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Richard decides to invest in a GT 350 Shelby Mustang 1968 model, has he bitten off more than he can chew?

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Julio Colman
Does he know the shirt says "white trash"?
Mike Milne
whatever he is in it to make money, he did that. If a seller takes a offer its on him
Silver Bullet
The original seller is probably stewing after seeing the video😂😂😂.
He said the is a rust bucket, not restorable yet he starts by low bullish the owner with 16k then comes up to 20k. Yup he is a swindler. .
Shister Monkey. The original guy knew the value. Just didn't know the right place to look.
Nelson Inman
stop watching gas monkey
I would have just got it running and put the gas in it. I like the body all f'ed up. Don't have to worry about little kids messing with it at car shows. btw What kind of tv car show is this? "How to screw the original owner of a muscle car and then screw the next buyer".
JP Stone
Boy, that's classy, dropping F-bombs in when the fellow's wife and little kids are around. The image we portray. I would have escorted you and the Amish guy's ass right off the property.
Lucky Goose
I didn't realize what a dick Richard is. No pun intended. Why didn't the original owner just advertise it in those classic car sales magazines? This tells me the whole thing is just a huge fake ass set up. If I was the owner I would not budge to much from my asking. He didn't not look desperate.
offers the guy 16K but buys it for 25K and then resells it for 35k. I bet that guy that sold it to him feels like shit.
Proudly showing off how you steal from someone? Never watching this show again! Its business I get it but for me honesty comes before money. Im not for sale! Rather keep my balls and my word intact. Shared
Mark Breaux
I literally would've gave him 30 for that .... And for the record I WOULD NEVER SELL NOTHING TO THESE NUTSACKS... They're all bout money not the soul of any car..
I can't stand Richard...
Terence Brashear
All cars can be restored.......
Ram Runner
Is he really complaining about the shape of that stang? Yea it needs work but damn it ain't all that bad
Wait they took the original air filter out of it and tried to increase the price of blue shirt guy's offer by giving it back to him?
Bohunk Funk
That POS has a hella'uva amount of character and pure americana, hell I would go 35 on it, even in that cosemtic condition and still running, still looks much cooler than any mustang out today.
Henrik Carlsen
Didn't Aron quit?
i used to like this show until i figured out that it was just bullshit reality tv for the money.
Steven Mitchell
Nice. Tell the guy how shitty his mustang is and then sell it for more.
What is it with all these shows featuring douches ripping other people off?! Guy is a complete a-hole.
Richard is a friend to no one.
Anonymous Rated
Fakest car reality show ever.
I wouldn't of sold it to him based on the fact it's the hack job Gas Monkey Garage.
John McGann
My friends parents own a really great condition one. Only 25000 miles on it too
Blazze 27
Bunch of liars, that car only needs about 8k in materials to get her back to original. And saying it's not restorable? I've restored a 59 Chevy that was twice as bad
fang check
is that a yellow 70 boss 302 in dan the mans garage ?
Will Butter
I'm glad the gas monkey sold this car to someone who will restore it CORRECTLY. I was afraid the ass monkey will do some stupid work to it
What a pair of greasy fuckheads, just talking shit the whole time to get the guys price down then complain hes trying to bring emotion into it. They know its surface rust, its a complete Shelby GT 350, and it doesn't take much to get vintage car up and running. Hate flippers. "Can't go there, gotta be the Cheapest Shelby GT 350 in the world." Offered the original owner $16k.
Its no wonder gas crook is one of the most hated car guys in america.
Abunai One
Having had a 67 coupe, I can just imagine what the cowl hats look like. In today's college cost, $25K won't pay for one year of college, a four year college I mean.
Macarena Calderon
era muy bueno el programa antes ...
Fireburst321 NG
do u guys have a tranz am i want to my fav car
SlimTarHeel 2
If only every episode of every show was made to have comments from YT. Love the hate LOL
Belgium Gaming
Love the sound it had.
Tommy Baker
Another oldie but goodie. Another reminder of just how long THE DICK has been focking people.
