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This Evo IX is really giving the STi a run for its money! This was my first time driving an Evo and I quickly fell in love! Like the plate says... Go Boost! ►E and T Apparel: />►Follow me on Instagram @tjhunt_ ►Follow me on WheelWell: />►Follow me on Twitter @McTeeg ► Buy my wheels at /> Outro done Ryan Ruckuss:

I seriously miss my Evo so much :/
luis velasquez
I love my Evo 8 as a daily except for Hondas always trying to race me.
Lol he doesn't know shit about the car he is reviewing
Evo Dingo
Good looking car. But this has got to be the worst review I've ever EVER seen in my life. couldn't make it to the end of the vid. thumbs down for sure!
@ 1:10 you really sounded liike you dont know what youre talking about... A 2.0 Liter Evo makes hp more easily because its a 2.0 liter vs the 2.5 liter on the STi? Wrong! Evo's make more hp easily because there are FAR LESS limitations to the engine design vs the boxer engine. Boxers dont like to spin very high rpms, and their unequal length manifold restricts the power potential. Also the Boxer is an open deck engine, it needs to be a closed deck to make over 500-600hp without causing the head to come off the block. Given all of that, i'd still take an STi if I were looking for no more than 450whp and 100% streetable. They make tons more torque at lower rpm, its high rpm flow where the boxers run out of steam. If I wanted a track car that could be driven on the street, Evo allll day.
The people that have things wrong with their Evo's are the people that are too stupid to realize what they are doing or try to cut corners. After owning 3 Evo's I can confidently say its people that are the problem not the car.
complaining about the steering and brakes being too stiff... speaking for all evo owners. GET OUT NOW PLS STOP.
I've owned an Evo IX for 6 years, and despite driving cars like the M3, GTR, 458, 911 turbo, Viper GTS, Panamera turbo, 5.0 POS mustang etc, I have never found a better car where you can feel the road through your arse and the drivers wheel and drive it on the limit with as much pleasure as the Evo. The only thing comparable to a crisp 4cyl, spooling turbo, and blow off valve (in my opinion) was the 458 with the symphony behind your head. Yes the interior is plastic, yes i've spent an ungodly amount of money on mods, yes the turbo takes the better part of a decade to reach full load if you're at low rev, but walking out to it as a daily driver makes you smile every time you let off the pedal and let the BOV flutter. I cycle through cars faster than my grandma uses colostemy bags, but this car is the shit, and its the only car I can confidently say I will never sell.
The VVT in the Evo 9 4G63 is called MIVEC and the rear bumper on this 9 MR you reviewed is the JDM bumper. It wasn't offered in USDM Evolution 9's at all and is a OEM imported part. You forgot to also mention different tail lights and interior from the 8. I would've done a lot more research if you were going to do a comparison lol. Otherwise awesome review man, I thoroughly enjoyed your reactions to that 'boost kick-in's' haha. Thumbs up man
Dominik Kus
Best evo made. The evo 9.
AntiFurry Gamer
My favorite car of all time
LOL! I would get in so much trouble with this car. Love how is sounds with the turbo and bov, sounds amazing!
Ethan Shrago
this review is a little similar to subaruwrxfans... you say the exact same comments at some points in the video.
i daily a race tuned evo VIII, never went back.
jerry li
is simple people... STI rebuild engines, EVOs rebuild transmission. you pick.
should have put some volks te37 or rota grids
The video that got me to sub to your channel lol
Jake Petersen
Looking up to Casey Neistat is no problem... but when you use the exact same music he does... thats just outright copying
Renzo Ortega
Nice review, any real car enthusiast would appreciate. Still prefer my 2015 WRX though lol
nieza long
if i got money i will buy evo9..my dream....only in my country this kind of car only for the one who got much money...haha
I've never driven an evo 9 I hope one day I will. I will say however that my evo X is just about as bad a daily driver as one could think. Don't get me wrong I love the thing precisely because of that but its just not a good daily. Its rigid as hell, suspension/tires are pretty harsh over road imperfections. Those awesome evo seats that hold you in the canyons are a burden for getting in and out. The interior is loud... the aluminum roof I am sure doesn't help matters. The steering ratio is super quick so cruising down the highway requires a bit more focus. Clutch as mentioned is on the heavier side. If that sounds like a good daily... get one lol. I've driven a previous generation STI and I immediately felt it was a better daily but a worse race car. The Evo X on a windy road though.... is magical and makes you remember why you still haven't traded it in lol.
