Lowrider model car hoppers **SOLD**. SOLD**new lowriders for sale soon


Treeline Model Works
Beautiful builds, Jason! - Jeff
Jonathan Lucio
Any for sale still? Tried email but didn’t wanna go through
Truck wet need show to set up
Gerald Wright
Flawless work as always bro!
Poppy's R/C and Models
Those sure are nice Jason! You should have no problem at all selling those! Pure works of art!😎👍
Gearhead Workshop
Too bad you are selling these off...i would hate to let em go.
Cedric Wolfe
Great work man, anyway I can purchase one?
Yeah man that would be a steal for someone in the hobby.. I am all tied up in anther hobby right now.. ;) Love that Truck though man... good luck .. :)
Guero Brown
Could I get ur contact info wondering if u could make me a custom one
corner shack garage B
Sweet sweet
Danny Pena
Badass brother, how can i contact you for some business
S.O.A San Andreas Biker Gang
Ok so 200 for the two cars are just one of them
Ismael Lopez
Dope work bro how much would a built cost
Thomas Soltis
Wow brother awesome what a deal keep up the awesome work brother
Brando Vansant
I may need one of them in my life bro .
Joe and Caren Reyna
Hay hit me up if u haven't sold them
S.O.A San Andreas Biker Gang
A homey im good friends with 703
Eric Delatorre
do you have any for sale right now?
Angel peña
Bro sign me up could u make me a custom 62 impala
Samuel Najar
Yo bro i been trying to get one let me knoq
Sam Steffanoni
How can I get them
Reynoso Fam5
Very good deal. They're fools on here selling model cars that don't hope for way more.
Jesus Fuentes
Do you have a link?
rod bell
for sale
Jovan Matthews
My sons love learning about cars and we have done and completed 6 projects and they have lowerider bikes already... So can we make it happen prefect xmax gifts...
Jay Donald
How can i put in a order for one
Lil Felon
I wanna buy one
DIY Smith’s
Ayee I’m tryna get one made how can I get in contact
Quarlo Mcswain
do you still have them i need dem
Remo Bnt
How much you charging for one like this or a 64 impala ? And how do I go about buying one from you?
Do you still have the cars if you do I’m interested
Force Play
Hurricane-_ Martin
Do you have an IG? interested in a custom build.
Tahisha Grier
I got 2 right now what up
I would like to buy a lowrider from you how do I get in touch with you
Jovan Matthews
Ill buy them 200 for both?...
Cesar Leon
Where can you buy them?
Grigor Kazarosyan
Are they sold yet
J Smith
I'm ready no excuses. Sell me one I'm ready serious buyer.
Sanchos Tattoos
Still available? How can I get a hold of you directly?
Mike Sheridan
I want to purchase two how can I get them????
very nice builds and a great price
John Cardenas
Are these still available?
Willing to pay more if serious [email protected]