Video Power - 2nd Season - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

"Video Power" debut on national TV in the early 1990s. "Video Power" was a TV show devoted to video games ( mainly NES games ) that went through a couple incarnations. The first season. The teenage wacko ( as I call him ) "Johnny Arcade" makes his grand appearance as he skateboards onto the Video Power show set - flicks on a power switch - and that's VIDEO POWER! Johnny then gives reviews on some game titles to watch out for and then its "The Power Team" which was primarily a cartoon show starring characters from Arcade / NES games by distributer Acclaim: (Kuros from Wizards & Warriors, Kwirk: The Chilled Tomato, Bigfoot Monster Truck, and a character from Archrivials. After the cartoon you'd get a couple more reviews and then its GAME OVER! This format went on for a season and then totally revamped the show into a full-fledged Game show. In season 2,"Johnny Arcade" (his real name was Stivi Pastoski) would dispense a couple of tips & tricks of NES games. Two contestants would compete against each other by answering NES game trivia. Then they'd advance to the weekly NES competition game. In this clip, contestant Tom comes up on top as the Video Power Challenge Champion for playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II as the NES competition game of the week. As a result, Tom goes on a "Mall spree" where he suits up in a velcro vest w/ helmet to stick the prizes on. They brief him about about the obsticle course and the "secret game" which will reward him the GRAND PRIZE :) I totally dug this version of the show back in the day as it got you glued to the TV to see what video games they got to take home for FREE :) ***I have many episodes of both seasons of Video Power ranging from fair, good, to poor visual / audio quality. In the future i'll put up some more clips. But this was one of my favorites because of the GRAND PRIZE :) ***

Goddamn, a Neo Geo in 1992 was the Cadillac of game consoles. 
Man...I remember watching this with my brothers and sister, wishing I could be the kid running around collecting games.
Knightime X
I remember going to sears and asking about neogeo. They said they don't sell cars. >_>
David Hughes
this dude just carelessly tosses stuff away to break needlessly lol
Rick Astley
we got a Neo Geo system for you, you happy about that?  1990 - YEAH!!! 1991 - um, no.
i remember watching this episode back in 91 or 90...i cant remember...but....i was like god damn a NEO GEO WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -- the rich kids console
damn neo-geo was one of most expensive system. I still have the memory card that i took to the arcades. damn there was only 2 arcades that were there that worked on.
Crazy part is... That is the actual size of the Neo-Geo Box!!! I vaguely remember watching this as a kid... 20+ years ago, damn I feel old.
Carl Frodge
I want to play
Carl Frodge
This was a real show...
Do you have any archives on vhs you'd be willing to sell?
I had forgotten about this show, only thing I remembered about it was the slide part. That's what always stuck with me.
Wow, he won a Neo-Geo! I bet he was the only kid in his neighborhood with one of those. He better hope that was the package that had Fatal Fury in it.
fuck i remember this awesome show, i was always excited to watch this show, i just dont know the schedule so i rarely catch this show
Clarence Worley
Wow 'Johnny' is wearing the same outfit from the Me On Video Power video, filmed the same day?
juan carlos bello garcia
Waaao neo geo
Kal El
fix the tracking
GetGlue has this as the video preview for the TMNT cartoon show on nick,
A user named ScottHall222 uploaded the full episode to this. It was fun when I was a kid, but I felt it could have been done better.
Chester Doraemon
that is a power jew mullet
Great nick btw, keep it that way.
"can we.." hahahahaha "can we get an... " hahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH.. "an we get an AMP HERE!" hahahahahahahahahahahah JHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....
Omg! "bad audio" I can't get off my mum. Must jerk off to that! Must jerk off..
Congrats u won a neo geo good luck ask your parents for any games since they were about 250.00 piece
Lucky? Stop being such a self righteous fucking turd you asshat.
Tre S
Bring this show back!!!
i always thought the guy who played johnny was the guy from fullhouse that liked elvis
LOL this bro host likes to point at the screen a lot
never seen this before i dont think, heard it from james nintendo nerd, james rolfe aka the angry video game nerd. thank you
I totally remember this episode just because of the kid who won a Neo Geo. I used to miss my bus to school all the time to catch the end of this show, so I would call my mom to tell her I was sick since I missed my bus :/
I hated the show when it turned to this....this...shit
Yo, that kid got a Neo Geo. I wonder if he ever managed to get any games for it. hehe. I remember this show growing up, both seasons. I remember one contestant got a GameBoy game as a consolation prize, and he told the host he didn't have a GameBoy. Dude told him to give it to a friend. On national tv. lol
Getting free games is always a plus! I like how they slip in the whole "stay away from drugs & stay in school" bit at the end.
Love the PSA about keeping up on your school work at the end. A life lesson I wish I'd carried on to college.
dose were the days
@Grooveraider y u mad bro
Joe The Dino
If you want better sound, put the video in 720p...
So much funk xD
things like this always made me so sad when i was a kid that i had to be born in pathetic new zealand instead of a cool country :(
Aw, the early 90's...Sure there was some weird fashions, but most of it I consider awesome compared to the God damn "urban" trend nowadays were everyone tries to dress like a thug and be gansta...I think the 90's were an easier time for most people. This decade has pretty much been pure hell, plain and simple. Thanks for posting! Felt good to see this again!
