Test Drive Unlimited 2 - PS3 / X360 / PC - Casino Trailer

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - PS3 / X360 / PC - Casino Trailer If you need to relax after a long cruise on Hawaian roads or Ibiza dirt tracks, the Online Casino is what you need ! The exciting DLC for Test Drive Unlimited 2 gives you access to a new island including a track and a luxury casino complex. You feel lucky tonight ? Then be ready to win lot of money and exclusive cars and clothes to showcase your lifestyle to the world. Test drive unlimited 2 is schedule for the 11th February 2011 on PS3, X360 and PC. Join the high class drivers community on or visit the official website for more information.

You mean xbox360 and pc cos it's not on for ps3
Gato Negro
Should I get this, or Gran Turismo 5, people? P.S: I prefer a more vibrating, but simulation game.
Mr Klidorf
@DJSkeptiKHD it is out
Trevon Spencer
i was disappointed by this game.... i dont like having to drive over all of gods creation to find dealerships and stores. the game also had a bunch of glitches when i played it(idk if they are fixed yet or not) in my opinion this game isnt much better than the first one..(but thats my opinion so dont be offended).
Koen Hendriks
how you get there?
Lexar tm
@Hotshotmech38 Whats so bad about having anal sex? Well at least with a woman.
this casino is AWESOME when its working and if you can get in to it : /
@xDARKLORD69x well you will get this FIRST it will be dlc in the future
does anyone know if i must pre-order this game to get this or what?
@Polaczek1995 SAME HERE!!!! you got a ps3? add me Pyridox
Seiko The Neko Archive
@M2Kx you should shut the f*** up..... SERIOUSLY!!!
96 Shots
what is this game about? if any1 could tell me cos ppl are sayin its not a racing game
Juan Briceño
Sarn Saechao
I have this preordered already.
I couldnt even think of a racing game until 1:11 o_O
Will the DLC be free?.
@ULTIMATEICEYOU Compared to normal games yes, compared to GT5 and Duke Nukem Forever nah. =)
too bad in the game that you only see max 8 people at a time
Not work ! Server OFF.