The Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley (Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Comfortably Numb, etc.)

The Ultimate Pink Floyd Medley. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Wish You Were Here), Us and Them (Dark Side of the Moon), Comfortably Numb (The Wall), Eclipse (Dark Side of the Moon), recorded in one take. I do not own the rights to the compositions. Copyrights: Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Label: Harvest (UK) Columbia/CBS (US) Songwriter(s) David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright Us and Them - Label: Harvest Songwriter(s) Richard Wright, Roger Waters Comfortably Numb - Label: Harvest (UK) Columbia (US) Songwriter(s): David Gilmour, Roger Waters Eclipse - Label: Harvest Songwriter(s): Roger Waters Recorded live at Weltklang Studios, Plauen, Germany on 10th April 2017. Martin Miller - Guitar & Vocals Felix Lehrmann - Drums Benni Jud - Bass & Vocals Marius Leicht - Keyboards & Vocals Michal Skulski - Saxohone Torsten Solberg - Audio Engineering Johannes Plank - Director Patricia Kaschner - Video Assistant & Camera Chrstian Roscher - Camera Susanne Bartels - Camera Martina Blazeska - Camera Audio mix & video edit - Martin Miller Additional Vocals - Martin Miller, Marius Leicht, Matthias Prokop, Martina Blazeska Additional Guitars - Martin Miller Additional Keyboards - Marius Leicht Thanks to Meinl, Tama, Ibanez and Laney!

Martin Miller
Thank you so much everyone for the absolutely overwhelming response from myself and the band! To clarify one thing: We are NOT a Pink Floyd tribute band. We don't try or want to sound like the original recordings. With this session it was our aim to put our own artistic vision into the music, that we love so passionately. I've been a HUGE Gilmour fan since my earliest childhood but I'm also an artist and not a cover musician. To me there is no meaning in replicating something that has already been done to perfection. I hope you listen to our interpretation with open ears and an open mind. Love and long live Floyd, Martin.
Do a Dream Theater medley!
Constantine Isslamow
Outstanding musicianship from everyone. Lots of talent in the room. Thanks for sharing with us.
Holy shit I have been waiting over 40 years to hear a band do this like this, Jesus Christ has waters or Gilmore heard this ? This is REALLY fkng good. The drummer is really a force, a little nervous with the poly chops, but really a good player, the real deal,
Sax / guitar "solo" together sounds awesome !
Jay Hoe
you opened my mind.
Jan Willem de Vos
Real dream theater vibes here
i’ve been a Floyd fan since first listening to DSM back in 73 on our stereo.. so many favorites , i just found your video and you guys immediately bright a tear to my eye ... wow .. you are all so talented and your sound is amazing ... your guitar work and voice is incredible... thank you all so much for sharing your incredible music here .. i’m going out and getting a projection screen hooked up to my new stereo system and inviting my friends over to watch your medley again !!!!! cheers !!!!!
Алексей Рогальский
А саксофонист как боженька проникся темой
Pratik Panchal
Hope Gilmour has heard this cover!
Dima N
Прекрасный получился кавер, молодцы !
The drums are really good, leave the dude alone, they're all having fun with it, leave 'em be! I really like what you guys have done, good set! :)
Denys Fernando
this sound open minds, and hearts forever !
Nick Churchill
So much drummer hate! He's feeling it. They're all feeling it. Leave them be. Well done, a great showcase of your individual talents. Great production guys.
Gregorai Tsokaneiro
Fkin mindblowing!Liked the imrpov on shine and the vocals were on point.Everyone did their job perfectly
Alma Escana
almost Gilmour...very well played..
Sebastian Cisneros
Buenas!, lo unico a mejorar son los matices de la voz... igualmente suena increible y se nota el gran trabajo!
I loved every single minute of this wonderful music!
Daniel Komarek
ok, at first when the guitarist started playing different than the original I thought " ok, let him just play a but and see what happens". I'm a Gilmour fan myself and think that covering a song by him should be playing tribute to him and his legendary playing. that said, I also like this version, because everything fits! the instrumentation, the sounds, it fits eachother very well. the drummer isn't playing like Nick Mason, nor is the bassist playing like Waters but it sounds just as good as the original, I think. It's more paying tribute with they own sound than playing exactly as the original. there are too many covers like that allready, so something like that version is just a refresher of the good old stuff. I like it very much, well done guys!
David Suprenant
You people are in a class of your own.I can't believe I've just recently found you on utube. I had the pleasure of playing drums semi pro for over 25 years of my life.I got to live my dream not of becoming a star,but more importantly being able to play with some of the greatest musicians from my area.Each night on stage was like magic.The feeling I received was like a was floating in space,no matter what happened to me that day or how bad things got the music would just cleanse my mind.I thank our God for blessing me with the ability and the knowledge of allowing me to be able to play the music.You folks bring back a lot of memories for someone like me. Thank you,Sincerely David.
