P Diddy & Usher & Ginuwine & Busta Rhymes & Pharrel Mtv Video Music Awards 2002

Vma best perfomance !! HIGH QUALITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄMMMMMMMMM

This was hype. One of the best VMA performances. This was way better than a lot of the recent VMA performances.
Soul Flower
Say what you want about Diddy, but he can PUT ON A SHOW!
Philly Bunay
Performances back then artists had more THIRST. They performed like it was going to be their last, both men and women, Rnb, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap - all genres. If I ever became one every performances was going to be performed as if it were my last.  These days, there's just no effort. Rappers literally just go on stage and rap and have someone else do some choreo in the background. I once watched Rihanna do some simple one-two step, swing, flip hair move and the crowd went wild. Compare that to Aaliyah or Mya or Janet Jackson. I'm only 19 but my ears have been around every era of music. My generation can't compare; we're becoming too lazy putting emphasis on sex and fashion instead of talent. They're losing that thirst. It's one of the reasons why artists like Chris Brown can still make it because he goes hard on his performances. I'd like to see more collabs on the stage though like this one and the legendary lady marmalade 2002 grammy awards performance...
Brittanie Scott
I swear Diddy has been dancing like your old drunk uncle since he was in his 20s LMAO. But seriously no matter what anyone says he knows how to "perform" (lip syncing tho? Smh) and entertain a crowd. He's the king of remixes and being in everyone's video (especially every video of anyone signed to his label lol) and in the early 2000s Diddy delivered some of the best songs that we still jam to today. I would love to see Diddy come back and make a record with some of the hottest singers and rappers today and he can do his usual ad lib background vocals.
Lucia Bittnerova
P. Diddy- the only rapper that did some choreo and killed everything!!! DOPE!!
Desirae Carrillo
When hip hop was actually good
Christian Legrand
Usher came in JUST like Michael Jackson would probably come in to one of his concerts
Johnny Danger
This is why Diddy is the King of Harlem even though he from Mt. Vernon.
one of the best live performances of all time
Eric Morris
Everyone was dancing....not just the people in the pit in front of the stage, but the WHOLE crowd was moving. You rarely see that now on these award shows where not even the artist in the audience will even dance to other artists' songs. I'm glad I experienced seeing performances like this back then.
Sonny Vixaysak
that usher glide was smooooooooth
BrownBeauty XOXO
Dang I miss Diddy dancing all over the stage
say what you want about diddy but he did that, one of best performances of the mtv vmas ever
Domniquie Green
Where was Ginuwine?
One of the best award show performance of all time.
Romeoh Ramone
Yo this performace was Epic and all the way turnt up! when Busta Bust came in the place exploded! with that siren it was a wrap
Lauren Sanchez
One of my fave VMA performances. LOVED Usher at his prime. <3
Filipe Husak
one of the best VMA shows
Antonio Westbrook
dat Lil white kid was killing it
Leonardo Cucchiara
Unforgettable show. One of the best live performances of all time! Usher was the best dancer on the planet!
Ronnie Hobson
That lip syncing was Tooo official lol
Coin Stacks
I haven't seen anything that has topped this performance at the vma awards.
silahc laeno
alot of people forget how good usher used to be when he was in his early 20s..those moves was very chris brownish but usher came out first..
Nicaury Balbuena
when busta rhymes was skinny 😁😁
Lupita Lara
The best live performance ever in early 2000’s 💯
Eric Chosen
I could really care less of the lipsyncing. It was the choreography that was dimed so perfect. Excellent job, Diddy.
This performance was and still the Ish.
Garion Bush
I seen it live on TV when it happened,I was 13 then.This is what you call Entertainment!
Moon Light
never ever going to see those kind of performences anymoreee :(((
Isabel Gomes
Puff Daddy was literally moping the floor with his dance moves
Rebecca P.
Now that's how you entertain the people!! Damn, I love this whole performance.
Papa King
I was in prison at that time
Shirelle Day
William R. T.
Chad Roberts
This has to be one of the best VMA performances ever...I couldn't imagine the energy being there.
buya shaka
das waren noch zeiten :D .. hab das p.diddy album von damals immer noch , sein mukke ist damals wie ein tsunmai durch die welt gewütet
Miss Klasons
Helllllz. Ya. That was sick. Every song was MEAN back then. That performance was bad.
The Random Show
One of the best performances of all time!!!!!!!! Hands down!
