Samoan Mum with Dwarfism

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Twelve months ago becoming a mother was merely a dream for thirty-two-year-old Samoan born Louisa. Now she is forced to make the difficult decision of trying to keep her baby and raise him in Samoa, or give him up to be raised with family in New Zealand. Follow Us on Facebook: />Follow Us on Twitter: />See more Videos:

mirtha kitt
God, cant this lady catch a break??? Give her baby to her!!! I can't Believe what kind of suffering this woman has had to endure. Its cruel.
That grandma is the best! "Cheeky go and make a baby! Naughty girl eh!" Hahahaha
Nina Dabro
Beautiful lady with a warm heart and she's definitely deserves happiness
Dylan Houia
I have never seen a woman smile through so much. You are a great mother :)
😔 I know this lady. I mean I don't know her we'll but we come from the same village in Samoa and this is my mom's village. I grew up on dads side so when I visit my grandma on moms side on school holiday I get to see her every Sunday at church. Never miss a Sunday 😊 I didn't even know this happened to her 😔 the best thing about her she never let peoples negativity bring her down shes always smiling 😊
Happy Peacock
Pisses me off that the man who knocked her up will not help
Sophia Twaha Shaban
I love wen she says " u have a life and I also have mine" wow .... Go gal
anna Last
The father should come forward to support this baby & marry this woman. He should be there for her to help raise this baby.
I wish I was her neighbor, I'd help for free. I raised 14 children to adulthood, it's 2nd nature to me. It's a shame that New Zealand sees her as a burden and expense!
Chloe F.
Its funny how she is dying to try to grow up with her kid and there are mothers out there just abandoning kids for no valid reason. That's heart breaking for her
So where is the father? These men can just walking around leaving women pregnant and they don't have to pay child support or anything?
Regardless of her size I bet she's an awesome mum. Her personality is lovely and I hope her the best.
Kat A.
That a government would ask a person to terminate their unborn baby in the case that it be born with brittle bones is horrendous and an absolute violation of Louisa's right as an expectant mother - I JUST CAN'T!!!!
Curlon kc
these are the smoothest speakers I ever heard..they speak very soft
Maria Torres
I love her sassiness. She's full of life and reminds me of my momma. I would love to be her friend!
GetOutoFHere Mate!
it would be nice if the father of the baby helps and support her n his son.
Jakhi Matthews
The fact that they would want her to terminate her baby 😭
No wonder her mum doesn't smile much, its just too much for the poor woman.
Susie H.
Louisa is just stunningly beautiful. even though her story is sad she always has a smile on her face. Bless her❤
Stacey Jesso Green
What a cute little chubby baby.He is absolutely gorgeous with his little chubby cheeks and his little belly.He is going to be a little heartbreaker when he gets older.Watch out mom for the lineup of girls that will be knocking at your door.
Solomon King
Does anyone know how I can get ahold of this lady and help her out?..
WOW! And the family chief is so handsome too... They are all beautiful.
If she can't live in New Zealand then she should apply to come here to America. I know there are so many people here in Tulsa Oklahoma that would take turns helping her to care for him. The easiest would be to contact the area churches. Especially the bigger ones. They don't call Tulsa the Bible belt for nothing. You don't even have to be the same religion. The people here would help and do help regardless. There is a church/center called Tulsa Dream Center I would try asking them which churches or organizations could help. They help in so many different ways at the dream center that I'm sure they'd know who to ask. And if not then try another. Another probably easier way would be to set up a go fund me page to help her keep her baby with her. It could be used to pay someone to help her care for him until he no longer needs it. And also to help her with the things she has to do. So she can spend more time with him. I wish I could help out. But I'm on a fixed income. Good Luck.
Cathy D.
That's absolutely disgusting how all her family could just up and leave her behind This Woman should have been given the means and help she needs to raise her son.I cannot believe her mother and the fact she was denied access to stay It's just proof how much has yet still to change when it comes to seeing ppl as equal
Plot twist the family chief is the father 😂
Kiara Crystal
Maybe Lord God of your Father make you a thousand times more numerous than are, and bless you as He has promised you! I love you in Jesus name. ✨✨♥️🕊🙏🏼✝️🙌🏼👏🏼🕊♥️🎁👍🏼🕊♥️✨✨
Omg this is so sad, she is forced to make a very difficult decision and still is a happy women. I hope she can get her visa
Mrs Maddox
Her mom is SELFISH!! They all should send her $ to help her out...that’s what families overseas do when u come from a 3rd world country. You help the ones u left behind. Poor luisa😭. She’s just a sweet woman
Olive Dog
she should've never had to choose like that. how incredibly ridiculous. her mother is making her daughter do everything for her, not her baby. Her mom seems controlling. pisses me off
Kaleido Saur
What a gorgeous woman!
