by a disciple of Vishnudevananda the disciple of Yogananda. One of the very first things I was taught at that time is: "The mouth is for kissing the nose if for breathing". Ergo inhale and exhale through the nose - and not - inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth - like so many North American professed Yoga teachers teach. Just saying :0
Sandra Desira
I would love to begin doing yoga...this is for beginners and i found it difficult you have any tips as to make it easier?? I have painful knees ao find that most challenging..still enjoyed this vid well done
Zen Bus
Any videos for the elderly?
Thanks to you I'm healing my PCOS by lowering my cortisol levels!
Luna Kitty
I can barely get past my shins and my head isn't anywhere near my knees when I stretch BUT I am dedicated to becoming flexible and stronger as well as squash my depression and anxiety so I bought a yoga mat yesterday and once it gets here I will start trying this! You explain each pose perfectly and don't rush through it like I have seen others do. You have a new fan :)
Robert William
Sounds beautiful but it"s the wrong gospel.
Wait isn't this a reupload?
Inge B
I've been to many Yoga classes,and realised that work out with you much more effective!your exercise and videos are the best!👍thank you guys for all your work!!!
really really love ur yoga ❤ wonderful ❤️ thanks 🙏
Pulina Pupu
Thank you! I am beginner and this was perfeck for me!
Steve Moore
Thank you for continuing with the Beginner lessons. I've been doing yoga for a while, but still feel I get the most relaxing benefit from Beginner lessons done correctly rather than forms that are too hard for where my body is at.
Becca Xx
only found you guys a week ago after high carb hannah mentioned you, you guys have become one of my favourites already
Rosaura Hernandez
🌊💗OMG this is beautiful 💗🌊
Hanna Lamia
What a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing yoga workout... Thank you so much!:)
I was in heaven for 16 minutes....beach, piano, soothing voice, oh yeah the sexy woman doing yoga 🧘‍♀️!!
I’m not a beginner but this continues to be one of my favorites ♥️
Sandra Losa
Excelente, gracias:)
Nadia Verónica Monroe
Hola, Hi...Acabó de comenzar mí clase...había hecho otras pero no encontraba la manera porque soy nueva en esto y me gustó.Tengo sobrepeso y quiero hacer del yoga un hábito y voy a ir despacio con tus videos y lo voy a Lograr.Gracias.Todo es armonioso en tus videos.Gracias x compartir.Gracias.I hope YouTube understand my Spanish.I am writing frontera Tartagal,Salta un Argentina.Hugs from Here!
Paulina Acosta
🙏🏼 gracias
I’m too lazy though.
Maritza Olvera C.
Willard Baumer
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Penny Rankin
I so enjoy these videos. Thank you so much for doing them!
Света Матвеева
Спасибо вам большое!
Jeûner à la Maison
I love your outfit ! beautiful ! Did you think about making your own brand of cool leggings and tops on your website
One Arrogance
Lovely, quick and easy practice. Thank you 🙏🏼🧘🏼‍♀️ Your videos helps me practice yoga at home which is amazing. I hate ppl watching me while I do it. 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🙏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
J_jul 71448
Hiii! Does this makes you taller??
kani mozhi
Am totally addicted to your are really the best ..thanks for bringing great positivity in me to keep me fit and feel refreshed every doing 3 videos of yours daily.that feels really great..keep going 😋
Cecilia Revuelta
I’ve been doing this video three times a week plus the 5 min video before bed. I feel amazing as it helps me cope with stress ❤️
Sébastien Socchard QVTV
Gratitude !🙂
Mike Callies
Yoga clashes with God just like every other path that leads away . Now , imagine if you spent time in prayer with the father as much as you do with yoga your in the power
Мария Илиева
Thank you! So soft voice, peaceful music and stretches. Congrats from cold Bulgaria! ❤💚💙
Jay Fig
Just did your yoga session ..feeling pretty good ... 1st time
Sarah Bishop
I've been following your channel for quite awhile and love your videos! Thank you for helping me to stay motivated and advance in my practice over the past couple of years. Now I am 5 months pregnant and have gone back to doing your beginner classes (which is great!) but I would LOVE if you could do a class for pregnant mamas! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us, Namaste
Sarah LeSage
A great stretching practice!! Thank you!! 🙏
Marina Evstifeeva
Thank you for your yoga videos! I found them the most suitable for myself) А потом случайно увидела, что вы тоже родились в России) Забавно)
John Borno
Haven't done any Yoga so far, but even as a runner it's a really good everyday routine :) Was a bit surprised by how good the video actually is because i had some preassumptions but that's just me being on the internet in 2018 i guess.
Charlotte Waite
This is absolutely perfect and just what I needed today
j ho
I have been following this video for over a week now to try and work on my flexibility (it needs work!). I am hoping to keep this up on a daily basis until the end of the year at least to see if there will be any improvements. Can I ask whether anyone has been following this routinely and what the results were for you personally?
Sam's space
Hi.can someone with lower back pain or cervical pain do this yoga practice??
Phuong Nga Nguyen
Thank you so much Boho I practice regularly with you. Nevertheless, I just saw another very interesting video, I think we could also consult, it's "YogaV" in Youtube!
thank you for another beautiful yoga video! does anyone know where she got her pants? they're gorgeous!