Jarred May
Don't copy Casey Neistat's music style dude :/
im Schwaggy
id love those if they weren't so HUGE. the size of the 01 2.5 rs coupe would be perfect.
Here's a secret. Before I was into Subaru, I was a die hard Evo fanboy! Lol. Evo 9MR was my dream car. & Charcoal gray with CF accents. OMG. Why did I ultimately buy an STi? Because Iowned an Eclipse & had enough of the DSM life. Lol. Still love Evo's tho! 👌🏻
doesn't Casey Neistat use this song?
Dan G
God I've always loved the 9 MR's. They're still going for crazy money though.... Average price around me is 26k, shit you can get an E46 M3 for cheaper.
Phia Yang
STi hits boost at 3000 rpm and falls off the cliff at 4000 rpm. lol
Leonardo Torres
One day I'll own this car 😢
Alex rios
Pretty much how I felt when I drove an evo for the first time lol Suby guy “I loooovvveee subies” Evo guy “ here, drive my evo” Suby guy “I love you evo guy”
Evos are the only cars that people want to buy from Mitsubishi. The company doesn't really care about making cars anymore. They are trying to salvage their car business by making trucks and EVs. While Subaru is just growing and growing every year and sells several times more than Mitsu. In another 5 yrs I predict most people will start the leave the Evos because Ford will have a Focus RS with 400HP by then and Subaru probably will have a 350HP STI soon and most people will move on to other cars like an used GTR for like $40k seems pretty good to me.
Alfred Dorifto
Why did Mitsubishi stopped the Evo? I always loved the Evo R.I.P. 4G63
I didn't understand your explanation about how the 2.0 in the evo can make power more easily than the 2.5 in the sti because it's smaller?.. wat. if anything, displacement makes generating power easier. it was always my assumption that the evo makes power more easily because it has a twin scroll turbo configuration and a front mount intercooler design which can easily be modified with some larger pipes.. where as the sti has a crammed top mount mount design and has limitations with it's base injectors ... and even then has some reliability concerns from going beyond your typical bolt ons. either way.. you don't make too bad of a vidja, I would just try to do some some more research prior, or just avoid talking about things you may not understand yet. I mean it's going on the internet.. people are going to notice when something isn't accurate
if anyone is wonder the songs name its called Wait a minute by Safakash
josh jackson
Designed to be your daily rally car?  Yes it was designed to be your rally car that you race daily, at rally races..... This was not built to be a daily driving street car.... Also, a stock Evo IX smokes the comparable STI... Not to mention the suspension and steering are SUPERIOR to the STI......
love the look of the evo but.. 1:39 is so true. so many piddly little problems with these things. my buddy owns an import shop and these cars have been lining his pockets for a years. fix one thing and not two weeks later something else breaks. when i visit him i say, " you still working on that evo?! " and he says, " no its back again something else broken.. "
"Thats Naaaaiiiiiceee"
The evo is so much better than the sti
Evo 9 Channel
Teej your friend must be lying to you. Full bolts on a 4g63 is not 20over stock... Lol But it all depends on the tune.
Boostedlife 88
More reviews, nice!! Tj any hints on the next review? im loving the reviews on these 4 wheel drive beasts.
This car is a fucking beast, it sucks that the auto industries don't make legends like this, the rx7 supras 04 Cobras anymore
Sergio Aguirre
this kid said "turbo band" -- made me laugh out loud. kids these days
I think this is my favourite body style evo wise.
Evo 3 was best
LuvRon Films
2018 any1?
Vm Phil
the 9 was the best one IMO.
Dat air freshener on the steering column.
The GC8 Channel
I'm pretty sure the STI's turbo spool at 3500 RPMs...
Minus Previous
LOL Ace for letting your friend drive & "attempt" to explain the finer details of our beloved EVO. Not a bad job, but he was definitely under the influence of Boost. Added a thumbs up
Cheese .EXE.
sultan rs gta v lol
Jose Rodriguez
What bov is that??
Art Staff
NO offence dude, but you're throttle usage is weak and this is evident on the rev sound and the way the car jerks responding to your input. That's no way to drive.
I daily drive my evo If I have one... ohhhhhh
jack newton
I like your hat tj..... oh and nice evo
pierce yu
<-------------- the car's brother
Shift Koncepts
Review mine. 2014 evo x mr 500 awhp
What a clueless putz.
Thomas Burk
Safakash-wait a minute
Very nice intro, Tj.
Brosnyn Gabb
I miss this tj
Tj where do you get your music from !!?? Or what type is it ?
