John Cena vs. Zack Ryder - United States Championship Match: Raw, May 25, 2015

Accompanied by the cast of "Entourage," Long Island's own Zack Ryder battles The Champ in Nassau Coliseum! See FULL episodes of Raw on WWE NETWORK: /> Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE:

“The Punisher” Recon aka ReconSnipeXX12
Ryder did the killswitch and he almost land Cena with the 450.. I'm disappointed when he lost on his home town.. >:(
Broccoli Lesnerd
Why does John Cena set his alarm at 1:59 every day? So he can kick out at 2
King Tarik
I feel kinda bad for Zack Ryder he was over with the crowd at one point. Then he was banished into the wastelands of Superstars and Main Event. I honestly didn't even know he was still signed with WWE to be honest.
Cena kicks out of Ryders finishers and even kicks out of Christians finisher, and then wins with one AA lol
tony nguyen
Wtf, cena kicks outta everything. Bullhammer. Crossroads, rough ryder. I know hes good but is that how wwe treats everyone else? Wtf. They just look weak in front of cena kicking out of their moves. Be legit with your plots wwe
Lmao ryder is more buried than the map itself tho.
Kurt Angle
the funny thing about all this is that John Cena was to blame for the decline of Ryder in 2012 #FightOwensFight
Kaan Dayanan
Ryder should've won #RyderOrRiot
Frank Warren
Why isn't Ryder being used, he's great in every way and the fans are into him, it makes no sense
A tribute to Christian and Justin for the killswitch and 450. Props to Ryder.
3 years on he still burying Ryder
Mini Militia Channel Gamings
Roses are Red Violets are Blue Stab Cena in the Face Still Kick's out at Two!!
José Vale
2:54 The guy with Just Bring it shirt
Butscher 1893
Give Ryder a chance , come on WWE! #PushRyder
Lionel Messi
2:12 Ryder does christian's finisher ?
Of course, Super Cena wins again. LAME! Come on, WWE, come up with something less predictable, and more entertaining.
Giovanni Prado
Big Show pulls down and punches Russian Flag: has to apologize. KO steps on US Title Twice: nobody says a word.
hollow hype
Zack Ryder is a better wrestler than Cena
I don't know what it is, but Kevin Owens is such a badass. Maybe it's his confidence
Julian Campbell
In terms of set-up, the pop up powerbomb may be even sillier than the 619.
Cooper Hughes
Cena said because we don't like him, we don't posses hustle, loyalty, respect. No, we just don't like your character. Worst John Cena promo ever, made himself look like an idiot. People are entitled to their opinions. We're just tired of your boring character.
DBK Eliedjo
Owens is superior than Cena #FuckCena #WinOwensWin
The 4rost Archives
So, here's an idea: Any match Cena kicks out more than twice in, does more maneuvers in, or wins is to now be called... The John Cena 2 Count Highlight.
Benjamin - James
People are moaning about Cena winning but hell this is some of the best work Cena has ever done and he's actually elevating people that would never of had a chance before, people that say he's burying everyone have no idea what their talking about, and just use that word to try and make themselves seem smart. Not only does this challenge give them a big spotlight but it gives the US title lots of credibility and  when he eventually loses it (hopefully to Finn Balor or even Owens) that guy is going to be insanely over and that moment is going to be epic as hell
simon cheng
What Cena really wanted to say was Bury Owens Bury!
Christian just does the killswitch so much better 👍
John Cena open buried challenge is always fun to watch, you never know who is gonna get buried.
Zack Ryder stands up after getting AA'ed within 15 seconds.
THE FOUR ACTS OF BURIALS THE LIFE have legitimate momentum. be a champion, be really hated/liked, undefeated, or getting over without their approval  THE ACCIDENT THAT CAUSED THE DEATH run into a bigger star than you. fan favorite, old veteran, someone who is the "chosen one", the upper management or all four if you 're lucky enough.  THE BURIAL now this is very crucial to being buried. You must lose, I'm not talking a spectacular shelton benjamin vs hbk (RAW 2005) finish. you can that way if need be the first time you lose to said opponent. The match must not be a regular 1vs1. I'm talking in a gimmick match except best of series). the cheesier/cliche the better i'm talking "Russian chain match", "kiss my ass match", "dog poo match...."i quit match". Now you must lose in a nonredeemable fashion. NOTHING you do must be memorable. unless you botch then botchamania will remember THE CEREMONY ride off into obscurity. must be placed into a story-line with no pretense. must be out of the blue, popup left center field with another guy riding into obscurity or guy mention in "the accident". nothing of this must make sense. if things do start to gel pull the plug. but if lucky enough you disappear until needed...bray wyatt  EXAMPLE- zach ryder LIfE- the people internet champ, US champ, has the girl ACCIDENT- ran into the old vet "the chosen one" john cena, kane, and management BURIAL- loses the the title without a rematch. loses the girl. gets ass-kicked repeatedly without a redeeming quality CEREMONY- disappeared from tv
It's best if zack ryder just quit WWE
Who in their right mind looked at Zach Ryder in this match and thought, "he might win this"? Hmmm nobody, me neither
Jafaykan Pussio
Wow they really did just bury the killswitch.
Dim Backup
I think this is by far one of the greatest matches of Zack Ryder's career
Watch Kevin Owens' career get burried at Elimination Chamber for only $9.99.
Jermain Allen
awwww cmon tht was a brisk boot and a rough ryder
Who thinks Zack Ryder is good
Allen Corona
Man Ryder was extremely good tonight Makes me glad to see KO atacking Cena, he kinda gave Ryder a favor
And then Cena's win over Ryder was the last nail in Zack's coffin in WWE!!
