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A Glass Reflection Anime Review of Martian Successor Nadesico Originally Released: October 30th 2016 Additional Footage used in Review: After War Gundam X (1996) Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (1993) Final Verdict music: "Core of the Storm" by Under Polaris - /> MORE ANIME REVIEWS ► /> ► Support me on Patreon: />► Crunchyroll Free Trial: />► Follow me on Twitter:

*nod* Nadesico is a pastiche on the mecha genre. However it's so good that it's become a great mech series in its own right. Originally, the Prince of Darkness movie was meant to be the start of a movie trilogy to tie things up...but it never happened due to the fact the movie was a facade of what I loved about it.
Could you say that Nadesico is the Cruel Angel's *Antithesis*? I'm gonna leave now
All these Nadesico haters... Baka baka
That moment when Arkada reviews not only an obscure show you've watched and enjoyed but also recommends your favorite anime ever (Irresponsible Captain Tylor) <3 Wonder if we'll ever get a review of Tylor? That would be fantastic :D
So, where is the Mob Psycho review?
the dub is terrible though
Me: Oh it's 6 A.M... I should probably sleep. *Arkada uploads new review* Me: Aaaaahhhhh damn.
Allen Babylon
Glad to see Nadesico finally get some love.
nadesico is my favorite anime of all time. i remember when i first watched it being shocked when the girl with glasses made a joke that the mechanic likes other men XD?
Aya ya
Things to know about Martian Successor Nadesico - It's Gai Daigoji - Gekiganger is the shit - And Ruri is best girl
didn't watch Nadesico but the way he described it somehow reminds me of Full Metal Panic :P
4:43 What the hell happened with the lighting there?
Jiren's Dad
I loved the show but hated the movie
It actually isn't just Spike Spencer who provides the Eva references in the dub; Tiffany Grant was cast as Ryouko specifically because the directors thought it was funny to put her as an angry tsundere in a red mech after she'd just finished recording Asuka.
Can you review slayers and kodocha next, I rarley ever seen anyone talk those animes
i'm surprised you didn't choose Full Metal Panic as an alternate anime recommendation
what happened to the graphics with the score, pros,cons and recommend ations
Woah! Arkada's pulling out the classics. Shame this never got a 2nd season.
J BarronMiller
Rem from Re:Zero at 0:21!
Smart joke about early comments
Kevin Jones
Oh god I remember this. I haven't seen it in years.
No Name
Funny you bring up Love Hina because the Japanese voice actor for Akito is the same as Kietarou, Ueda Yuji. Bonus fact, Omi Minami the voice for Ruri Ruri is his real wife. I don't know if they are still married to this day. Extra bonus 20th anniversary for this anime is this year.
Awww... you did not include the Gekiganger 3 OVA. My favorite thing about Nadesico is when the finally met the Jovians they find the Jovians based their entire society on Gekiganer 3.
I love this show so much! I watched it on VHS waaaaaaaay back in the 90's (still have my one copy on NTSC - I'm in Australia so it was super rare) and even read the manga back then too. Recently bought the series on DVD and I heard they are releasing it on blu ray next year with G Gundam :)Also the new super robot wars v that's coming out next year in English has the mecha from Nadescio in it.
Martian Successor Nadesico and The Irresponsible Captain Tylor are on my list of anime that I watch annually. They are very entertaining and enjoyable to watch but I will agree that the endings, leaves a lot to be desired. I will have to disagree with the dubbed version, I bought Neon Genesis Evangelion when it was first released, I prayed every episode for Shinji to die. To this day if I hear that voice actor use that voice I immediately switch to the original with subs. Thank you for the review, it is nice when you occasionally review older anime.
