Criminal Minds ... and their real life partners

Who is Joe Mantegna Dating? Who is Joe Mantegna's girlfriend? Who is Joe Mantegna's wife? Is Joe Mantegna single? Who is Joe Mantegna married to? Who is Thomas Gibson Dating? Who is Thomas Gibson's girlfriend? Who is Thomas Gibson's wife? Is Thomas Gibson single? Who is Thomas Gibson married to? Who is Shemar Moore Dating? Who is Shemar Moore's girlfriend? Who is Shemar Moore's wife? Is Shemar Moore single? Who is Shemar Moore married to? Who is Matthew Gray Gubler Dating? Who is Matthew Gray Gubler's girlfriend? Who is Matthew Gray Gubler's wife? Is Matthew Gray Gubler single? Who is Matthew Gray Gubler married to? Who is Mandy Patinkin Dating? Who is Mandy Patinkin's girlfriend? Who is Mandy Patinkin's wife? Is Mandy Patinkin single? Who is Mandy Patinkin married to? Who is Adam Rodriguez Dating? Who is Adam Rodriguez's girlfriend? Who is Adam Rodriguez's wife? Is Adam Rodriguez single? Who is Adam Rodriguez married to? Who is Kirsten Vangsness Dating? Who is Kirsten Vangsness's Boyfriend? Who is Kirsten Vangsness's Husband? Is Kirsten Vangsness Single? Who is Kirsten Vangsness married to? Who is A.J. Cook Dating? Who is A.J. Cook's Boyfriend? Who is A.J. Cook's Husband? Is A.J. Cook Single? Who is A.J. Cook married to? Who is Paget Brewster Dating? Who is Paget Brewster's Boyfriend? Who is Paget Brewster's Husband? Is Paget Brewster Single? Who is Paget Brewster married to? Who is Jeanne Tripplehorn Dating? Who is Jeanne Tripplehorn's Boyfriend? Who is Jeanne Tripplehorn's Husband? Is Jeanne Tripplehorn Single? Who is Jeanne Tripplehorn married to? Who is Jennifer Love Hewitt Dating? Who is Jennifer Love Hewitt's Boyfriend? Who is Jennifer Love Hewitt's Husband? Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Single? Who is Jennifer Love Hewitt married to? Who is Jayne Atkinson Dating? Who is Jayne Atkinson's Boyfriend? Who is Jayne Atkinson's Husband? Is Jayne Atkinson Single? Who is Jayne Atkinson married to? Who is Lola Glaudini Dating? Who is Lola Glaudini's Boyfriend? Who is Lola Glaudini's Husband? Is Lola Glaudini Single? Who is Lola Glaudini married to? Who is Meredith Monroe Dating? Who is Meredith Monroe's Boyfriend? Who is Meredith Monroe's Husband? Is Meredith Monroe Single? Who is Meredith Monroe married to? Who is Aisha Tyler Dating? Who is Aisha Tyler's Boyfriend? Who is Aisha Tyler's Husband? Is Aisha Tyler Single? Who is Aisha Tyler married to? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ song: Umpire - Gravity (feat. Liz Kretschmer) youtube: /> Umpire ➞ SoundCloud />➞ Facebook />➞ Twitter

Pandora Spocks
Somebody call the F.B.I., Hotch is smiling.
Miss H.
Matthew is the Hottest "nerdy" guy. I would date his character even though that is not my type. I just love him...seems very quirky and sweet in real life.
Agnessa McConagal
A.J.'s husband looks like four different people.
Cristina Loayza
CM is not the same without Hotch.... sorry but that is the truth - and his smile is so cool
Debra Watts
Criminal minds is one of my favorite shows of all times!!! I Love, love, love the whole cast.☺
Avery And Amelia
Cristina Loayza
CM is not the same without Hotch.... sorry but that is the truth - and his smile is so cool
Louella Robertson
Hotch laughing...My My...
Raylan Smith
Time to update.
Vkooka CaDeLiNhA
Matthew Gray Gubler😻😻😼
Louella Robertson
I Love these people...I go to bed every nite off of them...Guess what...My ring tone is non other than Criminal Minds.I think this show is indeed the Smartest Series Ever...