Uriel Reyes
basura Blanca lol
Brandon Smith
I know its a show and they need to do things to make the show interesting but douchebags like these guys piss me the **** off! People like these guys that take advantage of a guy saying they're not sure if its restorable then once they are leaving they say its a perfectly restorable car are what gives car guys and shops a bad name. I know many will say the guy selling it should have done more research and I agree 110% but still they shouldn't have taken advantage like they did by blatantly lying to the guy's face. Then on top of that, they say its worth max about $50-60k restored, that is straight BS. If you find one fully restored you'd be lucky to pick it up for less that $110k. Now I know many will disgree with me and that's perfectly fine, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and all deserve to be heard and respected. This was just my $0.02. :-D
Flemming Nielsen
wow,,,dont like that CONMAN !!!!
Picolas Cage
Im never gonna come to this channel again.
Poker Set
0.17 Is it me or does he look like an older Scott Disick
Yedu Raghav
Shakes everyone's hand except the lady's!!!
M Del Río
here in Mexico we call them "coyotes" they don't really love those cars, it is just about earn more money with these legends.
Joey Valenzuela
Its called business you sensitive idiots.
Dino Climaco
Im more worried about getting bitten by a snapping turtle at the lake 🤓
I'm with u. I don't care much for mustangs. There's a couple I like but only a couple. I want the 71 split bumper Camaro.
"there aint much of it that's not rusted out" god i hate these car shows, they make out like peoples cars are rotting then they lowball them like fuck and then sell for like 3X what they payed for... literally 3 mins in "Was this found in a lake" "was it a katrina refugee" they are basically just insulting the dude... Edit: Now he is saying "It will cost 50-60k to restore it" what absolute BS... *Buys car for 25k, puts new tyres on, probably does fuck all other than that, "I'm after 40k* what a swindler, business is business but this is not business this is robbery when you increase the price for nothing. Oh my god, HE is playing the "He wants the cheapest shelby GT in the world" card after he payed literally 25K.... Nah, this show is giving me a brain drain.
Always talking the car down to owner, playing the game to low ball. Should have told Richard to walk away for trying to rip him off.
Thamer Arafat
Seller, you are a complete looney selling this car for 25k. Next time do some research another sucker born every second.
"It's loud"... No shit, sherlock. It's a freakin muscle car. What do you expect? A quiet hybrid?
Sam Harris
Just remember that 80% of this is scripted bullshit. The cameras are set up in advance, and all negotiations take place beforehand. We can't even be certain how much of it is even real. I miss the good old days of television, where they actually showed insightful, interesting documentaries. This reality TV craze has absolutely ruined it for me. Remember the old school history channel and TLC? Basically, don't trust anything you see in these programs.
ss mm
How many times does this pencil neck stroke his hair back thinking he is cool......take a close look at his puney biceps......go to a gym and try to muscle up little bottom boy!.....
Clay Carpenter
First time I have ever seen this show...These gas monkey guys are tool boxes. Last time I will watch this show.
Panos Constantinou
His shirt says WHITE TRASH in Spanish 😂
Unfunny Comedian
a hurricane Katrina refugee. the classiness of this quality programming.
Michael Mullen
Those word coming out of that long bearded women I meant kid Is not cool. That's a beautiful car regardless if it's damaged, I would love to freaking take it off the guy that sold it hands that bearded TWAT has no respect for Cars.
hollow vlad
I dont hate mustangs I'm just a hipster.
Teresa67 Factoid
look people it's a script!! the pawn shows ,the storage locker shows,and the classic car flipping shows. the "negotiations ", the deadlines, it's all scripted. enjoy it ,watch them ,but don't for one minute believe these entertainment shows have anything to do with reality.
Skinny Mcdoogin
That was a dick move. He gets what the original dude was asking and even asked for MORE.
This son of a goat is to puke for, he doesn't give a shit about the car, just the plus value he makes... Original owner was way too nice.... Someone should set monkey garage in fire...with these two demons...!
Ford Fan01
Saleen or Shelby any day.
