The Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley (Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Comfortably Numb, etc.)

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The Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Wish You Were Here), Us and Them (Dark Side of the Moon), Comfortably Numb (The Wall), Eclipse (Dark Side of the Moon), recorded in one take. I do not own the rights to the compositions. Copyrights: Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Label: Harvest (UK) Columbia/CBS (US) Songwriter(s) David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright Us and Them - Label: Harvest Songwriter(s) Richard Wright, Roger Waters Comfortably Numb - Label: Harvest (UK) Columbia (US) Songwriter(s): David Gilmour, Roger Waters Eclipse - Label: Harvest Songwriter(s): Roger Waters Recorded live at Weltklang Studios, Plauen, Germany on 10th April 2017. Martin Miller - Guitar & Vocals Felix Lehrmann - Drums Benni Jud - Bass & Vocals Marius Leicht - Keyboards & Vocals Michal Skulski - Saxohone Torsten Solberg - Audio Engineering Johannes Plank - Director Patricia Kaschner - Video Assistant & Camera Chrstian Roscher - Camera Susanne Bartels - Camera Martina Blazeska - Camera Audio mix & video edit - Martin Miller Additional Vocals - Martin Miller, Marius Leicht, Matthias Prokop, Martina Blazeska Additional Guitars - Martin Miller Additional Keyboards - Marius Leicht Thanks to Meinl, Tama, Ibanez and Laney!

Martin Miller
Thank you so much everyone for the absolutely overwhelming response from myself and the band! To clarify one thing: We are NOT a Pink Floyd tribute band. We don't try or want to sound like the original recordings. With this session it was our aim to put our own artistic vision into the music, that we love so passionately. I've been a HUGE Gilmour fan since my earliest childhood but I'm also an artist and not a cover musician. To me there is no meaning in replicating something that has already been done to perfection. I hope you listen to our interpretation with open ears and an open mind. Love and long live Floyd, Martin.
Constantine Isslamow
Outstanding musicianship from everyone. Lots of talent in the room. Thanks for sharing with us.
Do a Dream Theater medley!
Sax / guitar "solo" together sounds awesome !
Holy shit I have been waiting over 40 years to hear a band do this like this, Jesus Christ has waters or Gilmore heard this ? This is REALLY fkng good. The drummer is really a force, a little nervous with the poly chops, but really a good player, the real deal,
Miguel Brierley
Geez what a sound, really really fricken impressive. All of you guys. Wow.
Creative Drums
DEAR DRUMMER: It's Floyd, chill it, you should be in a metal band dude, relax and enjoy Pink Floyd
I, for one, loved the drums here, but I guess the typical Pink Floyd fan doesn't listen to jazz
Lovely music performed with a modern twist, really enjoyed that!
Jay Hoe
you opened my mind.
Jesse McDonald
Stop with the damn ghost notes!!!!!!!!!!!!
Алексей Рогальский
А саксофонист как боженька проникся темой
Daniel Rutter Films
Gotta put my two cents in and say I friggin love the cover. Drummer didn't over do it (in fact I love that he was visibly enjoying himself). The singer/guitarist took it to a whole other level and of course the rest of the band made it what it was by being as talented as they are. Also a huge shout out to the camera crew for capturing it in an absolutely stunning way. A true pleasure to watch.
i’ve been a Floyd fan since first listening to DSM back in 73 on our stereo.. so many favorites , i just found your video and you guys immediately bright a tear to my eye ... wow .. you are all so talented and your sound is amazing ... your guitar work and voice is incredible... thank you all so much for sharing your incredible music here .. i’m going out and getting a projection screen hooked up to my new stereo system and inviting my friends over to watch your medley again !!!!! cheers !!!!!
Benjamin Hyneck
Can't believe how much negative comments there are. You guys are feeling these songs and do a brilliant job playing YOUR version. Yes the drummer is going all in as compared to the originals but who fucking cares, it's his interpretation and its fucking beautiful!
Claudio Pallero
The drummer makes me hate this version .....
Paper Box
Everyone is way over playing. Make it your own, but understand the music you're playing. This music is meant to breathe and flow. The space is as important as the notes.
Jan Willem de Vos
Real dream theater vibes here
Murat KUL
Who wants one more of this?
Gabriel Nardin Music
Excellent version, respectful enough to the original composition but adding the personal taste of every musician playing here as well. And great audio quality too, the mix is just perfect.
that make me chilling damm well play what a nice band ! :)
Dusvaleo Sp
There isn't dubt you are great musicians...but i'd like this interpretation, so many technicism, this only my opinion good Luck Boys! See next work! ;)
Hugh Jafro
Didn't know I'd be listening to porn today, and yet here I am. Sooo good.
Conservative News
Awesome. Drummer overplayed it though, more feeling and less cool licks on the drums would go a long way. That is Floyd.
