Макс открывает военный набор и оружие игрушки для мальчиков Видео для детей

Video about cool toys for boys military recruitment and weapons for children. /> Thanks for watching our video! Put likes! Subscribe to our channel /> We are in VK: /> Our Instagram: /> My program: /> Unpacking machines /> Educational video /> Cartoons /> Challenges /> Entertainment for children /> Vlogs /> Unpacking /> Hi! It's for kids Max Show for Kids! My name is Max! I love Trains, Cars and various Toys, Surprises (Kinder Surprise)! I'm still a little on this for me, all parents do,and then we'll see).We will discover different Kinder Surprises (Kinder Surprise),unpack the toys walk, play and have fun together with you!Plan to shoot and upload videos every day to have something to remember and to show you.Thank you for watching our video. If You liked our video, please click on the button "Like" Like (finger top). Leave comments and don't forget to subscribe!