@dwightrapper cool story.
Oh my god, I thought this was just a fragmant of my imagination! I loved this show.
I loved this show, I even went on it as a kid. The host was so cool, he was telling us to do anything we wanted just to not break the machines. I was like "Even poop our pants" and he was like "Sure if you have to go" I think he was being nice cause my mom told wrote a note to get me on the show. I pooped my pants in school one day and she convinced these guys to have me on the show to make me feel better. After the show the host told me he pooped his pants in school too. Nice guy.
I actually remember this when they showed it on TV. Was that Hayden Christensen in the orange shirt at the beginning?
Marco GM
a neo geo hahahaha that sucked
the guy is nuts good thing i only remembered the free games at the end and wanting to be the kid that got them TT
Lenoard Washington Jr
I guess these guys didn't live in a poor environment where the vol. nob was pushed into the TV.
he looks like hasselhuff
Ala mierda quisiera ganar un Neo Geo... así :D
wow if this show was still on today the prizes would be a ps3 and an iphone. that would be sweet.
ha aw mannn this show is badasssss
Wow! I didn't know the Hoff was on this LOL
Neo Geo. Awesome.
Wow, thank you for posting this. I could not remember what this show was called and have been looking for it.
@IveGotNothinToSay - Well the joke gets old real quick after several others have repeated it.
@Grooveraider Um I did read the description; and yes, I am happy to see this video. You really should learn how to take a joke.
@IveGotNothinToSay - Why don't you people read the video description ??? It mentions the bad audio on this clip. You're lucky to even see anything at all.
Jesus can we get an amp in here??
WTF Big mama tama!!!! lol
I don't think they let you grab the game systems. You can only win those if you find the secret prize.
I remember the kid who won..he was ridiculous. He'd time himself at home.
AG Entertainment
Oh I get it, this video is supposed to make you feel like a gamer whom almost went deaf and could barely hear.
I wonder if he stuck with the skateboard.
Annoyed Comic Book Grump
I remember this show. Glad to see somebody preserved it. I always wondered why the kids never grabbed a Neo-Geo system that was so obviously there. I mean, that machine was $600 back then!
George Ntapalis
I loved to watch this show when I was younger. It was especially great to see the power mall... I practically drooled seeing these kids running through these aisles just picking up games to take home XD. God I wished I was in their shoes, I may have had a dream of it once.
Blue Jones
Red Maxx XIII
@rmazing Crank up your volume on your speakers. I had to turn it all the way up just to somewhat hear it.
I wanted a Super Nes so badly when this show came out. I sold my Gameboy and games and bought two SNES games because I was sure I was getting one for Christmas. I didn't get one until ONE YEAR later. I used to watch those kids getting free consoles and hate them!
That kid is now my mortal enemy...I want that Neo Geo!!!
omg I remember this show!!! I used to think the kids were so dam lucky !
Maybe NEXT TIME you'd READ the DESCRIPTION on the LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN! There I have it in FINE PRINT below. You're lucky to even see anything!
Ozzy Gonzalez
Oh man! i was just thinking about this tv show!! i loved it when i was little.
they should do a remake of this
yep that why the console didnt last long
Mista Jonz
funny you say that, my mom used to tell me that everytime I watched the show. she'd always say things like "i don't like that guy...he seems like he's on some kind of drugs or something"...good times
lol Johnny was coked outta his mind!
The camcorder LP's grandfather.
This is back when high scores mattered. And that velcro game was the best. I used to get so jealous as a kid. And as for that NeoGeo he won, I hope he could afford the games. Those games used to cost a PS2 apiece, or something like that.
I thought the same way when I heard this guy blabber shit! LOL!
hahahahhaha i almost shat myself when i read this because i agree. Terry couldnt gove 2 fucks about this gaming shit he just wants to get paid ang fuck some chicks.
Dimitrios Misetzis Jr
I remember this also. Back then video games were all over basic television. Game shows,reviews&tips (one of them had some surfer talking side kick/host) cartoons,etc
Man, I remember the whole Velcro thing on this show! I always thought those kids were so lucky.
Amin R
he said his parents are not winners, heh.
Yeah, give the kid Terminator 2. He wasn't even old enough to see the movie since all 3 movies so far were rated R. Salvation will be as well. The only tame part of the Terminator franchise are the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Man, I wish I had a Neo Geo D:
Doc Bong
is that Nitro from American Gladiators as the host lol
I would've came if I could run through that maze of glorius video game heave.
Kevin Schloemp
The psuedo PSA that "Terry" does at the end on the clip is all over the place. He covers like 4 or 5 topics in less than a minute.
727 films
right be for school,in the tv.
if i ever won, i wouldn't have been a douche and just plaster any game on me, i'da went straight for the neo geo.
man i used to love this show
john doe
where is the sound??
I remember this show!!! Thanks!!
They don't make game shows this cool anymore.
to richworld1979 Or maybe the Nostagia Critic.
It debuted at $499 in the US, not $999. Kinda like the Playstation 3, and we all know how well THAT console is doing in the market...only difference being that it's SONY, and people have this mentality that if it's either SONY or PLAYSTATION, it had to be good. If Sony would sell dog poo and call it the Playstation 4, it would sell millions to "loyal" customers...