The J Prince Effect / The Blue Print

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James Prince is the Godfather of hiphop and a giant in the sports world. He reconstructed the industry and created what's known as "the 80/20 deal". By following the J Prince Blue Print Master p, Tony Draper, Baby & Slim and several others were able to corner a piece of the industry's pie.

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Peanut Jenkins
Shout out to that boy soulja slim behind master p holding up the no limit to that legend
Rich Harrow
Being born and raised in the city.. I always wished Cash Money and No limit coulda set egos and differences aside and collaborated..
AL Ave
I never seen the clip of P shouting CMR out i love it they both raise most of us in the south!
Jonathan Young
Z-ro might be the best artist he will ever have but definitely most underrated
Danny Wilkes
You dont think J Prince seen what Luke Skywalker records did in '85 with 2 Live Crew? Pieces of the blueprint come from everywhere. Luke fought the Feds for ALL rappers to have the right to Freedom of speech. You can't mention ANY 80's southern rap history and omit Luke. Draper had a dominate run '93-1995. Bias always distorts history
Organized General
J prince is not the first to be black owned and have his own everything! It was Luther Campbell aka uncle Luke! Good video but he ain’t start the south it was luke! Do y’all research or just read his autobiography!
Charley Wolfcale 2018
do a three 6 mafia effect. honestly they created the term trap music.
SuckaFree 2017
Respect... Now that's gangsta
Marvin Willis
Every state in the south had a label to go to... Luke was the first one... if it wasn't for Luke a half of y'all wouldn't got your girl to get nasty
luke skywalkwer records was started before rap a lot and suave house
Moises Martinez
Do a master p no limit effect
Capone 610
GILLIE!!!!! Shout out to TEXAS , and love , but PHILLY got the best spitters all day.
AL Ave
Do a mannie fresh effect
Ashley McClary
This should’ve been longer. At least 30 minutes.
Deamon Davis
Mob mob ties!!!💯💯💯
LaToya McAdoo
Amare Harris
Do a video on bay area down south connection pimp c e 40 master p jt etc all use to function with each other
Man Atlanta stole our word krunk we been saying krunk since early 90s popping the trunk getting it krunk go grab a old screw tape
Uncle Luke was the 1st Luke Skywalker Records
Yall hated on Luke Records.
grinchie green
The legendary
Y'all forgot he laid the Blueprint for Death Row and Murder Inc..... Look it up
4:09 master b? Sounds like a diss
Amare Harris
This one of the best channels on YT salute
Antoine Jones
"87"the most powerful year eva respect to mr.j
Uncle Luke was the first to own his label
Mike Non human
Frank Guzman
A hero in the Houston streets
GregB gregb
Who on rap a lot now?
Yella Boii
Make a video about Master P pistol whipping Pimp C
Plugged In Films
Cant forget Uncle Luke
Orlando Sanchez
The real king of the South
GregB gregb
Rap a lot is dead
That pic with J and Public Enemy is dope.
michael betts
do a pko effect nino youngsta records
BossHogg Ness
Y'all did it again...knocked it the box with this episode...#salute #mag #melph #calliope. Keep em coming.
Mosses Malone
Still waiting for the 1. VL Mike 2.504 Boyz 3.TRU 4.mia x 5.big tymers da shocker 8.webbie 9.hotboy Turk 10. Original hotboyz of new Orleans
ricky jason
J-Prince you the King my brother
Kairi Hinton
Lil J
lefthandcigg 425
6:20 No Limit Rec look gay asf coming out dancing to that Mardi gras music.
I respect #Jprince as an #unclefigure #godfather #mentor. Let's face it. The man is straight up brilliant. P.s. praises ☝ and blessings come down. #Love from #Prezeey!!! And shoutout #PMiller #Tankdogs. #ripgreatSouljaSlim. #FreeCMiller.
Kufi James
#1 producer in the game. hands down
Javier Campos
All that power j prince has and he don't preach black ownership of BUSINESS. Black people need to evolve .
Respect and loyalty go along way
Dallas Williams
And I got Next.... Bet Do you??? Believe in God and yourself... 4 realz...
Oliver Hernandez
Rap a lot was dope had Scarface yukmouth
Oliver Hernandez
Man big boy records was a very underrated label
Speak Yo Peace TV
It's two people i wouldn't want to get on they bad side in the music business and that's J Prince and Slim from Cash Money. Lol they both got that stare of death😂
Garion Bush
Texas OG
I respect that a lot of y'all saying "Luke started it first" but J Prince just took it to another level. Luke had 2 live crew. rap a lot had the geto boys, UGK, Devin the dude, Do or Die and Tela.
