ASMR Reading You To SLEEP | With Famous POETRY (Binaural, Ear To Ear)

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Welcome. Remember that. You're ALWAYS welcome here. Know every single person who comes to my channel, I am thankful for. Humbled for. This is our family. Our SAFE space. And I love you. I also thank you for being patient with me during this difficult time. Tonight's video is very special to me, as this is one of my absolute favorite things to cure anxiety and panic, to have someone to read me to sleep. I thought this would be more than perfect to do with you, as many of you go through what I do as well. I'm reading from one of my favorite "sleep" books; "Blackbird Singing", by Paul McCartney. I own absolutely NO RIGHTS or anything regarding his book. I am just reading from it. I hope you all enjoy, and fall asleep gracefully. I love you entirely much, and you have absolutely all of my person. I will see you tomorrow evening. __________________________ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ *** YouTube is cutting ad revenue, as many of you know this is what I do for a living. I will NEVER ask you to donate, although I do post my PayPal for those who would like to contribute, ([email protected]), or my PATREON, /> (consider pledging for more "adult" ASMR xo ***) *** MY NEW SIDE CHANNEL, "Karuna Satori BASIC" *** (Conspiracies, Storytimes, Daily Life & More): /> ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ __________________________ MY HUSBANDS ASMR CHANNEL, "Essence Of ASMR": /> WISHLIST LINK (For home & babies, originally a Christmas Wishlist but keeping it up for now): /> PAYPAL EMAIL (Helps keep my channel alive, and me alive): [email protected] Social Media: Facebook: "Karuna Daniel" (FOLLOW ONLY PLEASE) /> SNAPCHAT: "KarunaASMRtist" INSTAGRAM: @_karunasatoriasmr TUMBLR (Adult Content, 18+ ONLY): /> Email (BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY): [email protected]

I recently started watching your videos and I appreciate so much your honesty. I think you are really courageous since you speak out and talk so openly about your life issues. wish I was that courageous...
Takara Moore
we can only see half of your face but damn you're pretty af
i was already getting relaxed and then at 0:32 i saw the book said "paul mccartney" and could have died right there
Could you organise all your videos into playlists? You could have like medical asmr , makeup asmr , tapping and ear to ear asmr all separated so ppl can just specifically listen to a certain genre . Ilysm xox
Some Dude
Time Stamps: 00:00 to 04:06 intro + tapping book + some mouth sounds 04:08 to 04:49 page flipping 04:50 starts reading + page flipping + mouth sounds
Grace Lauren
You remind me of my big sister! I bet you smell like perfume with a hint of cigarettes in the most comforting familiar way
Lipstick is POPPIN' mom!
Isaac Ford
Can you do a gum chewing whisper video ?
Allie Mercer
Could you do an updated tattoo explaining video?? Ilysm ❤️❤️
Megan Largent
I AM SHOCKED. I am seriously the BIGGEST BEATLES FAN EVER, and when you pulled out a book with Paul McCartney on it I turned pale and flipped out... THANK YOU. I HOPE PEOPLE RELATE TO ME. I LOVE PAUL.
Omg I love your sweater and your lip color looks amazing. I love you mom, hope you are feeling better
Please can you start putting the lipstick that you're wearing in each video in the description because it is always gorgeous ❤️❤️ lovely video as always
Eat Me
Can i just take one moment of amazement because of how good the sound is? Sometimes i prefer the ones you make with your phone, but i personally think that you sound better with the mic sometimes, and i never left a request, but i REALLY want the hand sounds similar to the ones RaffyTaphy does if that is okay with you <3
S. Potter
This reminds me when poppy read the bible
Tessa Esposito
My dad always comes in around 10pm and says " you gonna put on your click clacks" I die every time 😅 yep he already know luv ya Karuna
Erika Díaz
Excellent as always. I would love a video of pure mouth sounds but in Karuna's style . Who else?
