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A horror movie few have heard of, but those few can't resist this movie. This is Ryan, Marie's, and V's reaction to THE BABADOOK!!!

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Harry Mcallister
The best horror film in the past 2-3 decades. I however hate that the trailer is SO misleading! It makes it look like it's a creature/monster feature when the actual babadook only pops up afew times in the beginning/middle and doesn't fully appear till the END of the film and he is NOT the main focus. The main focus is the story of a really really stressed out mother and disobedient ADD son. The film is tension based and hardly has 1 jumpscare in it. THIS is how horror films should be made. And Marie, you're beautiful.
Tommy Ortiz
The girl on the right is pretty
Thank you, Australia, for making a great horror film. (:
Cinnamon Bunn
Babadook is where the wild things are part 2. Lol
Armin Basic
It's the scariest movie I have ever seen. First time director and Australian film as well.!
Sarah Taylor
Babadook wasn't really a horror movie. Was a move about grief. The Babadook represented the stages of grief.
The mum has the same effect on me as Galadriel, she might be a protagonist but she's DAMN SCARY
Gustava V
It's a really good movie! Makes you uncomfortable...
**keeps looking behind me**
I comment on every video I watch
The trailer was scarier than the movie...
AllThingsPopsy 101
Guys react to the jessabelle trailer if you haven't already:)
How Do Ya Like Me Now, Chucklehead?
"Babadook "is a funny name, I suppose. It's also an anagram for "a bad book". I suppose that makes it a good name.
Harvey Dent
Why do you look like my father ?
Alex Batista
This movie looks AMAZING!
Noah Binette
Ryan go for that kiss man! She wants you bro don't let an opportunity like that get away!!
Horror Show Entertainment
You Know, I just messed around with the letters and found out that if you arrange the letters a bit it says "A Bad Book" LOL
A good scary thriller,but goes down hill in the last half hour but was worth it
Pietro G
Another awesome reaction lol. I love watching Horror movies, so watching you all freak out was nice. Saw the movie and yep, it's pretty cool I enjoyed.
If you say babadook and scramble it is BAD BOOK
TJ Jordan
This trailer just took scary to a whole new level.  That was just freaky.  I didn't expect this trailer to be scary the way how it started out, but now I'm convinced this is going to be one good horror movie. Thanks guys for the reaction!
steven hernandez
Really you guys had to scream at the end when I'm trying to listen to what it was saying
I think the Babadook possessed the mother, you can see in the trailer, there was a scene when the animated girl from the book holds a knife and there was a shadow behind her. That may refers to the Babadook possessing the mother and drive her crazy. I mean, it's obvious too, how can she throw her son up the stairs being sane? Overall, loved the hilarious review and definitely going to watch it.
Bull Shyte
2:17 "Is she the gobbly-gook????" LOL Watch Marie get uncomfortable at the very end when it seems like Ryan is going to kiss V. She looks away. She's so cute. Hahaha. blush...blush...
Busy Bee x
'A bad book - Babadook' Very inventive 😂😂
5:17 what just happened to her voice???
FlyingChipmunk 15
I watched this movie when I was ten.I shit myself
Nyran Stanton
the babadook trailer, gives you no indication what the movie is truly all about. It's pretty awesome movie.
Michel Fernandez
Check out Lucy international trailer 1#!!!!!! :D
samm s
i think they have a threesome afterwards...teehee
msjuicy ツ
you big babies lol jk. Im looking for this movie online, still no luck. I didnt watch the whole trailer either dont wanna spoll the fun. :)
Sonny V
the movie is really scary but in my opinion it is one of the worst horror movies because the dog dies in it and they should not have a dog on this movie to make it more terrifying because having the dog on it makes this movie more sad than scary
Candice Uchiha
Dc new comic Tv Show!!!! CONSTANTINE nbc Trailer Reaction!!!!!!!!
Great video movie looks creepy
nick pashley
He is saying don't let it in
ruben g
The babadook was a masterpiece
Aaron Mackellar
Did Ryan review this movie
Ryan! could you and Veronica make it more obvious!! Go for it!!! Great reaction btw!
Marie is cute. I also did a review on this movie recently. It's an amazing movie.
Anthony Nemer
Happy one year posting this video!
Guillermo Bosque
thanks for the reaction, i was waiting for this reaction all week, so excited for this movie! react to V/H/S 3 "Viral" trailer with Jerry and the girls, looks badass!
Crystal Bloodsucker
If you haven't seen it yet, you can find it on Netflix. I would love to see your reactions to it, lol!
Youssef Ashraf
shit the last part was terrifying!, this actually reminds me why no has done any zombie movies its weird, anyway Ryan,Veronica and Murrey you three guys are Awesome!!!!! , i know i say this all the time but its true
It's a good thing that they put 5 minutes of adorable hijinx after the trailer or I would be thoroughly scared right now...