Those unforgettable day, for them I live. I Loved this show, it was one of the first 3 series that really got me into Anime. another Recommendation to watch if you liked Nadesico is "Bodacious Space Pirates", by the same director: Tatsuo Sato. available on Crunchyroll
Ruri Rotaru
This is still one of my top 5 anime tying for 1st with van dread.  I though have to say I saw how it was goofy at first but after watching it the first time then going back to watch it again realized it was always a very dark anime.  now cliffhangers I'm ok with.  DO wish I was able to play the two games to get the rest of the story.  but with cliff hangers you get to make up your own stories on how it goes on in that universe.  Now he stated that everything dissolved or broke up or went to the way side in the last few episodes.  being ex military myself I can tell you when your in such situations that is pretty much what happens.   it goes from being your silly self to survival.  and thats what happened there.  Another mech recommendation from myself would also be Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure.
Zero Requiem
There is just something about that "over the top" comedy style from 90's anime... I miss it.
Some stray thoughts as I as going through this: - Yurika actually is tactically intelligent. It's shown maybe twice (?) in the entire series but it seems that when she's given full command and is actually motivated, she is quite competent. - An interesting tale in all of Nadesico is the ongoing commentary that it's alright to love things, but to not take it to the point of obsession. - I always found the best comparison for Nadesico was M*A*S*'s able to make you laugh one minute, then cry over crushing realism within the next. - I actually thought the ending was an intentional joke. The fact that the translation specifically used the words "inevitable sequel" made it seem like it was throwing things around for the sake of poking fun at cliffhangers. Not well pulled, mind you, but it seems really tongue-in-cheek. - It's quite disappointing that Stellvia won't get a sequel. It's not exactly great by any stretch of the imagination but I always appreciated it being an extremely positive and uplifting Space Opera. It's nice seeing this series get some love. I've thought abut the series heavily the last couple years and I've felt that the series' main points are still extremely relevant after all this time.
Raul Suarez
So, why was this review so different? It had no animation or sound segment and also didn't have the whole final verdict format with the buy it stamp or the anime recommendations
Huh, I was just playing Super Robot Wars J a while before this came up... Coincidence?
i love your disclaimer. "unless you have a problem with animation from the 90's or older...then god help you". old animie is what i grew up on in a large part. back when blockbuster was still operating as a kid id go and pick up whatever they had. ( yes im kinda getting old haha). excellent review! one of my younger friends tried to watch gundam wing and couldnt because "it doesnt seem like 1080p". boi did i have a laugh at that! wonderful to see you reviewing older anime! keep it up please!
Chandler Ingram
Do a review on The Vision of Escaflowne next please? Especially since funimation just redubbed and rereleased the whole thing.
I still prefer the Macross series, and (don't hate me for this) the American adapation: Robotech. It was fantastic.
Nadesico is probably one of my favorite mecha shows, honestly i only learned about through super robot wars, I'm glad i did though, 9/10 still haven't seen the movie.
Yay one of my favorite shows is being reviewed! (*Screams like a fangirl*)
I need to get around to watching this show.
This anime is mediocre,watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes instead #Fact
What the hell happened in 4:45?
Marcus Allen
Man, what a guilty pleasure anime this was. Even know I still crack up when Ryoko asks "Do you smell what she is cooking?" Man, I miss 90s dubs so much
william mason
will you ever do Cross Ange or Godanar?
Thank you for this review Ark. I have been a loyal Nadesico fan since the early 2000's and I own the ADV release of the series and the movie, and while I liked the movie in some ways knowing what I do now kind of burns me in my own right. However, your recommendation to Buy is well deserved and I thank you for this review! YOU GET TO BURNING!
Lord Zephyros
please Do a video of the MOST REALISTIC mecha or sci fi animes
Jay Patterson
I watched nadesico after moving to a new city and feeling like a stranger in a strange land. It really helped through a tough time :)
Premed Jon
Also an underrated gem. The ultimate parody.
Arcadi Abas
People say Sao is the worst anime but they clearly haven't seen this
Carl Wilkinson
Thank you for reviewing this, it's one of my favorites.