I loved every single minute of this wonderful music!
I saw a lot of not open minded comment in this section... It is Obviously a progressive metal orientation the band has choosen. You can disagree with it, but as a fan of this kind of stuff, i can assure you this cover is a masterpiece. And hell, it's so fucking good to hear Floyd's composition with that power ! Just as the A7x's cover from Wish you were here is !
Alberts stuff
Bass player absolutely SLAYED. Drummer overdid it, keys were awesome, and I bet the vocalist could do a MEAN Bowie! All in all, Excellent 👍👍👍👍
Thank-you for not including Money or Another brick in the Wall in the Medley
Alex Bosch
From a drummer to another: there's no need of this. You don't have to show how skilled you are on every second of the song. Yeah some parts sounds cool but it's too much. Relax and chill.
Rodrigo Aguiar
The drummer is great! Wonderful performance...all the band! Congratulations.
June Empire Official
Долой Штолле!
Kankabonno Bono
I really enjoy this... I see you guys play with each soul. Respect to you all guys :) Yes I agree no need to be the same sound with original because If play the same, better listen the original
Rens Bakker
10:28 like the beat-shift!💪🏻
Daniel Komarek
ok, at first when the guitarist started playing different than the original I thought " ok, let him just play a but and see what happens". I'm a Gilmour fan myself and think that covering a song by him should be playing tribute to him and his legendary playing. that said, I also like this version, because everything fits! the instrumentation, the sounds, it fits eachother very well. the drummer isn't playing like Nick Mason, nor is the bassist playing like Waters but it sounds just as good as the original, I think. It's more paying tribute with they own sound than playing exactly as the original. there are too many covers like that allready, so something like that version is just a refresher of the good old stuff. I like it very much, well done guys!
Глеб Летушов
I am 25 years old. Why I didnt hear Pink Floyd music before? Cover is awesome
Congratulations, you are the best of all covers ... hugs from owl
Dave Vernon
Few lyrics lost in translation, but wow....amazing tribute to my alltime fave band, and refreshing to see that you put a twist on the solo stuff. Excellent 😂
Marcelo Fenoll - Fabrikar Cerveja Caseira
Best Pink Floyd cover ever! Congrats.
Direct Recording Guitar
Hamada El Mansour
Great version. Sending Felix Lehrmann some much-needed love! It seems people don't respect somebody else's take on the music! I'm sure you played your heart off. Kudos to you!
Seppo Innanen
Great performance, like a modernized version of the original stuff
5.1 M views
Deserves a million views!! Great job
Fernando Silva
Awesome ... you guys are great... got all your songs and specially the medleys on repeat ;) as a Guitar player, I can see the work you put in to this and you are all really talented. Thanks for the free hours of great music.
>has strat at hand >doesn't play strat Everything sounds good and all, but I can't help but feel that after all that effort to get good sound, that Ibanez kind of muddied things up with all those humbuckers. Like, it's accurate enough to play the notes, but there ARE certain songs/artists whose sounds and even feel doesn't properly come out unless on the appropriate instrument. Pink Floyd/David Gilmore are certainly that. Not really meaning to complain, but it's something I couldn't help but think as I watched. All that aside, great performances by everybody :)
Scott Waszak
The technique guys just can't help themselves but to crap all over the Comgortably Numb solos.
Criação Mídia Digital // SATC
Make Journey Medley, man! Please! :D
Алексей Рогальский
Ударник сдерживатся не умеет
Carlos Alberti Cardenas Reyes
amazing this band is so great super musicians.i want to play in a band like this a lot of style
For the drummer: LESS IS FECKIN MORE
Eric Tulling
I am a Durch deejay at a local broadcasting station Konmakandra at the city of Rotterdam and will play this concert entirely for our listeners in my own show.
Jan Ramos
Βασιλης Χρυσομαλλης
Less is more,is the main meaning of the original band
Joaquin Rubio
Painfully mediocre
Nick Churchill
So much drummer hate! He's feeling it. They're all feeling it. Leave them be. Well done, a great showcase of your individual talents. Great production guys.
This is pretty damn great
Minotauro Di Chieti
Guys you're doing an awesome job!!! Keep on rocking!!
Russell Beckham
Great job guys I love everything about this version :-)
Danilo Lima
Your drummer is very smooth. His work on the snare albeit a lot, adds a (good) different touch to the song. And your bassist - nice work!
Ralf Bergmann
All I have to say, as a recreational musician who was raised in the 80s, and still considers himself to be a mtal head, this moved me to tears. Justv saying...
Ben Francoeur
Alessandro Odierna
Aaron Owen
Absolutely sick. I'd give up the ten years I played in a band to to pull off what you guys did in that room today. Forget all the humbucker haters- ridiculous. Could understand if this were a Floyd tribute band- seriously, this was so enjoyable to watch. Peace.
