Video Power - 2nd Season - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

"Video Power" debut on national TV in the early 1990s. "Video Power" was a TV show devoted to video games ( mainly NES games ) that went through a couple incarnations. The first season. The teenage wacko ( as I call him ) "Johnny Arcade" makes his grand appearance as he skateboards onto the Video Power show set - flicks on a power switch - and that's VIDEO POWER! Johnny then gives reviews on some game titles to watch out for and then its "The Power Team" which was primarily a cartoon show starring characters from Arcade / NES games by distributer Acclaim: (Kuros from Wizards & Warriors, Kwirk: The Chilled Tomato, Bigfoot Monster Truck, and a character from Archrivials. After the cartoon you'd get a couple more reviews and then its GAME OVER! This format went on for a season and then totally revamped the show into a full-fledged Game show. In season 2,"Johnny Arcade" (his real name was Stivi Pastoski) would dispense a couple of tips & tricks of NES games. Two contestants would compete against each other by answering NES game trivia. Then they'd advance to the weekly NES competition game. In this clip, contestant Tom comes up on top as the Video Power Challenge Champion for playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II as the NES competition game of the week. As a result, Tom goes on a "Mall spree" where he suits up in a velcro vest w/ helmet to stick the prizes on. They brief him about about the obsticle course and the "secret game" which will reward him the GRAND PRIZE :) I totally dug this version of the show back in the day as it got you glued to the TV to see what video games they got to take home for FREE :) ***I have many episodes of both seasons of Video Power ranging from fair, good, to poor visual / audio quality. In the future i'll put up some more clips. But this was one of my favorites because of the GRAND PRIZE :) ***