[HOTS] White-Ra [P] vs Wyjaipyq [T] FP VOD - October 26 2012 - PvT

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Такое чувство, что играешь против платины!:)
Faz Majid
I watch this I bite my nails.
iroquois pliskin
whitera why the hell are you so goddamned cool?
главное что не хач)
Si Jun Kwon
you are strtching your finger look at your hoykeys man :D
save mothership, very important not loss :)
Select as much as you can in a box and take out the remainders. That simple
because it's heart of the swarm beta
Dragonfly Leathercrafts
ia tolka neponimaiu ti russkii ili xaxol?
yes, they have singularity charge
They did have one and it was vital to get because then you could bombard a bunker before the siege tank comes out.
Daniel Chang
i feel like stalker range upgrade would be a good idea. Does anyone know if dragoons ever had range upgrades?
Satan Power
white ra миленький.... Сделай еще парочку водов на БВ, русских. Я видел ты нне давно с лан чемпионом москвы играл, у него ранк B- был. ты с gameitoss играл. Сделай пожалуйста, если нет то ответь почему.
Also that clicking sounds make you feel better
Ну чувак, играешь ты ауительно , но вот блин твои щелчки клавой ваще не в тему , тебя за ними не слышно , напрягает при просмотре. убери и будет тебе благо . спасибо
This is Heart of the swarm its the first expansion for starcraft 2 wings of liberty
why in my starcraft i dont have the unit oracle ?
Blue Tigah
It should be called a widow missileproducerlaunchermissileburrower.
White-Ra is always a badass, and I think this is one of his better games. He had really good map awareness, picking off all the terran harass usually before they got to his bases... And he had like 56 bases too which helps. That's why I love White-ra: he plays protoss, but he drops/harasses like a terran, and macros like a zerg. Total boss.
yeah but the downfall is that mothership can take longer to make if the core is taken out, since you need the core to make the mothership (plus extra resources). So it can* be a downside, but still, a very nice unit. I think terran's getting some great stuff though tbh. Zerg looks like it's fairly balanced now against all races. Toss also got some nice stuff, but I think they need to experiment more with the units to give it an even unit mix and such against all races. My personal opinion.
this was really boring, he didnt attack at all
proc nemluvis po rusky? kurva tam bys mel fandu
I'm the captain now
Yeah old skool keyboards are mech.
Does mines kill air units in sc2?
Maurício Luiz Moresco
mothership OP
Maurício Luiz Moresco
Votex OP
Clipa Dori
WOOOT ? mother ship and mother ship core... toss is really getting a epic bust..
Clipa Dori
one can only imagine what mothership core would do in 3v3/4v4....
Shift + click the nexuses then controlbind them
Brendan Beckett
Eh, the 40 second cooldown and the fact that they are burrowed and invisible and you can cover and area with them that makes what can be best described as a minefield makes them worthy of the mine name to me.
In this case it is
TotalBiscuit brought me here.
Because the majority is always right.
mines are stupid even u are out of range, the missile will still follow and hit you it has long cool down, but so wat? it can one shot almost anything with splash.
lol i love how you make up numbers, i don't see a need to discuss this because you obviously didn't research the topic
Rafael Fannucchi
Spoken like some1 who cant afford one. Spend 2much time on the coach watching friends?
Semyon Galtsev
Or that there are a lot of hipsters on the Internet :) I researched the subject quite thoroughly a couple of years ago. If "better precision and higher reliability" were as definite as the downvoters claim, ALL professional RTS players would've been playing on mechanical keys, as they aren't that hard to come across and the price difference is nonexistent. Still, less that a half plays on mechanical ones. A matter of preference, as I said.
17:10 Vortex! Coming Vortex!
Considering your downvotes, you should realize that you are wrong ;)
Semyon Galtsev
I did. What about you?
No. Haha xD Its easier to google. Darpa future land mine or something, very scary stuff.