Dion Sørensen
Well what do you know... This anime is THE anime that got me into ANIME, and robot animes xD Space, battles and comedy all the way. Nadesico was my first ever bought series, importeret from US to Denmark. TOOK ME 2 YEARS TO GET ALL THE DVDS AT THE TIME!! And the first DVD I got was vol 6, then vol 3, Then vol 2, vol 5, vol 4 and finally vol 1. Why you may ask? Well be course of STUPID LAWS IN DENMARK!! The year was 2002, and internet was ass in DK, so order them to DK was not possible, only very rare shops could order them. But be course of some change in the law, the rare shops that could order them, could not anymore. The 6 month later, I come across a new shop in Copenhagen, that could order dem.. But at a huge price demand. I still have the 6 DVDs that costed me over 450 dollars to get all, 2 years... 450 dollars... And by god it was WORTH IT!! ADV will always have a strong place in my heart, Orphen, Bubbblegum Crisis 2040, AD Police, Slayers and so on, from the trailers on there DVDs, my world for anime was opening up. I love this series, and it warms me even more, that other people talks about it, and I never thought you would review this older and more forgot series. Even the story about ADV taking this project, was a ton of fun to hear about, one of there first and biggest ever projects to dub, be course of how many people they needed, and at that time, they where still a small group. So you my dear SIR, I'll give you two likes, I'll jump over to my other account Evillaughter01 and like it, be course you just reviewed a anime I love, care for and have such a deep history with, that got me into this world. Thank YOU!
Hey thanks for the review. I quite enjoyed it. A little feedback though: English is my second language, and Japanese is my third one (learned it with anime TM). English being a foreign language to me, I have to somewhat focus to understand what you're talking about. When you mix a song as a BGM, which happens to be one of my favorite song, I can't help losing the focus ending up not being able to understand what you're talking about. I'm sure this only happens to a very small portion of your audiences, them most likely being native English speakers. But that's what happened to me anyway, and I wanted to tell you about it. Cheers. :)
Just like you Tristan, Spike got me sold on this one.
Barry Bend
people saying that Nadesico is bad please Nadesico has charm try watching the anime Pilot Candidate: Candidate for Goddess that is a terrible anime.
You keep saying 'homage', when I think 'satire' or even 'mockery' may be better words. The show harvests some comedy in those wacky hijinks moments making it references to tired genre tropes and pointing out how ridiculous they are. It should not be overlooked that Nadesico is pointing out how ridiculous they are. For example one of the major 'tonal shift' moments you mentioned when a (no spoiler) particular character leaves the show in a manner which is a direct slap in the face of the tropes that character embodies. This is not a 'we want to go dark with the show now' moment. This is a 'your tropes are stupid this is how the real world works' moments. I do however completely agree about the ending, but am willing to forgive them it as i'm not sure they how could have done it differently. Very few shows can pull off a monty python's holy grail non-ending without leaving viewers hugely unsatisfied. Fewer are willing to try and risk leaving audiences with a horrible taste in their mouths.
One of my all time favourite shows and one of the first anime i bought, if you like this make sure to check out vandred
Akamai Guy
This series was one of my favorites back in the day, up until the end it was probably the most fun I had watching anything from that era. The movie was horrible, thanks for explaining how it came to be. I always wondered how a followup that bad could even happen.
I love Nadesico. I discovered this show during one of Toonami' s robot week's, and fell in love. I agree about the Guy/Kamina similarities. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Also, yeah the movie was terrible. It was as bad as the ending to Lost; in that it answered questions, but added more at the same time. Anyway, good review.
2:26 You want a celebratory fanfare of everything mecha? You want GaoGaiGar. Well, for everything super robot anyway.
Rookie Deadmeat
Nailed it. Arkada does it again. Favorite character is Izumi Maki, totally underrated; She makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class. BUT, one must remember that time honored adage even when choosing a waifu; "Never put your #@$! in crazy."
If I recall correctly Nadesico:The Prince of darkness was meant to be the first movie in a trilogy. Obviously its reception was why the other two were cancelled
Weird that the slate cards saying the rating, pros and cons, and the recommendations weren't shown here....
New girls und panzer movie or season is comming ^^
Great review as always, but I'm wondering why there were no visuals for the rating and recommended anime this time. Is it something you want to stop doing or was it just forgotten?