Judith Light
"Who reads this horrible books to children?" Ryan, your first reaction to the book is exactly what I was thinking!
nawww omg I wanna hug her so bad the poor thing :3333 Veronica its ok hehe :333 Awesome video guys! ^_^ Comment shout out to Tanner lol (:
Bryson Jones
Haha there dating now
Wow, I'd never thought that pop-up figures could be so scary. Nice video buddy, and best wishes to Marie, hope you can finally re-meet with your sister. Ryan, you rock!!! See ya man....
Oh guys! You always made my day!
Michael Voorhees
I'm 13, and can u tell the other reel rejects that
patrick phan
hahahaha u guys so scare easily hahaha cant handle it woohoo
Djent Zilla
Dude! If you don't give me a shoutout you will miss an opportunity to get with Veronica!!jk but I have a channel you should check out. I do guotar covers and I'm gonna keep doing those and movie/reviews so stay tuned
Laura Kwan-Evans
So I've had this movie for idk..a couple years now. Been meaning to watch past the first 5 minutes. But now that I've seen this reaction video with the official trailer? Not happening. THANK YOU for this reaction so that I may sleep at night. Insidious The Last Key already did me in last week. LOL. Btw, Exorcism of Emily Rose? I had nightmares of that barn in a lightning storm after I watched it. Probably 'cos I was sick at the time. XD
Camila Jauregui
Can u please do a trailer reaction to All Cheerleaders Die trailer#2?
Nadia Hope
It's on Netflix now
This movies was awesome. It was scary the first time I watched it.
John Kad
First time I come across your videos, nice reaction. Is Marie in any more of your vids? She's cool.
Gavin Reyes
Hey Ryan u should react to Transformers imagine dragons announcement trailer
Austin Boucher
This is an example of a perfect horror film!
Hey Mr.Right!!! Just saying in my opinion u r almost better just almost better then pewdiepie. Some may diss agree with me but I watch your content more often then I watch his. BTW Can I be added to da very long list of shout outs plz
The babanope lol
Past_el zzz
The bamBADook
nathan lester
Keep up the good videos for all the dudes following this page have a bikini clad review of a trailer just sayin
Ilovefamily 1324
I have this movie and I had the same reaction they did and now that I'm moving I'm sleeping on the floor and the floor is black and soo yeah
I'm a child and I saw it last night and it wasn't to scary
Phuc Huu Bich
I'm a little pissed that they released this movie in the US way later since this was first released on April
Rene Ochoa
Marie is chill
Ryan you are so Goddam hilarious!!! :)
Josh Hopkins
great video as always guys keep it up :)
Jarrett Pelkey
Nicely done
Brooke C.
react to how to train your dragon 2 clip " dragon sanctuary." its a long clip.
Brooke C.
react to into the storm trailer....thanks
Brooke C.
i know
Brooke C.
Imad Terkmani
Can you do a reaction for The Conjuring trailer? Cz it's awesome!!.. or u did? BTW nice guys ;)
Lizbeth Meza
She is pretty
belinda stanley
She is going to be possessed By the babadook
I watched babadook at 2 am with my 7 yr old brother
Brandon Poller
Babadook is a great film! A very scary film with a deep message.
stefan junca
You should have just kissed her bro
Pratyush Kashyap
he likes the right one but the left one has trouble fitting in with both of them just a theory
this is why i loved the babadook it was an original horror not just bullshitty hollywood jump scares. it has an actual story which was quite creepy...
Matt Willbrand
Ryan.. hook a brother up with Marie.. I'm in love.. hook it up and I'll write you a poem.. 😊
Shaula Garcia
i love this movie!!
robux jeremy alexander
I saw it themovie was creepier than shit
David Melgar
Ryan Right I am 12 years old and I love your videos can you shout out to me that will be awesome!!! Oh and im also latino
mckenzie stiles
I've never heard of this until now
jamie wilson
I watched the full movie it's horrifying
Pinkamena Diane pie
Ashanti Oliver
react to ouja board trailer I seen it but I want u to see the trailer plz
Sam Daly
Please react to the maleficent clip!
Kole Kirsch
Chills chills chills!
Seh Ksh
I saw it it is so scary to me
Lol I am 13 in middle school too
bum juice
I'm 11
that movie was the shit!
Nikhil Korgaokar
First time to the channel thanks to the review trail for Babadook. Had a smile throughout. Subscribed! Cheers! & Namaste from India.
3:08 gollum on the right
The babadook repsents grief that the mom can't move on about the death of her husband
Nirgun Ayar
Im turkish but good guess. Thank you for my shoutout ryan