Neljoan Molleda
Es una versión cover con adjuntos propios de los músicos. No tiene porqué ser fiel a la Original, es una joya de la música.. música que puede ser transformada, modificada para el disfrute de las masas. Aún así con tantos años de esas canciones.. siguen vigentes.. Gracias chicos por esta versión!
All beautiful. But the DRUMMER is FANTASTIC!
Eu Pimenta
Que puta som, adoro preparar uns rango ouvindo essa canção.
You guys sound amazing! What guitar effect and amp are you using there please. Everyone in this band is a star! This is the best Pink Floyd interpretation I have ever heard. Love the note selections on the solos!
that make me chilling damm well play what a nice band ! :)
Alex Amato
I ran into your video on just a random snoop thru YouTube, being a Pink Floyd fan I click on this. You guys are totally fantastic! Thank you for sharing!! As for some of the critics comments?? A grain of salt. You guys are great I'd take none of that to heart!
Arturo Dinatale
Great, but really too much drums. When you play PF, less is more, expecially on drums. Keyboards are just astonishing!
Miguel Brierley
Geez what a sound, really really fricken impressive. All of you guys. Wow.
Congratulations, you are the best of all covers ... hugs from owl
Bernardo de las Heras
I loved de drummers work, nice interpretation. If you wan't to listen someone playing like pink floyd, listen to pink floyd.
Nicolas Avezou
This is absolutely fantastic, you did a great job on 'Shine on your Crazy Diamonds' :-)
Great Scot ! What a musical performance. I've been blown away. The love you feel for this music is so obvious and well transmitted. Thank you.
Guitarrista Católico
Amazing. Hug from Brazil.
I saw a lot of not open minded comment in this section... It is Obviously a progressive metal orientation the band has choosen. You can disagree with it, but as a fan of this kind of stuff, i can assure you this cover is a masterpiece. And hell, it's so fucking good to hear Floyd's composition with that power ! Just as the A7x's cover from Wish you were here is !
Martin Calviño
exelent work i agree with Dream Theater medley or MUSE maybe a classic like metallica or ACDC
Dave Vernon
Few lyrics lost in translation, but wow....amazing tribute to my alltime fave band, and refreshing to see that you put a twist on the solo stuff. Excellent 😂
Sick!! Perfect! Amazing!! Keep playing!! Greetings from Croatia!
Fábio Nemer
You make a great job. I hear the sounf of you whenever possible. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Chris Atkisson
Love it. Everyone did great. I love hearing sax and guitar. I love the drummer he’s pretty bad ass. Great job guys. Best cover I’ve seen of Floyd 🤘🏻
Derin Şenerdem
I was just going to say the drummer did a fantastic job and I was baffled by some of the previous comments. Felix - you're great man.
olivier bernhard
what blast !!!!! I just discover this jewel now, and OMG !!!! what an impressive cover !!!!
Aaron Owen
Absolutely sick. I'd give up the ten years I played in a band to to pull off what you guys did in that room today. Forget all the humbucker haters- ridiculous. Could understand if this were a Floyd tribute band- seriously, this was so enjoyable to watch. Peace.
Leonardo Lara
Nice work man. The best i've already seen.
Neco Carvalho
Uma única palavra, ESPLÊNDIDO!!!
Ich bin begeistert - und zwar so was von.... Danke für diese wundervollen Interpretationen. Da geht einem das Herz auf!
Rens Bakker
10:28 like the beat-shift!💪🏻
Steve Edwards
Great interpretation -I've been listening to Pink Floyd for 45 yrs, and this is up there with the best covers. Thanks.
Rodrigo Pereira Leite de Almeida
Congratularion from Brazil! You are the best! What about Iron Maiden medley?
Paul Beades
Love love love love love this! Sooooo good.
Lorenzo Marcato
I've seen your version of Dark Side and it was brillant! This time, i'm not satisfied of your job, too much distortion! Too much effects in the voice. Not bad anywhay, the sound and mix quality is amazing. Never stop it!
Damned if you do - and damned if you don´t. I think your covers are great - and done with flair and respect to the originals. Keep up the great work!
Lovely music performed with a modern twist, really enjoyed that!
Dru Mendoza
This one’s for S hine on Y ou crazy D iamond
Paco Beat
Pazzeschi, Paurosi...bravissimi!
Scott Waszak
The technique guys just can't help themselves but to crap all over the Comgortably Numb solos.
As a Bass-man, I think your bass version is more lively that Good Ol' Rogers' interpretation is....
