Lady Gaga - Princess Die - Born This Way Ball - Vienna 2012

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Berre Swinnen
Princess die #lg6
Gaga didn't release this because she thought it wasn't one of her best pieces of work. She couldn't be more wrong! :-((
I want her to release an album just of unreleased songs like princess die, Brooklyn nights, ratchet and fashion
God how I miss the born this way era :(
Michael Naness
Her new documentary will give this song even more of a dark and intimate meaning into what was going on in the critical moment in here career. Her "little monster" were starting to leave her, she was addicted to prescription drugs and dope and most of all the media turned her back on her. She was suicidal at this time and I am so thankful she never took her life. MONSTER FOR LIFE
Judas's Bitch
Please somebody leak the song. Please oh please oh please. 
Sam C
I wish the studio version would leak
no one commenting including myself knows what it's like to go through having millions of fans and have to deal with every-day stress and money with the industry and dealing with her own personal battles like every other person so I think people should lay off because she's gone through a lot in her life and we are all not her, so we can't ever judge someone else for their own decisions because it's their life. coexist
Milkica Mares
Most beatiful and HONEST song Gaga has made
Jed Mayo
It's interesting that she couldn't reach the really low notes. If she sang this now she probably could.
Jessie unicorn
I got so many chills watching this...I hate when she cries😰
ßella Germanotta
I saw this live and I cry. She is perfect ♥
I really wish she would do an acoustic recording of this song on a future album. It's one of the best songs she has ever written.  😢
Stephen Jay Robredillo
this is so sad like when i was watching it i was literally crying
I miss these days so much...
trolol 78
06:54 is everything.
Elle Holdaway
This just shows how talented she really is. Love this song!
Unicorn Kween
Omg Gaga please release the studio version of this. this is a fcking masterpiece. y'all can't deny it ♥♥
This song always makes me emotional...
Michael Jenard Ligan
One of her Best ballads.... :D Princess Die... <3 I <3 Gaga
I want this to be on ARTPOP act II soooooooo bad!!!! :(
Michael Jayson Banua
Luís Gustavo
i want the studio version of this song Gaggggaaaaaaaaaa
Barta Noemi
I always cry and have goosebumps on her live performances, but none of them like this one. lucky to see it live in Bucharest
Boo Hoo
"Prince has died"
Gerardo Rodriguez
one of her best works and i wish it gets released or get something
Callum Murphy
as much as we love this song i think it's clear that it brings her so much pain. i often consider the btw era to be our love's most painful. we love you so!i hope you are happy now x
Adam Payne
This song kills me everytime
Ricky Roman
It is a crime that this is not on an album.
I remember, I almost cried during this!  :')
Williams Xavier
omg she's so cute, I love her so much
Dante 267
best lyrics ever!!!!!!
Clark Clarke
Ohh man, this is so sad 😭
Stella Kleyff
Gaga always make me cry.
Not trying to get into conspiracy theories, but it is still curious that when she decided to start singing this song regularly on the BTW Ball tour, she was 26. And 27 is a number with a lot of weight when it comes to suicidal behaviour in the entertainment industry (Amy, Cobain, Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, ...). When I watch her sing this song, it always seems she is sending a note, warning, preparing us or something. Maybe I'm seeing too much. I don't know if it was merely a coincidence, but it's a fact they cancelled the rest of the tour in february, due to the "surgery". She was about to be 27 a few weeks later.
Gaga should release songs when nobody else-like Katy Perry- do. Applause would have been #1 or #2 if Roar weren't release
Sumeet Kumar
princes die and tea are like wildest dreams for me 😔
Agustina Silva
I love this woman with all of me.. Just that..
Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) from 13 Reasons Why was at this concert. Noice
Leo silva navarrina
I think she didn't release this because wasn't apropriate for ArtPop, it seems more a song for The Fame Monster which is about the dark side of fame, traumas, pain, etc, Not for BTW, ArtPop or Joanne
Her eyes 💗
Tizzie Lover1
wee need this song on lg5 as a bonus truck plz
Gord The Mystic Magician
If she releases this song, all artist today is not born. :)
Perfect Illusion
Aaron Gerber
i feel her and her message
Christian Kittenberger
jedesmal wieder Gänsehaut bei dem Song. Ich war da live dabei und am 2.11. dieses Jahres treff ich sie. Artpoptickets! Nervös.....^^ :D
raluca nour
This song should be.... One of the most seen and adored songs of hers... All tears, love ya lady Gaga and all of you little monsters❤️❤️
Js Reviews
I love those days in BTW era ✨💞
Dracarys Stormborn
Look at her make up! We miss you Tara Savelo! Sarah Tanno could never 😒
5:58 is everything❤️
Abel Csekes
OMG!!! I WAS THERE!! I am so happy that I have found this video. A big thank you to the uploader!
cornelis sales
princess die :'( 1997 2014 r.i.p
Josy U
I was there :-)
Bia Soares
she will release artpop in november 11th 2013
Barta Noemi
that voice, omg <3
Eloïse ESPEL
Paws up
Roman Sukdolák
I have got this scarf!!! :) ^^
imgonna beastar
3:58 made me cry
ßella Germanotta
best moment my life :3 ♥
ababd gili
very good!!
actually .. 11.11.2013 :)
Lasa Kontervic
omg..i cant believe .lady gaga will realese artpop on 18.11.2013..i cant wait..this album will be great...this woman is a godness!! *_*
IToldYa ImaFairy
I wish that i was strong . . .
The fucking best night of my life so far... until the ARTPOP BALL <3
Adrián Vega
princess die i wanna see her cry
David Pontrella
how dare you say that
George B
This song is so sad, it makes me sad to think she's ever felt so low :(
becouse this song is only free shows before came out :o and sao paulo is later than austria...
well fuck off then?
Allee Hamilton
It breaks my heart seeing her cry, then I start crying... Every time, Anyone got a tissue?
Matanel Mann
I miss that night so much... It was AMAZING ♥
Dominik Auer
Don't you just hate it, when your crown gets stuck in ypur motorbike? ♥
de temps en temps, oui
she is my princess
i like
Elijah Eiler
"She just wants to sleep." I'm glad she's getting some rest now. I hope she takes all the time she needs.
It just happen to her ! LOL !
oh. my. god. she sings soooooooooooo good
seka germanotta
fuck,im crying like babay...
Kristýna Pagáčová
She was only 120 km from my house O.o :D
Joachim roses
"don't u just hate it when you crown get stuck in ur motorbike??" LMAO LIKE SERIOUSLY GAGA ?
Alex Pacheco
not on her nose
John Cladz
I cry :' (
Paul LovesGaga
NO!!!! Gaga has never done plastic surgery and says she never will she says you dont need it to be perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Arantxa Rodriguez Germanotta
Llore :'(
Umut K
Ich auch :'(
Fady M. Germanotta
I love her "Super Cool" with her French accent ♥
Und ich hab sie verpasst :,(
Michael Smalz
she is the queen <3
Mona Mula
lol why were they wearing those blue caps? it's so cute tho omg. <3
Mani Blu
im so enchanted by her
What do you want back?
Norbert Toth
Best night of my life. :)
how the fuck are u guys not singing it with her?!!!!!!!????? i fucking lost my voice at the concert here in sao paulo when she was performing it.... oh gosh
what camera did u use? please answer. ur video is really good, thanks 4 uploading =) PAWS UP
Juan Gutierrez
May I ask what type of Video recorder did you use? Please answer ASAP!!!