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We finally built a 240SX! Well, sort of. Join our master modeler as he builds the ultimate Nissan 240SX Sileighty drift missile in 1/24 scale! We put together a roll bar, racing seats (with belts!) and of course, drift stitches! All this and more on Built to Scale: Nissan 240SX Sileighty. Huge thanks to Gene from Evett's Model Shop in Santa Monica for putting in long hours to create this masterpiece! Check them out: Let us know if you want to see more of these kinds of builds! Check out more Donut Media Videos: /> Some of our best videos ever are coming out soon, stay tuned so you won't miss a thing! ►Subscribe here: /> Like us on Facebook: /> Click here if you want to learn more about Donut Media: /> Donut Media is at the center of digital media for the next generation of automotive and motorsports enthusiasts. We are drivers, drifters, and car enthusiasts who love to tell stories.

G. D00RN
Please do more of the these kind of videos
Matt Yaqin
It looks like Iketani's car (Initial D) but Sil Eighty
Great video! Make more videos like this
Maks Petric
More pls this would be a great series
Donut Media
Mohamed khalel
The real question is WHAT'S NEXT
This dude is talented
This is probably the most relaxing video this channel has produced thus far. MORE!!
Brodie Bennett
If this could become it's own mini-series... Yeah, that'd be *AWESOME!*
*This was so DOPE!*
Daniel Marquina
Will you make more videos like this?
Gabriel Solís
More of this videos👌👌👌
Noice!!! More of these!!!!
Philip Fox 2.0
For some reason I thought it was Make it RC's channel! LOL!! Nice build. Was it James who build or his DAD!!
I never knew it until now but this was something I was missing in my life
Just missing the cracks in the dashboard.
This is sick
Eks calybur
As long as you keep the background music as awesome as this, keep making these videos!
Austin Keith
On my way to hobby lobby currently 😂
Jack Ward
Dear Donut Media, Please do more of these. love, A car enthusiast
How long did it take you guys to do this?
The Number 1 Taco
Y'all should keep doing models like thos, and y'all should do trucks and cars and stance them and make them offroad.
Taiyo Kirby
I love cars I love gunpla mix them together, I like
Mike Turco
beautifully done. the roll cage production could have been a little longer (hehe) in duration.
Legendary Sideburns
Farizza Ngr
Nice build. Aah after watching this ,i want buy some plastic model and start build again after retired from build a gundam
Garri Ward
$10.000 no low ballers I know what car I got and know what it's worth.
Darwin Manalaysay
Music used?
Darius Andrey
X Blocky
New episode Every Week!!
Song name?
ordered the Honda Miracle Civic in 1/24 last week from japan, excited to see how much detail i can put on the thing.
James Carpenter
I would love to see more of this. the amount of precision was astounding.
Customize it abit more! Like putting James's face on the hood.
Daniel Davidson
Please do more of there model car builds!!!! That was awesome!
Jman 1
Up to speed: FORD GT
Joshua Juatco
This Is Really Great You Put A Lot Of Time And Effort Into It! :)
Luis Gonzalez
What was the background music?
Kyle Riley
This is actually pretty dope! Do another!!
Walter Yellow
Should have made it Impact Blue
Hoodrich Garage
Donut media always coming in clutch with the new content donut media for major.
Andrew Karam
Bushido Brown
this is the best series you guys have ever done, please do them weekly if possible
YES. More of this, but longer. Maybe some build commentary.
Koji Takata
Initial D memories with this one.
This will be like a bonus show
Ryan Cooper
This is so satisfying to watch
I've been collecting 1/24th scales for sooo long, its really cool to see this on donut media! XD
Aaron's Minecraft review
Where can you buy this kind of stuff👌👌👌
Pikachu Very calm
Nice! Made me wish I could model cars again.
Jesús El Lacra
For me build 1:24 models is one of the greatest hobbies.
Zach Callis
That garage band beat tho
最高にカッコいいですねw 凄いです!
That was badass
El Duve
Build a Ryan Cooper 240SX S13 from Prostreet
Day Dreamer
Wow, absolutely amazing. I remember having a few of these models. I never had the patience to actually finish one. One day though.
Jerick Besana
240sx i think that's a Silvia muchas dude
you might aswell made it IMPACT BLUE
Riffat Gul
Donut sticker Btw its marvellous
Kentaro Honjo
That looks insane. Well done to whoever built that thing!
Love the jazz music
*Looks At Thumbnail And Title* "Oh, This Might Take time but looks a bit easy!! Ima give it a shot"! *Looks at whole video* Yeahh..... Not Going to happen.*
Andrea berga
Very very nice job, amazing details congrats bro !!
Amazing attention to detail, but... I kind of wish it would've been Mako/Sayuki's Sileighty.
Flippy Shoe
One of the best model cars i've ever seen! Superb job :D
Better that Hotwheels! The attention to detail is unimaginable!
Made me "wow" out loud. Amazing job guys.
Vince Zabat
Akina Speed Stars Sileightly Drift Missile AKA Iketani's Silvia K's
kanavy khith
I Love The front Wheel Cumber That was AMAZING
Aoshima's Model Part is okay, Fujimi's Model only Part is okay
cory hart
I want that model it looks amazing
Scale Builder's Guild
Awesome! Didn't know you guys were into models. You definitely should check out our channel! And forum. And Insta. And Facebook. And everything.
Mario Rodriguez
Donut, you have a greats songs! Hi from Mexico.
That's awesome. Shoutout to the builder and keep up the good work.
The Earl
One awesome custom Nissan 👍
Cobra601 rr
Non car guys be like “LoOk aT tHaT PiEcE oF tRaSh!”
Yes yes yes! more like this please I love watching anything about cars.
papa franku
this would be the perfect setup for a cheap drift setup for a someone that is working on drifting
Needs more IMPACT BLUE.
Brendan Murphy
Donut yer killing it with all yer new formats👍🏻
Mike Astro
I specifically love the welded sunroof. I build rc drift cars and get into some clean ass detail too (you gotta see my 1/10 s13 and ae86) but that idea for the sunroof is spot on. Thanks and great job 🖒
Stefan Winter
Although I'm not very into JDM, I must say, that this was amazing! Can you do something american next?
Lukas harmon
650th!! anyways, tEACH ME PLS
Tony Gant
You make it look so easy. I built a shelby gt500 (took a few weeks) and even after taking my time, it still came out looking flawed. Never again lol
OMG OMG WHO DID THAT aaa i want one, chill af to watch, More vids like this
Bond and Beyond
Was disappointed it wasn't impacto blue but the stancing, missing rear bumper and white quarter panel edge it out. Looks great.
Malo Garcia
just wheel shock witness collector consistently for lucky hispanic timing.
L Tran
Can i have it? I really love the interior and the rear bumper delete
boer harms
i think the front suspension needs some work, it looks like you accidentally glued the wheels on crooked..
Scott Youngblood
This was amazing!! Next should be a Porsche configured like a RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF.
This is nice, but if I had one I would paint it in IMPACT BLUE!
Sweet car model, giving me ideas on how I should do my fd and 2000gt liftback. Post more videos like these 😁
Mike H
when done right sil80 looks neat but it really needs the pig nose flipup lights with the 180 rear
Anthony Trifoglio
still waiting on Up To Speed 240sx with Pumphrey
Riq tard
Are you sure its 240?,its written there 180?
This is dope 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥 I need to find a model of my s13 now. Haha
Mariah Mighty
Yea ! Can you build a gt-R 34