Jolana Zemanová
Hi! I usually exercise with your workout videos or on my own. Now I am on the antibiotics course, so I wanted just something gentle and this exercise mad me feel much better, thanks for it! Hope you have a nice day!
Alex Galloway
Just found your channel, and subscribed. Need something gentle, as I am reintegrating yoga/exercise into my daily, after having spent a couple of years of inactivity due to illness. This is ideal for me... Couldn't help but notice the German Shepherd wandering about on the beach. As an animal lover, I am concerned the dog is not a stray but has a human guardian somewhere in the area... I did notice, the dog was limping, again, hoping the pup has a hooman and is cared for... Sorry, cant' help myself when it comes to animals... Looking forward to this new journey... Much Love and Light.. Namaste.. Blessed Be, Blessed I Am
Antonios Ispoglou
I've been using your videos as a tool towards my yoga practice, for over a year now. I've noticed such amazing results, but unfortunately I was hit by a car, I've got a hip injury and I haven't been able to do any yoga. Can you recommend any postures, that would be beneficial to me, whilst i'm healing. Thank you.
Juli Lau
The quote right in the beginning was from Eckhart Tolle 😍 I just can highly recommend his book "a new earth" to you guys ❤️
What's the pose called where you have one knee on the mat and the other leg straight with your forehead touching your knee? I can't figure out how to do it and I want to get more detailed instructions, but I'm having trouble finding it with a google search.
Your videos are the calmest one.... Love the locations...
Polar Bear Lord Joey Sings and vlogs
at 9:21 I fell aslepp becuase i was so relaxed!
debbie meier
Loved it❤️
Dae Dae
Great Video!!! My first time doing yoga and just wanting the benefits of stretching with relaxation to begin this weight loss journey once again😃 meanwhile my 4 year old is jumping on my mat not so relaxing every exhale I’m saying can you please move over 😂🤙🏽
Tamara Diez Otero
Hi guys, I really love your videos and everything you do is just amazing but I keep trying new beginners videos but the only one I find easy for me is the easy yoga for beginners gentle flow. In this one you say is good for recovery, which is how I am always, but I find it really hard. :(
Lina War
I just discovered your channel since I wanted to incorporate some yoga in my morning routine. I liked it a lot, but in the lunge position the knee that is on the mat hurts from the pressure of my body on it. My mat is quite thin. Am I doing something wrong or do I just need to practice it more. I hope someone can help. Thanks a lot. I subscribed now.
Mahi Maganti
That is suryanamaskar yoga
Lainey Peyton
My first time trying yoga... I pulled 2 muscles and my back really hurts right now lol I gotta tell myself... I'm not FLEXIBLE
Charmie Magbanua
Beautiful class. Thank you
Rising Vibrations
Beautiful and finally the first easy flow yoga I've seen from you guys. I love all you do but some of them can be quiet challenging. So I'm really grateful that you are making easier for videos. I hope to reach the higher pace yoga but at least I can start with this especially after my surgery. Thank you and Namaste 🌹🌹🌹
Michelle Ha
thank you for another really relaxing and encouraging video. was feeling so stressed earlier and this really helped get all that tension and anxiety out and helped me focus on the present moment again
- Sebastian
Wonderful...we don't see your products on Amazon, I think you should sell( yoga videos) on Amazon FBA(ship alot of inventory to Amazon , they'll ship to your customers or electronic). You are a marketers dream, I think your products will do well on Amazon with the proper images, could be more income than YouTube. my wife just started yoga due to a tennis injury. I wish you much success!!
Türkçe altyazı lütfen
Kelly Sites
So peaceful and good. Thank you so much.
Ola Parola
wow, i tried so many yoga videos and classes and only yours really gave me the possibility to enjoy yoga. And you made this beginner video so i could start with something easy and calming. It's amazing, thank you.
Kristi Meenan
As always— a beautiful practice. Thank you.
Beautiful video! Beautiful couple! Thank you ! Namaste!
MySa Trinh
My first try at Yoga it was so refreshing! I'll definitely stick to it. I'll check out your channel and start an every day Yoga challenge for me. Thank you for these amazing videos!
Esma Feride
This is the best channel not just in are inspiration for everything...pleeeaaaase make chest workout challenge!!!
Tony Jablonski
Human Barbie doll who is fit and healthy.. nothing better than this.. dream girl..
Federica Maria Mauro
Loved it!! Thanks for doing this!
joyce rymer
Just wanted to say thank you for your videos. I was always in pain and tried other yoga videos and never stuck with them, but I really enjoy yours. My stiffness and pain has gotten so much better. 😊
harry liang
Great yoga class for stretching and relaxing!Thank you guys!❤
Donna Karen
My goodness. I love love your videos. So relaxing and enjoyable. You have a very soothing voice and your content is beautiful. Thank you both for all of your amazing videos. All are inspiring. 🙏🏼
Morning, a good reless to start for today !
Danielle Bailey
wow i love this channel college stress is getting to me. i havent done yoga in about four years. but your voice is so relaxing and calming thank you :)
Ryan Meddings
This is a beginner's video and I still struggled big time. I think I need a beginner's beginner video lol first stretch in the video, I can't cross my legs!!!
Jennifer Pollard
I’m so in love with all of your videos , thank you so much . The views are to die for in your videos also big plus for me .