Alan Renteria
This was an awesome match even if cena won I wanna see more Zack Ryder for $9.99
Ian Paul
Props to Zack Ryder for the killswitch and 450 splash.
No. 5
It would have been excellent if his Long Island resident opponent had been Mick Foley/Mankind
Nickk_ Yoo
Roses are red Sky is blue You will hit cena with your finisher He will kick out at two
Alex M
Wasnt Zack Ryder buried enough?
Long Island- where Zack Ryder gets pushed Too bad its gonna be the last time WWE does a live event there...
Johnny Gonzalez
Cena gave Ryder the AA then picked him up right after. Guess he got tired of no selling others guys moves. So he no sold his
Billy Wells
"Cena kicks out at 2!!!" WHAT A SURPRISE
Cena screwed Ryder again.
Sven Schoepe
I know this doesn't have to do anything with this match but if tyler breeze would use the killswitch as a 2nd finisher it should be called unprettier again (don't remember how it's spelled)
Hlias Mpouxras
2:14 That was a killswitch?
Wait, don't tell me anyone expected more from this match? It's Cena...vs Ryder. You can't expect Ryder to be kicking out of AAs now... Surely.
Akshay Regns
why cena not challenging reigns for us title cena fightg with kids
Ross Wall
Cole has to ruin fight Owens fight to win Owens win lol man who ever told him to say that need a slap
Does anyone else think that Kevin Owens looks nearly exactly like Bray Wyatt?
Chester Wilson Jr.
Iceandfire Network
Hi from the Philipines Americans
I'm actually so annoyed Ryder lost😂
Cena kicks out at 2! Never seen that before...smh
The Patriotic American
When Zack Ryder did Christian's finisher I slightly felt sad since Christian is retired.
Kill Switch (kickout) Broski Boot (kickout) Rough Ryder (kickout) AA? Finish.
Dan B
I thought I saw the shovel of doom fly out of the the ring. Guess I was mistaken.
David Surratt
Ryder with a 450! That was nice
Jimmy Cortes
Did Ryder do the killswitch just look at it 2:11
Every time Owens powerbombs Cena, an angel gets its wings.
Patrick Salvi
2:42 That guy with The Rock's t-shirt define me
wow our pg Ryder did a big show 450 splash Pukey didn't know our Ryder can did a cool move likr this He so pg woo Woo woo u know pg! cm punk sucks ryback is a legend
Arturo Cabral
Samoa joe might be the next United States champion till summerslam
The Real American
Leave a like if when u saw ryder perform killswitch reminded you of christian
already know that cena is gonna keep the tittle but i will still watch the match
Cena should stop stealing Rick Steiner's catchphrase.
Ryder blasted his face off the mat on that 540 splash lol.
if you look up John cena vs j0bber this is the first thing that pops up
Ryder Or Riot
Whenever there's a hostile crowd, Cena HAS to suck up to make himself relevant. All the freakin time...
Aldrin Marcus Alcruz
John Cena vs. Zack Ryder-No Disqualification Match:WWE MITB
Yet another example of John Cena burying talent.
Robro2007 IsProbablyMe
WWE logic Broski Boot Rough Ryder Killswitch John Cena kicked out at 2 one AA Zack Loses
Hugo Lloris
I also love these bandwagon fans who suddenly claim they've watched Kevin Owens for a long time. When he came out on Raw last week, he barely got a reaction. Shocking.
Adrian González Martinez
Cena can kickout every MKX X-Rays
Joussef Tarraf
Zack Ryder and the Killswitch 😑 are you serious BRO XD
"Then, Now, Forever"
Next Week on RAW: United States Championship Open Challenge: Finn Balor vs. John Cena (Balor wings entrance)
Hector Valdes Contreras
Ryder doing the Killswitch?? Great! :D
Lean Miguel
*Zack goes to the top rope* Me: Pfft what's he gonna do a 450? *Zack does a 450* Me: O_O
Franco Bisenti Markowsky
One Direction 15 years later XDD
TraTra Czr
Why did Kevin Owens beat John? Cause he's jealous! (Kevin No one)
I have no problem with Ryder losing because I didn't want him to win anyways but, they could have at least let him hit the 450 and kick out of just 1 AA. They let Sami Zyan do it and according to WWE standards he's a rookie.
Jonny Yu
That two RAWS in a row now. Is Zack gonna be on Raw frequently now, getting the push he's always wanted? Also love how Kevin Owens steps on the US TITLE on MEMORIAL DAY! lol i like this guy, i wanna get that shirt! #FIGHTOWENSFIGHT
They should send Ryder down to NXT, look at what that did for Kidd.
Kaneki Ken
Vince: Cena Wins LOL
Did Ryder used the Unprettier??? I like Zack but it's not as sharp as Christian's.
Wow Ryder pulled out the 450 splash. I never seen him do that. I enjoyed it man that was great. They really been holding him back.
Sebastian Castellanos
So Ryder Stoled The Killswitch And The 450 Splash?
Did Zack Ryder just used the Killswitch??
Richey Thach
FACT: Zack Ryder is one of john cena's best friends.
Champagne Daddy
LOL Kevin Owens the fat bastar XD 5 Sec. he's already buried XD
Face first,broski,rough Ryder still kick out at two AA cena wins
Dennis HdR
Lop since when got ryder so many finshers......he done a killswitch a rough ryder (zack atack/browski booot) 450 splash........