Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - Top 10 Scenes!

***SPOILER** ***SPOILER** ***SPOILER** PLEASE ONLY WATCH IN ( HQ ) !! its way better! My first ever video using editing program : Sony Vegas 8. I could not stop my self while doing this video, i love this movie so much! i hope you enjoy this clip. Trust me the scenes get more crazy & intense as the cowntdown gets closer! Movie Names: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker & (Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker) Audio Used: Opening & Cowntdown Sounds - The Dark Knight Soundtrack - "Why So Serious?" - Track 1 - 9min 14sec ** YES, there is split second LAG ** ***SPOILER** ***SPOILER** ***SPOILER**

The best scene is when McGinnis taunts Joker by mocking him. "So you fell in a vat of acid and it bleached your face. What's the matter, couldn't get a job as a rodeo clown?" "You make me laugh, but only because you're kind of pathetic."
Oh my , yes this movie was amazing. I think that Terry made a good successor. I think that Batman Beyond needs to come back. I like how there is a costume on Batman Archam City... but I want more.
Retro Ace
I just how pissed Terry got Joker, he hit every nail on the head, on JOKER's head finally causing him to snap "YOUR NOT BATMAN!!!"
John Wise
I think that ending scene where terry stands and looks at the city before putting on the mask and flying should be on the list.  It's so symbolic.  He stands tall and accepts his place as Gotham's protector, flying into the endless night.
Ragtime Dandy
I actually never realized that Mark Hamill did more Joker roles than just the Arkham games
4:58, people always seem to forget Joker can handle himself in a fistfight I'm so glad it was in the video!
Son of Hecate
"Oh, wise up, Junior. Game's over!"
I love how Joker just laughs at Terry after he says "I'm taking you in." Shows just how much he seriously doubts his skill compared to Bruce.
Jamila Howard
Now I feel Bad for the Joker
Number 6 should have been Number 1.
Michael Tunney
6 is number 1. Nevermind, 1 is 1, and 6 is 2.
Caleb N
I think this is the darkest Joker I have seen.
My fave scene is when geriatric Bruce glares at Woof, then promptly beats his azz with only two swings of his cane. That was epic IMHO. There's only one Dark Knight. Even the Joker admitted as much when he angrily exclaimed to Terry McGinnis, 'YOU'RE NOT BATMAN!!!'.
Batman Beyond is the most greatest hero ever lived!!!! 
Thank you for using the original version!!
O Hanna
Thankfully Tim gets back his sanity after some long intense therapy with Batman's doctor friend Leslie Thompkins - considering what the Joker did to him he manages to pull his life together pretty well, eventually getting married, becoming a father and having a successful career as an engineer. The whole Joker experience never truly leaves him though, unsurprisingly - some scars never heal as they say. But all in all he gets a happy ending, even when he can't continue crime fighting as Robin.
Well considering you rented it they probably cut out alternant scenes. and just didn't put them in there. Now if you bought the movie than you could probably get both ways. probably...
BTS Jpscpro
Scott Goodfellow
It was probably unintentional, but I love when Superman emerges from Mongul's "dream" plant, that he's enraged and crushed by what he went through; when Bruce emerges from reliving his parents' murder all over again, he just gets right back to the mission at hand.
Thanks. But I'm quite confused. I saw this on a DVD I rented and it didn't contain any additional or alterante scenes. Then again that was years ago.
This is the uncensored version.
I remember this movie, but the version I saw had the Joker killed by getting entangled in high voltage wires and electrocuted.Is there another version of this?
Tejas Dandekar
They already did, with Batman Beyond Unlimited (IT'S GOT DICK GRAYSON IN IT. DICK. GRAYSON.)
haha nice :D cheers
Ethan Davies
watching Tim cry fucking broke me... :c
They should make it a live action film with James Franco as Terry McGinnis!
Hassaan Mirza
They did. Into the main DC continuity as a comic book.
Brandon Penson
i kinda prefer the edited version of the jokers death scene by electrocution.
#1 is the reason Mark Hamill will always be the best Joker!!! No matter what medium "Oh what the heck I'll laugh anyway HAhahAhHAhAhahaHAHAha!!"
Erik Sayas
Hitman Mason
anyone notice the lightsaber sound effects at 4:00?
Rabid Mouser
Ace= best dog ever
Mild Monster
You seem more machine than man
lucia martinez
que tiempos
Miguel Sanchez
6:00 batman destroyed the city and killed civilians by his drivestyle! ^^
Miguel Sanchez
Old Batman, best Batman
what does terry have that the original batman don't have? his suit enables him to fly =)
What about the whole part where the new bat boy makes fun of the Joker and laughs at him??
