The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - Batman vs. Bane (HD)

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Final Battle between batman and bane, i dont own anything this is just for entertainment purposes!

Сосновый Паштет
Batman Begins - "Where were the other Drugs going?" The Dark Knight - "Where are they?" The Dark Knight Rises - "Where is the trigger?"
"Tell me where the trigger is. Then, you have my permission to die". The Goddamn Batman.
Sloth from The Goonies
I'm getting pissed off with people constantly comparing Bale's Batman to Affleck's Batman, it's pointless. Bales's Batman is supposed to be a more realistic take on the character, essentially trying to create a Batman who could exist in the real world (even if some of his gadgets were pushing the envelope). Whereas Affleck's Batman is more of a comic book batman who is fighting aliens and other superheroes. Comparing them makes as much sense as comparing an MMA fighter to a character out of Dragon Ball Z.
Mark Sashegyi
"So, you've come back to die with your city?" "No, I came back to stop you." Replace "stop" with "break" and this line becomes 10x better.
Mike Schmidt
3:14 Ynevrr giitoo nordnry cizen
'So you came back to die with your city?' 'No, I came back to stop you' Must've taken Batman all night to prepare that comeback....
Javier Pizarro
I love how bad the background fighting is in some of these shots
Nick K.
Is this the only scene where batman is in day light?
Kenny Tee
Christian Bale was channeling his inner Nicolas Cage when he said the "I came back to stop you" line.
0:14 watch the cop and thug fight on the left
2:24 Bane's face is just like "Wait time out my mask broke"
2:40-2:44 Still my favorite part of the fight.
Squad Fam
1:56 "It's over Anakin I have the high ground"
"No, I came back to stop you." I love this movie, but that line is just lame as hell.
Ciaran O'Connell
The difference here from the first fight is the complete role reversal in desperation & Batman actually respecting a foe's power in an opponent for the first time. Batman isn't throwing himself at Bane in desperation to beat him, like he did in the first fight. As Bane said, ''you fight like a younger man, with nothing held back, admirable but mistaken''. Batman is still taking heavy hits from Bane but he rarely leaving himself wide open to a bad counter like he constantly did in the sewers. Here Batman is using controlled aggression always looking for an opening instead of mindless anger & desperation fueling his attacks. Previously, he always just would just overpower whoever he came up against, whether it was the Mob, Ra al Ghul, the Joker, Two-Face, etc..simply due to the fact he was more powerful physically. That's the mistake he made in the sewers. Previously he never had to take into account someone might be his equal physically or even more powerful which requires tactics & strategy. Here he continuously targets Bane's mask until it breaks. Also, while Batman is calculating in his attacks, Bane increasingly loses with cool, growing desperate just like Batman in the sewers, especially after Batman breaks his mask. Bane in the sewers used Batman's desperation against him, here Batman uses Bane's desperation against him.
true story... I was running late for work because I couldn't find my car keys.. i started screaming in Batman's voice "Where is it? Where's my car keys"... my wife and kids couldn't stop laughing.. I then realize I should stop seeing Nolan's Batman movies..
Epic Rants
The last great work of D.C.
Anki Hansen
And then Bane mentioned his mom's name: "Martha".
Aegon Starkgaryen
I like how they all have assault rifles and pistols but in the end it just turns into a big bar fight
Only thing that disappointed me about this fight is he finally beats Bane and its all epic and then a second later we hear: "WAHAHARES TRAAGGER!? WAAARS IZZZZ EEET!? YOUUD NEVAARR GIEEVE ITT TO A ORGINARY CITIZEN WAAARRS IZZZ EET!?" To be honest I saw people around me laughing in the theater lol
Bobby Dazzler
2:41 you can tell he's pissed
Someone Else
Ooh the way that Bane snaps as soon as his mask his broken is incredible acting. You can feel the anger in his moves and noises, and that's how Batman wins in the first place
Bodega Mouse
Even though Bane already knew about Bruce being Batman, Bruce still felt the need to change his voice...
Looks like this was extremely painful... ...for him.
chris correa
That 3 punch combo at @ 2:41 always gets to me, Tom Hardy was great as Bane
Poro VI
1:53 that fight on the left ...
President Sunday
It's just occurred to me what is so wrong with this battle scene. Nobody is on the ground. There should be bodies piled up all over the pavement, yet everyone is standing like it's a big street dance.
Check out the desperation Bane showed at 2:40. It's so terrifying.
