Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights / March 11 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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Thomas like sup lebron. 😂
Just A Regular
anyone here after lebron signed with La?
IT destroy his old team
Now they missing IT 😂😂
I bet Brook Lopez is happy he got out of trash ass Brooklyn
Christian Joel Cabrera
There's probably a good chunk of people here ready to copy paste their "Lonzo bust" or "IT trash" or "Cavs won the trade comments." Save it for next time folks.😂😂😂
Dman 24
If we let randle go in free agency it might be one of the worst mistakes this franchise could make.. #PAYRANDLE
i love How IT goes super Saiyan when the opposing team puts in their second or third string. He's like "I'm actually an all star caliber player, HAHAHA!" and his power level just start going up and the opponents are shaking and have no idea when its going to stop.
I.T still the cause of Cavs losses..
Nick Nickels
Ty Lue needs to go coach in College . He is the PROBLEM💯😐😳
rasile ya-aya
wtf, Thomas just surgically dismantling that cavaliers D. LOL
Jake Cardenas
IT prove everyone was wrong
Caleb U
I'm a cavs fan and it looks to me like LeBron became the Russell Westbrook of the east it's obvious he stat pads now
Jay Cas
Watch out for ESPN and FS1 with their damage control. Every time LeBron has a stacked deck without the team proving themselves, they call them favorites to win the east. As soon as they start struggling, they say he has no help. You can't have it both ways. These televised analysts are hypocrites, especially LeShannon Sharpe James.
Adam E
Remember when the Cavs defense wasn’t ass? I don’t either.
The Moral Compass Everybody
The problem with the CAVALIERS isn't ty lue it's Kyrie Irving gone, and please pump the brakes on Lonzo he needs a lot of work
Seth Le Breton
Remember when the Cavs were a 1st seed team I don't either
Jim Chen
Haha. Take a look at IT's scores and JR's. A definite stupid decision to trade IT out, but keep JR😂😂😂
Amarah Corinne Booc
lebron james is not a basketball player anymore,hes a coach type. no one can fit to james,because james think he is the king of the team and everyone must follow him,thats why east final this season for james is far far from reality.
J. Cruz
LeBron fans excuses for tonight: 1.LeBron has no help 2.Ty Lue is a trash coach 3. Kevin Love didn’t play tonight 4. IT was wearing the wrong jersey tonight 5. Cavs don’t try in the regular season
Mike Jim
Next season looks good 💜💛
Ben Simpson
We just ignoring lonzos dunk fail or
Thomas Calvin
and they said the trade was good for clev LOL
4:02 Underrated Play. That's some basketball IQ right there.
Kyra Petty
Everybody hating on lebron talking about running up stats man the guy put in work he is Cleveland on his way to another finals even if they lose what guy can do what he has done u will miss him why he retires!
The cavs might miss the playoffs this year.. lol
Gaming Yonko
4:35 Lebron needed to take a shower after that one...
Vermard Paulin
lebron be like i want my team back
Geo Medez
Lakers won the trade
Mattchild Official
Lonzo can never beat lebron in the post.Lebron is simply too strong.
Ibnziyad Tariq
Isaiah got his revenge from Lebron, its not his fault, its Lebron who makes people worse, LA won the game even by losing the trade for now while led by a Rookie, shame
Isaac Chua
IT : Revenge Successful 🤘
Francisco Portillo
At 9:20 John Holland stood up for The Cavs , Real players keep playing no matter the score !!!!
LeBron James
I should trade the whole team again
I bet it feels great for IT #LebronNeedsMoreHelp
Fdot Grimes
"who's fault is it now LeBron?"
gakso Saputra
I know you've been looking for this 4:30
Alex Reinkemeyer
Y do does everybody call James the "king" he is only the 3rd or 5th best if even that good
Akeem Perez
I.T. laughing his ass off. He told y'all they don't practice, he told y'all they don't communicate, he goes to the Lakers has a couple of bad games, they practice they communicate, they start blowing out teams. Cavs in the other hand have the same exact issues as when I.T. was there. Come on bruh stop blaming this man.
real recognize real
Toronto is way better than Cleveland.
All these "analysts" on TV were saying the Cavs were a lock to win the East after the trades and now look at them....what a joke they are
isaiah thomas is Killing lebron, the greatest flopper in the NBA.
Dylan Elliott Productions
Who's here after LeBron signed with L.A.?
Rico Shaye
It's still IT's fault that Cavs lost
Lavar's Balls
What's wrong with the audio!?!? All I hear is IT laughing out loud...
The Majestic Parrot
Lonzo is Allah of basketball
Sarthak Girotra
Cavs won the tra.... Oh shit!
