22 Jump Street Full Jail Scene HD

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You guys gotta get me the fuck outta here.

Belle Spracklin
Poor Eric
"I was supposed to go to Berkeley..." Was I the only one who wanted to hug Eric after that? :(
Ron Fosh
23 jump street saving private Eric
Gia Williams
Eric is a broken man.
jen soni
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Diva Roach
Eric, am I forcing you into anything? Yes.
Wanna know what happened to Eric in prison, well it rhymes with grape
Luna Ranger
Eric, am i forcing you into anything? ...yes See? XD
It's kinda sad when you think of how many kids in real life are getting raped in prison cuz of drugs. They were probably supposed to go to Berkeley...
Mari Roberts
"You're so clearly, forcing Eric into this relationship" 😂😂
"It's like the elevator doors opening in the shining" 😂😂😂😂😂
No. 5
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Marek De Marko
"Worked for you last night!" :PP
franz pope
eric am i forcing you into anything? yes...
R Steph W
Haha you can tell Channing's trying so hard not to laugh
Tom Brewer
Lmfao "I was supposed to go to Berkeley" the way he says it is just price less XD
sam hughes
OMG he looks just like rorke from call of duty ghosts
zero granger
seriously every movie I've seen Rob riggle in he's a hilarious jerk. I love it. lmmfao
Saavan Thethy
"Don't sweat it brother, I'm liberated!"
Martin Gonzalez
Everyone talking about franco or tatum... WTF.. Rob Riggle the best act ever!!!!.. That face !! 0:25 lol
Ellis Woolley
Glad I'm not the only one who'd totally go for Dave Franco over Channing Tatum 😍
Kevin F
"I was supposed to go to Berkeley" So sad yet so goddamn funny. Dont sell drugs kids, or you too could end up like Eric.
Bruno Salamon
Is it me, or does he looks like John Travolta! ~ 1:40 ~ 1:51 ~
Khatib Mohamed
conehead larry
"I'm so sorry honey" ..lol
Amr Magdi
"i was supposed to go to berkeley" hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh XDDDDDDDDD
Ian Stephenson
A guy like Eric wouldn't last one night in prison
Alex Thul
i feel sorry for eric
Jonhy Auditore
1:39 "we dont know who here is im schmit my pants are full of duty iugh"
That scene and the one with the parent meeting got crying from laughter
David Vasquez
My favorite scene of the whole movie man this shit had me beyond dead
It rhymes with grape
Alex Kinsey
I was supposed to go to Berkeley.. *face of utter defeat* lmaoooooo
"I was supposed to go to Berkley"...
Hooch Froosch
Channing seems trying hard not to laugh LOL
"Full jail scene" only shows half the scene...
Jay Brito
This makes me hope in 23 Jump Street they break Eric out of prison and clean his record. He was supposed to go to Berkley. 😰
matt landry
Eric's reactions OMFG HAHAHA 
Vin Lee
this is the most funniest part of the movie and the rest was just ok
Ferguso Hiyahiya
Work for you lastnight 😂
lol this is the funniest scene in the movie.
Tom tonka
If they make another one Mr Walters needs more scenes.
Katerina Petrova
omg eric when he said hey iam melting😍
Damn I would kill to go to Berkeley.
Ricardo Lucero
I was suppose to go to burkely😂😂
Nathan Diep
the deleted scene of this clip is more funnier and messed up
that tongue 1:12 turns me on...
Not a huge fan of rape jokes.
Hawk 247
Lol his tongue 😂
zayn riasat
Its like the elevator doors opening in the shining
Val Tomlinson
Dave at 0:17 to 0:20 was heaven
Ryan Smith
His impression of Schmidt is the greatest thing ever😂😂
I feel so bad for Eric
Alejandro Escalante
I feel bad for Eric...
Lynn T
I had 3 favorite parts in the movie. This is my second favorite part oh my god.
23 jump street 2019?
Why does Eric have a watch on in jail? Lol
*worked for you last night* LMAO
Tyler Durden
dave franco is hot. I wish i was him. I'd have 5 gfs at a time lol
Akuma Masterfist
0:26 to similar Rorke from Call of Duty Ghosts.
Fight Apathy or Don't
I'm surprised they even finished this movie, I'd be laughing my ass off the entire time.
Worked for you last night LMAO
eric is just hilarious! lol
Alondra Viramontes
Dave is soo hot
1:12 O_O
2 Gamers kissing
Eric could of been in Berkeley RIP
Luke Doran
“Hoooooo haha” lmao 😂😂
rob riggle needs to be given a bigger part in a movie he kills all these minor roles he plays
Mark Floyd
I hope Eric isn't in there for a long time...
Cynder 330
Eric just looks so beaten down.
Jordan Chavez
“Eric am I forcing you into anything?” “Yes” “See.”
The only thing Eric wanted was to go to Berkley..
Should i be honored or depressed to share the name of Eric with him...
Lun Hing
Poor eric :(
Erin Kylene S.
Dave Franco <3
The Esoteric Cunt
Channing Tatum's trying to keep it together for this whole scene.
Martin Fernandez
Full jail scene isn't full
Taste Tea
Eric sufferd enough come on :D
Commando T7
poor Eric!!!
Martin Fernandez
It's rorke from call of duty ghosts.
lol so funny
Claudio Salas
Emma Lin
Niko Kostanjevec
Best movie i ever seen
Luboš Mareš
I love this scene :D we dont know who it is :D
I just saw the uncut version of this scene.  You'll never sleep again.
DJ Mink
23 Jump Street Prison Break - Living another day starring Eric
1:01 channings facial expression lmao
1:50 so is jonah hill cartman? 😁😁😂😂😂
Mohammed Islam
I was thinking about 1:57 Yesterday ... Love this scene.
khabib record
worked 4 u last night 👅😂😂😂
Jonathan Seitz
I must say Rob Riggle usually doesn't get me to laugh very hard, but here I thought he was hilarious.
1:07 i finally get that joke
Steven Fitzpatrick
HAHHAHH the tongue lick at @1:10 made me laugh out loud in the theater
william deng
i think mr walters went crazy and eric's brain just stopped working
Fan OfBioshock
In every movie and tv show I've seen Rob Riggle in he's always paying a huge douchebag. Modern Family-Douche.... Step Brothers-Douche... Maybe he needs to try a drama sometime