Gentleman. LOWS
God Bless James Prince.
Daddy Jay
You need to do one on e40 and sick wit it
Rice & Gravy Visualz
Respect ✊
Smokey SwissTX
J Prince the Don of the South much respect
j reid
Do a pastor troy one if you can
do a master p, mac, and a vl mike one
Jay Skreetz
You just gain a new follower my god
Have nothing but love & respect for the OG J Prince
Fila Phil
Make one on Fila Phil
Gerardo Slow Burn
Prince don't do credit you better send the cash!
Gerardo Slow Burn
Matter p always showed love. He never played into that beef on wax shit. Even when more than half of the fans wanted to hear a cash money and no limit beef including myself but that would only create tension and in the end losing money especially if somebody were to get killed
It's called a p& d deal
monster gang
Not all facts but accurate
Pool Table
Dere 1
Eric Stewart
Not enough is said abour T Draper and Suaves contribution to the rap business.
William Matthews
First of all anybody in the game no Cash Money was the only record label getting 90% of all publishing and recordings, including masters. Master P 85%, but J Prince do own Islands, Cattle Black Angus Red meat , got boxing promotion and other business he brought his projects in the 5th ward, but music wise Baby got the best deal period hands down.
Bun B should host soul train.
Forgot Luther Campbell
Joshua Penn
professor Griff Ran to J.Prince after P.E
Do a lukeskywalker record effect
young teen young teen
What's up big homie I was just Spanish twin and young team of us all on the Earth but yes we still got rules and regulations of the man upstairs is Must Be Love and spread out no I've been trying to get with you and yeah I'm trying to get up there and on my music but I still got things I want to do for the world but people tease me tell me I can't read is true but I know it's right off my mind
young teen young teen
Yeah everybody do right and wrong today reach the night some people ain't going to know it big algae you know I've been through the darkness to lightness that's why I realize I have learned I'm going to say this every time I'm talking to my phone so some of the stuff you probably don't understand if I said it wrong or something yeah much love all day long learn and talk well learn to myself and then act like nobody you know that's what's keeping it real and everything I say is real talk for real
Tenih El Bey
Eye aint watch this yet and thumbs up FIRST!
Justin Pringle
Luke records mane please
Twan Black
I'm from DC but grow up on rap a lot respect
Ghost’s Shadow
A man can only wish to be as respected
Chicago 300
do one on Ruthless Juveniles I think from the WestBank
Lukeskyywalker records was first independent... I remember being at the PAC JAM picking up freshly pressed records from Luke personally...2 LIVE CREW..LAWAUN LUV..MC SHY D... let me clear this up immediately
Shaun Styles
Wangsta shit
El Famillione Zones
Izoc show
I got a major request can we get a Big Boy records effect I've been hearing about this label for years and know nothing about them. And can we get that Suave House Effect please there's nothing on the internet about Tony draper
Geo Hurtado
Luke Effect,,,,
Danny Wilkes
Three 6 Mafia Mystic Stylez & Goodie Mob Soul Food, 2 Gold southern rap albums from 1995 that J Prince or Draper had nothing to do with. Solely responsible for southern rap at the time is just not accurate. Godfather of hiphop? Facts. J Prince is one of them
John Wayne
I was Gonna say def jam But wen you look at it What J prince did was not the same as Russel cuz rick rubin kinda helpe so Rap a lot is the first and eazy was not the same cuz priority owned Ruthless Rap a lot had not mother company so yeah
Christian Umoh
It’s funny how he said people thought P was the creator of the 80/20 .. remember being young and my brother telling me how master P was the only one that owned 85% of his name in hip-hop
Juicy China
Educational hip hop
Kdawg #Louisi-Animal
Respect 💯💯💯💯
Bradley Washington
You got that RESPECT .....
Mau Jua
Godskin gz
Sauve house could have been major never knew them guys where on the label just crimeboss
JamesMac Tv
Bone Thugz n harmony the greatest.
Lajremey Leek
Shot out MASTER P
KingSiah 510
This station is amazing keep it up
Master B lmfao 😂 😂 😂
Really loving this channel!
Sean Vaughn
Sooner or later... They will take a picture with their thumb on their chin...
Brittany Garrison
For your sake I hope you got everything 100% correct.
Oscar Huerta
They got that 80-20 deal because the labels were thinking they wasn't going to loose much with giving them that deal because, everybody was listening to to the east coast & west coast bullshit and ignoring us (Da South). Devin the dude even said how it really was. I forgot the name of the song he said it in, but had said something like 'Everybody was listening to the east & west and nobody was listening to the south and we were just trying to find someone to hang with'