Fortnite Dz Replays
the keyboard is awsome no he is perfect ... but the guitare and drumms hmmmm ... chiill man enjoy the floydian movement
Saad Emran
Imagine what David Gilmour did for the strat tone. Almost any other guitar tone seems alien for those single note masterpieces...
Всем привет, попури - кавер Pink Floyd красивая версия и есть своя задумка в игре, но барабанщику еще нужно многому учиться чтоб играть такие хиты как Pink Floyd!!! По видеосъемке могу сказать снято хорошо, но есть один большой минус - зачем вы снимаете сами себя, почти в каждом кадре на заднем фоне виден видеооператор и мелькает периодически перед видеокамерой - ЭТО непрофессионализм...
Batuhan Erden
What a beautiful sound you've made me taste here :) Unbelievable..
AWESOME. From the instruments, lighting, sound, and especially the talent of musicians from another world. Really thank you for giving and sharing these samples of musical and vocal wisdom.
It's AMAZING!!!!
Kris Odara
excellent !!
Сергей Данилов
Very optimistic they are going to play, unlike the author's execution. It's reassuring. Thank you very much for your creativity!
RDL Store
Fabio B
michael mikla
Is that Anthony soprano on guitar?
Holy smoke
Colin Mahoney
Sounds great - drummer is a bit busy for my taste. Not very Floyd.
Chris Atkisson
Love it. Everyone did great. I love hearing sax and guitar. I love the drummer he’s pretty bad ass. Great job guys. Best cover I’ve seen of Floyd 🤘🏻
Neljoan Molleda
Es una versión cover con adjuntos propios de los músicos. No tiene porqué ser fiel a la Original, es una joya de la música.. música que puede ser transformada, modificada para el disfrute de las masas. Aún así con tantos años de esas canciones.. siguen vigentes.. Gracias chicos por esta versión!
Yoni Schlesinger
very beautiful. loved it that you dont try to be gilmour but you just you and it's great and intersting. keep on rock!
Fábio Nemer
You make a great job. I hear the sounf of you whenever possible. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
magic , all the musican did an incredible mood here , love it !
Julien Remen
Waouw, you rock men, just amazing, nothing to add. Thank you for this brain orgasm
zaqar grigoryan
it was just super
Eduardo S Dias
Spotify!! PLEASE!
Антон Кузнецов
Ребята! Вы молодцы! Заворачивающая музыка! Класс! Спасибо!
игорь максименко
Отменно - МОЛОДЦЫ !!!! ПАРИМ ....
Gunnar Wiencke
Just like Joe Cocker doing With a little help from my friends by the Beatles, Ike and Tina doing CCRs Proud Mary and Jimmy Hendrix doing Dylans Watchtower - this version is obviously meant to be unique as well... some will probably think it's too much but others (like me) will love it. Well done boys and keep it up, you're awesome! In my opinion Dylans original Watchtower is the best but at the same time I think Hendrixs version, though different, is the best as well. Pink Floyd are awesome but at the same time, though different, so is the Martin Miller band! Anyways, this is obviously just my opinion! Peace and Love to you all!
Cary Clan
I have been a Pink Floyd fan since Ummagumma. I have seen Floyd live three times, also I played guitar for 40 years and I still suck at it. This is a righteous cover. I saw your version of Little Wing too, keep the classics alive. You guys are really creative. Bravo!
Landon Wilson
Martin, you're going places man. Your talent is insane. With the ability to sing as well, you'll make it. This is absolutely genius.
Хорошо сыграли, но все же синглы в таком соло то что тащит. Хамбахер дает слишком мясной звук.
Leandro Rozatte
Mario Tobi
Holy shit - pure beauty .
Please, stop the main guitar player
Сергей Стексов
Очень хорош состав-исполнение в вариантах звучания очень профессиональное.Эх,в такой компании поучаствовать-мечта только!!!
Dany Bartos
Wow, what a great job guys !!! Martin and your solo at Comfortably numb ... oh my god :-D I have goosebumps.
Awesome 👏
Дмитрий сергеевич
Ахеренно!!!! Красавчики
david maldonado
Its gilmour or joe satriani ?
Jeffrey Hargis
Martin, you guys are just awesome is all I can say. I've been following your post for a few months and you may not be trying to be a tribute band but you guys nail Queen and Floyd to the tee....Just awesome brother. You can tell you have studied how Gilmore plays, because in the lead in my not be exactly like the studio version but the initial start of the lead on "Comfortably Numb" you start with the Gilmore "Pinch Harmonics"
Арман Избасканов
Музыка МЕГАсуперр, это как философия романтики ,мотивирует на безграничие горизонтов и мест! Просто боги послали нам дождь жизни, класс и восторг!