Happy Fox
"where are they gonna go, community college? haha!" me: "get off my property, this car is no longer for sale to you, Son, get my shotgun and I'll show you how to deal with hillbilly trespassers"
1 E L M E R
The guy got to much TV star 🌟 in his eyes. His show has gone to hell. No longer will I watch. Started out is a damm good car show. Not today. From Texas City TX USA 👍
Would love a Shelby............just hate this guy.....he sucks.
Joseph Fitzgerald NSW
Gas monkey employees are not passionate about automobiles otherwise the Shelby Mustang would've been special.
his basura blanca shirt 😂😂
What a shitty restoration shop. Selling it to another shop instead of doing it on their own and giving the owner an unfair value.
Joseph Taverna
Aaron everybody likes Mustangs because they're great looking car and they're super fast Aaron first on race day have a good night
Andy Nixon
I love watching fast and loud , but wondering if he's enjoying ' the white stuff ' if you know what I mean .
Nasty business.
Two clowns
Scared to take his shirt off
This is so scripted
that car was in good shape,,,minimal rust
idantheman 1
Richard was at Lucky Eagle casino under the hood of a 67 shelby i got a video..Real respectable man,,
Miguel Ito
love Ricks t shirt and ofcourse he knows what it says, could say pescuezo rojo
damian smith
32k? 7k profit, " i cant go there" 😂
Silent Symphony Inc.
"Basura Blanca" means white trash.
He told the owner its not worth 35k then tries to sell it for 40k what a greedy bitch
adriaan schuurman
Richard, how about a rebuild of a 78/79 /Flat back window corvette. [email protected]
braidon ward
Y'all some cry baby's that how you make some money tf
m c
The guy who sold the car is watching this thinking 'this mothaaaa fuckkaaaa...'
hank martin
He is a lazy ass con man, he does exactly what THE LORD Warns against, and he will get his wages for his deeds, maybe all in one day...Proverbs 20:14  It is naught, it is naught, saith the buyer: but when he is gone his way, then he boasteth... Peckerwood he is...
kris hedges
drunk fuckin pussy
Pucks4Fun 2
That was hilarious when the kid called him out for not liking kids. "Well you said that on one of your episodes" LOL
Keith P
I hate how you tell someone that their car is crap and you cant even restore it and the you buy it dirt cheap and rape the owner on the price then sell it knowing it is very restorable.  I cant believe that your still in business.
sote ful
Before I watch it......there will be a time constraint and they will go over budget.
Shubham Lighde
The "good news" is that according to Shelby Mustang "experts" only that "serial number tag" matters and its perfectly acceptable to replace the entire body. Which says all you need to know about how "collectible" those POS cars are and why they don't bring shit for money relative to their "rarity".
Sergio Reyes
The whitest shit I ever seen in my life but it’s cool
They stopped calling it Shelby “Mustang” GT 350 in 1966 and just called it Shelby GT 350
AARON i like him but then i don't after hearing him talk crap about Mustang lol
Charlie Brown
this cant be real,those guys came to my house acting liked that,the police would be there before we were done.Please tell me hot rodding hasnt come to this.
William Bird
People have different reasons for selling cars and of course there are different people who will have reasons for buying cars. This gas monkey cat is in the business of buying and selling cars, and of course he is not in the business of buying and selling cars just to go broke. The cars that he deals in just happen to be special interest vehicles and of course this is another world from the run of the mill car sales. The fellow selling this car is the one who is either satisfied with the sale or dissatisfied with the sale. The gas monkey dude has been doing this for quite a while and he knows how far he can go in order to not lose money on turning this car over and as any used car salesman will tell you, you get it as cheap as you can,put as little into it as possible in order to sell it, and turn a profit; that's the name of the game. This writer doesn't much care for this kind of reality show, but it is interesting to look the vehicles over. This car certainly needs a lot, but the fact that it is all there and there is something to work with gives it a lot on the plus side
Made $10,000 off a family and failed to deliver the audience anything of interest.
PsychoWolf Studios
10:52 1967 GT500 in the background. LOL
Dominic Bailey
that annoying laugh tho
Mr. Flapjack Presents
What a pair of absolute douches. 3500 is completely reasonable for a rare Shelby in that shape, you dipshits. Then you proceed to spend our time bashing the poor guy who has to give up his dream of restoring the car. Piss off.