Well Starcraft does take place in the future :P you could call it an early model Widow Mine, it guards and area and shoots explosive death at enemies who enter it. Both are just 'area denial' weapons and goes to show it doesnt have to explode :P
It's not a mine though, at least not a landmine. It's a DARPA prototype and takes the form of a 2 person-mobile cabinet that stands upright.
Luiz Vaz
You should do some research on the matter if you actually believe that.
The whole point of a mechanical keyboard is to give more reliable and quicker key presses, its the only reason they're made
Actually, there are modern mines that detect movement in an area, launch a type of projectile in the air, and it targets hostiles automatically and shoots a type of rocket at them i think. It doesnt automatically reload itself i think, but it is more or less a real weapon.
They might as well call it a Widow Turret.. mines are supposed to blow up on impact -_-
rofl, membrane keyboards don't last nearly as long.. and when you're spamming keys to keep apm up your membrane crapboards are gonna fall apart.. not to mention you get way faster actuation with a mechanical keyboard. You've obviously never used both for long term..
Subtextual Spiritreaper
OP widow mines
At 8:53 did he just one-shot all of the oracles with 4 marines?lol couldn't see well...
... Switching to a mechanical keyboard alone IMMEDIATELY improved my typing speed by ~15% and my accuracy by about 3%. My typing speed has gone up to 72WPM (not the fastest, i know) and my accuracy to 98%. This on it's own justifies the purchase, Half-press acuation, the ability to use different switches for different amounts of feedback and weight (ie. Blacks have 60g acuation, Blues have 40g), lasts about 5x longer, audible feedback (or not) makes mechanical CLEARLY superior.
Nauman Javed
Your responses make it abundantly clear you've never really used mechanical keyboards since you are probably a post-DOS birth.
pretty much
they last longer, have tactile feedback, proper actuation points, constant actuation force, reduce typign fatigue
herp derp, 50 million+ keystroke life means its more reliable and durable
Sure its a matter of taste. But it does have advantages, a mechanical keybord already registers te keystroke when its half way down (opposed to a rubber dome keybord only registering when its all the way down), which results in slightly faster response. Also there are different kind of mechanical switches which allow you to customize. some are heavier to push down, some lighter, some give tactile feedback, some dont. Also the mech keybords are made to withstand more keystrokes than rubber domes.
That's completly incorrect. Mechanical keyboards do allow you to write faster, you just need to learn how to use them, the thing is you only have to press the buttons a quarter of the way, and not all the way, This would, if you actually pushed them just a quarter of the way, in theory, multiply your typing speed by 4.
Lazic B.
You kids in puberty are to much nervous.
the keyboard is so loud because it is a mechanical one, the best kind of keyboard you can get at the moment
Stalkers can blink to avoid lots of things... things that already exist.
You mean a better mic. It's picking up too much background noise.
Matt Dee
Dude, get a better keyboard xD
r u using a razer blackwidow?
Ye Paing
thus Korean widow mine = Korean oracle = (op)^2 = oppa gangnam style.
"I have.. I have 5... Nexus" YOU HAVE 6! :D
Peter Nilsson
I just thumbed up this video cuz it's WhiteRA. /Salute!
Good game
well, at least its not gghound op right now... it could be worse. it could always be worse
clack clack clack
widow mine = op, oracle = op
Научитесь играть на таком же уровне и сможете записывать стримы на любом языке, котором только пожелаете. На украинском вот ни одного нету. Пичалька.
Woo you rock White-Ra!
Sorry, can't get nerfed
white rs хорош, но уже не тот что был раньше
Don't know yet.
Дмитрий Носов
Никогда :D Каждый стрим смотрю, даже одну жалкую игру из всего стрима Алексей не желает комментировать на русском :( Жаль. Но все равно я его люблю! Вайтра лучший! <3
точно, когда Лёша начнёт русские стримы записывать?
слава пу
я скоро по английски понимать начну, когда русские коментарии будут?
Carlos Aguilera
whitera is op
Mitch Tingey
Woo Go Whitera!