Just Before Dawn: A Neurofunk Mix

Tracklist: 0:00 - Machine Code - Mechtropolis 3:18 - Pish Posh - Frogman (4mulate Remix 4:25 - Skynet - Disorder (Neonlight Remix) 5:31 - Hedj & Neonlight - Joker 8:49 - Cruk - Hardcore 9:10 - Chris Su - Vital Moments Feat. Kryptomedic 12:52 - Agressor Bunx - Eclipse 15:51 - NickBee & Limel - Airkiss 17:40 - Misanthrop - Fatality 19:52 - Agressor Bunx - Roadside 22:02 - Rido - Pure Frequency 24:59 - Signal X Disprove - Frequency 26:48 - Machine Code - The Germ 29:00 - NickBee - We Fight Feat. Syze 31:56 - Mean Teeth & Trilo - Gun Squad 34:19 - War & Hydro - Afflicted 36:43 - Phentix & Disprove - Vicious 40:02 - Emperor - Control VIP 44:03 - Current Value - Grip 45:32 - Neonlight - Microdot 47:10 - Teddy Killerz - Tiger 50:21 - Future Prophecies - Magnetic (Malsum Remix) 56:10 - Rusty K- Frozen Heart Art by Robert Bowen

Paul Johnson
Sir, I have been a drum and bass fan ever since I heard Goldie's "Inner City Life" in'94 on MTV's Amped. Started raving in'96 all the way into the new millineum down in New Orleans. I have seen the greatest and I have seen the grimiest. My taste has spanned the genre from jazz jungle, drum core, jump up, darkstep, neurofunk, etc. All of this has been said to illustrate how deep and pervasive my love for jungle music is. I have spent countless hours exploring what YouTube has buried down in it's stinking bowels finding many phenomenal artists. I have NEVER commented on another artist, song, performance, or mix. Until now. You're a bad motherfucker! All I could do my first run through was sit with my eyes shut rocking back and forth. Sorry for taking up the space, but trying stop would have been like trying to stop the sun from rising. Thank you
niv Gnasherus
why the hell did i not know about this Genre before?! so sick thanks
Ian Crocker
I love your mixes. thanks for what you do
**jumps around playing this music on a boombox downtown**
J Glad
At 3:22 I smiled and dropped the mouse.
Best mix before going to the dentist.
tammiro levi
dude , you got me in love with music again. keep up releasing these sets
Jonathan Melendez
I've Been listening your channel for a while. But I didn't expect this neurofunk mix by you sir. what an amazing broad musical taste you got. this mix is on point in the neurofunk sub-genre. THIS IS QUALITY D&B. Thanks for sharing.
Jeremy Marquez
The art is spot on! Dark Jungle Bunnies! The normal ones are like, "oh my"... lol #junglist role call
Christopher Toole
at 11.07 and already loving it!! keep it bangin, I love this!!
Thanks for the mix!
Kriss Vector
Переключил 4 трека,Agressor Bunx,NickBee & Limel,Skynet,Rido используют одинаковые драммы в чем прикол ? может я че то не догоняю
Perpetual Tom
Holy shit this has some good tunes. When I hear Machinecode, I know that the rest going to be good.
so metal
Cykacz Music Enterprise
welcome to the jungle!
Earney Musik
Paul Johnson
Dude! When you drop that Current Value track!
51:47!!!!!! best song for me fucking love it
Marco Panichi
sio eati
thank thank thank you (:
Amazing! Thanks a lot.
Larissa P
You could Tour - or perform at Shambala or similar festival. I don' go to many DJ gigs, but yours would be something else! Another sweet set for pre-ride stoke or high vibe shake off.
Really nice mix!!!! May it need some EQ or its the crappy YT? No offense! This mix made my morning :)
This session is incredible. Brutal👺👺!!
Jeremy Resch
Whats the name of the track at 56:20
dope mix! definitely saving this one for the gym.
Bernd Salzmann
in my opinion..really nice nfmix ;)
Lukas West
Another beast of a mix!
Christopher Toole
that Echo is sick!! I died in Aberdeen.
Sophie Höbart
Rob Weissman
CBPMC brings that----- F I R E!
Are you the same as More Confused Bi-Product?
Angelo Gabriel
Good work getting this tracks together man! Nice to see people working on neurofunk :D
Jean Darm Show
This is one of the sickest neurofunk mix I heard until now!
Ilya Selivanov
I think neurofunk will be my best for a while
Georgi Mirchev
Im still freaking out ppl with dark proportions ::D (works everytime)
Kruto Vladca
This picture rules and your mixes also
Uri Manson
Link to background pic?
Mweya Ruider
Absolutely unreal. Where can I buy this mix?
YoungJin Kim
Damn this is good
tom eaton
Im 37 and went through late 80`s hip hop, early 90`s house mid 90`s happy hardcore mid -late 90`s drum and bass and so on....Im Loving this set massively!!!!! Cheers guys!