Ahmed Uygun
Dude you guys deserve a lot more recognition. Also, impressive how you handled the intro with that much distortion Martin
Pedro Alves
my congratulations to you!! the sound your without exaggeration, once again, congratulations!! and long live pink floyd |o|
I made a guitar pro tab of the Comfortably Numb Solo. Probably not 100% right though
Gabriel Nardin Music
Excellent version, respectful enough to the original composition but adding the personal taste of every musician playing here as well. And great audio quality too, the mix is just perfect.
Your drummer is very smooth. His work on the snare albeit a lot, adds a (good) different touch to the song. And your bassist - nice work!
Asmarino Aljeberty
right on guys, u f####ing nailed it. I like it!
Vaibhav Mittal
Ah! Such brilliant music by Topmost artist from Germany! Greetings from India :) Cheers
Beautiful. I loved it. The guitar solo in Numb was outstanding. Thankyou.
Dany Bartos
Wow, what a great job guys !!! Martin and your solo at Comfortably numb ... oh my god :-D I have goosebumps.
Jdeft Defrost
Effin great tribute! Good lord, I could almost smell the weed from my spot in the nose-bleeder seats. Thanks for posting.
Mike Bit
I'm speechless. Thank you!
ali saleh
Thanks for sharing us your perfect music but for a very big fan of pinkfloyd and your fusion id love to hear you guys playin echoes. Thank you
Joe m
Simply stunning, tight sound and total professionalism'm Do Justin Bieber next lol
Daniel Rutter Films
Gotta put my two cents in and say I friggin love the cover. Drummer didn't over do it (in fact I love that he was visibly enjoying himself). The singer/guitarist took it to a whole other level and of course the rest of the band made it what it was by being as talented as they are. Also a huge shout out to the camera crew for capturing it in an absolutely stunning way. A true pleasure to watch.
Andrea Picchi
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! You should have to start a world tour and share this beauty with us... We need it!
Lars Ø Gulliksen
Absolute wonderfull interpretation of the highlight of the most amazing concert i've ever been to. Thanks guys
Pierre-Henri POIRET
Congratulations from France. This medley is amazing. My ears thank you for this performance. 😁
jony demon
Amazing work It's really great \m/
Landon Wilson
Martin, you're going places man. Your talent is insane. With the ability to sing as well, you'll make it. This is absolutely genius.
AWESOME. From the instruments, lighting, sound, and especially the talent of musicians from another world. Really thank you for giving and sharing these samples of musical and vocal wisdom.
PaZaR média
Élmény volt hallgatni... great job... good playing... ang mixing.
andy danilo
As a Floyd Lover I must say ... this is amazing guys !!!! Great job ! Greetings from Chile 🇨🇱
Pulkit Soni
That comfortably numb riff felt so real ❤️ Great work
dość wolny
i really like the improv at the end of comfortably numb,sounds excellent. A very modern take on it(in a good way). Very nice, top marks.
))) the vocalist timbre is like a voice Kevin James LaBrie !!!!
Leigh Albrigt
That was fabulous, well done and thank you for posting
Kankabonno Bono
I really enjoy this... I see you guys play with each soul. Respect to you all guys :) Yes I agree no need to be the same sound with original because If play the same, better listen the original
Thiago Augusto
So Much Good! Congrats from Brazil!!! All the best!
Ghost Sailo
Perfectly amazing!!!
M. D.
Holy hell guys, what a ride ! Wonderful and really impressive work here !
juan k
Excelente! No me gustó mucho la batería. Pero después exelente
dwayne bodzenta
Great medley.  Great vocals. Great guitar playing.    overall Great job everybody involved.  A++++++++.
david maldonado
Its gilmour or joe satriani ?
Keith Whiles
From a fellow musician, I am feeling quite humbled by the standard of musicianship. Great hour or so watching a group of guys really producing covers to die for. well done and thank you so much for sharing.
Phillip Tulik
WOW real profis as muzieker only saing beauteful.Greeting from Germany
Bachir Mazaz
Ohh my god . Perfect job
Ogawa San
Just some talented people playing some wonderful music, god bless-
Thank-you for not including Money or Another brick in the Wall in the Medley
Best cover ever, you are awesome ! Congrats from France, you made my morning.
Roger Hollard
loved it! Martin, really like you're vocals, great character in your delivery
What a great cover! One of the best covers out there. Congrats!!
Gustavo Deheza
increible!!! es como estar escuchando Floyd !!! Felicidades!!! Gustavo de Argentina!
Timir Das
More of an Andy Timmons than Gilmour..But well played! \m/
Troy Hammond
Well done - Well played - Musically AWESOME !! Keep on rocking on - LOVE your take on this timeless classic !!!