@3:45 PROMISED TO KEEP YOUR WHAT?!?!?! Now I will never know :(
Micah Delgado
That final scene, man that laugh is so evil.
Awe.... where the taunting scene and when he knees Joker in the balls :C
Poor Joker :( he just needs something to live for besides terrorizing Gotham and Batman
عبدالعزيز الشهراني
Batman Beyond and Batman the Animated Series were the best.
I loved how he said "Still,if it's a woopin your a wantin."
Oh yeah sorry. Azula is voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin (she is also really good). But Tara Strong does do Batgirl in this movie.
And what do you propose he should've done? That city is ALL skyscrapers. He first stayed on the road to minimize casaulties (buildings were blown because the laser didn't follow him in straight line), than the parking lot - prodably not many people there, than a park. There were people there, but definetly less than in buildings. It's not easy to leave a town in a cyberpunk future... As prodably it's thousands of kilometers in size.
marcel Cannon
Entire giant skyscrapers were blown up as batman ran from that laser. Death toll in the hundreds. BATMAN, the protecter of anyone not currently making it hard for him to live.
Mild Monster
Well if 164 didn't like the video i brought slides
... That's because it's the same voice actress... Tara Strong.
Karsten Nikolla
Still hear Batgirl as Twlight Sparkle and Azula.....
Darth joker lol
anyone notice that Mark Hamill is in "The return of the jedi" and this "The return of the joker" Coincidence? I think not.
Madeleine Fisher
Y'know, the first time I watched this movie, I kept waiting for the animation to screw up. And it didn't. It stayed awesome throughout.
Ethan Clarey
You think after killing Jason Todd Corrupting Tim Drake and killing Nightwing batman would end him
#6 is so sad ;(
Go die.
I never like batman beyond....
you may have a point....
Come on.... Joker INVENTED the Alucard smile >:D
But of course!
"Papa spank" hahaha
0:59: alucard smile. >:D
Hey what's up with my audio
Seitzbros HD
is this Hamil?
No! You don't say! Just kidding. This was a nice movie!
Cause i'm Batman!
Godamnit, Been 8 years, wouldn't hurt to watch it again. #6 gave me serious feels.
If the beam hit everyone in its path then probably over a thousand. If it were a couple million there would have to be a huge crowd in front of the beam.
Undead Eira
Yes it is i belive
Talon Camp
umm i know
Talon Camp
can someone explain why im commenting that joker is not a cool villain hes creepy
Soo Donim
My childhood! It's all coming back to me!!!
beg to differ. That WAS epic, but it pales next to the flashback of the joker's death.
Rich Carbonell
seeing robin turn into little joker gave me nightmares when i was a kid.
Talon Camp
sorry we'll be sued for pirating it
Talon Camp
can someone please film the movie you see i really want to see it
Science ( shows one not born gay!
haha cool he would prbly say that though lol
I thouhgt number 1 was the part where Batman insults the joker
There are many villains out there as cunning, many as psychotic and many as brutal but there is only one joker :)
Lord Papi Darkwing
Thank you for interpreting for the deaf
The dear lad began to share such secrets with me secrets that are mine alone to know...... Bruce..... It's true batcy I know everything and kinda like the kid who peaks at his Christmas presents I must armpit it's sadly anticlimactic behind all the stern and batarangs your just a little boy in a playsuit crying for mommy and daddy it of been funny if you weren't so pathetic.... Oh what the heck ill laugh anyway (Mark Hamill laugh)
Nathanael Heil
5:25 still, if it's a whopping you're a wantin
How'd an awesome movie get a shitty game :(
whats the name of this batman???
Personnally I prefer the more demented Dimaggio Joker but each to their own.
Prince Tricky
This and Cyber Six were good time spenders.
MysteryScooby (Matty V.)
So acording to Batgirl, Nightwing doesn't know what happen to Tim.
False...John DiMaggio from "Under The Red Hood" is the beast joker hands down.
Don Hawkins III
Don Hawkins III
Tim drake real father is joker?
I wonder how many people the Joker killed while attempting to "spank" Terry with the kill-sat. I'm sure that stunt alone trumped the Dark Knight Returns Joker's bodycount of over 600 people.
1:21 is how joker died robbin did that to the joker
were is harley quinn i thought she was still jokers girl friend bu in one of the episodes shes really old and joker dose not appear
Isaiah .Thomas
"you don't have to mean about it" damn it get hooked on phonics
Matt P
why are you so rude for, I was only correcting you, you don't have to mean about it