It's very strange to see Thomas Gibson smiling.
Maddison TT
With Thomas Gibson when he is Hotch he never smiles and she smiles in every pic on here
Rock g
I love criminal minds it is one of my favorite shows. I like Derek Morgan,and spencer.
Sheila Frenchman
you're way behind on Matthew Gray Gubler his girlfriend now is Joanie De Santos
Kool Look
I love "Garcia" on the show ! I'm a nurse and one of the female patients on a ward, started calling me "Garcia", because she thought I looked like her on the show "Criminal Minds". After that, every time I entered the room, all the other female patients started calling me "Garcia" ! It gave the patients some fun and I was flattered that I look so beautiful like Kirsten ! It made my patients smile and something to talk about.
Jeremy Mitchell
I love A.J. Cook. She is so attractive.
Cheryl Grigsby
Anyone else think that Rossi is hot besides me?
Mimi Wells
Tripplehorn's husband good actor remember him in seven. And other great roles.
Sterlyn Villegas
Garcia at Dr.Reid was my favorite :) in criminal minds
Jeremy Mitchell
WOW! Hotchner does smile!! lol
I still can't believe that Matt, my original "boyfriend" dated Kat Dennings. I still live him tho
patricia santos
Humpty Dumpty Love
Seems like most are married to original partners ....... nice
Foof y
tom can smile? who knew??
Diamond Tello
Love it ❤❤❤ #CriminalMinds❤ Great Amazing Actors and Actresses ❤❤❤ and love the song
ocha dot
Of course Matt was dating someone named Kat omg 😂
donna campbell
criminal minds is an awesome show, as it's not all crime stuff.... my faves are rossi and luke. creepy theme tune! shame it had to end, but it was worth it. thanks for the memories, guys!✂📞🔫💲💉🔪
These people..... They are the ones that encouraged me to start to get an early education and interest in physcology...... I live in a life with them.... My biggest thanks goes to, Paget Brewster, SHEMAR MOORE (Go see his new series S.W.A.T!!!) And A.J Cook! ❤ U all
NanouPaget Baby Girl
4:28 Paget and Steve 😍😍😍
Irene G Bilducia BilduciaBilducia
Hotch smiiiiiiiling!!?
Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur
Kat Dennings dates Spencer Reid!
Amanda Smith
Matthew dated Kat Dennings? Wow.
Judy Westbrook
Thomas needs to come back?!!
I'd ship matt and kat tho😁
Adeline SaintJean
criminal minds.justice 4 all.its perfect.
Patricia Hardy
I'm sorry they misspelled my name. It's Pat Hardy, not kat
Vania Marra
I miss Hotch!!
Pili Gabarri Gabarri
Mentes criminales me encanta esta serie desde qué empezó !!! soy una fan de está serie y aún la veo entre semana cuándo la ponen en televisión es estupenda y nunca me cansó de verla ... y los actores son geniales y maravillosos / gracias por subir él vídeo 🎥 :) saludos desde España 🇪🇦 pili 😘
Lissa Love
Such gorgeous couples, I love the look of LOVE! 💕😍💕
Cecilia Barron
Damn!!!! Am so in love with REID . oops!!! Already taken. Ouch am now depressed need a bow of chocolate. Jokes. lol. Wish you all the best home and at work. Much love
Louise Gensou
TOMAS GIBSON it is for me. Is butiful ........
Nyla Johnson
this show made me want to be a profilear for the FBI ever since i seen Matthew because he is relly smart
Paige Marshall
Love the series and love their mates.
Anaximandro Vieira Delmondes
Reid does not want serious commitment, just to enjoy.
Yulia Kapustina
Happy for them! Never mind who is gay or lesbian. You should, be happy without doubt. It doesn't matter, when you happy. Go on!
Sarah Merinero
Love Kristen and shemar " petit coeur" sweat heart" from Paris
Meyriana King
Love this video. CM is my favorite show as well. Every Monday & Tuesday. Never get tired of it. All characters are so damn interesting with Hodge leading the pack. They work so good together with constant drama instigated by bitchy Erin Strauss. Love them all.
Hedy Eckert
I love Matthew and Joe!