Richard Race
Actually; have to stop you at 1:45. I am an evo owner, and I am first to admit that they are not reliable cars at all. Some people will try to tell you that they are reliable if you maintain them properly. I guess it might be more reliable than a boosted honda possibly. When piston rings and engine bearings become basic maintenance; is that still classified as reliable? Its just a game of words. A lot of small things can go wrong, especially when you mod them. If you want a high horsepower evo, you really need to be a mechanic and have a shop, otherwise the "maintenance costs" (or the lack of reliability) will eventually cost more than the car is worth to keep 600 horsepower. Basically the cost of ownership doesn't justify the expense.
Idk what STi's you've driven but mine stock spooled at 3000 rpms all day. And 06 STi's ran the VF37 which was even smaller than my VF48. Good review tho I know a girl who has the same exact car but the MR edition, so sessy ;)
Jack Liu
Actually no.. having a smaller engine has nothing to do with why the evo makes power "easier" than a STI. A smaller engine is actually harder to make power as your trying to cram more air into a smaller space. It makes the more power "easier" because for the forged internals and can take the extra boost pressure before something breaks.
Aj A.
Air spencer, true jdm 😎
Matthew Grosso
I know that guy Ace!
Sean Zukin
You really should be telling your audience why the evo is better at making power than the STI if you dont understand the phenomenon. The idea that small engines are easier to modify because they have lower displacement is just ridiculous on its face. If your not a technical guy dont fake it, thats just going to make people angry.
I wish Evo sounded as good as the WRX/STi.
It was a rally car. Now its stance nationd out. Ugh. Atleast it's not a sti or else I'd prob unsub.
Chris Hernandez
I'm i a evo fanboy.... but so far what I've heard the only problem really with the evos is the transfercase.. people like to launch the car and it's hard to do it correctly.... the Sti has that ringland failure
Saturday Winter
Love the evo, but the interior is so terrible and ugly that I could never own one :(
Not that they just changed valves and stuff in the motor from the 8 to the 9 they also fix Crank walk
Danny Courtney
you are my idol
John C
I daily'd my used 1g DSM (4g63) for 6 years before getting rid of it.  The only problem I had came from replacing the timing belt tensioner with a bad unit and had to replace it.  I then daily'd my 2g turbo DSM (4g63) for 9 years before the turbo shaft went out at 135k miles.  That's a hell of a run for a stock turbo with minor upgrades.  The only issue I had with it up to that point was the harmonic balancer pulley, which even new, would come apart under boost.  I replaced it the 2nd time with a billet aluminum one and had no more issues.  I'm now in a Evo X (4b11) and daily that.  Yeah, they're detuned from the factory for longevity, so it's really easy to make a ton of power with them, but they're detuned for a reason, longevity.  Increase the output, shorten the lifespan.  Do crappy work, and you're gonna break something.  That's true of anything mechanical.
John C
Typically, factory boost gauges aren't reliable, so it makes sense that Mitsu didn't spend the money on it the way they did with 2g turbo DSMs.  They're virtually useless without consistent data associated with a numerical value.  You sound like you're a complete novice to turbo cars...seeing as you said yourself in the video that you really really wanted a turbo.  "Full bolt-ons" (keyword being FULL) in an evo with a tune on pump gas is good for approximately 100hp+ at the wheels.  At any rate, "full" bolt-ons is far from stock.  You need to familiarize yourself with cars before you can consider yourself worthy of reviewing cars online for other people.  Your review is novice and could be considered useful for a novice driver...but neither of you has any business in an Evo.
keith smith
id say 6spd mini cooper supercharged is a great daily drive car
David Walker
+Tj Hunt Regarding the comment on the amount of steering input that is required, sounds like that particular car may be an outlier. Evos are well known for their ultra quick steering. Quote from a Motor Trend comparo back when they were new "Further, the MR has a frenetically quick 13.0:1 steering ratio compared with the STi’s new 15.0:1 rack."
Ha...Evos are slow
Perfect daily? Not even close bra try again
Hassan Khan
As soon as the video started I hit that thumbs up button!!!
The only reason why STis have trouble making power is because of the block. They started making closed deck blocks like IAG and can handle up to 1000hp. The stock block has contact points with the block to support the cylinder walls. Only at the 12, 4, 6, 9 o'clock positions. The closed deck blocks have filled those points in. That way the whole cylinder wall is strengthened no just those little contact points on the stock block. That's why they tend to break at bigger power levels. Not only that STi stock pistons are made of glass. Don't get me wrong I love both evos and STis. Just one makes power easier than the other. Which is obviously the evo.