Lim ZhengHan
lebron using those elbows to push off as usual. Getting away with fouls yet still lose lol
Abe Zokari
Cavs need to trade IT, they keep losing
Brother Dee
Ok the Cavs loss let's start hearing the excuses lol
Stopping Currysexual Fans Since 2017
Whenever Lebron and or Cavs, lose a game, the haters come out like a pack of wolves. But when they win, most of them go back into hiding. I'm pretty sure its like that with most teams, but I have noticed it's worse with the Cavs.
iVy Music
that 5 step travel at 1:06 tho...bruh
Péter Schiffler
Compare this Cavs to the 2016-2017. This team dosent deserve even finals, not the champions ring. Btw it was funny to see Ball "defending" on James 😂
Benjamin Franklin
BREAKING NEWS!!!! ESPN has reported that Lebron is currently in talks with Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal trying to get them to come out of of retirement because OF COURSE, LEBRON HAS NO HELP!!!!🌝
Can't blame IT or Kevin Love.. so who is to blame ? lol
Yahya_Hassan 123
Everyone saying cavs missed IT they are not he only scored a little bit it was randle who made them win he had 36 like this comment if u agree
I'm looking for someone that says LeBron makes his teammates better..
Cavs play defense like The Washington Generals.
K Kent
CAVS can't blame IT for their terrible defense anymore. Who's the next scape goat?
King Clutch
cesar pires
David Vice Bangura
So ty lue still got his job as cavs fan am really upset that it okay to lost games we should win' next year his not going to be in Cleveland that for sure we going to see alot of changes in coaching area
Phillip Paige
Bruh Randle. I swear if we let him walk in FA...........
Rain Water
U know lonzo gonna be on Shaqtin a fool
Mark Drama
Hasan x
Crowder playing good ball again, IT, DWade all playing good basketball away from the Cavs.
First the Clippers, now the Lakers. and bronsexuals said "cavs in 4" 🤣
Calli Dawkins
At this point cavs should be looking to trade lbj . They need to develop team basketball not 1vs5
quite Balanced
Intro was fking lit does anyone knows how its called? (0:00- 0:10
I'm rooting for the Lakers.i like Lebron and all and thinks he's athletic and hunt down players for the block, but he messes up on simple defensive moves. A sucks at help defense 5:00 .
I remember hearing “The Cavs are officially back!” Lol
Yasin Yiğit
LeBryant Howard
Cleveland has already begun to drop to 4 to face Toronto in the second round and I have to say that's smart.
Great win for my Lakers after a very sluggish first half. Randle balled his ass off again and is definitely becomes my favorite Laker behind BI. Really hope we can resign him long term. I.T also showed his former team what the brotha can really do when he starts getting healthy.
James Wade
Now we know what Lebron & Lonzo was talkin bout 😂😂😂
youknowwhyimhere b
Prime age is 27-32, randle is only 23. But all seriousness, I feel bad for LeBron, he's literally carrying this team.
aho seazear
Japo Fresh
Yeaaaaa cavs definitely not making it to the finals
Cholesterol isn't all bad.
Jeff Green plays half asleep...
4:35 That no look pass by Lebron DAMN
Cy The Grate
New look Cavs, same result... s/o to IT for showing up his old team, and Randle ate them alive.
Petar Gulin
Lue is usless. He needed 60 games to figure that Zizic exist. Also their guy they got in trades are all medicore at best. George Hill was some huge upgrade on D over IT? Guy aged like 10 years in 1 season, looks like shit.
Niko Oliver
I.T Mr.4th quarter
Charles Lalawigan
Lonzo's dunk tho
Issa Vlog
If only Randle played like he did this game against Portland lol, if we get Lebron well loose Randle​ and ball
King Judah 144
Maybe Lebumtards can blame IT for the big L "oh wait IT is on the opposite team " IT just proved that the Cavs dont know how to utilize talent ! IT was never the issue ! It's the Cavs sloppy system, and organization !
Michael Hawkins
Cleveland fans getting 09-10 vibes again lmao
King Raizel
i hope ty lue fired 10 min from now
Michael Angst
Wait till IT.... I mean.. Kevin Love comes back.
M Alik
Damn Zo took a L when he missed that dunk😂😂
Lil Kakarot
R.i.p to those cavs fans who thought they were gonna go on a streak with the new trade.
Dreaded Jae
Christopher Emmons
welcome to ur future home james
I could pick 5 random guys in LA fitness and they will beat the Cavs
Ai Yukino
IT cooked cLeveLand, IT and Randle have good chemistry. Good to see LA cheering them both
bbenjelyn caneda
That reverse from Lopez.. Wow..
Bryce boss35