It's interesting that Diddy had one of the best VMA performances. I guess it was a sign of how bad the music industry was going to become.
Cookie Lafoo
So much lip syncing and back tracks lol
Wow I'm so jealous. My generation has boring ass drake and katy perry for the vmas.
Sultan S
One of the best performances in the vma History
diddy was on one tho
King Vis
Soon as Busta came in, it was game over for all upcoming artists!
Trolly OP
yooo Diddy broke it down tho lmaoo
Rajendra Biswas
The Controversity
one of the best performances if all time
Soul Flower
Usher KILLED that Michael Jackson imitation when he came out
Dylan Brown
2002 was the best VMA year
FranJay Diaz
the best MTV music Awards, Spain 2002 Barcelona
one the best performances
Burak Cee
best performance ever !
colleen stanton
This is by far the BEST act ever on the VMA'S!!!
Bettie Johnson
This was when the VMA's used to be good...
Nava Ro
tupac still the KING
lmao that diddy dances are so funny
Ron Collier
One of the best VMA performances ever!!!
Puff knows how to put on a good show.... Living Legends
Almost Famous
In my generation, we used to be hyped and wait every year for the VMAs. Every single performance was amazing. Now, there’s no good performance. You wait and everythings blah! This new generation sucks.
Maurice Raymond
usher killed this,diddy a great performer
OMG. Everyone at school was trying to do Usher's dance after this aired
Owi Owi
Hey what remix is this from 0:35 because 'i need a girl' song doesnt normally sound like this version here. I like this version where can i find it? is this some kind of remix?
Jon snow
Diddy snapped! I remmeber this i was 10 lit
Mz Ali
That Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff, Puff Daddy knows how to put on a show.  Whichever way he changes his name, he'll still be "Puffy" to me from the Biggie & Mase era.  In the film, "Notorious" I'll always remember that line "what kind of grown man calls himself "Puffy?" LOL Btw, Usher killed it and the little white boy up front with Busta & Puffy did good too R.I.P Christopher "Big" Wallace
Delaney Reuben
mean as performance apart from DIddy Lip Syncing the whole thing
PhonePhox Hanau
whoever did the the choreo of this show he made a perfect job, thats for sure
Nautical Bailey
MTV awards was jumping around this time for bout 4 years in a row... I think when diddy was hosting and putting it together... It's been too long I don't remember but it was fly then...
I love this performance! Diddy just always kills it!! my favorite I always loved how he dances ❤️ and when the kid comes out and kills it with them.
Juan Peluffo
When hip hop was Excellent !!!
J.L. Johnson
Usher's entrance was legendary.
How can you mime something that simple..
Urshur with da MJ moves
Desirae Carrillo
I was only 7 I use to love these songs haha
tasha woodbury
best performance ever in my opinion \0/
Rocl KH
my fav all time singer Usher, Diddy
Dominic Walker
He’s lip syncing cause it’s hard to dance and have breathe to speak at the same time. Same reason MJ lip synced and Why James Brown singed and danced separately.
Crissy Gail
Now that's entertainment. The shit we have today will never compare. Diddy made the whole world dance.
Wow this shit was live!!!! I need for the next bet awards show to be like this!!!!
Just look at the comparison between music award shows (or music in general) from than till now
1:36 my man hit them with the single ladies 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
best vma performance ever. second is the britney-christina-madonna-missy elliot one
Tha Taurus
Diddy can really dance that's hoe he started
My ass has just been kicked
Probably one of the best performances is the histroy of MTV awards!!!
Julio Alcalá
That's the best performance I've ever seen in my life!
Gillian Scott
boy oh boy what a fabulous performance. had to rewind a few times
Jack Frank
The title mentions Ginuwine but was he in this performance? I saw someone else come out when Pharrell started his verse but there was no introduction and I didn't hear him. That white kid tho..
usher though
Deion Clay
this was so lit
Joe Schroeder
literally the best performance of any awards show of all time, I still watch this video quite often. gets me hype!
Shyheem Music
Got to see usher do that chain swing live at ovofest2014
Donnell Smithers
P Diddy the king of play back and lip singing
pls first name song i know but i cant find this version
lisa bradford
slammin set!
amk diddy
T.E. V.
so everyone just gonna lipsync huh? P.Demon stole that dance breakdown from TLC too. Smh.
gaby alfa
love usher