I love the lipstick your wearing can you please tell me were you got it and what shade it is love your vids thank you
This makes me so happy as i've grown up never actually having a "mother figure" because of losing my her at a very young age this makes me feel loved and cared for lmao you have to be my favorite amsrist ♡
ur mom
this sounds good aF
ur makeup slays
Jordyn Diane Sutton
6 views, 6 likes, 6 comments. 666! :OOOOOOOOOO
Grim Reaper
I was literally browsing your videos trying to chose which one to watch or listen haha and you posted
Ariel Herrera
You should do another role play of reading a children's book like we are your child 🙄❤️ those are my faves. But once again another great video !!! 🤤❤️I love you for all the great asmr videos. I have a lot of trouble sleeping your videos really help . 😭💙 thank you !
MSP bumble-bee
we all live in a yellow submarine a yellow submarine a yellow submarine 🎤🎤🎵🎶🎵🎶🎧
em rose
so proud of you Karuna, we love you so much :))
Hailey's Life
Omg!!! I just experienced my first tingle from this video! Ilysm 💞💞🌸🌷🌷
Maddie Shea
MillieandMarble 03
Please do another reading video so enjoyed this one. children's stories like Disney, cat in the hat would be so good. 😊😊
Ajar Raccoon
Yo like I actually love Paul McCartney and I noticed all these poems are songs yo,yellow sub, and she came in through the window are,just a couple of my favorites! Paul is my favorite Beatle!
cotton candy 759
I love the new intro thingy. With the texts, I think it suits you well.
you should be loving someone
Thank you :) You look beautiful as always
Reilly Rockey-Pearce
💕💕💕💕💕💕💞💗💓💓💗💗💓💗💓💓💗💗💓 from snapppppppppp
nemo TM
Your voice is as heavenly as always. :) Just happened to notice, what happened to your lip piercing?
B ee
thought she was gonna say "You look so... terrible"
Aly M
ella fahy
pls can you do another "unrealistic" asmr video again like another makeover make over or even a hair cut?! Thank u!! Love you mom all the way from the UK!! 🌈💗
It's Paul!! 😍❤️
Dreamhack Raeve
*is about to fall asleep* GIACO CAN SAVE 15% OR MORE ON CAR INSURANCE *screams*
Sparkdevil 295
Yay, i was watching vids about suicide so I'll watch this instead.
jackson mixon
Ughhhh i had a HORRIBLE job interview today. The manager was completely rude to me for no reason what so ever. So needless to say, I didn't get the job. Mom it's good to just come home and binge your vids after a stressful day.
Ангеліна Ломакіна
I was so worried about you but I so extremely glad that you are back! You rock! So proud of your strength! <3 <3 <3
i have my volume on full and then an ad is like no *IF YOU NEED A WEBSITE WHY NOT DO IT AT WIX* this is how life treats me
Kristine Smart
Great talent, humorous and a kind, humane individual you are. You are blessed to have a popular gig on YouTube. I know you love to talk as part of your shtick; but could you do some ASMR vids without talking--just sounds for something different. You are one of my faves and I never found a vid of yours that was just for sounds or hand movements, etc. Thank you so much. I'm happy to see you happy,too. Love, 🐺Lady!😄💋🌻🌹🌷🌸🌺
Could you please do another psycho aunt video? ☹️ Like auntie gets a job or auntie breaks into your house?
aaron matthews.
Can you do some videos without clicking your tongue and repeating words? I know some people will disagree, but I don't like those triggers😂
Hayley B
When to sleep so quickly love the sweater as well yassssss queen rockin the look lol 😂
Do you kno da way
Roos Agostien
for some reason when I watch your videos with the mic they gave me so much ASMR that I feel sometimes that I can't breath and I kinda like it🙈. is that normal?? I'm not meaning it in a bad thing. ilysm😉❤❤
The Reyes sisters
i got the notification and clicked on the video. 2 minutes into the the video i was deep asleep. Ur Asmr is amazing
Madison 17
karuna is like the mom i never had c:
💓💓 snap fam! ! lyl hope you're well x
Anna van Hooijdonk
You look so gorgeus in this video!❤️Its bedtime here in Europe so i am very happy!
Bored 4life
Ur vids are always sooo inspiring ❤❤❤ ILYSM
Pippa Willow
Excellent ASMR reading!,! Please make more!
