How to Hack Hyip site with blind sql injection.

How to get access to database of gold coders script with 0day bug You can get thsinjector: here: /> Virus Scan: /> Note:the tool have been created in java , first install java on your computer. Download Java here: Vist :

Animesh Roy
theinjector link is dead
Tyler RBLX
Can someone make a vid about Havij v1.5 hack...Like hacking suveys
the links not work. Please send me a MP with THS injector programm. Thank
Vo Phu
I hate idealism
It's fucking hard to find a website where this could work.
Dave Cook
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Егор Соколов
you're cool!
ned Akha
heyy , thanks man , it work now
hyiper man
OMG... i cant belive , its work yet thankzzzzzzzz
Diego Cámara
Yes!!!Tiësto rules man!!!!
sanjeev gupta
pls provide thsinjector simple link, all the given links are unable to catch
sugar lemon!
I got scammed from a HYIP site can you do something?
Black Hat Hacks
downlode link isn't valid!
Giovanni Bengalis
who has a link for ths injector ?
Mark Smith
Please provide a link for theinjector
Johnnie Wells
is this still working and any alternate to sql injector becoz link seems dead
jame hois
hello, please update link download tool
it's pretty funny that you write "in the name of god" in your text, even tho you're teaching ppl how to steal money ;p
Botos Bandi
This is not ILLEGAL?
Kamil Lewandowski
can you provide some link for the ths injector or something simular mate?? i cant find anything or make another wideo i find some good hyip's :) bless