SUPERPOWERFUL MIKEY - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends

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iEnchantMC Andrew Horton
The last digit on the number of subscribers you have is the character you are. 1. Leonardo 2. Michelangelo 3. Donatello 4. Raphael 5. Master Splinter 6. April O’ Neil 7. Casey Jones 8. Master Shredder 9. Bebop 0. Rocksteady
new bich
look at their faces look so sad ... they love him so much and I love him ... 2:24
Петров Ярослав
Видео русское а озвучка английская лагична
profi geimer
Ура топ как всегда
Надежда Обанина
электрический майки крутой
super mario 4 jugadores Beta 2.0 boss Run Flow 5
Ты играешь прям 1000000000000 /10 ты топ и лайк и подписка
Chocolate Sugar-Lovage
Mikey is awesome! That's my ototo! :D ~<3 #boomclap
phuong nguyen van
I love mikey superbower
Ari - TMNT
2:31 Best moment
Teeny Tobin
I agree with ari
TTV Mike
I kinda hate this cause you barely use their power ups
0:48 ohh that smirk
King James
Beast boy from teen titans
0:00 Mikey died from Thanos
nery G
Me gustaría tener esos poderes!
Mouhamed Mouhamed
토이보니tv유튜브 .watch Hi
Саня Петров
Супер подписываюсь
Matija Otović
Electro Mikey
King James
Not ring I said rong
Frost Killer
Крутой видосик
Zein Happygamingtv
You forgot original classic and lamp mike
Lightning FAST
Gameplay watch mikey has shell shocking powers
Mysterious Marvel Fan
I love Mikey with electric powers
BORUTO Is the best
Mike is my boi
Mouhamed Mouhamed
rygirlfireunicorn goldin tiger my name is ryan
What is it with the games
King James
You play legends
Mrs. Unbekannt
Messi 10
nery G
Desearía tener ese poder de Mikey!
бро кабель 2
Ты крутой и супер!
정말 신기해요! 미켈란젤로가 전기초능력을 같게되다니...
Nathan's Kiddie Time
Mikey sound like a girl
new bich
Can I ask for something? how is this game called
Mouhamed Mouhamed
umar faroq
I thing I call this season storyline battle of reptile
Irvin Guzman
Gane play!me escrivio
Бакыт Орузиев
Я люблю нинзя
Георгий Булатов
gabi wilcer
Соня Star
Cool! :3
Надежда Обанина
Electro Mikey
Spring Frez
and im make for you like!
Рафаэлька Ня
Буекашаааааааа (жалко видео не на русском )
Datuna Mexrishvili
Надежда Обанина
Electro Mikey
kaijuru the kaijufan
0:08 mikey was banned the game
металлизация вообще Чите читер
harjit singh benipal
Spring Frez
cool guy so many cool
Videogamergirl 04
Irvin Guzman
الند محمد
JOHN kihbttdeqefcded
ezzaty hassan
Tryuthhtvvg Ggtgg
Jamie Higgins
I love how happy raph is when he sees mikey is alive,i love their brotherly moments it's the best thing ever
kaijuru the kaijufan
0:34 wrath of the pizza
bonnie !!!
Back when The tmnt was better, im dissapointed in this new one ;(((
King James
You play leagena
lets just say my survival was . . 'SHOCKING' HAHAHAHAHAH XD group me up with Pikachu and some other electrick pokemon and we form the NEW Electric Company Son!!!
Jose adelmo de Sousa Adelmo
Muito bom
King James
Sorry ring spelling
SkorPiOnUs 0
что я тут 1 русский -_-
kaijuru the kaijufan
Dheeraj Srivastava
Which episode ?
Katie Jackson
Neko Mike
Top 10 best anime fights xD
_Olya Cat_
Круто! Круто! Круто!
Monica Lizbeth Renteria Banda
Robert Denis
I have this game.Legends is very good
Sylvonte Wright
Eletro-Michelangelo with the Electric Slide Booyakasha
саша Бельчиков
cool dude
If only he could have kept those powers
Miodrag Jovanović
Wow extra clip
Yvonne Siewes
Thunder Gamer Balkan Games
You language English ?
Turagul Sosaev
Я што один здесь русский
tmnt ruler
Roha Salleh
mikey extra level
Илья Захаров
Ти русский или английский?
дракон небес
Mikey looks like Jay from NINJAGO
harris games
OMG give me a princess
King James
You sound like beast boy mikel Angelo
Игорь Герасимов
Я б хотел чтоб наследуйщий раз был Лео класичиский Мики видение Донни космас РАФ роливой и сынсей
Creep of Justice 4 me
Raichu's final evolution
HEY WAIT RIGHT THERE! You say electro mikey in TMNT Legends? Nah! Like seriously did u ever watch the video?
0:15 what he say?)
Julio Gonzalez
i hav this game it is 😎
Joshua Hill
any 1 notice after an attack the space turtles have a smoke cloud behind them
0:15 he say fools
Francis Lacuesta
I think he said time to as get revenge yup
Владимир тони Рязанцев старк
Какой сезон и серия.
скорти Family
Я тут 1 русский?((
Сергей Рейх
Like pls
СофиПлэй ТВ
Bellephire Navarro
he has electric powers
Kakakashut Pinette
Subhan Hasan
Never saw this video
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Лайк подписка ты топ