No funky side bar with your rating and recommended shows?
Pongsai WuKong
ah yes ...I still have the VHS, Dvds and digitals for this show. I do agree the ending just is nerve racking. but the meat of the show is great.
If you want a better ending for Nadesico, play super robot wars w on the ds.
Spyros Gkoumas
could you please review shin sekai yori next?
Also you can transpose Nadesico and Evangelion's intro sequences' respective audio tracks and they both work really disturbingly well.
And nowadays gundams only get 24 episodes and mayyybe another season if we're lucky :(
Ya know, I would really prefer the sides of a show thats 4:3 to just be black and not have parts of the show cut out and blurred on the sides. Too many people do that and its super distracting.
I know of this anime through SRWJ, so it's nice to see how the actual anime fairs.
I've owned this series in a bigass DVD box set since the early 2000's back when I was in middle school! XD
Poke boi
At 6:10 Arkada fires shots at Sword Art Online 😂
MainBlag Banner
I think I may have found a new favorite anime
GoldenArrow 101
can you do a review of heavy object
well this resolves my conflict of watch or not to watch this anime
Bjarki Kjartansson
Will you ever do a review on Rurouni Kenshin?
Underdog TV
I can't wait for the blu ray
I propose for a review of escaflowne
Alex Krycek
I think Akito-Yurika ship carried this show for me.
>Jojo Review never why live?
"it's like nadesico comes from a time when anime creator believe that you didn't have that sort of thing[fan service] to make character interesting to the audience " yep im gonna watch this one
Nadesico will always be my ultimate anime favorite. It perfectly blends tons of different genres together, while managing to parody all of them and still having a strong story of its own to tell. All of the main characters have plenty of screen time and character building, and even most background/support characters like Ms. Howmei are fleshed out enough that they don't feel one-dimensional. I highly recommend picking up the new RightStuf DVD set as it contains the movie, or better yet, wait until next year when they release Nadesico on Blu-ray! And I heartily recommend the dub, if not solely for the performance of Jennifer Earhart as Yurika Misumaru. Let's go Gekigengar 3!
Running low on Anime to review? How about reviewing Ouran Host Club
More female members than men? I'm okay with that (I'm not a sexist pig). I might check this show out, I will not go buy this right away because of the Christmas hangover but I'll think about it.
Rkader GT
just finished watching this show all i can say its was a fun and enjoyable watch. the characters nuances and development are great and story really pull you in despite it simplicity (with some well handle plot twist and foreshadowing) definitely a great mecha parody anime
Hey, great video! I've Always liked Nadeico and it is good to see it presented to an large audience such as yours. Did you know that there is an 30 min Nadesico OVA? In it, they go to the cinema to watch an special Gekigangar movie. It starts as an 12 min compilation of Gekigangar scenes and then  aprox. 16 min of an original Gekigangar 3 lost movie!
Sam Hickey
Absolutely love this show. I lucked into getting a full set of the old ADV release on the cheap a few years ago and I've rewatched it loads of times since. Shame about the movie though, it really was that bad.
Teemu Laine
Anybody know if hes watching Bleach episodes 1-64 because of his vote thingy?
N- Riv
I 100% agree with you when it comes to Spike Spemcer Arkada, as soon as I saw that I freakin lost it!
I seriously expected Gunbuster as an alternate recommendation...
Mathew Gibbons
I remember before the dub for Gurren Lagann came out I really wanted Brett Weaver to play Kamina because of the similar personalities Gai Daigoji and Kamina have.
Draw dex
I watched this when TV was my anime provider. With Saver Marionette J.
Hearing those trumpets again gave me a nostalgasm. Still one of my all-time anime theme songs.
Aret Maw
Please review Amagi Brilliant Park. :D
Helí Guerrero
Good to see Nadesico is still receiving some love :)
Nostalgia Works
I remember when this show played on Toonami's Giant Robot Week.
Matthew Doan
This has been one of my top 10 favorites since all the way back in high school (2002). I own the whole series on original VHS. (I don't even own a VCR anymore... lol)