She's so memorized and in love with her baby, she's a good mother and person ❤ I hope her son grows up and knows she loved him enough to give him a better life.
Candy Girl
Just give the lady a damn visa and stop making things difficult, geez it seems like whites just love making things difficult for ppl.
Jo Anne
The family chief is hot....oh yeah, and he seems so gentle too, which makes him more hot🤤
Sophia Brown
Even though her mother helps her with the baby, I do not think she did it with a willing heart. She seems controlling and not that supportive but she tries to cover it up. At one time she was even getting mad like damn show this lady some TRUE love. As for the baby, he will grow up and be a successful person in society and this when the father will want to come back around and say that is my son when in truth and in fact he did not know if the baby had food to eat. Smh sorry ass man.
Sade Gemmell
Honestly if I had the money I'd move and help
Izzy Cee
So touching , God wouldnt start anything if he knew you couldnt finsh it..........i pray that the lord will guide you in your situation and that your son will grow up all healthy and that he will know from his mind and heart that you are his biological mother Amen
Gina Primeau
My heart wrenches for her. It was a miracle her pregnancy went extremely well and her son is a miracle. She's not in an enviable position and I feel so sad. She clearly loves her son very much and is a good mother and she's proving that even more by having her son go to new Zealand and be adopted by her family and he will have a better quality of life. Its still so sad because of the mother's disability she can not care for her son alone and she can not find work because of the prejudices against disabled people so she can't even get a job to financially support her son and get a nanny so he can stay with her. And the fact there's no father in the picture is disgusting to me. Any male that makes a baby with any woman and then refuses to be a part of their child's life is not a man. Such a heart wrenching situation. I pray for them.
Kahakai Kahoiwai
honestly (since im samoan) samoans can be very judgemental and critical so the fact that she endures inspires me sooo much, god bless her
Zaz Grey
mad that these colonisers are still allowed to decide the fate of natives from the islands and the mainland itself. makes me sick.
Her baby is so cute
Fualaau Matautia
I'm Samoan and it's sad that NZ did not let her in.your such a great mum.GOD BLESS YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Adriana X
It's sad that she had to stay behind in Samoa it would've been nice if she could've stay with her family in New Zealand and be closer to Her son , such a sad story
Island bxby
im samoan and tongan and i respect ur disability and u r a very beautiful island lady
koko unknown
Cann everyone shut up abbout the chief I know hes hot asf and would love to eat him up.but we need to be focusing on the fact that a baby has been separated from the mother.
angelina B
she is amazing :-( wtf where is her bd at?smh he wanted to have fun now there is baby n he us long gone
lazy kay kay
Love this women she is very strong. God is guiding you.
Jenny Mosca
I'm sadden how they don't support her...
Miriam Myrsiades
The baby looks a lot like the chief lol
Janice Carbaugh
no matter what people say shes an amazing women and mom <3
Hashim Rashid
She just strong woman to watch forever the way she cope with her disability challenges God bless you Louisa..
K Travel
Her spirit is so motivating!! for someone to have a disability and be so positive is truly beautiful! alofa tele sister!!
Mekdi Lulu
This is the most touching story ever ❤️❤️ what a brave women 🙏🏻
I love documentaries
pineapple world
I can't stop my tears sad story, Your son will have so much love and appreciation for having you in his life . And he will know that one reason you chose adoption was because you knew it would give him the best life possible, one you could not provide for him at the time. Know that you are not alone. You are a kind, self-sacrificing, courageous woman, a blessing to your little one and to everyone. So I hope one day when your son see this video and will know exactly what you went through and he will always and forever love you ..God bless you dear .
Hi By lol
She is pretty
Tu'i Faioa
She's an examples of what a strong and beautiful Polynesian women, ofa atu: )
Baby Lotonu'u
Where is the dad?
Seanoa J Leiataua
Don't give up. You are a strong woman
Glenda Field
sad when you said Samoan kids are scared of you. what ignorant sh.. are they being told by their patents? I thought new Zealand was about inclusion not exclusion. power to you girlfriend.