Allyson Norma
Still my favorite video to date. My go to before bed. Idk if it's because my grandma used to read me to sleep when I was little or what, but this relaxes me the most out of any other video. I would love another one of these whisper, reading-to-sleep videos! Thank you Karuna momma❤
god i hate myself
timestamps start 0:00 end 26:58
Zlatko Toric
Was up oh yeah that's what time you want a little more than a year after year and I have the right now I am going through the right now and again in the right now and again in the right now and again in the right now I love it was up cool thanks for the first time in
Sabine Nadina
Wow I love your look!😍 and can you do another mouth sounds video plz (with that sound you make. it sounds like dududu) plzz❤
Libby Crisp
Snapchat fammmmm love from the uk!!!!! 🇬🇧💙💙💙💙
leila bono
Sarah can you please make a video about your sexuality on your second channel :) ive been looking forward too it. Also did anyone else notice she took out her vertical labret piercing?
Domestic Goodness
Happy 333rd video!😘
they call me anne
"No one is out to break your heart, it only seems that way" Little willow was my favorite one.. and it really spoke to me, it was real cool. This video was absolutely amazing thank you 💕
Kaelah Almonte
i love like every video you make 💜💜💜💜
No Name
Tedra Sisk
I miss your lip piercing😩 I loved it😍
Radiator Puddles
I noticed in your description that it said more "adult" asmr and it concerned me I hope you might be able to explain but remember Sarah your amazing and if I could give you money I would love you mon
your husband sounds like such a caring and amazing person, i'm so happy that you've got people like him to help you through life. you deserve that happiness <3
Just got food poisoning from dodgy food. This is putting me to sleep. Thanks mom.🖤
Sabrina Moreira
Okay hold up. Yellow submarine isn't really poetry as much as it is on of the beetles' very famous songs titled " yellow submarine" which have the same lyrics🤷🏻‍♀️
Grace Lauren
I love your lips and sweater and glasses here together!!! And the natural nails, classy classy classy. New fave video from u.
jaimie wong
Imagine if she has a Spotify account where she posts these videos...I'll fall asleep in even lesson I am in cause she's just that amazing 💕💕💕 ilysm 😍
Alyssa Williamson
I just love your videos whenever I'm having trouble sleeping I just put one of your videos on and I'm out 👌🏻 I think you're awesome
Teddy Videos
You should read Ovid's Metamorphoses for the next time you do an asmr reading. It'll make Honors English tolerable for me XD.
you should do an office video where you're typing on an old keyboard aaah that would be amazing
Only 9,126 views and 806 likes right now! Wait, make that 807 since I forgot to like up until now. ;)
Emma Studstrup
This is maybe my most favorite video that you have ever made!! Love you ❤️
Leslie Nery
If you wanna browse while you listen:
Iris Peach
Jourdyn Miller
I really liked when you licked your finger to turn the page.
Madison Eastby
your husband really seems like a wonderful man.
Phansplier is my religion
holy shit this video is the best with headphones like wow
Taylor Renae
oh my goodness, that dark red lipstick looks so good with the white!! ❤
Grace Lauren
Also I love your mouth sounds without the lip ring
Siya Singh
karuna- “hello there” *starts snoring immediately*
Arielle Christine
Dunno if you've told us already but what lip color are you wearing??
Alanna Bayse
finally I got a YouTube account and I just subbed .btw you look great in this 😍
Unidentified Pansexual
Mom your are amazing! This is just in time for my bed time!
Kitty Henderson
could you do more reading to sleep videos this one has helped me fall asleep 2 night in a row
Lord Stoneheart
Victor just seems like he's too pure for this world lmao
Kelly Mooiman
Early squad where are you ❤️🔥
it 10:01 in the morning but oh well
"Hello there .. And, goodnight - " Me * asleep *
Joni dh
26:04 woke me up.. wtf is wrong with me??
cry baby
Hello, Mom! ^^ Thank you so much for another relaxing asmr! I always appreciate your videos at the end of the day, when I am tired and stressed out. It calms me down so much :) As always, you look gorgeous *_* Greetings from Czech Republic :3
Nice video also I'm so jelly over your makeup ;_;
yung slug
reading simple poetry about moons and night stuff and winter puts me to sleep
lol monika
Hannah U
I'm currently at the gym and I felt as though my heart rate would never come down, then I saw this video and now I feel so relaxed! Thank you Mom ❤️