Yev and Blake - Nissan 240sx Onevia (HD)

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I'm proud to say that December will be a month of consistency... After months of shooting and editing i will have one month of consistent content /// Song -

Josh Diaz
I've just discovered you man. You've made a fan out of me, would be interesting to see what you shoot with!
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amazing man
Austin Yim
Dude that Friends after midnight banner is awesome, where can I get one?
Joe Slater
Generally dont understand why so many people dont like ur vids 10x better than krispy maybe even better than ilovebass
Love videos like this
Goosebumps the whole video dude, gave me the inspiration I needed to shoot more
Oscar Lappalainen
Sooooooooooooo sick! killed it dude!
wett & r.i.p. your lens
philly loaded
my dream carr
ND/ /Media
So fire🔥🤘
Jo Galezo
Finally :)
That shot on the side of the highway was SICK
Auto Factory REALIZE
So this is amazing.
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Nut and a half
Damn ! Doesn't get much better than this🔥
Ethan Newman
Yevs car is just fucking unreal and I am saying that without even seeing it irl. I don’t usually envy other people’s cars but damn
Alejandro Velazquez
First like ur welcome
Stan Moskalyuk
Dope Content 🙌
Midnight Tsuiso
So lit!
harodl 666
this is beautiful
oh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Favorite edit ever
those shots while pulled over on the freeway were insanely gorgeous. hopefully the moreskids exposure will get you more attention beacuse you really deserve it.
Liked before I even watched it. Dope as always!
Cody Brock
Can't get enough of this content. I find myself repeatedly binge watching these videos. Yev's build 🤤
David Hernandez
Would you say it’s worth it to buy a 240sx for 1000$ but it’s automatic
Efrain Carrillo
Man ur video is the shit bro beautiful cars the future baby
This is really well shot. I'm not just saying that cos I'm 1 bottle of wine up!
that anime sticker ruined the whole car..
Ozzy Hernandez
What camera are u using for night shots?
Dustin Bailey
Sick videos man
Alex Chavez
What's you social media
Dope vid u got IG
Anto Moto
Dope!! <3
Jason H
Dang, this is crazy! I wished I can get a shot like this :o
damn this was good, real car commercial eh?
thumbnail wya
Vasila Ngaovixay
Earned a new subscriber!🔥🔥