Haruki Suzuki 「cute, funny」
When I was little this little girl moved to town and she had brittle bones disease...I was scared to death of her but now we are best friends and I was the maid of honor at her wedding
Kelebohile Mganga
my mother is disabled too and at some point, she had to make a decision whether she raise me or she gives me to my grandmother to raise me. I was a very big baby and it was hard for her to take care of me but she decided to raise me. I'm grateful that she did because I don't think I would have been able to relate to her had she decided to allow my grandmother to raise me. honestly, i would have been ashamed of her in the first place, I remember growing up other kids used to tease me that my mother is dissabled and I had to grow a thick skin and accept that she is my mother and she is the way she is.
ALL AROUND ME coombs family
i feel so truly sad for those who have a disability would have to abort thats unfare.she is a human being and to be away from her child is just sad..
Your Ego
This is a crazy situation. The grandma looked so tired after her all night cleaning job then to feed the baby. Washing the bottle ugh
yelah m
Having severe disabilities, I can't imagine getting pregnant, carrying a baby in my stomach for nine months, and raising children, honestly. Like, without a team and support behind me, I can't see how that would even be possible.
Nyasha Gumise
Bless her and thank God her mum is helping her..xx
I’m very confused as to why the Samoan woman has subtitles under her while she speaks, but the narrator doesn’t? I’m not understanding why one wouldn’t be as clear vocally like the other? One had an accent and the other didn’t? And the narrator is the one with the accent? Things like this sends messages. Just because someone doesn’t speak “England English” doesn’t make them harder to understand when people can properly under someone with a Russian, Italian, French, Irish, etc but as soon as you have a Spanish, Jamaican, Haitian, Ghanaian, etc. “Oh I can’t understand you” comes into play 🙄🙄 oh please!
Absolutely stunning women, Your Baby's Gorgeous he's lucky to have you as his mummy God bless you ❤️
Indaneria Lewis
She's really a strong beautiful woman no matter what she goes through that's just so amazing
Bass Mainer
My heart is so sore for this woman. What a beautiful baby boy! Wish I could send her the help she needs.
Gorgeous people. Even the way they speak.
I love the Chiefs counsel
Marco Mark Productions
Its rough but I got to ask why she didn't have a kid with a man she could keep around
Oswald A George
omg she is so strong and I want to be just like her when I grow up
Violet Mohuanga
Her and grandma are cute😍
Christin Mogese
This shows how special a mother really is 😍 beautiful story
to bad the father wasn't more of a help
Misbah S
Such a heartbreaking story! I want the baby to stay with her and she gets help and support for the baby in Samoa! Can we have an update please
Cristina West
Your beautiful no matter what people say to you
She's beautiful
Toonz Brah
I hope he sees this when hes older. and they get to meet when hes older. so he knows his mom loved him
The Meek
The baby looks like the chief.
Jenny Mosca
she has no idea...a mother is everything
The chief was a cutie
Timarie Vasquez
Absolutely heartbreaking! There had to be a better way...she makes such a loving mom.
Rosa Lara
Immigration anywhere is heartbreaking...
Tay'ja Wilson
Does anybody else think she's really pretty
Chhiring Lama
Where is baby's father?
Wahawa Manmasi
New Zealand government is cruel for not granting her visa on humanitarian ground. Thats cruelty.
sweetcaro reidB
I love strong brave woman they encourage me to be strong 😍😍 beautiful
I found this video cruel on so many different levels. The idea that little people should have their babies taken awY because of their disability is wrong. Here family could very well pitch in to at the very least pay for a caretaker to help out until the baby is 4 or 5 years old. The grandmother is being selfish to want to take the baby. She has no faith in her daughter’s abilities. The thing about having a disability is that you will naturally adapt to create a life where you can get things done.
Chocolate Thunder Cherry
Whoever left this woman to be a single mom shame on them Her baby 👶🏽🍼 looks just like her it’s a shame what she had to endure. I pray she gets that visa The need more resources for this woman The chief fine tho
This kind of unfair. If someone told me about her condition sooner, I would travel there without any excitation to volunteer
Angie Coers
She got pregant by a stranger, with no means to take of the baby. Very reckless decision.
d jnifer f
is the chief family of the rock or maybe the baby's father....btw he is good-looking
Linnie Lynn
Come on Nz make it happen for this lady and her future to be able to have Nz residency 👩‍👦‍👦💞💝
Kaay s
The adoption man was probably disappointed when he heard louisas mum "feels sick when she's away from the baby, because she's too attached to him". Was too polite to say.
Ramona Netto
Why can't new Zealand accept her..on compassion...anyways..such things happen rarely..
Charlene Penn
Why can’t the daddy help her and be with her for,He helped get the baby
Rona Jackson
a baby knows their mother before birth !!!
Samoan men are so sexy.