Am I the only one who likes this movie? And Tom Hardy's performance as Bane? And who also thought Tom Hardy's Bane stayed true to most of the source material?
316 people still dno't know where the trigger is.
The BatmanTM
Even doe Ben Affleck is awesome Christian bale will always be legendary...
Good Gravy
A random police officer could just shoot Bane when he is fighting Batman. Anticlimatic, but totally realistic.
Giorgi Sonicius
2:40 best moment <3
Joe A.
3:02 "Batman! Will you sign my gun!?"
jhon reckner
The soundtrack mixing in with Bane's punches at 2:40-2:44 is legendary
Jake Scott
Some of the extras are just so bad in this scene lol
Bud Mon
Still a better fight than Batman vs Superman...
Jeremiah Mendez
2:41 Calm down Bane calm down
Chris Baca
"So you came back to die with your city?" "No, I came back to return some video tapes."
Michael Best
Nolan is a great director, but my word he's horrible at filming fight sequences. Give this scene to Snyder and it would've been epic.
2:40 is the best part.
Ashley Bradley
this will always be my batman
Matt Damon
People always compare the fight scenes in this movie to the ones in Winter Soldier and to those people that like Winter Soldier fighting more, I get it. Ya it's pretty to look at, but this shit is real, Marvel fights are to clean cut every move going into specific motion and choreographed to the exact degree. Nolans Batman fights are very grounded and dirty and wild, like how an actual fight is, they look so real to the point that it looks like not even the actors know what's going to happen next. For instance when Bane puts Batman against that pillar and starts swinging, it looks like Christian Bale is like "wtf dude it's just a movie why the hell are you actually hitting me this wasn't part of the script". I'm not saying I'm an expert (because I'm not) but having watched hundreds of fights and having been in dozens, I can say that these fights are the more realistic. Like I said I'm not an expert but I garuntee that I know more then these people who say that WS fights are better. But like I said I like the WS fights but these ones take the cake every time because unlike the WS you can almost feel every punch. And yes I understand that it's kinda hard to take me seriously with a profile pic of Jim Carrey in a ballerina dress with crazy hair I know, just changed it today.
Wyatt Putnam
Fight 1: Bane: level 90 Batman: level 50 *Timeout* (Batman leaves to go work out) Fight 2: Bane: level 99 Batman: level 100
Charles Larrivee
I love Balebat. Really I do. But Batfleck would have demolished Bane in 5 minutes.
On yo feet maggot
A fight between this bane and BvS batman would be epic
Tony Waller
Someone think "WHERE IS THE TRIGGER!" is really hilarious. But if you are the one that someone are punching you face and you can't even fight back, then you will not feel it is fun
Abdullah Productions
Everyone prefers the fast fighting in BvS, but I'm still for this fight. BvS barley had any emotion to the fights, and there seemed to be nothing to lose with Batman. Here, everything's on a time limit. What Zack Snyder really missed was a compelling story to back up the action with emotion, due to previous set up.
Jake Sherman
2:16 Bane sounds like Darth Vader imr!
will bailey
hwerrre ish thu trriggerr?
- "Batman! I have an idea of how to beat Bane! Have you tried punching him REALLY HARD?" - "That's just crazy enough to work!"
Alec Madsen
He forgot to ask if his mother's name was Martha....
alexander luthor
3.01 i still dont know why is that guy runing to the batman with a shotgun its not a knife its shotgun :)
I call this scene, the 'Gotham War'. Nice title i know.
Mark e.g. smith
Bane: "Ah, you came here to die with your city." Batman: "No, I came here to stop you." Watch out, we got a badass over here
Hamza Sarwar
If you notice how batman switches to a brawler style instead of relying on different styles since they proved to be ineffective with his first confrontation with bane
balebat is better than bataffleck
When Batman kicks Bane through the door it gets me so hype I swear lol
Nathan Napier
At 2:44 Bane hits the pillar a second time for no apparent reason. I think it was to show the audience that he is strong but it kinda bugs me. Because clearly, the fight does not make them look "that" strong.
The best bit is when Bane is just wailing on him up against that pillar. Actually looks real.
man this fight was so much better than the Zach Snyder batman vs superman
I forgot that Christian Bale used to be Batman
Jake Schutt
best Batman fight ever made
Trilby Frier
The look in Banes eyes from 17 to 20 is absolutely amazing. Tom Hardy did an excellent job! Not to mention he is like my favorite villain ... maybe I just like muscle lol
-"So you came back to die with your city." -"No, I came back to break you."