Idk but you annoy me .. a great deal
Shawn Moses
are we going to make it, lmao. My STI is the same, hard to make u-turns. I have about 20 over stock also and like you said, the STI just boost all of a sudden and stays. I love STI and EVo, they are brothers in my eyes. STI seats are great. I am 185 pounds at 6 foot. When I was 177 pounds, my shoulders could not fit comfortably in the EVO. This is the reason zi chose Mazdaspeed Protege over srt4 in 2003.
I've really never understood the whole "evo=problematic" thing. Multiple people have said that and i know quite a few people with both evo 8/9's and evo 10's. The highest horsepower one being about 520 to the wheels and it is for the most part daily driven in the spring,summer,fall except if the weather is shitty. All of them are reliable and really never have problems. Only things that are done to the cars are proper maintaince. As long as they arent beaten on they great cars. But really what cars dont have problems if they are abused and not taken care of?
Just Snarky
When i see a Evo 9 i be like *EVO EVO EVO EVO EVO EVO*
I miss my ix mr oh so much
Matt Avakian
Not sure why people are saying the Evo is a bad daily. I've been daily driving one for 5 years now at ~330whp on the stock turbo with no issues at all. It's not as comfortable as my WRX was, but it feels more like a drivers car than any Subaru. I think the engine reliability issue is stemming from the 4g63's reputation in the old GSM models. They addressed those issues and fixed them for the Evos if memory serves me correctly. Either way, 100k miles on mine so far so good.
Can definitely sense some Casey Neistat influence in your videos, I love it, taking his style and applying it to the car side of YouTube, that's dope Tj. Huge fan, sick evo, and keep up the good work, cuz the grind don't stop boiiii!!!!
Actually, having smaller displacement is not why the Evo makes power easier. It's because boxer engines are inherently knock prone so you are forced to be more conservative with tuning than you would be with an Evo. Over reliance on that fact tends to lead many Evo guys to tune their car to the ragged edge, hence the horror stories. This is also why STI guys jump to E85 so quickly, because it allows them to run a leaner tune safely.
Alex Mason
I was considering an Evo as I've always been a fan, however I wouldn't say it's the perfect daily driver. I currently own an MK7 and it'll blow the Evo away in many categories including comfort, MPG, and with a tune in performance as well. It's more refined, has far more options, better ride quality. And if you want the AWD version you go to a Golf R which with a tune will destroy an Evo and still get far better MPG. For track the Evo is a monster, however definitely not the perfect daily driver :)
jervon fannis
this man out here spreading wrong info smh
People need to say 4G63T when referring to the Evo engine, my brother has a Galant with a 4G63 which means it's the N/A version of the engine. T unsurprisingly means it's Turbocharged.
When you get a little bored so you jump to a throw back video... #BEARD
I earned how to drive a stick in my 06 evo 9 I am a sti hater because of this car lol I drove bolth before I decided to buy and deff went with he evo it was way faster and I'm a big guy and the seats in the evo fit me way better than the sti only thing  hated about it was the amount of tickets I got and jail time I spent lol I had 1 of 2 electric blue evos in my whole state at the time so cops would be just waiting at my road for mr to get home sometimes lol awesome review just subscribed
Stacey Hernandez
Driving on Sabre Springs Parkway....nice. Saw my house in the background!
Will Myers
TJ says the Evo makes power more easily than STi because it's a smaller engine... and that's why "a lot of Evos are known to give trouble here and there" because he's heard a lot of horror stories and he's sure you have too. TJ is lacking in basic logic. TJ should sit down and rewrite this to actually make logical sense.
A full Bolton Evo 9 easily makes over 100 whp over stock.. A modded Evo 9 with stock cams is just as fast as Evo 8 with same mods plus aftermarket cams.. The Evo 9 mivec cams is what makes the Evo 9 so much better. The Evo 9 turbo is a 20g housing vs Evo 8 16g housing.. Which means the Evo 9 actually has a bigger turbo..
Ah, yes the Mitsubishi evo. Its like the hot girl some people have, but when its their turn with one of those, they see how high maintenance they are. I admire any good car, but after owning a turbo mitsubishi AWD myself... i rather go subaru.
EVO IX is the Best Model. Only problem (that i know that has happened to a ton of people) is with the MR version; the trans breaks down, primarily with the 6th-gear.
What's the front lip on it?