Ambriah Caddell
My favorite show too cause agent Morgan is so cute
내가 좋아하는 배우들♡♡♡♡♡♡
Melissa B
3:35 Very beautiful, sultry couple.
Donna Milligan
Love them all so much in the show. But reed and shame best
Sharlene D
That was so refreshing! Nice to see real love and see they are real people~
Christine Conn
Elie Andrew
The first photo for Meredith Monroe and Steve Kavovit is actually Chyler Leigh and her husband Nathan West. FAIL!
I miss Hotch!
Shannon Sullivan
Just an FYI that the initial picture you have for Meredith and Steve is not actually them. That is Nathan West and Chyler Leigh.
pato Galarraga
En serio? Kat denings fue pareja de gubler alla por el 2010
I don't know way people worry about who they with. It not like we going to. meet them.😁
Jen Spisak
andrea foxx
Laura Vergara
Im a big fan fan of crimmal minds
Sam Vad
AJ husband looks a bit like Johnny Sins with the bald head look
Foof y
jayne/erin is my favorite
Sammi Tanner
My favourite Tv show, love all the casts 💖💖💖
Lucia Parker
cant get enough of this show...
Enza Coniglione
Love criminal minds
Domi Santeramo
Mathieum my babay❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋
Ahmazin Heightz
I knew Hotch laughed a lot in real life
Junny Leon
Well, Matthew Gray Gubler dated with Ali Michael too... And there was rumors about him and Taylor Swift dating... akdekrkergg. Btw, he likes privacity, that's why we don't know a lot about his relationships
Gibson doesn’t get older at all 🙄🙄
Maria Joselita Matos Dos Santos Matos Leal
I Love Doctor Spencer Reed.
Hawx Gear
Funny how The first pic at Meredith Monroe and Steve Kavovit shows Chyler Leigh and Nathan West xD
Noun Knaob
Wow..I can't believe all have already married...
Alexander J. Battle
I'd love to date Reid!!
Ahmazin Heightz
I'm watching right now. I love all their characters and how ies played out. they all fine!
the senate
This is wrong.. Matthew isn't with Kat denning and hasn't been for a long time. He's actually dating my ex-girlfriend/best friend from detroit.
Patricia Odom
NICE looking couples
GDK Dest
I shocked Cause Matthew has not found the right girl and plus it 2018 and he has not found the right girl for 6 or 7 years.
Nashawn Collins
It makes me so happy to see them happy out of the show and on the show
Dawn Pratt
LOVED ,'them all 💖💖💖💖
jordan todd
pretty sure the picture on the right at 5:05 is actually sela ward and not jeanne tripplehorn
Francisca Lerma
son mi familia..todas temporadas
Cely GHS
Kirsten Vangsness is a lesbian, until she said how her partner met in a program that I do not remember now.
Louella Robertson
Laura Vergara
Im a big fanfan of crimmal minds
Donna Milligan
Matthew shamar best actors smart and highly strong fast at catching criminals
Isobel Mckee
I like Tressa, hope she comes back.
Patricia Richardson
Good old Shema is packing some luggage but Swat sux
Mary R
.....On wings of love.....
Μαίρη Κωνσταντίνου
Το καλύτερο έργο ΤΟ ΠΑΡΑΚΙΛΟΥΜΕ θανατικα
Asta La Vista
Джей Джей и султан Сулейман)
Jenny Caranza
Tomas ke linda sonrisa 😊
Diane Williams
I enjoy watching criminal minds and always will. No one is perfect and people often disagree on some things, however, too many character changes ruins the show because of human differences. I believe things can be worked out when everyone knows their purpose..criminal minds has changed so much, but it will never be the same when certain characters are no longer connected to the show.
Amy Sammy
Corriganme pero Hotch es como Vegeta, casi nunca sonríen pero cuando lo hacen...😵😵😉
Trish Dumbrell
Arlena and Urhel look like a nice couple.... he looks way younger and nicer without the beard
DAR førest
I very love Matthew ☺️😊💕
Sofia Dellago
Ist interesant für Hollywood,, Respekt!!
thomas gibson is separated from his wife but live in the same house for their childrens!