I love how when his mask is damaged, Bane becomes this wild savage animal instead of the composed brawler
Shushant Mishra
02:42 Man, Bane punching like a boss!
EEProductions EJW
2:40 batman should be dead from internal bleeding lol
Misael Toral
At 0:09 is that George Lucas duking it out with a cop on the left behind Bane?
Wally Webbs
I just realize those spikes on batman gauntlets save him in all three movies. In the first one he breaks ra's al ghoul's sword. In the second he shoots them at the joker, and in this one he breaks bane's mask
jacob dunivan
A lot of people dog on Bale because of his voice that he uses, saying that it makes the movies feel cheesy. I don't understand those people. I think the voice works well. Bale's delivery of his lines are solid and chilling. especially the end of this scene. So, you're telling me that if a grown-man in a bat suit drops down in front of you at night time and asks you in a scary beast-like voice "Where are the other drugs going" your wouldn't shit your pants?
Bane: You came back to die with your city! Batman: No. I came back to stop you! Wow... brilliant dialogue. *Sarcasm* This movie was our first hint that the DC/Warner Brothers ship had hit an iceberg.
Jason V
way better than bvs
Bobby Amunra
Batman the greatest Superhero !
0:28 --> sorry but that scene. and that voice. So cringe haha. looks so staged and scripted. "okay batman, stand there and say your line with your cringy deep voice"
"So, you came back to die with your city." "No, I'VE COME TO BARGAIN!"
Ryan Moen
I'm realizing after a more thorough look at this movie that both Bane and Batman's style are completely different. Bane's style is usually on the offense, trying to brutally attack anything in his path. Batman on the other hand uses a blend of defense techniques and tries to figure out his opponent's weaknesses, and this fight in particular kind of reminds of Rocky. It's not supposed to be this fast intense shaky cam martial art stunt work that you'd see in like a Jason Bourne movie, it's two guys viciously fighting for both their own lives and for the soul of Gotham. The stakes are personal, so their isn't anything flashy or fancy about it. Batman almost seemed to use this technique that Rocky uses: he waits it out for his opponent to get tired, and then strikes when the moment is right, but there's no bell, no rules, no refs, just plain all out brawl. Sure the choreography might be slow paced but that's part of the realistic universe that these characters have been adapted into. The gritty feel to the fights in these movies makes them seem like I'm way more emotionally invested in what's going to happen. Nolan did an amazing job with this one just like the other two in the Trilogy.
Marvin Rodriguez
best 2012 fight ever Bane is my favorite dis is the real Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy is the real Batman
Riki Kage
As much as i love the Dark Knioght movies, Batfleck is better
Kona Shi
omg 0:16 that punch on the left bruh
ugly tomato potato
your were the chosen 1 it said u would desroy the sith not join them u were my brother anakin i loved u
You can see Batman going for Bane's face (his mask to be more specific) through the entire fight since now he knew that his mask deliver anesthetic, and it paid off when he managed to break Bane's Mask, you keep hearing the metallic sound of Batman punching him in the mask. In the first fight Batman wasted a ton of energy punching Bane in the chest and you could tell Bane didn't give a fuck (probably because of his drug) most likely that's why he lost the first time around.
Zaryf Dinzly
go batman go batman go
La Sombra
0:18 The guy at the back of bane, is he using a condom?
"No. I came back to prove that doing pushups in a cave for a few months is enough to come back to defeat Bane."
0:36 is pretty revealing, in hindsight. She doesn't look scared or anything
John Smith
back ground fighting sooo bad
2:41 best part
Kenneth Walker WAlker
I felt sorry for Bane in this one
Paul Flowerday
Who agrees that Commissioner Gordon looks like Gary Oldman?
Brown Sugar
There's something about 0:16 that is amazing when Bane turns around.
The dark Knight
Best trilogy ever
Jeweby Chewy
2:41 thats the real action, bane punches really heavy and quick. love to see more big guys with a fast punches
Nathaniel UncleDrew
2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 .........
Fernando Juarez
The thing I hate about this is the fighting it so lame😴 I like the Winter Soldier fight better.
Noel Rodriguez
Peake Performance
Snyder is a pro at directing epic fight scenes but Nolan is better at presenting a much more realistic fight. That's why I appreciate this movie scene so much